Fuck me daddy stories

Father And Daughter Admit To Having Sex! | The Steve Wilkos Show

Father And Daughter Admit To Having Sex! | The Steve Wilkos Show3 Oct. 2016
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In what just might be one

In what just might be one of the most infamous episodes every on The Steve Wilkos Show, meet a father and daughter or admit to being in a consensual sexual relationship!

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Comments (100)
safoerah el jari

i hope the chair is oke

Victorian Phillips

i know steve chairs are tired of them but that’s just disgusting ❗️

Ana Vida

Dude, that is messed up


Update please????!

Christian P

Jesus fucking Christ!???

Jarod Blake

The man is sick. The fact to have a child and wait till the legal age to start sleeping with her? Nasty.


wait is it her step father not actual biological father please don't tell me ?

Shopping Cart

Both parties are to blame for this situation. The girl is WILLING to be there with him, which means she is just as delusional. I don't see why Steve went soft on her. I would of beat her and him to the pulp, and tell them that I hope they're happy in their disgusting relationship. I'm a realistic person and I hate it when people defend the "victim" when she is clearly enjoying the drama and attention.

LilBot Andrew

He’s a official sugar daddy


I know Steve’s chairs are like” oh no ?”

Selena Coleman

I have morning sickness horribly (I’m 9 weeks pregnant n threw up before watching this) and seeing them kiss made me throwing up all over again? I’m disgusted

Mikayla Mong

0:38 is everybody's reaction.

Andrew Rouse

Steve pushing the limits of how fake of an episode the viewers of a fake show will stomach!

Benji Moss

Reverse Oedipus syndrome. Hey, do you kiss yur father with that mouth. eew

MythicLoreFortune Hollow

This is giving me trauma because back then when I was a minor, I used to ship Mario x Luigi... It was instant regret...


What in the inbred

Lester Pearson Amor

Why would they agree to come on this show?

Kiea Morris

Jerry Springer shit


These two are messed up in the head to have a relationship in general, but the fact that they are father and daughter biologically and committing incest just bought them a ticket to hell

Brandon Hathaway

I can’t even watch the show but I support this show 100 and I appreciate Steve ! He’s a great man ! What would the world be without people like Steve !

Shay Flawless

He deserves to be in jail ?..n she needs help...AsAp

Anthony Waterman

Thats wrong hes old enough to be her dad, oh wait



Pamela Harrington

???????????????????? what the actual fuck

Susan Montano

That. Is. Not. Right. Daughter. Having. Sex. With. Her. Dad. That. Make. Me. What. A. Crazy. World


joe mama

Pls kill me?


sweet home Alabama

Marcella Gaviria

this is sick ??? can't watch

amelia harvey

I am getting the bleach for my eyes

Six Hunna

That wrong frfr ???

Christina Kollar


Khaya Dlamini



That furniture is takin a beating ?

Christian P

Sweet Home Alabama ?

Katelyn Kristal

Omg ?

Jade Thomas

Omg are you serious? That's against the law right ? If she gets pregnant that poor baby is gonna have some issues ?


I was waiting for the Step dad the entire time to make it slightly less weird

crystal Bell

Do they realize if she have a baby its gon be hard trying to explain that story

the Rat

Update: she recovered, search for the update on his channel

Alex Ochoa

Bro what the chair do to u to get yeet


This is disgusting man

Edele 123

Wth is wrong with people...?✋?

Tsuyu Asui


Brooke'Lynn Weaver

Omg I’m finna throw tfk up???

Joe Kirk

Sick pervert

Angela Hoffman

Straight up vomited in my mouth. Yall are fking disgusting.

MadZaz Marland

Well said Steve!!!

Henrik Hell. hound

Sweet Home Alabama


So happy she left him and got help

Christian Russell

This gotta be fake

Space Jam



Dude I gagged the whole time ? this is gross ? I feel like I’m gonna throw up this is absolutely ridiculous and ewwww

DisShii Empty

"SWEET HOME ALABAMA" im sorry i just had to


Wtf ?????????

Justin Y. clone

That’s fucked



Tyler Bell

He keeps the furniture store who sells him those chairs in business

Yoboi piano

:40 her face says it all

3ziz Sa

sweeeeeeet home alabamaa


Yikes. Young women with daddy issues being taken advantage by her father.

Jacoby Mcmahan

They on that Alabama shit

What are you Doing Stepbro

I think she watched Dadcrush

White Gal

Definitely failed her as a kid

Totoro Lover

Oh my gosh that's gross ?. I just threw up in my mouth. That's incest. If they had kids. Them kids would have so many problems. Oh my gosh this is so ? gross.

Crayson Neeley

U have to fell bad for steves stomach i all ready want to puke

Tyson Brazier

....... i just about to vomit

Frances Lopez

I cant even fathom so disgusting



Kaito Miyagi

E w -

T h I s I s n a s t y

T h I s I s I n c e s t



Greek Princess

This is disgusting how can a father and daughter do that wtf is wrong with this world ???

indy hood

his chairs are godmode


This relationship makes me wanna puke

i know im a 1st Hueman&White People are Albinos

long as they dont have kids its fine

Ashlynn’s World!!


Myella Torres

*sees them kiss*
Me: *pulls out guitar while humming Sweet Home Alabama*

Tiffany Mcdonald

This made me sic

Vlone Mizzo

Sweet home alabama

Anna d

who would let this happen? im puking.

Sans Unground

This is just No no no no nononononononobonobobobobnnonnonononononon nonnonononononononnnonon hEllllllllll No and nightmare fuel

Susan Montano

This. Dad. Is. Sick. In. The. Head. Don't. Respect. His. Daughter. At. All.

Greek Princess

That father needs to go to jail its incest

Gregory Vierra

My brain can’t even process this.

Kelsey Stone


David Cooper

Someone doesn’t have daddy issues now


Is it too late to start singing the Alabama anthem

Zavio E-s

What thee fuck??

Rae Buckland

Poor chair ?

Duck Voice15



Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ??????



Heidi Bass

I threw up in my mouth....WTF!!!!??

Sierra baby

She ain't gotta do all that

Arise Microzide

Can I get a yeee yeee ?

Akin Ates

He insane

Matthew Parsons

This is all wrong

Jenna Kennedy

In all my relationships I've never met someone so similar to me it's almost as if we share chromosomes ?

Nicholas Ulysses

Wow this really fucked up

mister moon

If I was in there I would've said what are you from Alabama

Mads Matarazzo

I’m sorry but what the hell did I just watch ?! ??


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Comments (9)
Xx ¿! · Tobio Kageyama · ¡? xX

It should be call: ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS lol

Elizabeth Afton




•Bxby_ Bear•

Where are the comments at ??

Ryan Glennon


Mitchell White

First bra

What Are You Doing here


Kenneth Kristiansen

3rd ?



Sex Me..Daddys Little Freak Part 2 #daddysgirl

Sex Me..Daddys Little Freak Part 2 #daddysgirl31 Dec. 2018
81 456
Khia MotormoufTVSubscribe 438 721

Comments (100)

You the best read ever best entertainment! You should do more?



Al Don

Did y'all watch red table talk with Jada?  The girl that was on there is definitely the person that wrote this book.


VooDoo??? Hell naw, hell to tha naw naw nawwwww!!!

Sheila Miller-All

I enjoyed hearing you read this book. You would be a great voice-over artist for audio books and TV commercials.


That female who introduced Dominique to eke lily wrote this book

elijuah jarod


Brandi Newbold

I'm fukin dead OK?! Bitxh said he made yo pussy look like star crunch ???????????????????????????????????

DeAndre Snyder

1:16:40 Khia’s face always sends me ??

Dawn Michelle

I love you Khia..you are the truth

trica harvey

You did good with this book !!!!

Desean Gahner


Seven 7


Ty Samuels

Queen keep doing the damn thang! We need you to teach us about Oshun and Yemaya. Please do another video of Ignoring The Signs. Bless you Queen.

trixie mahmod

Sword fighting with Dicks lmfao . I love you .


So many guilty

IfYou Justbelieve

This some ole sick ass shit.

Studio 28平和と破壊

I see why it’s called surviving R Kelly


That’s toooo much sex for me?

Latonya Odom

Why dr Smith ain’t in jail

IfYou Justbelieve

She was 16 at the end of the day she was still a child omg Lord help him if it had been my baby girl.


Gurllllll u should read invisible life n just as i am!

Tim Davis

Hey Alexa play freak me by silk & Keith sweat


WHAT...lolol ColdBlooded

Miraculous Jackson

they said you was going to boost Book Sales but after they watch this it's a done deal



Kiwi Kirigaya

following the moneyyyyy


I love you queen❤

I’m Perfect

I jus heard that this book is nothing but fiction...by Kash Jones

kimberly price

I havent blinked in an hour... lawd part 1 and 2.... i am listening at work with my headset and had to TAKE A LUNCH.. baby...no words..

Kiwi Kirigaya

motherly yeen had a mother dh

Elle Mich

Oh My God!!!!??????

I Am Escential

You see why God tells us to be mindful of the devil?


Chile’ this was some REAL juice. Bless they heart.


On a scale of 1 to R Kelly...how freaky is this author?

Darion John-Lewis

13:24 -13:33??

Audra Puryear

I know Kash Jones wrote this book and claims its all fiction. I have a feeling that Kash wrote this book based on inside info that she got from Azriel. I really think Azriel did a whole lot of talking way before she left RKelly


Sucking her blood, is that demonic shit. Kelly, had some bad spirits around him. Loooorrrrd.


Talk about the order Kmsl ????????


Who is the author?? That’s the real ☕️


Alllll these adults drs n all need to be under the jail shameful

LaMecca Williams

Baby listening to this hard core porn got me moist all in between my legs and in my butt! Forgive me Lord! ???????????????????

Latonya Odom

So if that’s true 200,000 women all on lifetime got the sickness

Kema McIntosh


Milk TV

Hey sis ... daddy s lil freak was not on the show

Jhamonique Lawson

Is this book on Amazon??

shaunie nelson

This was gooood yesss Kiah hollywood better stop playing with you!!! With that narrative voice u read that book bitch!!!! And yes it anit as good as coldest winter ever yall need to stop sista soulja did ha thang!!$

Jas Lyn

It’s the star crunch for me.

Maryah Oversrteet

Read ignoring the signs ?

Latonya Odom

She so unconscious and blackout and drugged out but you remember everything word from word bitch please

Comment Allez-Vous

You need to do audiobooks. A contract with every publishing company to read their authors’ ?.


I’m on drink #2 khia...... girl this is good


Rkelly wrote this period


Spits starcrunch out...

Nobody thinks that deep ! Nichella

That’s so crazy am really sorry to say this but if her grandma was still alive she would be back with him

William Robinson

Thug Misses how about this R Kelly has called up and in bodies so many sexual spirits probably legions of them they have been singing and writing ? music through him . He is a spiritual wickedness in high places )

Ellera Newman

?‍♀️...soul ties...

DeAndre Snyder

56:24 sums up what I kept saying through the whole book lol

Tim Davis

She is so confused and dumbfounded


My honest belief is the whole documentary was done for monetary gain because why contact a REAILTY show or TV station have a glam squad and wardrobe to go get your child instead of showing up with the police? They they threw pebbles at a window many floors up not once did the parents knock at the door or even cause a scene at all!!! Now idk bout yall folks but let that been me or a family member of mine all my folks coming but after trying to get the police out there initially to make that clown open up that door. Then like I said if that ain't work my folks pulling up and you better believe it ain't to throw peebles ????⚒⛏?✂️⚔???⛓⚰

Chris Spearline

Not hard to figure out how he controls them he gets them when they're virgins and uses his sex, maturity and mind manipulation. They are trapped in a whirlwind and can't escape.

Kesha Stokes

U killed me with prt1 sanging em songs lol ???????????? i been sipping too the voodoo prt i dnt believe lol but its mad crazy im speechless em girls loved et man

LaMecca Williams

Great job Khia!!!!!?


That female who introduced Dominique to Kelly wrote this book

Kade Jordyn

I wonder what the happened to Ray. I assume Rob found out at some point, but did Ray leave on his own or did Ray get killed? The way he checked her pussy after she spend time in the pool, I assume Rob found out Ray was turning sis all the way out..LOL

Chelsea Stevens

Sips tea

Jhamonique Lawson

3rd time reading ??

I Am Escential

Why in the hell were you shocked dumb ass????? You reaped what you sewed.

William Robinson

As King ? David played demons out of King Saul with his harp. Music ? has prophetic implications and set atmospheres now with that being said he's music ? has calling fourth sexual spirits bringing fourth the presence of his demonic spirits when played. Now the devil been telling lies I know the truth . These people die sold there souls to the devil for there fame this man has invoked sexual demonic which has kept music at the top this why he has tryed all kind of nasty sex the fulfilling the desires of those demonic spirits he has called fourth .

Alison Bell

First of all she was underage and her brain was impressionable. She definitely has Stockholm syndrome. He infected her mind before he infected her body. He slowly and methodically killed her spirit for a time! He knew excactly what he was doing . Just because hes illiterate doesn't mean he is dumb. His manipulation has been first emotionally and then physically. He's no different than any of these other cult leaders . And shame on his adult people around him that help to lie and manipulate along with him. They sold their own souls to the devil. As for this one of many young girls young women.... they are scarred for life. But, with Gods love and counseling they can overcome.

Momma Wanna

Ok, she makes me feel like I haven't given my all during sex, WOW

Brincess Brii

There was FaceTime when all this was happening ??

divaeyez 27

I wasn't ready!!!! Lawd. I don't even want to think about sex anymore. It was too much..

amy bailey

Is all this during the course of his marriage to Drea ?

El Masa Heru

Wait...did she say he gave her herpes..and then they had a sex session with a new person and neither him nor her said anything to the person? Isn't that a crime? If you was devastated when u found out, why would you put another woman threw that? R Kelly ain't packin shit but fudge and drugs. What I got grown women can barely handle so I couldn't even image tryna sex a lil girl. Older men who like young women are sick and the females that go to them cuz if they was broke u wouldn't even waste yo time.


I watched this entire thing 4 times

Bella Rae


Miraculous Jackson

Bitch I don't have enough weed or enough drink for all this good good good juicy ass T got some writing bitch read bitch keep reading

Nevy lin

R Kelly is the devil advocate, had her sleeping with her own cousin ?

Eve Kennedy

Khia forgot she was on live for a mi ute lmao she was too into it bih?????? i screamed

sebastian z

This made me jackoff throwup cry laugh than jackoff again


11/28/19 ???


Damn with all this fucking did anybody ever get sore? shit how the hell did they even walk?

Latonya Odom

Who is Robert a fucking alien how did he sale millions and millions of records, sold out millions and millions of shows and performance and awards shows and be married for 13 yrs and have 200,000 girls and never get tied them hoes couldn’t jump him where he get the time I’m so confused

I Am Escential

I don't get how Black men expect Black women to respect them? SOME not all...but RKelly is not unique. There are plenty just like him.

Shell Stewart

GAGGED 2020 KHIA you are da BOMB

Antonio Burrell

What book is this

ms wood

Khia recap game serious af

Amarchb Beauty

Girl this gag order!!!!!!!!!!! This read was everything

Rose St. Fleur

She was very raw and authentic and it was descriptive. Damn.... Be careful what you wish for because the grass ain't always greener on the other side. Wow! He needs serious help but his sister really opened Pandora's box....ugh!


Who was the girl?

Queen Onyx's World

This was epic! Part 1&2! ????????

Miraculous Jackson

Your voice don't even sound the same your vernacular is not even to save when you commentate on the book you even look different looks good on you sound good coming from you

Lexi Love

This Was so Heart Breaking and i know it was something else for her to personally experience this . God bless her with his love and his light so she may be happy

vamp vanity

Disgusting ass story what is wrong with people

Tracie Collier

She was doing alot for a 16yr old

Sabrina W.

This some demonic ass beyond predatory sexual nympho behavior ? ! At times listening Khia it’s too too much omfg !

Ty Samuels

This was tew damn murch! Robert Kelly needs a spiritual bath in Africa, bathe that nigga in The Nile and bring all the shamans and priests and priestesses. Rebuke it all. Truth be told though, I need sex like this with consenting adults.


Im confused was he married yet? Is Andrea perceptive? This shit crazy asf and sad he had a whole warehouse full of muthafuckas? Idk..with the validity why he wasnt beating her ass. I call bs...he knew she wouldnt take his shit...yeah rite smh

William Robinson

He put witchcraft on them girls with the piss he was taking from them .