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Lisa tells the story of

Lisa tells the story of what pushed her over the edge to cut off all her hair ? What stories do you want to hear about next?!

Watch Lisa chop her hair to a pixie cut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbeUrkB1wPk

Long hair Q&A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFI3WOOwrEg

Dyeing her hair blue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U0iDFd_Nq0

Dyeing her hair pink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U0iDFd_Nq0

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Comments (100)

i shaved my head once not because i wanted to but because i needed to, since i have Trichotillomania (which is a hair pulling disorder) i pull my hair out and because of that i shaved my head in thinking that i will stop pulling once it grows back well...my hair is long now and i unfortunately still pull but when i did have a shaved head even though i didn't want it shaved it felt so good having no hair because it's one less thing to worry about.

Jessica Diaz

Okay girl u work hun !!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Esther Fernandez

I cut like 5 or 8 inches of hair

Gibby Murrell

I love you either way ❤?????

Alohilani Zapata

Has anyone told you that you look almost exactly like Naomi Scott???

Xariah Chase

Thank you for being so honest girl! You hit on so many things that are not usually talk about in an age of social media and image management. You’re definitely not the only girl who has struggled with this but I’m so glad you are sharing your story. I think it’s so awesome all of the ways that we can style our hair and all aspects of our appearance, but we can’t let it consume our lives or define our identities. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God for more than to be pleasing and pretty. Our beauty goes deeper than that. Blessings✨☮️✝️?

Alyssa Soliz

Lisa, you gave me confidence to cut off 15 inches after always having long hair. I wanted to present less feminine, so not the same reasons, but still such a relief.

Yanjun Zhu

Omg, this was so amazing explained! Luv u!

CJR Sings

Hearing her backstory gave me anxiety...?

Bella_ Bean

Yes girl, you are honestly my inspiration ! I am thinking of getting a pixie cut as well :) I personally had a hard childhood when I was little (I am 15 at this moment) and I think I too need a new start. I had cut my hair to my shoulders as of this moment and I will continue to cut it shorter as years pass. I can’t wait until it’s super short because I agree with you, it is a liberating feeling! I see girls online or even at my school with short hair and it really inspires me. They look really cool and strong minded girls and I want to be like that as well, to be able to over come challenges that had held me back or even stopped my childhood a couple of times. Thank you for being my inspiration and such a cool girl! ?We love the cim fam

Jurand Glowacki

I now feel empowered I was doing my makeup during this video and I realised that I'm not doing it to please any1 else but only for me thank you Lisa

Onefootball Fan

I love her personality and admire her strength

Katie Fedele

Lisaaaa babyy

Julee Mc

You are truly beautiful Lisa in and out.. such an inspiration since 2012 ?


"first time a guy pursued me" no it wasn't honey lol


Darren Wanamaker

Lisa looks like Camila Mendes from Riverdale

Evanne Field

Sooooo now Lisa is pregnant.... Does that mean she's gonna shave her head again?


Right now, I’m 12, and I have really long hair. At some points, I trim my hair because the tips of my hair gets damaged a lot (and just because I feel like I should XD). But something came over me and I felt like I should actually cut my hair. This was BEFORE I watched this video. Then I saw this video come up in my recommendations so I watched it and then this kinda just, lift me up , yknow what I mean? Anyways, it made me feel a bit better about myself since I’m very self conscious. Thanks for sharing your story, Lisa :)


I shaved all my hair off bald today ? I've been wanting to do that for years. But felt like I needed appearance approval from men and women out in the public.

Amanda O'May

But you rocked the shaved look ???

Victoria Law

There was one day I told my husband I needed to pluck eyebrows. He responds with I dont have to he likes it it's fine. I said I dont pluck my eyebrows for you.....

Lee TV

Shaved is not bald... just saying.

Sophia Elena

this popped up on my recommended and i really needed this

filmes gospel

sou apaixonado por essa mulher ela muito muito linda

Jenna Gallman



I'm 19 and one of the few people I know who hasn't gotten in a relationship yet, which makes me very insecure because I feel like I'm not good enough or pretty enough or interesting enough... And hearing this actually really helped me because seeing a person I've always aspired to, has had the same struggles as me is so wonderfully unbelievable!!

Mimo Mind

Yeah really every girl with long hair is stupid ????

Yasmin M

not sure if anyone else has already commented this but Lisa you're such a good story teller. The way you oscillate between telling us your mental state and what was going on around you feels like i'm watching a movie. One minute I'm in your head and feeling this turmoil and then the next "scene" you're on the plane.... back into the mind, thoughts of joy and confidence and liberation, cuts to you standing in line at Target... at peace..

I think that's what makes your message so much stronger, besides the fact that it is relatable to the human experience and resonates with so many people, but also that you are so good at oration, so it comes across really well. I know there's also the editing etc. but you're also really good on the podcast with your sister spotlight episodes so I know this is a skill you possess just naturally :D

Kathryn S. Soren

I always wanted to do it now I'm surely gonna do it

M. A.

13:29 Soooo you're gonna shave your head again now? :)

Yok Olmaz

I have really long hair and I am also known to some people as the girl with long hair. My mom never liked how long my hair is because I kind of stick out with it being so long. When I was younger she tricked and lied to me twice into cutting my hair shorter and I hated it. I did not feel like myself and it actually made me feel weak because of the control she had over me and my hair. At the same time I got even more sure of the fact that I want my hair long because I like it that way. So I have it long! Everyone should simply do with their hair whatever they want without (caring about) the judgment of others.
By the way, my hair is also at around my butt and I have never had make-up on because I never was interested in it.

Elsa F.

You are a beautiful girl!

Laura Fiers


Alaina Schmidt

I LOVE what you had to say! It is insane how we make our hair such a staple of who we are. I have always thought long hair would give me confidence or make me more beautiful! Constantly comparing myself to other girls, thinking they are more beautifu than mel! I honestly have always joked about shaving my head to start fresh! But never had the nerve. I realize I am so orried what other people will think about me with a shaved head, if I will get starred at or pointed at but I LOVE what you said !!

Inma Núñez

I'm in love with this video. And I love the message of empowerment you share to us!

Zoe Ilias

I shaved my head at 16 and I felt like I was on top of the world!?


You're super gorgeous❤

#LauranCimorelli fann

Honestly I think her short hair shows her personality better.

SLS Productions

Who’s here when Lisa is pregnant with her litttle baby girl?

Et Ng


Dhani Horvath

I shaved one side of my head about two years ago, and it was because of the same thing. But that really helped me.

Holly H.

Your second bf sounds like a libra lol

Andrea Zifčáková

OMG I did the same thing in september 2017 ?

Paulo Chen

I love the pixie-haircut!

Tabitha Waters

did you where the outfight that you where now

Danny Noonan

Thank you so much for sharing this Lisa!!! I’m a professional hairstylist and I loved when you shaved your head and had your hair really short!!!❤️
You are right confidence isn’t awesome as I can tell you had it when you had your hair short.
You are Beautiful with any length hair and if some men don’t like you for some reason then they are stupid.
I wish you nothing but the best!!!?❤️?

Abigail Pottinger

Yeeaahhhh! I'm a woman! Here me roar!! Yaass


Yeah, I shaved my head and people would ask if I was in the military, lol. It was a renewing experience for me.

ken stover

I'm a licensed barber and have to say Lisa you realy rock the buzzcut looks so awesome on you,but like you said you have to want it and believe in yourself


I love this. It was very inspiring

Praise Abraham

I too want to shave my head or cut it short but my parents will kill me specially my mom and at last she has to give me money

Justine Gaw

when people have so much better reasons than you to cut off their hair

I cut my hair because it's hot in a tropical country ?? definitely not a touching story ?

David Hein

As gorgeous as you are, after watching this video we can see your heart and soul and there's nothing more attractive than an independent woman who knows herself and what she wants. Any significant other you end up with will be an incredibly lucky person. :) <3


Lesson of this story: date women ?

Nemisisgirl 13

I love her hair long, the buzz cut and her hair now she is stunning❤️❤️❤️ she is just such a beautiful human being


i really dont give a crap about how anyone looks since i look like a mess myself.



Jessica Taylor

It’s interesting how people change their hair after a traumatic or bad event. After my intense battle with OCD, I died my hair. After my mom and dad split when I was four, my mom cut her hair into a pixie cut, and she had long hair.

Brian But Anyway

Loved the buzz cut on her! Hope she does it again one day. Even shave it smooth with a razor.

Shawn Kostelic

you were always beautiful!!!!

Janet Leo

You're a beautiful woman!! Hair or no hair! Hair is just an accessory! Love yourself inside and out because God made you just the way you are and he loves you enough for everybody. You're an amazing woman just appreciate yourself for who you are a beautiful woman inside and out

Kathryn S. Soren

Thank you so much

Clarinda Ribeiro

I just love to change my hair style for. Me if people don't like they can get. Lost


You are perfect and amazing in short hair


You really remind me of Amy and Katherine in this

Queen S

When I saw this video on my phone I was like she’s so beautiful with hair or without hair with that I almost panicked because I’m like Lisa shaved her hair ?


i also used to be "long haired girl", and everyone was all about the hair, and not about me which made me super insecure, i got tired and chopped it off shoulder length, and my confidence went ??? watching this video i felt like you were talking about me, i'm not yet where you are, but trying to and thank you for inspiring me?❤️

Balari mylliem ngap Balari mylliem ngap

I like Lisa........so...much......she is much beautiful.....???


This is so interesting, I had long hair my whole childhood, like from 7 to 20 years old, I would only cut a few inches every year so in doesn't cover my butt (my dad liked to say I could wipe my a$$ with it [yeah, eff him]), it was really beautiful and it was really important to me (I have really low self-esteem, so the long hair was the only thing going for me).
Then, I left the house for my studies in autumn 2015, and in september 2017, for my 20th birthday, I went into a saloon for the first time in my life. I was in my own, I didn't even know what I wanted, I just my friend cut her hair and she felt so good, so that's how I wanted to feel, too. So I explained it to the lady, and she only cut it like shoulder-length, because she thought I couldn't handle it any shorter. And it felt amazing, I got great feedback and it was so liberating, not having this curtain of hair in front of my arms anymore.
I went there a few a times, always cutting it back to shoulder-length. And then, I finished my studies, went back home (summer 2019), found I really good saloon, and since then, I've been cutting it shorter and shorter, and I love it.
I probably won't ever do a buzz cut, because I would really look bald and I don't have a great skull shape, but honestly, having short hair is so liberating, I can move so freely (especially while sleeping and driving), and other people don't care at all.
I can really relate to Lisa's story (now I understand why I liked her so much from the other videos, she's someone I can look up to), because I've never really dated, and I easily fell in love, as soon as a guy showed a little interest (is being nice, a normal human being), I was floored. Now I'm just busy being in a love-hate relationship with myself, trying to find the real me, and be content with who I am. And then, maybe, one day, love will find me. Or not. I won't care, 'cause I'll be happy either way. ?


Women who shave their heads other than for medical reasons have some serious issues. I rest my case!

Marirena_ pap

"Not even because I loved how it looked but because I loved how it felt" I also cut my long hair because of that feeling and that's what I say everytime someone tells me I look better with long hair. Thank you lisa, you're a queen❣

Ingrid Cruz

That was so inspiring, and literally discribing what I’m going through! Thank you!

Random Rachel

But like how is your hair soooo perfect now?? literally not a single hair out of place!

Tanzy Ivory

Is it to late for Lisa to be my older sister ? I wanna spend a day with her soooo bad !!! love you guys


Such a helpful video for so many females

Proclaiming the truth

Not doing my hair and not wearing make-up is a slightly milder version of this. Yes, I may not be attractive to you but I have other positive things about myself.

Lexie Lou

It is so liberating. I had to have brain surgery and have my head shaved bald and I was so scared of how I'd look. Boy did I love it. I didn't have to worry about humidity or rain or bed head, lol. I would just dance in the rain instead of cry about it messing up my hairdo. What a great story for young girls to hear. I loved it.


I love deep spiritual meanings like this and what drives people to make the decisions that they do. I too shaved my head at a breaking point in my life and it was the most liberating feeling.


Yesterday I cut my hair really short (from long hair which I had for almost my whole life) and maybe one day I'll do a buzz cut! I'm 24. I've dreamt about cutting my hair short for at least 10 years! And it's even more rewarding when you cut your hair by yourself! At least for me. I felt just as you described it, Lisa: liberated, free and I knew I did it solely for MYSELF! Also, got a positive feedback from my friends.
So, if you wanna do this, do it! You won't regret! I promise ❤️

Daniela Bagnato

This is such an impowering story! Thank you for sharing it Lisa!

Connar Douglas official

I remember you with very long hair and I still remember you and I still know you you’re from cimorielli

Hans Hojem

You are very Nice with shaved hair. Do it again.

I am Kristina

Lisa how about getting a nice tattoo??

Jovian Loomis

My aunt recently did a buzz cut again. My mom has shaved her hair off once and wants to do it again. And i have a short hair style that I like and only trust my aunt to do for me.

Brazil Roache

I love Lisa she is my favorite Cimorelli I have been watching them forever?


I love lisa, dont get me wrong!

But I have low self-esteem aswel. I wanted to make videos on youtube and sing or act since I can remember. But my low-self-esteem kept en still keeps me from doing that. And for me it's hard to hear this while someone's been being beautiful with such a beautiful character, being on youtube for 10+ years say this.

I don't say she's lying. But I wonder how the hell you managed to do stuff like youtube. I only got my first job when I was 23 after 5 years of doing literally NOTHING [no school, no work]. I'm 24 now and I got fired because of Corona -.-
I dare not date as well. Like; I used some dating apps but then people wanted to meet me and I just got scared off.

Don't get me wrong, but I just felt like I wanted to share my story in this comment section ;s

Keep going strong Lisa and the others! Love you! <3


I'm sure you have many people in your life that love you for so much more than your beautiful looks, including yourself. I'm just saying that you earned a new fan today because you are a person who is looking for self growth and I want people like that in my life. Subscribe, stay safe Lisa <3

Audra Norris

Love this. so inspiring, Lisa<3

Gracie Mann

I know her hair is grown out but i really liked it long?

Leonie uwu

Noooo I'm growing my hair from a buzzcut atm don't make me shave it agaiiiin

Typical. Eilish

It looks really cute

Kiara Subban

This is why you my girl Lisa i love you ❤thanks for the inspiring message You the best ❤

Angie Armstrong

I Love your hair it is so beautiful


"My appearance is not for you, it's for me."
2 Corinthians 10:7 T.N.L.B.
"The trouble with you is that you make decisions on the basics of appearances.
You must recognize that we belong to Christ just as much as those who probably declared that they belong to Christ."
Amen sister. ???
God Bless You ❤️

Patricia Puchelt

I had straight black hair to my butt and when I turned 16 i got a pixie! Guys made fun of me and called me a boy. I could give a crap, I always did things that would get me excited regardless of what others would think. Girls need to stop pleasing others! Be brave for you and others will appreciate the real you!!!! It helps that my parents always encourage any change I wanted. This girl is cute no matter what she does.

Montana w

That's how it was for me when I shaved half my hair

Mk S

I love this I love it!!!!

Anna's randomness WhoCares

Lmao remember the times the hair cuts were a big thing now they are married left and right xD

Mk S

I have shaved my hair before

U.S. Air Force Basic Training • Shaving Heads & Making Beds

U.S. Air Force Basic Training • Shaving Heads & Making Beds10 Apr. 2019
39 324
Gung Ho VidsSubscribe 438 721

U.S. Air Force Basic

U.S. Air Force Basic Trainees get their heads shaved and conduct evening details, making their beds and cleaning their dormitory at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Filmed in December 2018.

Film Credits: Video by Airman 1st Class Brittany Gould, Staff Sgt. Matthew Hester, Airman 1st Class Ashley Mikaio and Video by Senior Airman Michael Pfeiffer, 3d Audiovisual Squadron

Comments (26)

The US Air Force is a corporation.


Spring is here and almost time to shave my head for the Summer.

Salty castform

U.S Army 11B here, fort Benning was hell on Earth. This looks like a cake Walk so I'm gonna say what every grunt says while he was in "Damn...I should've joined the Airforce." Lol have a good day gent's ??

Joel Piva

wimps have to go somewhere.

James Ullmer, Jr.

The Chair Force...making their beds and cleaning their dormitory. They do that before bedtime.


lmfao ! fucking keyboard warriors! oooffff!

Brian Underwood

I can't even... I know the AF has it good but damn is that really basic? Like wtf?

Ironman Mason

They dead have everyone just standing there watching wtff idk if i can do that

Alexander Hart

they are all scared of the clippers with no gaurd

Stephen Hurry

Why don’t girls get their head shaved in the army or anything

Vince A

that dude looks scared to death 0:45 ?

Don’t Lick The Stripper Pole

Beginning of FMJ...


Course they gotta make them look like monks first


so guys have to shave?! what about girls?


Rip to my waves

Tim Thomason

And you pay for that haircut.. even more if your prior service...

Elvis Jhonleno

Mulher cortando não e para mim e desonra.

Remmy Mills

The dude that cut my hair got one of my eyebrows on accident. He said “well, might as well get them both” and I walked out with no hair on my face at all ???

Nigel Davies

Why do they have to shave their heads???

Trix 1975

Why can't I find a barber like her?? She terrific & attractive.

Cecilia Bergmann




Martynas Orzekauskas

I heit sow short hair...


no snowflakes there! no one bitching and complaining how their latte is cold because of white privilege!


The best haircut in the world

Kainan S.

Corte gratuito pro recruta bizonho ficar padrão ???

I Shaved My Head For The First Time | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

I Shaved My Head For The First Time | Hair Me Out | Refinery2917 Nov. 2020
67 147
Refinery29Subscribe 438 721

In today's episode of Hair

In today's episode of Hair Me Out, we follow Lauren who is preparing to shave her own head for the first time. After years of damage from bleach, she wants to create a fresh start to her look. Press play to see the hair transformation happen!


Hair Me Out is a dramatic hair transformation series that documents the process of hair styling from start to finish. No matter who you are or your skill level, you'll find something that will inspire you. Hair Me Out provides an inside the salon style look at epic hair changes from before to after!


Refinery29 is a modern woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life. http://refinery29.com/


Why I Shaved Off 33 Inches Of Hair


I Chopped Off 10 Inches Of My Natural Curls


Why I Shaved Off Half Of My Hair



Subscribe to the Refinery29 channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-r29

Follow Lauren on Instagram: https://instagram.com/labresych/

Follow Refinery29 on Instagram: https://instagram.com/refinery29/

Follow Somos on Instagram: https://instagram.com/r29somos/

Follow Unbothered on Instagram: https://instagram.com/r29unbothered/

Comments (100)
Boemo Mapetla

Beautiful face ?


she looks so good before and after!

Niamh Dillon

the can i speak to your manager comment was just brilliant haha

Faust Brown

I shaved my head when I was 19 and it was great. You look amazing! A nice haircut for you. You will save a bunch on shampoo, and that shit's expensive.

Lisa Messikommer

It’s really cool and brave but I would have love to see a total buzzcut since she started to shave her hair!! I remember loving the feeling when I cut all mine super short :)

Lauren Foldenauer

she didn’t finish it lol there’s random strands everywhere

Luna Nyberg

1. She didn’t shave it off. She buzzed it. She’s not bald, that’s a buzzcut.

2. She shouldn’t recommend ”anyone who considers it” to do it. It’s a hairstyle that’s hard for women to pull off and takes a long time to grow out, plus there will probably be awkward and ugly stages as it grows.

3. Is this a haircut that makes you feel cute, even when you’re not wearing makeup or when you’re in your baggy clothes? She’s wearing tons of makeup and it’s making her look more feminine but also kinda badass. But does she feel as comfortable without makeup now?

4. The constant touching of the hair and posing felt uncomfortable. If you’re really that happy and proud of how you look, just let it speak for itself. It kinda seems like when you’re trying on ill-fitting clothes that you wish you’d wear, so you try all sorts of poses, angles and try to look happy wearing them. But if you’d just stand still, relaxed in front of the mirror you’d be like ”well, fuck... this just ain’t meant for me.” Stop. Touching. The. Hair.

(It’s fine if you’re insecure about it but don’t promote this method for everyone and pretend it will fix every problem in their life.)


You could have done it fully for a good cause to raise awareness against prejudice about people going on chemo. Instead you did it partially, just because you can nonsense. Poseur

California Doll

I bleached my hair at 24, from ultra black to white (im Latina). I bleached it 5 times in 1 week. My hair was friedddd. I had to shave it off and 1 year because it felt and looked like a broom. I'm on month 11 and I can't wait until it grows out. I did love how comfortable it is to shower and sleep with a shaven head though

Karen Kaiser-Boop

You look awesome!


She created a pixie cut, and it sounded like she was going to cut it all off and be bald. Lots of people have cut their hair that short sometime in their lives including myself. No big deal.

Life's Journey

She "loved" it so much she covered it with a hat...?


I kind of want to buzz all my hair off...again

Caroline Love

Looks so pretty

Ashley Bennae

She is pretty & the haircut actually looks really cute on her.

Terry Tarver



Looks so good! That hair was fried to filth, she must feel so good ?


I shaved my hair off in July and honestly, I looked like a little boy.
But it was an amazing experience, gave me a chance to treat my scalp (my skin developed eczema this year) and now I can grow my hair out all natural and healthy.
Honestly, I recommend it to everyone. So many people identify themselves with their hair and are devastated when something happens to it. You are more than just your hair and that is something I unfortunately only learned after I shaved it off.

cocola chulisnaqui

I’ve been considering doing something similar since I’m tired of my hair. The length is too much and all I end up doing is putting it in a ponytail or bun. I’m not sure if I am ballsy enough to do this myself but it was fun to watch someone else take the chance. I liked the final look!


Adorable! Those dimples!!

Lindsay Salinas

Its cute on her ?

billy spi.

She has such a cute pretty face,any hairstyle will suit her.Her energy is so wondetfull.I don't say this easy:she looks so amazing with shaved head.Not weird or sickly,just amazing!!?

Ashley Zielke

“It’s obliterated, dry, destroyed, decimated, and overall just a little bit screwed.” ahaha

Rachel Steedley

She looks soooooooo amazing

Lisa Maria

Omg! It looks soooooooo good on her! ??

Kimberly Crouch

She pulls this off well!


Actually she still looks pretty chic even after the shave. Lol, not all asian girls can do this and still suit a super short hair...dont think I can pull it off.?


I kinda like the second mullet. It would have been great of she dyed it and got a professional cut

Amanda Johnson

You go girl! Have fun with it. The vibrant blue is my favorite hair color on her?




I shaved my head a few months ago, And yesterday I went platinum blonde

Bell Pie

Nooooooooooooooo....why why??

Bianca Guimaraens

This hairstyle looks awesome on you!

Glenn knockaert

Atleast shave it good tfuck

Maartje Baart

Love these hairshaving videos! For me it’ll be 2 years ago since I shaved all my hair in December :D
I did it during my gap year at 18 y/o while I was traveling in Israel. Just went up to my neighbor, asked for his razor, then me and 2 friends went to a public bathroom and I let them shave my head. Would 100% do it again, regret nothing! It was an awesome experience

Plaub Hli

"BECAUSE I CAN." YASSSSS Preach Queeennnn

Adam S

it looks gross like a fat dude with a very bad case of gynecomastia

k kurova

Who cares

icoley 1

I just shaved my hair 2 weeks ago. My first time too! I felt so liberating!! And surprisingly fun?✌??


I wish she had actually shaved her head, not just given herself a bad short hair cut


She's looks really cute?I'm glad she loved it
I've lived with long hair most of my life, my family and community is quite conservative with how women keep their hair long, I always dreamed of having short hair, so I cut it one day. And I became so dizzy, I thought it was because I was so excited but it was just because my head just felt lighter or something.I fell in love with my short hair. I understood the thrill she must have felt?

Jacqueline Hayden


Maggie May

Yes- cut the old fried hair off, but this looks choppy and scraggly. It needs cleaned up by a professional. Not every cut looks good on everyone. Face shape, texture and thickness of the hair play a role. She has the personality to make it work, but not the best type of cut for her. I get it. You get tired of the damaged hair and just want it off.
I clippered mine down short before. While it did get rid of the damaged hair- it took a long time for it to grow out to where I liked it. If you like it this short- than go for it. Just get it professionally cleaned up so it doesn’t look like you just hacked your hair off- which you did.

michelle keating-smith

It suits her! ?

Witches Stitches

Looks way hot like that

Rachel Ilous

Umm so patchy! Wish it was a bit more even and it’ll look amazing on her


The thing I love most about these head-shaving videos, is when you look at the before and try to picture what they will look like after. In the beginning I always look at them thinking it probably won't look good. But then they do it, and it looks fucking amazing!

Alessandra Donnelly

Love this!

Ar Pr

Girl just chewed up her whole head


I love it! Check out our Instagram, would love to feature you @rockthatbuzz <3

Elena Paulii




Alisha Murdock

Baby girl, YOU look amazing! ?


Is she single cause I'm available ??

Olivia Englund

Maybe you should have cleaned it up a bit? But if the messy buzzcut look is what you were going for then don’t mind me, you look great!

Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis

Well, to begin with she gorgeous woman who doesn’t look bad in anything.

Logan Aristizabal

Omg that looks terrible, if u want some pixii short hair style visit a professional.


She's rockin it - looks great on her and how liberating that must be!!


Why does the thumnail look like an omleto thumnail



Abbey Rose Morley

My god! You look cracking!!!! Good on you xXx

Shaaista Cassim

Probably the best episode yet

*You’re insane*

Okay but, she looks really good with short hair. Kind of punk, but also classy. I love it!

elinor kent


DeadGirl Sarabande

What was Brad Mondo's reaction?!?


People are really out here making entire fucking videos, pretending something so stupid is the most enlightening and life changing thing they have ever done... Meanwhile, that's just a normal Tuesday night after 2 bottles of wine for me. Get the fuck out of here ????

Anna Kcmb

I have never heard of refinery29 before Candace Owens made comment on Harry styles. Good for her and bad for refinery 29. Whatever you are. A man does not look like a man in a woman's dress.
Its okay to be normal. #itsoktobenormal


Have you ever shaved your head before? Share your hair journeys with us here!

Laura K.

So I just did this today and this video popped up on my timeline. The Devil works hard but my FBI Agent works harder!!!

Sam Cook


Audrey EI

She's stunning ? turned out great.

Mochi Mochi

I’ve always wanted to shave my head but I just know I will look like a potato. The closest I’ve gotten is a pixie cut.

Laura Bishop

She is one of those beautiful people who can pull off any hairstyle. When I last had short hair I just looked like a Roman soldier

Laura C

I wish I had the balls to shave my head but I just don’t think I ever could

Juicy Smooyay

Doesn’t work. She’s overweight and has enormous gums.

Jennifer Chapina

BTS is everywhere lol

Sarah Lee

What a bold change! I'm inspired!


Wait does she have a 1975 box on her right arm?

Kitty In The Sink


Alexa Fecca

honestly shaving my head might be the grand finale of my 2020

Christine M

She just seems like such a cool person.

Adria Mirabelli

It looks so good on you!

Susie Bryan

She looks good! :)

Teresiah Wangari

Her confidence does it for me. Her hair turned out very well

Sarah Ortiz

So brave, I wouldn't be able to do that! This gives me 1999 Girl Interrupted Winona Ryder vibes :)

cody Love

She had a pretty face so she can pull that’s shit off ... wait till that shit tries to grow back though uhhhhhh ?pain in the ass ...


Her original blue hair reminded me of My Little Pony or a unicorn and I mean that in a good way

Dean E

You hate yourself because you need to forgive your father for abandoning you. You're obese because you eat too much, not because of genetics. Men are not attracted to you because they sense the mental issues.

sonya schmit

I was thinking I'm doing it

Kaytie Broadhurst

she looked great with the hat

alaskan girl86

Last year i shocked everyone that is close to our family when i cut off my hair that was down to my waistline and gave myself a pixie haircut. I loved it and so did everyone else. Others did it too!!


Still hot


i love your short Hair ,you so beautiful and sweet for short Hair I love so much

Gina Karst Eie

This video is so chaotic hahaha I love it

chicken feet


Rebecca Navarro

Wooow ok first of all why did she look good in all of those first styles and the bald head?? Pretty people can pull off anything Tbh

Gabrielle Utsey

I started shaving my head about two years ago and have never looked back. I encourage women to do it just once in their lives. It's so liberating and it was something that helped my confidence. Just all face, what you see is what you get. Also, just the act of shaving your head is very therapeutic... no idea why lol.


Anyth would look good on her. She's a beauty!


It would have looked super cute if she just shaved designs into the sides and did a different color on top. At least it would have made more sense.

Hi there I am

I think it’s great she did that and loves her hairstyle now. The only thing I’d suggest for us as the viewer, would be to maybe wash it beforehand? It was fun transformation, I just got a little thrown off by the scalp stuff. I’m not trying to be mean, I promise.