How to remove a unibrow

how to get rid of unibrow naturally

how to get rid of unibrow naturally25 Jul. 2020
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how to get rid of unibrow

how to get rid of unibrow naturally. Here in this video i talk about how to get rid of unibrow naturally.

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THIS Is Why You Have A Unibrow

THIS Is Why You Have A Unibrow4 Mar. 2016
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Today we'll be splitting

Today we'll be splitting hairs. John and Hannah talk all about where your hair come from. Let us know what you would change about your hair.

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Comments (100)
Lil Offkey

I get a mustache and a unibrow. I just wax it off xd

Royed King

Do I or do not?I don’t but there’s small hairs between my eyebrows I’m 12?

Mostafa B

Unibrow squad ?

Jonathan McFerron

I just shaved mine off the middle anyways

Annelies van Overbeek

I have a thick black unibrow and really fine dark blonde hair. Funny how that works

Crewmate or Impostor

I had an unibrow when i was really young and i got bullied and now i still get bullied because of my unibrow :(( sometimes i Think that i am ugly

Matteus Ghavami Esfahani

I have aunibrow


I keep my unibrow cause I look at a picture of George Harrison in the early days

Noor a

I Have a small UNIBROW but I have VERY bushy eyebrows lol and if someone says “eww you have a UNIBROW” this is what I would say “SAY WHAT B* MY EYEBROWS ARE ON FLEEKK” xD


My uni brow is very hard to notice unless you look closely.

Any girls here with uni brows?!




I don't have a unibrow and im proud of it.

Abdi Luugo basto

Why am I watching this, I literally don’t have a unibrow

Apple Plays

I have a unibrow because my baby dose if you have unibrow you will be famous

Cole Glaser

Welcome to 4:00 am


I have a unibrow?

Vasil Prevv

will....i don't have one thanks


6 mins just to say genetics


I got my unibrow because my mom looses the remote


I have unibrow and blonde beared these two things makes super stranger so I don't grow beared and unibrow

X screenman

Again cringe

Miller M F Badaaa

Girls cute but def a bit annoying.. lmao first time watching tho and I'm sure y'all can infer why ???? good vid and thanks for the sound advice ?

Gibillan Magnificul

i love my unibrow. used to pluck it but not anymore

Why You Coming Fast?

Unibrows are cancer wish i never had it but still fun to pull it off with the metal ting


they talk over each other at the beginning

Zara Roberts

Them: do you have a unibrow
Me: ye well not anymore coz I plucked it earlier and it didn't rlly hurt


I have a unibrow and I always get reminded and made fun of for it and for a year I was getting really insecure but now I could care less cause I learned not to care about what people think about me anymore

Bahhaj Kholghi

i have rally thick eye brows and u can kinda just see my unibrow if u r 5 or 10 meter s form me

Ron Tuon

I know I will have a unibrow in the future cause I have long thicc eyebrows that is so close to each other but right now I'm big young


Nobody but my Sister knew I had a Unibrow and when she remembers she always asks if she can pluck it.
Once when I tried to shave it I got carried away and shave my whole brow so Mom was laughing saying I looked like an Alien.


I sencirelly hope that the person who said that unibrows should be unaccptable burns in hell for the rest of time

Vera a

I only have a bit and it’s so annoying ??


I really dont know why people hate unibrow mine looks amazing I love it and no one is telling me about it in a bad way, usually ppl tell me its manly and I love this


Can’t y’all cut

Little Jay

Kids bully me in school because I have a unibrow ?

Tyler Klein

get that woman off the show man she's annoying af



Caiden Gates

I actually have this thing where my eyes get lighter every once in a while. Mostly at night. I have brown eyes but they will occasionally turn very light green. It doesn't hurt or anything lol, just curious why

Justin T

So your saying someone was wester European in my family...fuck

trotsky voinovich

She forget to say her ass hair needs removal too.

syed hamza ali

i dont have a fully grown unibrow like there are few hair and they have a arch like eagle's wing XD

Girly Gore

Because u dont clip


I realize I'm starting to grow bigger eyebrows and getting a unibrow. And I'm 14. Ima look ugly now with my big nose :(


if you ask me its a form of care i had one and women love spending time on their man let her groom you that means she cares just like giving a massage but in a different way i rock mine till she says get over here..


Umm ok

Just some guy Without a unibrow

Good thing i dont have one of those

Sarah Belay

I have it and in my old school they start laughing cuz I have it. (It’s not that big that everybody can see it. When u look close at my face yes, u can see it.)

ERP d00d

I'm a 11 year old kid and im stressed because of my unibrow I feel like girls will hate me ??


I have unibrow


I like my unibrow?

Nightcore Yuno tf do you get rid of unibrow FOREVER without having to go to some doctor cuz my parents say "hell no weirdo" when i tell them i want to get rid of my unibrow... xD


Is that jacksepticeye in the thumbnail??

Dora from the hood

I mean if so many people have it, why would you be ashamed of it?


Okay so nobody in my family has or ever had unibrow so i had sex with a guy who had unibrow coud i get DNA FROM him ? please help


I don’t have a plucker and I’m lazy I’ll stick to shaving and yes I know it get thicker I don’t care what my eyebrows look like as long as it’s not a uni brow I don’t care

Edit: I get it it’s a myth thank you for informing me

TheShrek27 •

Unibrow is actually a blessing as you can shape your it as you want


It's natural

Logictha gaming

I had a unibrow and I never shaved or plucked. My eyebrows

1stone1 ❶

well its bc of my dad when i look at his eyebrows he has like 3 or 4 hairs in that area and i have like 20 but as soon as i am allowd to shave i will shave them right off


The unibrow

msp lover

i have a unibrow and people make fun of me for it so im planing to shave it

Madi Mcelroy

I'm s depressing for me because I'm a girl with unibrow. I get called out everyday and that just sit makes me want to be invisible and everyday I say I'm ugly. It's true!

Jen edits

Who is here because they have one
I do :<

Zach Merritt

I’m 11 and have one

XoXBored Xox

Why does everyone have a thing about people with unibrows


People who said they want unibrow, no you don’t




Is it weird if i am a girl and have one


I have one I have cut it every month

its Foxilnda

I thread my unibrow


i wish i had a unibrow, look at @lozeak on instagram shes so pretty


i though they came from indians....

Matteus Ghavami Esfahani

Unibrow i mean

‘ katelynn

i have a unibrow and my sister makes fun of me a lot ;-;

i love barbie girl ninja van

I'm very very close to getting one.

Mr. Nobody111

What I do is that I usually Pluck my Unibrow every 3-ish days or sometimes even a week. It is fun for me because I have got into the habit doing it. Every time a little Unibrow hair would show up in the mirror I would Pluck it. Constantly. I messed up one time. Pluck off every hair that has to do with Unibrow/Eyebrow. Don’t worry it grew back. But I had a really BIG Forehead though and lots of people at School were laughing at me. Mostly first period. I thought it was funny too XD.

The Weird Friends

I’m 12 and have a unibrow ?


Everyone makes fun of me just becuase I have a unibrow


i have a unibrow lol and for some reason people expect me to pluck it smh-

Nadia Thats it

Some of u guys r saying u hv it and it's annoying, but do u also hv light skin and deep black coloured hair? Coz if not, woah damn u r lucky.

unlike me

Token Nizarly

I just not fucking want it

Night Apple

I thought the person on the thumbnail was Jacksepticeye.

Nehemiah Void

So only the genetics of white humans because they are default right??

Jayushna Mahadule

Well I do have a unibrow and people dont make fun of it. Maybe it suits my face ?


jesus christ theres nothing wrong with having a unibrow i like keeping mine because i feel like it and i dont care if it goes against beauty standards because beauty standards are stupid.

Naily Faizon

i used to shave but since george harrison and gallagher brothers have it i let it be. they’re my favourites so why not to have unibrows ?


I hate my unibrow ?

Little A’s

I'm 9yrs old and have a uni. And i told my mom and we went to get it removed so the doctor or whoever got rid of my hair bumps and now my uni cant grow back !!

Joe Oliveira

I have now grown my Unibrow for the past 25 years and let me tell you it saved my life more than once. 3 weeks ago I was travelling up in the high Arctic on an expedition. I fell asleep and was covered in ice and snow. My trusty Unibrow kept me warm and safe until help arrived!

•chocó chuu•

I’m unibrow :D

Xd LilyRR

I wish I never had a unibrow and I am a girl.why!?????

The Georgian Tourist Traveler

When I watched tnis and remembered Think Tank from the Lego Movie I remembered President Business had a Unibrow


i have a faint one you can barely see it

Claudia Hernandez

People with thick eyebrows or a unibrow can easily pluck or wax their eyebrows to the perfect thick and trendy shape instead of having it refilled with a brow pen every day! #unibrowsquad

Sid Bhaduri

The remarks all throughout my childhood eventually led me to shaving my unibrow off. I keep it that way to this day.

Немања Чукић



i’ve got a uni brow and i’ve had one since i was really young. tomorrow my mum said she’d wax it for me (i’m currently in year 8 going into year 9 this year)

i hate it but i don’t seem to get bullied about it for some reason. i’m sure people talk about it or laugh at it but i try not to let it get to me that people probably do. i’m scared to see what people say about it next year, or if they even say anything about it.

i usually get really self-conscious when girls around me (i go to an all-girls school) talk about their eyebrows and stuff because i feel really insecure about it..

ps if anyone wants me to, i can do an update in a future edit on what happens when i wax them and then when i go to school.


I just shave off my part of my unibrow AND NO ONE KNOWS! XD

Marie A.

I have a noticeable unibrow. I get reminded that I have a unibrow by my classmates and friends. I was getting bullied so i shaved my inside brow area. It grew back and now I have conquered my insecurities and excepted who I am, but I saw this tv show and a monster had a unibrow and that made me depressed

Top 5 best eyebrow transformation for men - How to shape eyebrows #2

Top 5 best eyebrow transformation for men - How to shape eyebrows #227 Dec. 2018
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Top 5 best eyebrow

Top 5 best eyebrow transformation for men - How to shape eyebrows #2

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Comments (19)
sita qaladzey

thank you

Jeff 333

2:00 What is that ????

Aine rose

Who else came for the thumbnail? 3:42 ?

Dionne Mannion

His eyebrow be half way across his nose ?

tea and cookie

2:34 why left those hairs in the middle(??

Heliotrope Sunset

Is there a reason why 2:20 ended up with a very uneven eyebrow?

I know they can't be identical, but the left brow is halfway across his nose.

Sajjad Bediwi

العربي لايك

sunny duguri


magic Mofy

6:52 RIP Eye xD

Md Shopon


Adrian Romero

for the second video what’s the song

Däntë Gëomëtry

Prefiero Cuchilla Que Con Hilo

Scientist Albert Einstein

3:41 God is a troll. God likes to troll people, god is the greatest prankster the world has ever known.


5:19 still Ugly

زينب نزار نوري الوائلي



Me: watches ppl get there eyebrows done

Also me: dang I need to get my eyebrows done...and redo my profile

Wakka Hodge

Dat Look Like It Hurts. Ouchhh

elijah fonzie

5:08 bruh THREAD IT MORE! It kinda looks unnatural

Alyssa P

Brows by ash stays ruining eyebrows