Guy waking up

U2 - Wake Up Dead Man

U2 - Wake Up Dead Man13 Feb. 2009
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1997 - "Pop"

1997 - "Pop"

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Elin Billingfors

Älskar den här låten

Gillian Rosheuvel

@JustCriticism Even tho I like the last 3 U2 albums, i agree w/your comment: Pop made the masses angry and this kind of made the band gunshy about experimenting to this degree, which is a shame. Agree that Pop is a GREAT album!

mathew idicula

I bet that is what a lot of people ask themselves at the last light and end of the rope, can we rewind it just once more? How could a world and words that once had such promise crumble at the mere grasp?

Theodore Hyczko

Like Israel divorciñg God and chasing after the blond jezbel Baal worshipping queen


beautiful !

LuisNavarro Music

best U2 album ever


decent song, wake up for sure


Best song of this album


I was at the opening show in Vegas and 2nd show in san diego, this was the last u2 concerts i went to as their creative tank of inventiveness has been empty. Half a McDonald's arch and a lemon for a set, I wasnt impressed. in vegas, they screwed up staring at the sun, stopped and restarted. Driving 6 hours from LA, paying $$ to hear an under rehearsed band.  
RATM better prepared and better set list. If You Wear That Velvet Dress in Vegas was terrible, glad it was dropped from the set in SD.

Ricardo Madeira

Jesus help me!

Kevin Lax

Damn, those lyrics.  Terrific song, terrific album. 


@ferdelance618 The worst album of U2 is Zooropa, true story ;)

Kasia Lotnik

jesus , hope he exists


pretty ok song

Ismail OZAY



We need you now more than ever boss.

Corinne Enniroc

I love you

Rouxls Kaard

Pop is such a weird album

Mitch Evans

I feel the frustration

Zachary Rizzo

Underrated album


Pop is their "Kid A". The only song that will stand the test of time will be "Discoteque" The band themselves have gone on record saying they were unhappy with this effort. No need to defend a sub-par album.

Leah Drake

I hear a man hurting because the world is hurting. Jesus we are waiting, Jesus wake up. Order in this disorder?

Garrett Carr

Davis Howell Evans, Paul David Hewson, Adam Clayton Larry Mullen, Bono


Everytime somebody from my family or friends passed away I put this song on. It explains everything about the stories that we are going through.

Melloney Theron

I like it

Quetzal Ulises Orion

Jesus, Jesus help me
I'm alone in this world
And a fucked up world it is too
Tell me, tell me the story
The one about eternity
And the way it's all gonna be

Jesus, I'm waiting here boss
I know you're looking out for us
But maybe your hands aren't free
Your Father, He made the world in seven
He's in charge of Heaven
Will you put in a word for me

Listen to your words they'll tell you what to do
Listen over the rhythm that's confusing you
Listen to the reed in the saxophone
Listen over the hum in the radio
Listen over sounds of blades in rotation
Listen through the traffic and circulation
Listen as hope and peace try to rhyme
Listen over marching bands playing out their time

Jesus, were you just around the corner?
Did you think to try and warn her?
Or are you working on something new?
If there's an order in all of this disorder
Is it like a tape recorder?
Can we rewind it just once more?

Владимир В.

Песня охуенна до полной бессознательности

satana juarez


Garrett Carr

U2 Pop 1997

Whammy Bard

'Dead Man' is definitely one of the best tunes U2 ever did. IMHO, if you strip Pop down to it's foundations (Discotheque, Staring at the Sun, If God Will Send His Angels, Last Night on Earth, Gone, Miami, Please, Wake Up Dead Man) it's some of the most innovative rock music in history. The band themselves poo-pooed the album because they felt it was 'unfinished.' They'd booked a tour they couldn't back out of-- and ran out of time. It was labelled a commercial failure-- BUT STILL SOLD 5M+ UNITS!


I never understood this album till I struggled with life and God. My favorite U2 album BY FAR.

Garrett Carr

U2 Love The 1997

Maarten Goedseels

@DrSequoia Pop is great, but I don't think it's the best. Achtung Baby and Joshua Tree are better I think. But I definitely respect your opinion!


I dislike this song because its U2's only song that says fuck in it. Fucked is the word in this, and I don't like it because i like U2 for it's non-explicit lyrics

Alice Carroll

were you just around the corner....

Javi Galindo

This song is fucked up. In a good way. This is one of the darkest, most disillusioned and hopeless pieces of music I have ever heard.

Aaron Smith


Garrett Carr


Garrett Carr

U2 Love The 90'S

Gilles 82

Bono - Wake up, dead man
Jesus - Wake up, rich man.

Michał Dobrowolski

sounds like mad season -wake up

Dave Gahan

First album I've got from U2 , totally fell in love with the band, the rest is history


@MrChili64 Hmmm, don't know if I would agree with that. Their newer albums don't compare in my opinion.

Cinders Holton


ricardo guterres

este vale apena ouvir  é dos melhores álbuns da sua careira 

Garrett Carr

U2 Wake Up Dead Man 1997


@gurdjieff100 spot on comment, my words exactly


Born into death. The moment we take our first breath of life, they steal it from us and turn us into straw men for a lifeless CORPSoration. This song has always been haunting but never rang truer than this moment when we stand on the precipice of an opportunity to?create a new world which we were always meant to experience. Wake up!!!!! Wake up dead man..Bono and I implore you to wake up dead people and live as man was intended.


Grande Pierotti capparezzzzzzzza

Garrett Carr

Feb 13, 2009

Gillian Rosheuvel

Haunting and beautiful song.




Beautiful song

Nancy Hicks Gribble

Us in 2018, wanting to go back to the fucked up 90s that isn't looking so fucked up now! Lmao


I love this song.

Mélya Mélya

Sounds beautiful, even 20 years after I bought the CD ... & more than ever


This album has such atmosphere, like Zooropa, different, unique


i kinda think that this is more alternative or classic rock?

Esteban Martínez

Tremendo tema. Nunca tuvo una interpretación en vivo acorde a su peso. Una lástima, 'Wake up dead man' merecía un cierre de show oscuro y desatado, como 'Love is blindness' lo fue en ZooTv.

Tommy Sandal

007pjer, someone forgot about Joshua tree.


shame!! u2 copy 'wake up' from mad season!!!!


wake up dead man!

Mariusz Pierog

So many memories.

Pawel Anton


Garrett Carr

Universal Music Group

David O kelly

Rem listening to this in rehab at age 19 and what a wretch I was now im 40 and the lyrics are still as prevalent to me but somewhat sacrilegious partially because of the the content Jesus is not hands tied with other concerns its our human condition that has us hands tied and you don't need a good word put in for you WE HAVE A DIRECT LINE TO THE FATHER JUST ASK FORGIVENESS AND ASK HIM INTO YOUR LIFE!!! still though this song has led me down that narrow road, also "she's running to stand still", (Joshua tree) only because its centred around the area I grew up in "i see seven towers butvi only see one way out" you no I took the poison from the poison stream and I floated outta hear", pure heroin talk.. so I can't dis my natives but it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle the for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven ✌??


I hate U2 in general but I really love this song!

Mitch Evans

The answers come too slowly

Garrett Carr

U2 Love The 1990'S


This song was the only "being" that could relate to the deepest, darkest pits of my Dark Night of the Soul, lasting nearly 30 years. That deep abyss that reminded me that Everything in this world is Broken. Someone could relate to what I was feeling. Whether it was burnout, betrayal, disappointment, abandonment, trauma after trauma, or crisis after crisis, this song understood my pain, emptiness, brokenness, grief, exhaustion, and despair - all without judging me. When Bono sang, "Jesus, were you just around the corner; did you think to try and warn her, or were you working on something new?..." was my first therapy session.

Alan May

absolute stomper of a track.


Alex Jones says Bono became evil, with eugenics and the United Nations


I hated this when it was new. I was 17. Had to group a bit to appreciate how awesome it really is.

Whammy Bard

@MrChili64 You may be right (though I would probably vote for October as their 'worst album'). But even Zooropa has cool tunes on it-- like "Stay," "Lemon," "Dirty Day," "The Wanderer," and "Zooropa." It just goes to show what a great band U2 are that their 'worst' album still has some good stuff on it. At least U2 has gone out of their way to try new things and experiment, even if they 'fail' sometimes. That's more than you can say for the vast majority of commercially successful bands.

Carlos Barros

20 anos depois continua a ser a minha musica preferida e o POP para mim o melhor álbum.

Alfred Carpenter

Pop was am experimentle album that turned out great

Sidh Guness

The most underrated album of u2, one of their best!


This song isn't even from Pop. It is ON Pop, but not FROM Pop. U2 recorded the song way back when Zooropa was recorded. It just didn't make the album


are u2 a Christian band? rock and roll is the devils music !!!!!!!!!


Megadeth's version is better

Ryan Samuel Mclaughlin

I favorite album 1997 Oakland Coliseum yesI was there

Timber Krev

Awesome song I never get tired of.  Listen to the gravel in Bonos voice.

Amin Ababneh

bezos, bezos help me, I could used some of your money

Jan Sprogøe

Jesus help me 
I'm alone in this world 
And a fucked up world it is too 
Tell me 
Tell me the story 
The one about eternity 
And the way it's all gonna be 
Wake up 
Wake up dead man 
Wake up 
Wake up dead man 

I'm waiting here boss 
I know you're looking out for us 
But maybe your hands aren't free 
Your Father 
He made the world in seven 
He's in charge of heaven 
Will you put a word in for me 

Wake up 
Wake up dead man 
Wake up 
Wake up dead man 

Listen to your words 
They'll tell you what to do 
Listen over the rhythm that's confusing you 
Listen to the reed in the saxophone 
Listen over the hum of the radio 
Listen over the sounds of blades in rotation 
Listen through the traffic and circulation 
Listen as hope and peace try to rhyme 
Listen over marching bands playing out their time 

Wake up 
Wake up dead man 
Wake up 
Wake up dead man 

Were you just around the corner? 
Did you think to try and warn her? 
Or are you working on something new? 
If there's and order 
In all of this disorder 
Is it like a tape recorder? 
Can we rewind it just once more 

Wake up 
Wake up dead man 
Wake up 
Wake up dead man
Wake up 
Wake up dead man

Cristian Ilie

EARLY Happy 20th Birthday to the last great-great U2 album : POP !!!!!!!!!


how how how how true ho how prophetic

Göran Gustavsson

The album Achtung baby is a masterpiece .this song is also great

Alfred Carpenter

It surely is a fucked up world with rapes killings gang violence wars

- Beeman

What is this song about, something bad happening to someone else? (Did you think to try and warn her?)

About ten years ago, I dreamed about The Joshua Tree. And it had an additional song on it titled "Black And Blue Sky". (I'm pretty sure that came from my favorite song on the album, Bullet The Blue Sky.) It was about someone he loved leaving him, and he was asking the "black and blue sky" how to go on without her. (as if he was asking god how to go on without her) After I woke up, I immediately thought the song I dreamed about was like this one.

Jordan Randall McKendrick

The best part of this song? The lyrics are valid in almost every way.

Don O'Riordan

Wake up ... World. This amazing track comes from one' of rock's bravest records ....

Darek Demecki



Pop starts at a party and ends at a funeral.

David Besana

If there's an order in all of this disorder, is it like a tape recorder? Can we rewind it just once more? Amen, Bono!!


They haven't made a better final track since this

Lance Weeda

a great song of losing faith

Terry Casey

Bono was a great lyricist up till this album ....a storyteller who could stand alongside the best of them ....but since this album I don't think what he has had to say has been much Kop ( good) ..nothing that compared to something like BAD or running to a stand still .. you hear bad an you realise how bad his lyrics have gone

Viviana Briceño

Me autodedico este tema... +_______+


They should play this in full live, not just an acoustic Segway

Andy Tsang

U.S. Man Wakes From Coma Speaking Swedish, Thinking He's Another Person

U.S. Man Wakes From Coma Speaking Swedish, Thinking He's Another Person17 Jul. 2013
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Michael Boatwright woke up

Michael Boatwright woke up in a California emergency room only speaking Swedish.

For more on this story, click here:

Comments (100)



He must have something on the Clintons.

j jenko

I knew it, the Chinese hacked his brain. He was teaching in China too.

Elias Njetski

Svenska är ett vackert språk! ❤️
Swedish is a beautiful language!
Jag kan komma och hjälpa er med att tolka. Eller så kan ha komma till Sverige. ?❤️
I can come and help you guys with the translation/ interpret or he can move to Sweden.


Lol so random, I speak Swedish and he has a swedish accent

Sofia Andersson

Han sa ju ”inte vet nånting om” för er som säger att ni inte hör nån svenska

Back To the Data

He is a spy


Comas should be induced to people with depression because they get to have another life.
Like = agree
comment = not sure
Dislike = disagree

Ismail Noor

Speaking to his son through a translator haha ? I’m done


Linguists hate him


Obviously played Roy in his dreams


Man the Witness Protection Program just keeps getting more creative huh


Världen är full av mysterier. Jag tror verkligen inte att det här är någon slags pykologisk...sak. Seriöst. Som om jag skulle vakna upp och prata kinesiska.

Chode Master ᛉ


Trevor Williams

Anyone pissed off cause you didn’t see the guy actually speaking Sweden ?

Janco van der Westhuizen

I just came here to hear how good his swedish was

Sakellariou Dimitris

Maybe he's a reincarnation of that Johan Ek

Ish The Face

His Swedish sounds like he's hung over af and just got out of a coma.

Aaron Runyon

Fucking spy

Little Flower

His past life is coming back
Or he thinks he is someone he met in passing

J.D. Maya


Peter Sedin

He lives in Sweden now. Amazing what the fuck happens in coma!??

Adam Wade

The reliion of scientism can't explain theses things that go on. Have you ever been thinkiing about someone thousands of miles away and they all of a sudden call you? Maybe we are something like avatars here, and our essense is somewhere else, where we are not that far apart. Have you heard that two particles of oppposite spin when seperated accross the universe, billions of light years apart, instantly react to each other's spin, this is only possible if the information is coming from the same source.

Now if we think of ourselves as animated computer, free will robots, which can receive programs like wifi, but with some great firewall security protection, so we remain who we are, these things can occur. Maybe when something dramatic happens to the brain, the CPU, the reboot may cause some gliches to happen, or some kind of hacking to go on.
Exodus 7:But again the magicians of Egypt used their magic, and they, too, turned water into blood. So Pharaoh's heart remained hard. He refused to listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the LORD had predicted. 12For each one threw down his staff and they turned into serpents. But Aaron's staff swallowed up their staffs.
Now what we call magic back then, did they just have some pirated access to the programing of the reality they were living in, that's why the Creator is always able to easily wipe away their miracles.
How about instant healing, well if you have access or are the creator of the original program, all you have to do is reboot it in and the virus is no more!


In his past life he was probably born & lived in Sweden.


I’m Swedish

Mike Baboosh

Nah.4 forms of id? Nobody just has that and in a hotel for what reason? Why? Who were the chinese people ? Yeah this isnt adding up

Jonas Hyltén

State entity whiped his memory.

Anderson Cooper

this happens all the time I think a random spirit goes to a person that dies or almost dies

Bob Brat

Yhmmm? So what about 4 falls identification...? Do thay forgot to explain it? Do I have 4 passports? Do some of You have even 2? Every spy or good agent speaks 5 languages.I speak 3 very well and 2 some how. It's not big deal. My theory is, that something went out of controll, and too many civilians where involved in this case. They found him before CIA. So now they give You this bulshit. But this is only my theory and please do not chase me...;)

Random Stuff

holy shit what kind of phenomena is this?

Sun Gazer

He’s a “Walk-in”. Soul swap contract.

As a Swede, i can confirm, this is 100% swedish. Scary..


A Swedish spirit took over his body.

Smol Bean

Han sa fan ingenting.


This is proof that when we all go back to deafult setttings we are swedes.


Ah yes, when the urge to escape America and its heritage becomes so strong that you create a better reality for yourself.

ibn Al Ajuraan



He was abducted and brainwashed by the IKEA HR department.

Cometa Soulstar

Foreign accent syndrome, STFU!

John Doe

It's the best way to wake up!

OP 1000

This is Jason Bourne.

Jack the Gestapo

My dude got isekai-ed into the US


There’s something deeper going on here

Jackie Smith

Proof he has lied before


He is a viking

Rylee Ulozas

Freaky Friday: International Edition


This is like the young man who woke up from Coma state and spoke Mandarin fluently.

Atharva Garole

Just give them 6 tight slaps on both sides and they well start speaking normally

Kanal 7

Reincarnation: in his past life, he was Swedish.


A glitch in the matrix

Kour FreeNN

His swedish was horrible

rami baban

his past life that what's it . his past life he was Swedish Viking

Jordan G

im sorry, I dont believe this garbage at all.

sbongamandla mapumulo



Well he did live I Sweden briefly and didn't speak enough swedish in this video to convince me


Wow imagine that when you wake up as your past life speaking that language

Marcus Knutsson

Wait what? He didn't even speak Swedish. Good morning America.


i bet all of you dont speak swedish at all

Denise Rowley

Coma problem

John Flemström



That's some Jason Bourne or James Bond type of story, he woke up only with the memory of his former secret identity…

Power Spirit

Vad i hela friden gör du Micheal?

can studio

imagine if a white European starting speaking like a Indian accents or Chinese ???????


He was swedish in his past life

maja l

inte.. vet nånting om...


'transient global amnesia' - what a load of bullshit.

Kabo Ramotsheo

Reincarnation people. I believe when you die your soul gets recycled. Find the nearest body and possess it.

Miro Jammalsson

Typisk svensk!

Alpha Bet

He is now on the Norwegian FBI's most wanted list

Giorno Giovanna

Swedish man hit by truck reincarnated in another sekai but in parallel universe in America taking over a dead body of a random man

Jörg Dendl

Are there recordings of him speaking swedish? Oh ... it's only the foreign accent syndrome ...

obi wan

Do u just dream when on coma?

Inkk Vibe

Maybe another soul entered his body.


1. I wonder how a Youtube search about Russias president Vladimir Putin ended up about a millitary from Usa speaking Swedish? 2 compleete diffrent things.

2. Why did you ABC not text him? I think speaking over him where rude. He can speak for him self and don't need anyone speaking for him as you did.

Marc Foster

So in other words: Swedish is not a language, but a brain damage...

Norglad Niyaba

He clearly was a spy... CIA I'm sure

John Dee Is Me

Madona also contracted Foreign Accent Syndrome at one time

Xavier Hendrix

ginyu got him

Shiane Malipising

I wonder if he was beaten over the head in his hotel room.

HT 589

To say it is psychological rather than physiological, is just silly considering brain damage occurred

Leslie Dugger

Guy secretly learns Swedish, creates a publicity stunt. Cool. #slownewsday


These quacks don't know shit, they just give names to things they don't understand.

Björn Sundberg

I've studied linguistics from the perspective of social affiliation in the context of learning a mother tongue as opposite of other languages acquired later in life. This man says just a few words in Swedish, completely out of context of course, because we don't know what's being discussed here. Anyway he says "inte vet någonting om", which in English means "don't know anything about". I suppose that he's talking about himself so we could add "I" at the beginning of that phrase and also the word "that" at the end. Thus it would be "I don't know anything about that", making it a whole phrase. As a Swede I can clearly hear that his pronunciation derives from a Stockholm dialect and that he was likely a working class kid. No foreigner would succeed in imitating that dialect, absolutely not an American. I can therefore conclude that he must have been born in Sweden and that Swedish is his primary language and also his emotional language. He may have lived outside Sweden for most of his years, but he must have grown up in Sweden/Stockholm and lived there his whole childhood and most of his years as a teenager.


French accent? Who has it? She!!!!?????? Nope!!!! I don’t hear it!
Colis de tabernak!
C’est pas vrais!

Te’ Douglas

It’s comes from your past life because you regenerate so you get the ways and memory of past life

Jak Em

The mind is a mystery

Hillary Yau

Wow amazing he woke up speaking Swedish


Glitch in the matrix - everybody calm down and run along

Lena Maniork

This may explain his condition, its in Farsight 9/11 remote viewing article, but first google; stories contributed by didianna beforeitsnews


He sounds like the swedish chef


Jason Bourne..??


What a true fan of Pewdiepie


I knew a fellow soldier who was shot in the head in the late 1970's. His dad was Scottish and his mom was German. When he recovered he had lost all knowledge of English and could only speak German. He had to re-learn English, and spoke with a very strong German accent.

Nappe v



the government did this to him and planted fake id's

Olof Palme

Michael Boatwright became a black person and later become the killer of xxxtentation


he's faking it

Dawid Tan

Before Coma: PBS
After Coma: SVT


Samma sak hände för mig

Lennik s

Imagine Vietnam war vet. waking up speaking vietnamese lmao

Guy wakes up his girlfriend too Maxwell

Guy wakes up his girlfriend too Maxwell22 Oct. 2020
5 253
Jason CarterSubscribe 438 721

Your late for work/ guy

Your late for work/ guy wakes up his girlfriend

Comments (6)
Maria Jimenez

???? im dead



Jacob Godinet

I'd be angry and happy at the same time ???

Malcolm Mason

This nigga raw and funny



Tianna Lee

This was too hilarious but this man can sannnngggg great job with the singing.