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The Wanted - Glad You Came

The Wanted - Glad You Came11 Aug. 2011
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Maria Herrera



2021 anyone?

sanjay ravindran

I sang this as a kid

Elle X

Praying Tom makes a quick recovery ????❤️


Esta canción es una de mis favoritas de the wanted, con esta canción conocí a la banda , oírla me da nostalgia porque me hace recordar a cuando yo tenia 12 años.

Matheus Reiter

"I am Glad u CUM"

- Disse Johnny Bravo

Patrick Ledrew

Ive been looking for this song for years since i was like 3-4 and im 13 now and i just found it

Rodney Lo

I wish I could go back when we didn't have to worry about anything


Wow this pice of art was 9 years ago, just can't belive it

Daniel Mcwilliams

I miss these guys they are sutch a vibe everytime I listen to this is take me back years ago ❤

Erin Baker

“We didn’t realize we were making memories we were just having fun”

I remember my brother that’s 3 years older then me used to sing this when we were 7 and 10, now we’re 14 and 17 and we sing this together

Salma Sc

No mames qué pasó con estos chicos? Jamás volvieron

Jonathan Secco

Who's still is listening in 2021? 10 years.
Quem está ouvindo em 2021? 10 anos já.

Daniel Mcwilliams

What ever happend to them ?❤

Kamden Vera

And then i remember Tom Parker has cancer and very little time left... and my night is ruined.

Madison LeClaire

10 years later, I'm revisiting my childhood.


i Miss the old days ?

Ben Smith

i'll make some cake. i'll make some caake


Someone listening in 2021?


This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...?

pp nate

I don’t know how or why but this song randomly popped in my head and had to look it up.

Will Bashford

fifa 11

Ricardo Simões

Eu não acredito que só descobri essa música agora ? ela é muito boa ?♥️


Thats Very nice

Cochran Lansing

10 years already, I’m getting too old

David Guesswhat

I was like 13 or 14 when it came out lol. I remember learning this song on my guitar lol I still know how to play o till today


i fucking love this song

Samuel lindo

musica boa da poha toma no cu

Luana Vieira

Oiiii.. lindos!!!!!

Martavious Tisby

2021 this song


This reminds me of The Wanted vs the One Direction

Misael Batista

31-1-2021 RD

boldoo erdenee

Good old times lol

Rafael G Cermeño C



kkkkkkkk musica do mc donalds no brazil .

ahmed belhaj Mohamed

PES 21 vibes
nostalgic song <3

Rayhan Rizvi

no tik tok


Is this guy still alive?

Jeffry Sancho Quesada

Mc donals song

Fábio Fá


Fox Hyde


Gandhi Philippe

My favorite song


Píše se rok, ve kterém se život viděl z mnohem lepšího pohledu. kalby, volnost, žádná pandemie, mohli jste si plánovat věci a žít tak jak to šlo do konce roku 2019. prostě to co bych hned bral zpátky!


i remember just vibing to this song when i was a kid, it came out for my 6th bday and i couldnt stop playing it

Luck J

The sun goes down, stars come out...

Me: And all that counts, is here and now

Also me: Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby, let me knoe

Lemur Playz

Lol this song reminds of when things were just so much easier and enjoyable

Sofia Lopez

People, I'm glad you came.

Shruti Patel

I love the wanted and I feel like there aren't any more fangirls out there! say aye if ur a fan! If ya'll have Wattpad follow me @Luna_pearl_moon. I would love to get to know that people that have survived the wanted being on hiatus. WE love u tom parker, get well soon!

Eric Cartman

I've never heard this sentence in bed

Meu nome é Namjoon e não tô nem aí

Perfeição ??
My love from Brazil

Carolina- Din

Esta me la estoy aprendiendo para estudiar ingles

Brage Viljar Arumairasa

Anyone listening to this heat in 2021?

Nathan Kington

Wish there was a way to know u were in the good old days before u have left them

Drew Graves

?All my memories


Take me back ??⏰⏰⏰⏰??


Randomly started singing this song & I can’t believe it’s been many years since this song came out omg

manuel polanco

The life was good ?

Nani Maple

this is pure nostalgic ,because of this song,I started to like electro house genre song.Untill now I still love hearing this type of song everyday.
I also want to thank you for the people who still hear this song this day. You make me feel that this old song still alive and know that many people still have great taste of music to this day :)




Wish we could go back to these times. So much simpler and so much better than this shitshow now

Mai lai L

This takes me back to when I was younger?

Альсана Смаилова

summer 2011&2012....

adlilna rosli

nobody gonna talk how 3 of them looks like baby

Cajay Henton

Life is dumb asf but we vibin???

Olivia Smyth

takes me back to when I was happy

Veronica Jezile

????the old times

jeline teneka

I'm glad I came ?

Anindita Biswas

Ah fuck. Take me back!

: ꪩᥲꪀ

copa do mundo 2014 ?


一般來說都是主管自己刷 跳過去後再把整個team挖去的啊 哪有叫編碼狗刷題的道理???

Tataa Freitas


yohan clark

"*O ano era 2012 e escutavamos essa música sorrindo*"

"*O ano era 2012 e éramos felizes e com problemas pequenos que venceriamos fácil hoje em dia*"

Alexander Sen

Bellos recuerdos del mundial solo tenia 4 años me encatava esa canción despues de tanto tiempo lo encontre.

ODST Gundam

4 out of 5 of these guys are super ugly and girls used to be obsessed ??


Early 2010s music really does hit different nowadays, makes you remember the older times.


ah yes now i can stop pretending this song doesn’t slap without betraying 1d

Joey Swift

POV u just saw that tik tok


Hey dear Ghosts and infected robots.

I´m wasting my breath on you.

If you go to bed and you start dreaming (seeing colors.. connecting patterns... etc.) and you enter the body of someone else than you watch this person just in time as a viewer. If I have dream like this then you get a real problem.
Now imagine you wake up in your own body although you sleep.. then you died and had your last living night and you wake up in Heaven.

Now you should understand why I make so much trouble.
Dying happens more often than you think.. but you only come to a certain point and then you quit. I am awake all the time. So you need to wake up when I´m away.
= ´´Matrix´´

Level MAX is when you twinkle and start the next dream/movie.
And I programmed myself when I twinkle that I die because I already watched all this stuff.

And where do you chill right now? And I don´t mean the place. I mean the body you are going to handle.

And I´m tired of trying to explain and help you anymore.. So.. Corona is back and I wish you good luck ;)
So I don´t wanna know who you are.. I already know it!
If you have any questions - Ask.

Nothing left to say!


Morena Love

Alguien en 2021? :'3

Dominik Wojnowski

200 millions es

Anna Mae Esteves

Highschool feels

Kamden Vera

10 years later Nathan its still attractive. Im about his age in this video. Why don't i look that good :(

Advit Vasisth

To Everyone From Middle School ,

I ' m glad you came

Mikey Jimenez

Who's here in 2021?

João Toddy

Tem BR nessa porra aqui nao é ? ????


these years was when i was my highest, now its all gone

Flávia Tavares


Andrew Beggs

Forgot this song glad I saw it on my recommended

lost king

Wooow im the 200M viewer ??

Jacob Coe

cant believe that my life was to great back then and now i have to wear a mask to go outside

MAGO ffLeo

eita época boa que eu era bem feliz

oOASaintzOo ChasingTheEnemy

no tiktik, no fortnite, no virus, no crap music coming out of usa. damn miss these days and i used to hate this music now i miss it thanks usa u suck

Noellee Webley

Here in 2021

madison hardeman

Published in Mar 23 2014

Jhønny Allec

I watched this when I 12 and now 18, Good Times :)

Jazmin Bunch


it's just Johnny

When I was younger my aunt used to play this all the time in her car


Lembrei de uma coquinha geladinha agora mermão???

Christian Hilbert

Such a banger.. I miss how life used to be

Giovanna Zinetti

Gente é a música da propaganda do Mcdonalds de 2014 época da copa as melhores músicas eram as dessa época só não lembra do 7×1 tá kkkk ???

glad - 7 adjectives which mean glad (sentence examples)

glad - 7 adjectives which mean glad (sentence examples)27 Jul. 2020

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This video examines #glad as an #adjective. Here, 7 adjectives, which have meanings similar to that of glad in standard English, are introduced through sentence examples. These #synonyms help you to remember the meanings of this group of words for improving your vocabulary.

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What is the meaning of the word GLAD?

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• showing or causing joy and pleasure; especially made happy


• "glad you are here"

• "glad that they succeeded"

• "gave a glad shout"

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