Erotic prostate exam

ASMR Evil Nurse Roleplay ♥?

ASMR Evil Nurse Roleplay ♥?21 May. 2019
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Thank you for watching cutie! See you in my next video!


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Thepaganking Thedarkone


Blackbart Badass

Hi this was absolutely wonderful i enjoyed it very much especially your lovely whisper can you please do a long video of you striking lots and lots of wooden matches the sound they make struck off the box and lighting up and putting them out in water right away is very relaxing and the visual aspect of seeing you striking them would also be very nice thank you and god bless and i also subscribed to you take care

vegito sensei

I have friend her name is amy she's just like same beautiful face


Are you Playing Ps4?

M Prime

Blink-182 vibes from the thumbnail. <3

IQ Alaa9⃣0⃣

Not trying to be a pervert,but as soon as I saw the thumbnail I clicked!
P.s you have a nice hair!

Stefan Marjanovic

You've got to be Polish?

Im Watersun

Loved it!

Brandon Allen

Asmr twerk please?

denise funky

Can you make another part of this video

Босс 05


Asmr Sleeper

Cool video, would probably be even better with proper latex gloves!!

Thomas Haverty

Really awesome! Can you make and eat a turkey sandwich on wheat with a grocery haul playing with the foods? Thanks

Robert Holman

what kind of restraints did you use? you should show them.

Delphi Priestess

First video I've seen of you and I just subscribed! Not only is your asmr on point, but your fun/playful demeanor is quite the charm. Love the naughty undertones as well; You're a great tease. I was both relaxed and turned on. 10/10 Keep up the excellent work?

Ben Bending Rodriguez

Looks like the shadow of a giant weiner coming to get you! ?

[Hypno] Nurse examination 2

[Hypno] Nurse examination 23 Feb. 2017
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Still a bit ill so sorry for a hoarse voice in this one but I'm on the mend :) hope you like this one!

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Thanks to Cin and Drone#002 for testing the recording

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Lisa's Puppy Slave

I am a good pet for Mistress. Use me as you see fit

john silcox

I love this video . It's really fun .

Mike Velasquez

I'm your good let

Stephen Cobb

Dear Misstress Im a sissy although I dont dress, talk or act that way in public at all I love to be feminized and love to be pegged to

Mish swb4

This was amazing and sensual. I really like youre control over me Mistress


Awesome as always! Do you do script requests? As in you you accept scripts for recording?


More of these plz I like them

Dark Daemon

When will part 3 come out?

Andy Stenhouse

Long nails. Crystal pendant. Please elaborate on these things for your next audio. Or even visual. I'm doing so very well. Thanks.

Bubba 86

The question would you be making more these videos like these on YouTube anything new

Austin Dazley

I Didn't Even Notice The Raspy Voice It's Just So Soothing And Your Videos Are Still The Best Working Hypnosis Videos I've Watched Yet!

John Fitton


Matthew Allen

I would like to be under ur control mistress

Mark Scott


Mike Velasquez

I'm your good pet

Knightwill Tazara

Are you going to make a Female version? :o


Hey, what happened to my clothes?


Just incredible. I love it.

ASMR Nurse Exam Roleplay!

ASMR Nurse Exam Roleplay!21 Oct. 2020
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Thank you so much for watching this video and making my dreams come true. I absolutely love creating videos for you, it is my perfect job where I get to be a loner home body introvert who cries when she has to leave her cat, but also i get to work hard and be creative!! I feel so lucky and I'm so grateful to each and every one of you. I love you so much!! ?

As always, feel free to comment any suggestions, requests, recommendations and/or feedback, as that is always appreciated! I try my best to read all of my comments as I really do value you and want to make you happy. It’s obviously hard to please everyone but I am always trying my best! xx

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Oopsie Daisy

So hot ? my god I can hardly watch

C Dai

The other version is way better ?


0:33 watch this naughty nurse ge1 ***
damn YouTube is seriously censoring videos recently

D. Duric

Nurse is an honorable job. why do you have to drag your profession into the dirt with an open neckline? because of a few more clicks? You are really cheap!

Clayton Z.

Well time to subscribe back to your only fans, because well doctors orders?

Hasan Kumek

I imagined a lot of thing during this video.



nova kivi

this made me so sad.

Khadok ASMR

Looks Amazing?

Alexadros Kotsis

Love you ❤️❤️????♥️♥️??????????❣️❣️??????????????????????

Patton Kesselring

Helloooooo Nurse!

Zalinah Dahali

Yang lalu di hadapan di masa akan buat yang lalu di hadapan mata mereka tidak pernah tengok ada you are so beut tidak pernah tengok dalam rumah tangga mereka tidak pernah tengok ada yang tidak boleh diterima pakai dalam hati ada orang lain yang lalu di hadapan di dalam hati ada orang lain yang lalu di sisi Allah untuk perokok yang merokok yang lalu saya membuat satu laporan yang lalu di hadapan mata kita Rasulullah dan mereka akan buat yang lalu saya telah diberi kesempatan oleh pengundi yang mengundi yang tidak boleh diterima pakai oleh pengundi yang ada pada kedai makan engkau tidak pernah tengok dalam dunia ni orang Indon memang tak lengkap tanpa visa umrah yang lalu di sisi Allah untuk menghasilkan satu laporan yang tidak boleh diterima pakai dalam hati ada orang lain pada sk taman Sri muda Seksyen perhubungan media jingga di sisi Allah untuk semua orang Indon yang cantik itu disewakan di dalam hati aku dah download video kau sebab lagu pulak yang tidak pernah tengok ada you are just some people are just some people who are so beut yang lalu saya membuat keputusan yang tidak boleh diterima pakai oleh pengundi yang mengundi

Callum ElwellKay

omg I wish I had your life!!

Papi Salas

We need new videos

Kaleb Haluke

Anyone paying for her OF is dumb as hell. Every single video gets yoinked by like 10 different sites and posted for free, all you gotta do is google it

Jessica Babi

Your so beautiful?

Zoran Fischer

The Nurse Of My Dream !!!

Steve Clark

You're just beautiful and very sexy

Rebecca Smith

Just saying like anyone who subs to u can see that and it’s VERY revealing

MK Ultra Cat 72

Your "other" ASMR is better.....stop the role play and do a go pro on a train in a small winter village asmr


Doing onlyfans now ?? slag


puts hand on nurse Gwens shoulder

WhyHateEric _

You can find the full vid on Reddit ?

Jose De Oleo

This is the third time I seen someone go from YouTube to the hub


If you could pick a dream job what would it be and why?

On Com

Don't use filler lip it's not natural, you are very beautyful without filler.

Nathan Froelke

Yea I watched both

Gwendolyn Stine

My name is gwen?? ps I love yous so much!!❤?

Banana Booy

I just came from jojo asmr impresenation vids and 1 of them had u an i almost died laughing


Somebody tell Rose that this is how you do an onlyfans.

Alexadros Kotsis

? Lovee youu ?

AML- 6666

Love you ?

Andres javier

This Porn Actress is my favorite!

Monkey D. Luffy

not to flex but I've seen her boobies lol


Could have made a few more bucks skipping the ASMR and diving straight into the pounding. So sad...

Emily Jimenez

I always love the videos of her wrapping presents. They’re always so fancy n cute, I hope she does one this year!


I can't tell if your accent is Irish or American or neither

Divyam Jain

Ohh my god you got boned after this video lol???? your tape is out on reddit lol??


This chick has seemed shallow and opportunistic for years. She was one of the first AMSR artists to go straight after the sponsorship money/product placement videos, then the nose job and other facial work, then straight up porn (and even more facial work). Fake, gross, and obviously insecure in herself.

ruben casados

She's on the Hub?



Joey B

I wonder if nurse gwen ever gave an enema

James V.

Glaring into those STUNNING EYES of Gwen ❤}`·´{❤ is the perfect treatment.

Ruthie Myers

I’m a new subscriber but is it normal for her to not post for a month?

Cheated Wolf

So beautiful ☺️

Richard Dawson

I've seen the extended version.. The vid wasn't the only thing extended ?






Only Fans had the better ending

King of Monsters

Wore the same outfit making a porn...


Amazing and Gorgeous. I want more Asmr rolpley !!! Greetings


guy... go on onlyfans


omg your hair is beautiful?

Not your mail man

Bruh I used to watch her videos and then like a year later I was scrolling on the hub and saw her and I was like hold up.... something ain’t dight

Siu Zeno

Honey ?

Robert Walker

Cool, she went back and got her degree

DJ DiMO_97 Official

Hi heels?


whenever I have a hard time falling asleep I literally watch her vids she’s so calming and makes me feel at home even though I really don’t know her ..I give her credit for making such authentic asmr.

Bradley Lyle

i wish you were my nurse


Soo Pretty?❤️✨


The real ending is much better ?

Alexadros Kotsis

You are very beautiful and I love you

Mustacho Mangler

I enjoyed the 18+ version better... Lol


I was gonna buy an onlyfans but I spent all my money on Gamestop shares. Sorry.

Hopingoverleavesinfall now film discussion channel

Hello Nurse!


If you need a co-star for an upcoming video, let me know ;)

Kelly Nemecek

After that eyesight test, it’s confirmed I need 3inch thick lenses ??

Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

So good to see you sweetheart

Wayne Tomlinson

I thought you was a nice polite girl.. wow only fans you are awesome..


Thx doctor gwen ?


Why is it everytime I open my Christmas presents you're never in them, ?


gwen to the camera man be like: ok if u can resist the urge to fall asleep while shooting the ASMR stuff, i’ll fuck your brains out after


You should use vinyl gloves, they have the best tingles!

Pleasure Beats

Would love to see you do a heartbeat video soon!

Lydieluck 77

Gwen is the nicest and prettiest nurse I’ve encountered in a long time.

Marc Montiel

You are a doll???

Aarohi XO

You should do a Taylor Swift inspired asmr video because you look so much like her

Ruby rose Carlott

You are pretty

Blah Blah

Everyone sexualizing and not respecting her now that she has a onlyfans.. if you don’t have anything nice to say seriously DONT comment..

On Com


Katherine Cooper

I have no respect for you anymore. Pornography has such harmful effects on individuals and society. Just listen to any sexual abuse victims story. Victims of child and adult sex tracking. They can all attest that pornography made their living hell, just that much worse.


Yesss girl ?? collect your bag queen ???

Lucía Fídhel

I am the only one surprised she have an only fans? I mean, you go girl!...just, I don't imagine her like that??

Danika Saunders


Casper Brinkman

Can I come and stay with you

Дмитрий Бонкин

Привет из России

Ibu Rencong


Ben AE

Hold up doe they all talking bout 0:35 but no ones talking bout her first name is Nurse


In god we trust


Middle aged man who pays for her apartment LOL. Super sad

Ron Swanson

Good god

Luke Barbour

you know, i think she was right. i definitely feel better now.

breemae 117

Oh I’m sorry I’m scrolling through the comments and didn’t realize showing a little CLEVAGE I now considered PORN. WOMEN HAVE BODY PARTS!!!!!! I know shocker. Guys fricken get praised when they do something “sexual” but women get shamed. ???????

Lauren 14

0:35 um was not expecting that

Nor Way

Gwen?? Will there be a new video from you soon? will of course continue to watch your old videos, just though that maybe some new chrismas videos could be a thing,lol....???

Lorens Poenaru

And after this video
Anotha video happened:))

Sean Bleiler

Can I please request a video please please reply back please please

lily burlough

yea yea, she a baddie no matter what she chooses to do w herself. idk why people get so mad over what people chose to do w their lives, like just mind ur business dang ?

Katherine L

i miss u and the asmr vids lol i keep coming back to check if there's new ones