How to act on a second date with a guy

Men Share Why They Didn't Want A Second Date

Men Share Why They Didn't Want A Second Date5 Apr. 2019
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Single men of Reddit, what

Single men of Reddit, what made you definitely NOT want a second date with a woman you went out with? (r/AskReddit)

Men Reveal Why They Didn't Want A Second Date




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Its ASetUp

Blue cheese growing on her teeth. Lol nope


take notes ladies


I would have NOT proceeded if she smelled like Doo Doo

Kevin Lee

Watches/Loves/Follows on social media the Kardashians...

billianaire mindsets!


The one at 1:30 reminded me of my first date in my life. I was 22, and I was so nervous I didn't say anything either. The girl pretended to go to the bathroom and ditched me. I can laugh about it but at the time I felt like the biggest loser ever


Nurse ignoring patients belongs in jail


I was set up for a blind date once. When i met her i could not say if it was "The Pinguin" from the film Batman Forever, played by Danny De Vito or not. Same hair, same look in face, same kind of body.
Right there in that moment a friend from school came and wanted me to go drink some beers. He saved my life...

Da Real Wigga

Dates are pointless guys. Love is not something that you go out and find, it finds you.

There is no other way. Fucking get over it and do it correctly: WAIT FOR IT.

James Teren

Girl once started asking on the first date how many kids would we have if we got married and what kind of pets and what type of house, like it was a done deal and we had to get things started. I've never thought a girl I considered to be so attractive could make me so uncomfortable. Hmm, maybe that was her plan all along, that or maybe she had a terrible secret a deal breaker.

Phoivos Syros

the guy with the girl who smelled like shit: she could've just stepped on dog poop on the side walk accidentally

adorbie queen

i can't believe all these women... i haven't been on a date yet with a guy but i swear i will never act like all this ever. but that poor nervous girl, feels bad but at least she's gotten over it partially.


I feel horrible for the domintrax man but damb, so many good lines in it

Jessus Chavez

It’s okay let them go

Raka A.

years yers


After the first fuck she started called herself my wife.



Savanna Pfetzer

tbh i highkey relate to the nervous girl.


whys the music to fucking loud


4:00-6:00. That date story is epic. Keeping the car in reverse with the passenger door still open for 5 blocks. Imagine someone looking out their window at that time! WTF???


I am addicted to this content

my hero Mr. Suga Shark

i cut off on a second date because the woman rick rolled me-

then she showed me this

Jarod Johnson

This is why I've never went on a date with a woman I haven't already slept with


Got a tinder ad on this video

Yu Jaehyun

These people write so hilariously well. I need a collection of short stories written by them

Jonah Hill

Your ass is like a baby pumpkin ??????

Bengoro Hagrid

That "Satan" made me laugh so hard

notmyblogs utube

and this is why men call us women crazy

Camilo Cardenas

The future and what is to come


I met this girl online and we seemed to hit it off on the first meeting. We exchanged phone numbers and we would figure out another time to get together. We texted a bit back and forth. A few days went by, I'd send her the occasional "Good morning" text when I got to work. I would wait for her to respond, the last couple of days she didn't respond. No worries, she said she was busy during the day so I didn't want to interrupt her. I sent her a "How was your day" text in the evening after supper and we'd talk for a bit. The last day I did the same thing and in the evening I get a text saying: "STOP TEXTING ME SO MUCH!"

Umm...I wasn't aware a "Good morning" text and then waiting the whole day until after supper to ask how her day went constituted "too much". I apologized and politely said good bye and deleted her number. Maybe I'm the asshole? I doubt it.

Mickey Dickkener

Sounds like a bunch of betas turning down some easy one and dones.

Jay Kay

The dominatrix one was scary. Bet she was a serial assaulter/killer

Zak Haralambous

“It wasn’t sexy, it was a hostage situation” ?

Joseph Threefingers

Duck that, I choose life.


i am in tears laughing from the dominatrix story god that dude should have been a story teller lol

Jeffstike 31

Went on a date with a girl, she brought her dad for to meet (on the first date!) then doesn't stop talking about her ex.


This was 7 years ago: She brought her friend along to the date without telling me, then insisted I pay for her friend in addition to her. After the date, I told her she owed me $37.

rebel base

I floored it out of the drive way and went 5 blocks in reverse. Man that is some savage shit and funny.

James French

The dominatrix has selective equality of the sexes as well as selective professionalism.
Imagine dating a mechanic who starts dismantling your engine without asking.

Notorious 885

Men who are terrified of a freaky women...just weird to me. I mean...i would at the very least try sex with the dominatrix just to at least say i did it...must not have taken his viagra or something

Rayyan Ali

0:49 A true bro.

King's Nerd Cave

I don't know a lot about the BDSM stuff, but that Dom was scary. I do know you aren't just supposed to spring that stuff on someone out of nowhere, not only a first date, but also basically without consent. The guy needed to drive her home and what she took that as he was ready to be tied up and used. Not cool.

Stephen Chan

She photoshopped her photo on dating app to make herself super pretty when in fact she is just average looking. I just can't force myself to have physical attraction, especailly to someone who tried to deceive me. Sorry it's a big no.


The dominatrix one had me crying ! LOL

Mike Zerker

She did her homework at the table at the restaurant. I peaced out.

Jeffrey Sheldrake

The Lady was obviously allergic to soap and water. I let my real mind decide once was enough. It was a hit and run

Abraham Lincoln

She literally has me by the balls here. ??????

christian schulz

I choose life

Grif Denton

That dominatrix story is something straight out of my best- worst nightmares.


Damn man, mic your stuff! The music is waay distracting and loud compared to Speak

Lyndsay Baker

I thought the first said “math” ???


the Dominatrix one was fucking hilarious


personal one that made me not want a second date - she brought her 4 kids, the kids she never mentioned in the 2 weeks of talking to her before the date, expected me to pay for dinner for all 5 of them because that is what a man does........yeah hard pass

Diane Aisha Monday

That woman was NOT a professional dominatrix

Eric Kruckenberg

Listen. I'm leaving. Bye.

Pretty much

Tahira Chowdhury


Rude Dude

Meet girl, she talks shit about her friends. Figure if she doesn’t have friends or at least not close friends I won’t have to deal with the constant helping handy man crap I deal with from my friends. Go to LARP meet up because I’m a boomer and had no idea what it was. Get harassed by 7 friends of hers all day like they’ve never met a regular guy, though not that regular. Just all day questions about work, school, sports (I don’t know anything apart from some baseball). She goes along with their antics until we leave. Then immediately to the shit talking. 1994 continues as normal, I never LARPED again, I never saw her friends again, switched classes to actively avoid those people... then she goes to music class, I’m tuba so I’m in the back, she goes saxophone so she’s in front of me about 5 feet left. Ignoring her until the teacher fucks up in class saying Isaac Newton shot an apple off his sons head, *Kevin Spacey yelling WRONG, ginger corrects her with a bet, she’s wrong. Of course she loses and we can either practice in the back room or watch a Disney movie. Figure I’ll keep practicing because I’m honestly not into the weird LARP crap. Takes about 3 minutes before she comes in, only other person in the room with me is gingers pet midget friend. She doesn’t even see him when she goes on about how she really wanted to see me again. Instrumental storage isn’t a very thick room. I eventually got back with her, but I never went to LARP or music again. AND my music teacher wasn’t a snob because she got a history book out and corrected herself and honored gingers bet.


If only I could hear the narration over the sounds of aggressive piano. Turn the background music off, man.

Retired Manager

My neighbor asked me to dinner she was about 23 and a single mom. I went to her house and she said do you mind taking me to the store? My cars broken down. I took her to the store. She got steaks and loaded her cart . When she got to the register she broke out her EBT card and said I hope you don’t mind lending me money later in the week. YIKES. Nope, if she can’t afford that and her car is in the shop ... DANGER!!! I said I’m broke, I’ll tell you what, put down the $40 dollars in steaks and we’ll grab something less expensive. I paid for the nights dinner (she was a neighbor). I felt bad but I was barely paying my rent, car payment and utilities. The girls roommate was another girl, she knocked on my door and said I dodged a bullet. Her friend had been saying she planned to move in with me, she was kicking her out because she didn’t pay her end of the rent. Because I didn’t help her she thought I was cheap. I had no intention on having an insta-family. I bought my house a few months later (I was broke to my budget, but saving for my house). The funny part is it turned out the girl that was kicking out the welfare mom is one of my best friends mothers, best friends daughter. I’d never met her but she was at a friends wedding about a year later. She said that roommate was a nightmare.


After a 10 year relationship, that girl that didn't say anything sounds amazing.


The whole dominatrix story killed me! OMG!!!!

Joe Mama

8:53 Oh man, that guy dodged a bullet by noping out of the date with the MLM "boss babe."

Sam Valladares

That one guy had good pull out game.


And that's why i'm gay...

Tsubasa Roronoa Mai

Duck that!

jessie mayfield

2:30 this guy was so funny he could be a stand up comedian I could not stop laughing ? ? everyone in the comments is talking about it.

General Zero

The dom one had me dying ?

I usually always go out on second dates to give ladies the chance to turn it around if I felt the first date didn't go great. But, this one time I didn't give the girl the chance.

She was from New York and moved to a swanky place in my state even though she made very little. I'm a southern gentleman who enjoys wearing camo hats (which she knew) and she wanted me to take her to a 4H Carnival. The second she got in my lifted Silverado she started talking about how southern people are so stupid. My 3 degrees in Computer Science beg to differ, but whatever. I knew then I would never see her again, but I still went on the date. She spent literal HOURS going to every animal to tell them she would free them if she could. There was a point I was getting a migraine from not eating and frustration. I told her I needed to eat ASAP or I would get a migraine and get sick. It still took her another hour before we got through all the animals. Most everything was closed by then.


The Dom Queen should just be truthful in her dating profile & ask for a Sub.


hey ,a date where we run into guys she's slept with -and still obviously wants -ends the date immediately and i leave her right there .

yoongin Ao

5:48 ??????
Poor dude ???


She kept staring at me, with this huge, obsessed smile, would not eat her food. Just kept watching me while occasionally giggling. I tried to break the awkwardness by jokingly telling her to eat her food and it worked a little bit.

FeelGood & PlayMore - Frankie

The worst date I ever had back in college was a lot like the one mentioned at 7:45. I asked this girl out that I thought was super beautiful. She said yes, but I just got that weird vibe from the get go. When we went out for dinner she complained about the restaurant and was constantly on her phone like she wanted to be somewhere else. I kept trying to engage in conversation but only got one word replies. That right there was the major red flag for me. I felt that perhaps I was just a free meal to her. After waiting for service which felt like a while now and the date going nowhere fast I decided I had enough. Before we even ordered our dinner I stood up said, "You obviously don't want to be here. I don't want to be here either. So, I am going to do us both a favor and say good night." Got up didn't even pay for the drinks and left

Improvised Chaos

Picked up a girl to go to a hookah lounge with for a first date. She wanted food before going, she selected burger king.
She gets out of car to go in, then screams at a car for driving too fast. I didnt like her tone; I left.


Bruh, if you tried out a car and the breaks don't work properly, you wouldn't want to drive it again.

Andrew Martin

I personally would have no problem at all with that but to just touch and grab shit without going over do's and donts is very wrong, especially when he never at all mentioned any intent

Jason N

Always talked about her EX. like bitch you need some shit to deal with before you swipe right

Anthony Andreola

When I was dating a big deal was conversation. If she wasn't witty enough to carry her end of a pleasant conversation over the course of a meal or in line to get movie tickets then she wasn't going to be asked out again.

Not to be rude or anything, just a basic expectation I had.

K Note

"That's a no from me, dawg"

My thoughts on all of these stories

Gary McFarez

you took a chick straight to a movie and ate dinner after? no wonder she was confused that sounds like a horrible horrible horrible date

French Jae Music

Not today


Mathma Ghandi1

Why men dont want a second date: their beta males, spending all day on Reddit.


Title: Single men of Reddit, what made you definitely NOT want a second date with a woman you went out with?

Redditors: Not a man, but a woman.

The Stickster

Damn that one at 0:24 reminds me of the time I was dating this girl. She broke up with me saying she made me uncomfortable. I wasn't about to force her to stay with me so we ended it but apparently fast forward into a few months to the future i heard something about her being a few months pregnant and having a few months to go till she gave birth. At the time I found that out that told me she was already with another guy at the time we were dating and was looking to trade up but backed out.

Absolutely fucked up no matter how I think about it.


i had a first date from hell. her and i go out. her friends show up and then proceed to highjack the date. it was 4 women being harpies. i ended up getting shafted with the bill too. ever since then dating is always drinks and no dinner for the first month or so of daitng

Lavina Bowman


Pepperoni Playboy

Dominatrix: I'm gonna strap you into my sex dungeon!
Guy: The fuck you are, I choose life.

And the whole psychic bit was hilarious. This dude needs to do stand-up


Who the fuck cares about all the other stories, I just want to know more about the dominatrix story

Jez Creed

Mildly impressed by the Bloody Mary girl. She was obviously hungover and needed an eye opener, some hair of the dog! Personally, if everything else checked out, I’d have let that slide......and possibly even had one myself!

Alexander A.

What the heck is that "break up first" rule? Many couples would not exists owing to that sole reason inculcated by TV shows and Hollywood films. Use your head.


Male or female, disclosing too much personal info on a first date is ill advised. Feeling ready to live again after the end of a 7 year relationship that ended miserably, I started dating. First date told me his life story, including every conquest he'd ever had in detail. Never stopped talking, 3 hours solid - I was drained. Still mystified as to why he thought it was a good idea to tell me all of this and that he was lodging with an ex he'd met online, how she was fit and had a great body but nothing was going on now. It probably wasn't, but I saw it as a test of how much shit I would take and politely declined a second date. The tattoo of his deceased daughter covering his upper arm also made it difficult to imagine getting hot with this guy. Please don't get tattoos of loved ones, even good depictions tend to look ghoulish and even if you can't see it it's right in the face of the person you're with. While he had my heartfelt sympathy I knew that would always be an issue.

Dankus Memeus

4:29 Giorno Giovanna this taste... IS THE TASTE OF A LIAR

A.D. R.M.

Imagine going to a restaurant and seeing a woman staring at her date while he eats. Not saying one word.

Captain AMASS

The fact that so many of them are cheaters disgusts me


"i could have mooned a psychic and she coul've read her future" dead ?????


That dominatrix lady sexually assaulted him. And if he told anyone that outside of Reddit no one would take him serious. But if he did even a fraction of that hed be out of a job, doxxed and probably arrested.

Fuck being open minded. All it leads to is accepting and entertaining people with ridiculous lifestyles. We don't have to respect other peoples interests and opinions, you know. I have the right to say, "yeah you're insane and your career is even more insane. I want nothing to do with this creepy shit. It's gross as fuck". Then leave.


7:44 "If she's not actively happy about seeing me, I don't want to see her either" end my suffering


I LOVED the dom post so fkong much. "I could have mooned a psychic and they would have been able to predict her future" ?????

Walter Taljaard

These were the days before the internet.
Corresponded with a girl. She could write funny stories and sended me a photo of her.
Pretty girl. We made an appointment and went to a restaurant. We were sitting outside on a terrace, having drinks and small talk. There was chemistry and things seemed to go well.
Suddenly a guy like a tank showed up and started yelling at her.
It was her brother. Turned out she was only 16, while she told me she was 19. I was 21. Assured him I didn't know about her age and he believed me. ''Count yourself lucky you seem like a decent guy to me.'', he said. ''Otherwise I would have beaten the cr.. out of you.'' Then he grabbed his little sister by her arm, without saying a word and dragged her to his car. Before throwing her in he turned to me, saying; ''Don't call. Don't write. Otherwise I will cut you open and hang you by your guts. Understood?''


6:35 Why is it that the guy is assumed to be the bad guy in a divorce?

Armpit Gland

She DEMANDED that I buy her a stuffed animal for the first date. I did. I expected a bit of reciprocation, but nope. She went off dancing with her friend while I sat and talked to one of the other guys in a similar situation. Never texted that girl back and she was thoroughly confused. My friends say she still asks about me.

How to Get a Second Date

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I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking me... can you rephrase your question?


You tell him that! Say something like..."I appreciate you asking me what I want to do, but I love a man with a plan, and it would make me really happy if you would put together a nice date based on what YOU think would be fun for us." Then, enjoy letting him take the lead!


Just met. Do you really think a "friend" who knew me think I would find a funeral romantic ? It's not even appropriate ! If I had a male buddy who for some reason would feel uncomfortable alone at a funeral I would go with him, but that is NOT a date.


She drove to my city and I took her in my car.....went to places i choose. loved it.


i did not. so bizarre!

Gscarlett Scarlett

Marni.. I really need your advice. I went out on a first date with a guy who was really my type. I thought you he date went super well! I texted him next day to thank him and he ask if I wanted to "try it again soon?" I said yes i would like to but it's been 3 days and he had not texted me to make any second date plans. Should I text him again or just forget about him?

Miss K.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


Some guy took me to a funeral on the first date. He thought it was great that he didn't have to pay for the food afterwards. Do you think I ask what we're doing and where we're going now ? The hell with his "y" chromosome ! If a guy doesn't feel secure enough to tell me the agenda let him try to pick up a corpse.


That's a really odd first date.... were you two friends for a while, or had you just met?


will all these things be something to look at when hes shy?


Not sure about this masculine energy thing. I went on a date where he wanted me to pick the restaurant, I ended up paying most of the bill, and he told me not to ask him for a ride (I didn't). Then he asked me out again!!

Romeo R

Guys don't approach women because they fear a rejection Visit and watch the video You will not regret Married that way that you know more eventful if she does it? This is talking about a woman hooked on tightly to hold on when their lips touch hers.


what if the guy ask us and want me to choose where to go or what to do? It happens to me all the time, and I dont like it. I want and like a man with a plan. How do I deal with that?

Amina Harris

Good tips ??

Queen of Carrot Flowers

I had a great date yesterday. He gave me 3 options to choose from of things to do. Then he picked me up. We had a great time. He paid like a gentleman, the suggested we continued the date for a little longer than planned. He drove me home. He got out of the car and opened the door for me to walk me in. Totally charming.


Marni, I think the treason we try to feel in space is cos we dont wanna seem like "boring"..where the date ends an dhe tells his friends "she was totally boring blah blah"


If you paid the bill that's masculine energy. I hope you didnt go out with him again

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