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My Wife Wants Space | Give Her Space & Get Your Wife Back

My Wife Wants Space | Give Her Space & Get Your Wife Back18 Feb. 2019
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My Wife Wants Space | Give Her Space & Get Your Wife Back

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"My wife wants space," is a phrase Coach Natalie from Love Advice TV | With My Ex Again here's often in her 1-on-1 with clients. If you find yourself saying, "My wife wants space," today's video is just for you. It's ok if you are panicking because you're telling yourself, "My wife wants space."

If your wife wants space, don't worry, everything is fine. You're in a marriage, and some days are not the best days, and some months are not the best months, but that does not mean she wants to throw in the towel. However, it does mean she needs some space.

As a woman, Coach Natalie can guarantee one thing: what women want from the men in their lives is to feel heard and understood. That's all they want. Women want to feel like men are hearing them, that they listen, understand, and apply whatever they are saying toward however men are behaving, so women feel like the belong in this relationship, so women feel like they have a role in this relationship, and they have respect in this relationship.

If you're saying, "My wife wants space," just give it to her. That doesn't mean you have to disappear forever, that doesn't mean you're moving out, that doesn't mean a lot of the dramatic things your mind may take you toward. You might just be so afraid that giving her space means throwing in the towel. They are not the same thing. But, if you do not give her space, you continue to suffocate her. You're trying to control her.

And now... someone is pulling out a towel. Now you're nervous. Now you run the risk of driving her out of this marriage because she doesn't feel heard and understood.

And if you're afraid that she may find someone else or realize that she's better off without you after you give her space, remember that those are your fears and concerns. And you're so focused on the terrible things on your mind, that you're not focusing on what she's feeling, and what she's saying.

Listen to her.

It's important to remember, that there are two people in this marriage - you and her. Telling you she wants space was not easy for her. She probably feels she has no choice but to get space, and more you take it from her, and the less space you give, the more you are setting the relationship up to dissolve. And the more you are pressuring her to rebel, and to demand control, and to go through more dramatic lengths to get it.


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Comments (100)
Robert Lee

I’ve been through a fairly rough last couple of days with my wife, and she said that we should separate for a few days, I’ve barely talked to her since, and I’m trying my best not to. I could definitely use some one on one advice to help me understand more

Michael Monz

Hi , I am currently experiencing this, and experiencing myself all those crazy voices in my head about this. Thank you for explaining this process.


What to do when you already said to her that you wanted to change to be a better husband? Can i still give her the space that she needed? I dont wanna come across as desperate or weak

Justen Wells

I have some questions about 1 on 1 conversations. I am in the process of giving my wife space and I'm tore up inside.

Ja Ra

Thank you. It’s been hard. She said she wants space but realizes she’s not making it easy on me. She still
Kisses and embraces me. Then all
Of a sudden she will go to the extra bedroom without a hint of good night etc and not say a word. I just got back from a trip away. I really missed her but she said that she didn’t really have time to think about it. It’s hard both being in the same house. She said she sees my changes and likes what she sees but Is afraid things will go back the old way. We have date nights once per week and that is going good. I have hope it will work out but understand this may very well lead to a divorce. I’m not throwing in the towel.

derwin gonzalez

I afraid she will RE-file for divorce or worse cheat on me again. I started a stupid argument blinded by pride & jealousy (2-days after we cancelled the divorce?) now she's sleeping at her sisters

Joel Laflamme

Do you have any advice on how to give them space when you have young children together?

RideShare Trixter

This is a Great Video about Her Space and how to understand it I have seen. This situation just started for me 3 days ago and I feel like I am loseig the Only Person I have ever Truly Loved. We met in the 7th grade. When it comes to Love, She is all I know. When I asked her if she wanted to make our Marrage work, She said that she didn't know. She needed space to figure it out. But she did say she still Loved me and there was not another person. How much time and space does she need? That's what is killing me. As her partner, I am givong her her space, Even sleeping in a different bedroom because she doesn't or is not ready yet. She said it started building up about 2 years ago. About the same time she started menopause. Al I know is I can't picture my life without her.

Mike Woodham

I would like to speak more .

Jared Young

Thanks for this

Cai Alcazar

I wish I would’ve saw this video months ago. My wife and I have been fighting since October 2018. A lot of things happened between then and now that definitely resulted in her shutting me out and creating a shell around her. Right before I moved to my new location in Texas, she left to go home to her parents because she needed time and space to figure things out. I have no idea what to do except that. Any advice??

Brian Manning

My wife feels hurt and mad at me and says she needs space and time to heal and get past this. This has scared me beyond anything, that our marriage of 13yrs she doesn’t want to continue. She says she isn’t sure of the future, but is working to heal and just needs the space and time. No I didn’t cheat on her or doing anything like that. We recently discovered we had miscommunicated on something that was part of our lives and it’s hurt her. My mind is going crazy and I feel like I’m losing her. Help!

Lonnie L. Bustamante

Yes thank you for the video!

Wladimir Sierra

My wife wants space but wants to move out. She says that she need to know what it feels like to be and live alone and then she wants to see where we are at in the relationship. Either to continue it and divorce. She gave me a time frame of like 6 months and wants to move out soon she just told me all this last night.

David Lipscomb

I need help please reply

reptiphibian m

Thank you... Great advice.


My wife and I are separated and not living together, and she said she may need more space.

Mat Thomas

I need help, my wife left me 12 days ago said she needed time space to think about what she wants

Trevor Kendrick

I’m in bed alone watching this. My wife has told me she needs space. To me I thought exactly what u said “she’s throwing in the towel” after a 23yrs of the best and worst years of my life, bam it was over. We met as teenagers and grew together through the years. Made three kids and that are still in the house. . She has made me a better man for sure. The other day when she said that she needed space I thought she automatically meant divorce and my kids are going to have a new step dad. After a couple of days of small texts I asked her “do u really want me to leave u alone?” She said yes I need space. I immediately googled that and found your video. Thank you so much. I thought “I need space” meant I need to work my hardest to get her back by buying her gifts and pressuring her to come back??‍♂️ and she’s looking for a new man. After watching this I texted her back “I understand,I hear u,I will give u space”. It felt great. Thank you for clearing that up. I really want to do what ever makes her happy and will ? change for her.

jeremiah peters

My wife had an affair. And now she say she needs space 23 year and we have to kids she's willing to just up and go saying she needs time to think.

Brandon McKinney

Thank you so much for posting this video. My wife hit me with this a few weeks ago and truthfully I haven’t been handling it in the best way. Today, she’s just seemed so tired and emotionally void. I asked her first if I can sit next to her in bed after a day of me cleaning the house while she rested. She kinda gave me this “whatever” gesture. I sat down next to her in bed and watched a tv program. The whole time she didn’t say anything to me or really even looked at me. I’m so scared that she’s backing out of this marriage. Are these fears valid? Did I screw up by watching the program with her? I’m starting to feel like I shouldn’t even be here.

Chris Law

Question. My wife has gone to her parents for space. I'm home alone with our child. Do I text? Do I call? Do I literally wait for her to call or text?

Neeko Z

Thannnk youuuu

Jonathan Treu

Need some advise how do I get talk

Nick Patron

I have space but she moved out two months now and she loves it . She loves her freedom now I’m scared I lost her not fixing

Justin Jones

My wife says she wants space but she's talking to another man and wants to divorce meme and all I want to do is save our marriage from divorcing how do I fix this

JaloFinn _022

My wife has made me realize that due to my insecurities that I was trying to control too much in my life and mostly her. I found out my wife had an emotional affair with a co worker In May and that devestated me. We have been going through couples counseling for six months now and everything was going really good. She has continued working with him and one day I had a bad reaction to some information about the two of them and I lost my cool. She responded with telling me she needs space. We’ve agreed to continue couples counseling and even doing individual counseling with our couples counselor. It’s been a week now and she has been staying with her mom. Our three kids have been going back and forth according to our work schedule. I’m losing my mind because this time has made me really reflect on the things I’ve done that have hurt her. She has really talked to me other than through text about our kids. I pray that I haven’t caused too much damage but I don’t know what to do or say so I don’t keep pushing her away. I want my family back but most of all I want to show my wife that she is the most important thing to me. That her happiness and sanity are the most important thing to me. She’s my best friends and I live her. When do I try to reach out? When is it appropriate to say something to her? I’m trying to respect her choice and that’s meant not pushing anything. Talking, texting, etc.

joseph horvath

Hello so my wife said she needs space and she also said if I dont improve she doesnt know if this our marriage is going to work

An'nick S.

Thank you ! My husband needs to understand this .

up side down guitarist

Thank you so much thank u so much i now feels better she dont have to be seeing someone to want space


im not alone. thank u

Mitchell Lindgren

What do I do if we are separated and she's in love with someone else, but she tells me she still is willing to see if there's still a future together?

Nicholas Helton

Well my wife has been asking for space for about 6 months. I just watched your video because we are not getting anywhere with our marriage. I am going to give her 3 solid weeks and see if her anger will pass. Do you think going on a vacation with our daughter without her while she is in school is a good idea? Would it hurt ?

Chi Okanks

Thank you very much burns like Hell and it's just the beginning of the first week...

Micheal Holifield

My wife said she wants space. I'm willing to do whatever it take to save my marriage. We have been married 9 years. High school sweethearts. Im 28 shes 26. Like everyone here. I never knew that giving space was a thing. Im scared she will find someone else in the time. I know she loves me. I know she does. But what if you see signs of her being with someone else? I can't eat or sleep. I'm practically up all the time. Thinking about everything and it scared me that shes gonna get with this individual. I'm trying to give her space. Its so hard to do. I dont want to drown her eith all my ways to show I love her. Please someone! Anyone! Im trying. I just want my wife back. I want her so much. Shes my everything. I dont know what to do or what to think. She shows signs that someone else might show up but I dont want that. Im terrified.

Lindsey Rehl

I’m sitting here sobbing, its all true, I never heard it, I don’t understand it, thank you, I will continue to listen and give the space she needs. I more afraid of her finding someone, I need to head your advice to listen and be there. Thank you again,

Dr. Amir Hisyam Yazid

Thank you for this video... we have three kids... i want to give her space... how do i make her feel understood and heard?

She feels tired of raising the kids... doing house work... when we have sex she says im not loving enough... please help

Nathan Roberson

My wife of 13 yrs, has all of a sudden started acting strange. Like really strange. She goes out drinking with her single friends after everyone has gone to bed. She hide her phone a lot when I walk by. Use to, she'd give me her phone anytime I asked to use it. Now she hold it like life support, and if I even have it in my hand, she flips shit, and loses her mind about it. She's very secretive lately with friends. If she's talking on the phone and I enter a room or she on the porch, she'll get real quiet or walk away. If I do it, its who's that, why did you have to get quiet or walk away, but if she does it, it's supposed to be all ok and fine. I dont understand. And she within the past month started asking for space. That's when the sirens and lights started going off in my head.

Bobby Van Dyke

I woke up yesterday morning and my wife was gone.. I went to bed at 8 in the morning because we sleep during the day usually because of work and she came up stairs with me laid on my chest and kissed me and told me she loved me and she was going to run some errands and then I woke up over and over reaching for her and she was never there so I got worried and got out of bed to find she had taken all her important items and left she drove 12 hours away to florida to stay with her dad and refused to talk to me the whole ride there.. she finally talked to me once she settled in and we talked for 7 hours straight and we never talk that long. I learned a lot of problems she had with me and we got to talk about our feelings and views of the relationship.. she said she needs time to heal but she doesn't know if she is coming back or not but she will always love me no matter what. so I've decided to try my hardest to win her back because I love her to death she is smart, funny, goofey, loving and caring she is gorgeous beyond words and has eyes the size of the moon I love her deeply but she said she needs time to heal what does that mean? how long does that take? how do I keep her interested in me while she is so far away while giving her space and not smothering her? I want to let her know how much I love her and that I'm doing everything i can to change but I don't want to push her away.. please help me..

Oswald Mensin

This is so hard. I am going through this. With 3 young children in the mix. I am so scared for their safety, but she is more concerned about her own space and wants than anything or anyone else. I don't know what to do. She insists all is fine without me but wants my money still. I want to fix the marriage for her sake, the kids sake, and my own. I am just lost. I too am afraid ill leave home, try to set up something else and risk someone new moving in to my place I paid for with my own money and stealing my entire life from me.

charlie Rodriguez

She told me that last night. When I tried to hug her in bed . Tears came down my eyes . It’s difficult when you feel lonely. So space means no interaction witch you wife ?

Frank Massara

Thank you so much for this has made me feel better I would love to chat to you if I can

Adam Kleisinger

Natalie, first thank you. This video helped tremendously. I’m not an anxious person but I have been recently. I recently opened a can of worms that almost ended our relationship. It was during a stressful time & both realized we weren’t communicating at all. We were able to recover but left doubts in my mind when she asked for space. The freaking out from before came back. But I get it. We both work from home right now & we see each other all the time. Your video calmed my nerves. Please make more. I also wouldn’t mind talking with someone if you have recommendations.


Hi Coach Natalie,
I and my wife had a fight last year, since then she is not talking to me. I tried but she never responded its been more than a year. I waited for her to response but she haven't... her family opted for divorce but haven't applied for the same. Neither they are talking, nor leaving me....what do you suggest...what shall i do in this scenario. One more thing is we live in different cities and she and her ex lives in same city i got to know about their closeness from friends....what should I do


With this covid bullshit its so hard

Gabe -ATM-

Loved the video.

My wife and I are currently separated. I got the I love you but am not in love with you. I need space. About 2 months ago.

I was living in the other room and then was asked to move out about a month ago. After moving out I continued coming over to exercise in the AM only to find out yesterday she didn’t want me coming over. She just didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

I haven’t talked or message her in over 2 weeks only about bills and our dog. We were in a marriage workshop this whole weekend when she told me she needed more space. She also mentioned that she isn’t even sure right now that she wants to reconcile. Hurts a bunch. I was doing good for 2 weeks but after this weekend it was like a punch in the gut and starting all over. But I’m focusing on bettering myself right now.


Wife asked for a separation after 4 years of marriage, after some arguments it escalated to divorce. Our relationship was left for dead I’ve been in our guest room for 3 weeks now .. we then decided to attended counseling. After two sessions we haven’t completely committed back to one another but now my wife is starting to say things like... our next house. Blah blah. Idk where we stand but I think maybe we have a future together.

Justin Jones

She tells me that she wants space and wants me to be quiet but yet she tells me I never let her go out and do things we are in the middle of divorce and she reconciled with me but she is still distance from me we have kids I left for a couple weeks when I was gone she fell in love with somebody else but when I came back she came back to me I was still in love with this other man he found a girlfriend when she left but she is still talking to him she says they are best friends but now his girlfriend is texting her to hang out

Justin Daugherty

My wife asked for space and I kept pushing to to talk about the relationship. She says she doesn't love me anymore and I have made her actually angry at me we still live together but she wants me to move out in a month when bills are caught up I want to change this before the end of September so I don't have to leave my home an family please help

roger stanley

Feels so good to see I’m not the only man here .. but also sad that I’m not the only man here .. marriage is hard but we can all get thru this once we get out our own minds we love our wives and I think that’s why we are all here .. the real question is what did we do for them to want to acquire this space? For myself I was so stressed out that I forgot to acknowledge her feelings I forgot to remind her of how much of a great mom and wife she was .. I was so caught up In my own emotions I neglected hers she cooks daily cleans daily plays with the kids I mean what more could a guy ask for ? And all shed ask for is a back rub or just to go on a drive or walk on the beach ... we have to stop being selfish and understand that we aren’t the only ones dealing with things then blocking out our vows with our feelings I’ve been n tears for days and I’m man enough to admit that I wouldn’t allow space and I remember vividly her saying you never listen as I continued to talk over her to get my point across while never allowing hers ... For those that believe in God I have the holy bible app and it has some really good reads on struggling marriages so WHEN we get our wives back it’s best to do some reading with them together to get things right biblically and not assume we can do this alone we took vows under God he’s really the only one that can bring it back together God bless ..

Ronald Fejeran

My wife and are married for 10 years. She needed space because I was very busy with work. We both said some harsh words towards each other. Its been 50 plus days since she's been living with her parents. 4 buetiful kids are involved. We do eat out sometimes and go on dates. She works for me and chooses not to leave her job. I hurt her by pushing her away while I was busy at work. We run a restaurant. Help.

Many thanks

Justin Turner

My wife of 8 years left me. She has confined in another man instead of talking to me cause she was scared to talk to me due to my anger issues. Now I’m as lost and confused and hurt cause she left me. Thanks for the advice. I know marriage has issues and things have to work out. I gotta give her space

Here's your story

I'm the space she needed.

Igobymikey Mike

People just need to stay single


I need your help

Fit Life

How long is this going to last?

Brian Rios

It's hard to give my wife here I been trying to talk to her but I just mess up doing that so I don't know what to do about it I need help

Brylove,Live,fight None

Can I personally message you

Bill Strang

Depends on what she means by space. If it includes sleeping around. I'd give her permanent space.

Forrest Kauffman

My wife of 2 years, and the love of my life for 5 just told me this lastnight. I’ve been so stressed and trying to give her space but I found out she was talking to someone behind my back and it’s now put me on jealousy mode. I can’t seem to drop it and I’ve told her while trying to give her space. She says she hasn’t done anything and I believe her.

Omar Sikandar

I want her. Forget my wife hahaha

Joel Laflamme

Thank you ?, you nailed it.

Evan Hayes

I have been definitely failing at space, however, after watching this I feel better. I understand I wasn’t listening and I’m looking forward to this process. Easier said than done, but just going to take it day by day and stay busy

Mike Hawk

Never in the history of the universe has a woman asked for space or a break without another man involved. Period. Facts.

Bill Strang

What if I need space? Does it also applies to me. I've come to the conclusion that men should never get married.


I needed to see this, but I'm still hurting so badly. My wife left Saturday night. There has been a lot of shit on top of the pandemic, her bio dad is having legal problems on the other side of the country and her sisters marriage is failing due to her sister's manipulation and alcoholism.

My wife told me Saturday night that she thought she might be unhappy with me and needed to get away from me and our house. I asked her if she knew why she was unhappy and she said no.

I'm pretty sure she's as her sisters right now, but she's texted that she's safe. She has said she loves me, but she doesn't seem to miss me. She reacts to some of my facebooks shares, but doesn't seem to want to have any direct interaction with me (i did text her the morning after she left to say that i had a bad dream and that i miss her even there, she 'hearted the message').

I don't know if this matters, but she's been incredibly lonely during the days, due to her working from home as a teacher and my job not changing. I tried to be home as soon as I could each day.

She won't be coming home tonight, I know. I'm pretty brokenhearted at this point.

Francis Albert Elliott

Thank you Natalie for your video. I’ve been married for 23 years. This past week, my wife took every bit of clothing she owns and left. She told me, she needs space. I am devastated. She doesn’t feel appreciate it and I am 100% at fault for taking her for granted. The fact that she took all of her clothes, does it mean she is not coming back? Fran

Sam Sturgis

This was a very comforting video for me!

alex krulj

So my wife asked for space and I did everything you said not to. It’s been going on for almost 2 months now, and we are arguing almost every day about it. She wants space and I was unwilling to give it to her. We are even going to marriage therapy , and I still am having hard time to give her space. I’m afraid of loosing her and all I want to do is talk about it, and figure out what I can do to make it better. All she is saying is I’m here I’m not going anywhere I just need space. This last weekend I told her To leave that I couldn’t take it anymore and she said she would go to her girlfriends house for the weekend. I regret it 3 hr after she left. She is coming home today , and I need to know what now. How can I fix this situation and get my wife back?

Tyler Harrison

Hey Love advise tv so my wife and I have been having issues ever since our son was born shes been very distant cringing from my touch not sexual just touch this has gone on for almost 3 yrs so I finally brought up about how I feel and that she has been so distant and non loving so this is months later now we had been talking about what’s been going on between us and she said she “needs to figure out how to love again” this hurt me a lot because all I do is for her and my son and I’ve been helping out more around the house so she has more time for herself but about a week ago she told me she needs space so I told her I could couch surf for a while but she told me “idk how long this will take me” so I told her there’s a house that I could stay in for an extended period of time so it’s been a week I didn’t call or text her for a week so that she could have some space I started checking in yesterday and today and when I said I love you I got no response idk what I’m doing wrong or what I should do

Joseph Bianco

Been going through issues my wife wants space I had a hard time with it cause of past relationships when they ask for space i usually get cheated on and its over but this is different she wants space but she doesn't not wanna see me. She wants to see me and be around so I'm just trying to figure out the space she needs. She's mad about the fact that I had time to think and changed everything I did to spend time with her cause I missed her and what we use to have. Im working on everything I can to give what she needs.


What if your if wife moves out of the home and says she needs space and prefers no contact. She states she will contact me when she is ready. Its been 50 days since she moved out and no contact as she requested to respect to her needs. Do I keep waiting or just start the process of moving on?

Joel Laflamme

Out of all the channels I’ve watch this one is by far the best. I’m just starting the process of giving my wife the space she asked for. Initially she wanted me to give her space and remain in the house and even in our bed. I kept failing at giving her the space she needed so I suggested i stay away for a few weeks. I did not want to leave and it was an emotion driven decision. We have children together and that makes it harder to give her the space that she deserves. My wife is an amazing person and for her to ask me for space was extremely difficult for her. I’m not an easy person to love and I’ve made countless mistakes in our 17 years together. Basically I’ve been a lousy partner and put myself first and didn’t notice how bad it was. She currently said that she doesn’t know if she is still in love with me but she still loves me and always will. Not sure I’m making the correct decision. So many of my friends are concerned about the legal aspect of this decision since we own a house together and I’m not concerned about. I’m concerned about letting her have her space and I want what’s best for her. This is one of only a few times that I put her needs above mine. Should I give her radio silence as well as the space asked for. I do not blow up her phone I do. Ot text her all day. I’ve sent a text yesterday just saying i hope you have a good day and she replied I hope you do too. I’m not really sure what my point is to this comment other than venting.


It's been almost a year should I just find another?

Geoffrey Vicente

My wife asked me for space and I waisted a week doing the exact opposite. She moved into her friends during this time of space and I freaked out. I bombarded her with calls and texts, showed up uninvited to her friends house and begged her to not do this. I pushed her further away. I’m going into the second week of this space and I just now started to listen and give her space. Am I too late? Is the damage I caused of not initially listening reversible now that I’m giving her space?

Tony Paoletto

My wife didn’t tell me to move out but she did tell me I do need to leave our home for as long as it takes for her to find herself and to be happy with herself again before we can try and fix the marriage. She did say I can come over anytime after work though to see our daughter. She actually even said I can stay at her moms house if I wanted to which I thought was a good sign. But, I still panicked and I haven’t been giving her the space she needs but this video helped and I’m going to give her the space she needs. But the only thing that I’m still on edge about is the fact she did tell me to leave the home which in your video you said “don’t worry your wife didn’t tell you to move out.” I feel like I kind of did move out. But, this video def. helped and I’m going to confidently give her the three week space you recommended.

Sola Scriptura

As of now I’m sleeping in another room. Wife told me she wanted a separation but I’m still here... for now. So here’s the scoop. I have a son I’ve been his dad since he was 3 months and his bio dad was never around. Not even for the 9 month pregnancy or birth. He just bailed but not before the threatening my wife and unborn sons life. Well now he’s back and I’m extremely protective. Not only of my son but my wife as well. He has made comments that make me uncomfortable (sexual in nature) . But I digress. I’m trying to support my wife in this because she believes this is good a for my son . I agree but am very hesitant. His bio dad met him today and things went well. My wife told me she was proud of me and I handled myself but honestly inside I was turning. It’s hard cause I’m extremely territorial of my family we really don’t know a lot about him other than his past and what he’s told us and his interactions with my son today. It’s not the full picture but will give you enough to give me some advice.

She wants a separation because she said she can’t trust me but of how I’ve been about this whole thing. I shared this info with people in her family and she got really upset thinking I was talking bad about her behind her back.

I’m lost and feel powerless that I have no say in him meeting his bio dad.

Her words... “this is going to happen with or without you”

I guess it’s I lose my family or comply ?

David LeBel

Thank you for this video.
My wife told me yesterday she needs space and we are now sleeping in separate rooms. I asked her what she feels like she needs to work on today and she told me "you're not giving me space". This video really helped me realize that the worst thing I can do is nag on her.

Brian Rios

I'm going through this now

Kushul Dawoo

Thank you. I needed to hear this.

Jason Trower

I struggle to give my wife Space. She told me this about 2 weeks ago. I'm a fixer I want to help I want to fix. What can I do to help myself give her the space she needs.

Jeffrey Martin

My wife wanted space and I manned up and did it! It was so hard especially having 3 little ones! I didn’t initiate the conversation first, and I always waited for her to call or text first. After the first couple days she texted me just seeing how I was doing and even sent a couple selfie’s saying hi and I reciprocated. Then we were both coming home on a Sunday and she was supposed to meet her mother to pick up our three kids, Saturday night I asked her when and where she was picking them up because I had a few things I wanted to get done at the house before she came home because she has extremely high anxiety and I just wanted the yard to look nice and I clean the shed thinking hey I needed to be done and I was happy I finally got to it. Well this all got turned around to I can’t her into coming home to hang out as a family when she could’ve been up north for one more day with her friends. This Version of my wife really started changing big time during Covid and then her friend had visited who is single, no kids, no boyfriend or husband, and is moving back in with her mom. She gets so mad because of what she thought I was thinking indoor doing that I never even get a chance to explain it and now she said I need to find a place to stay. I’ve asked her what her plan was and she said “separation and counseling, that’s as far as I have gotten!” What does that mean? Is she really leaving me and if so I need to rethink my stratify! I love my wife and she has stuck by my side during hard times and I want to be there for her but I don’t know how to convey that without her getting mad and using my past against me. Which she tells me why I did what I did and how I think and that is not the case at all. I have to learn to let go if there is no hope! I’m not ready to give up and I want my wife back! Please help, I am in Michigan!

Alexander Gato

Hello. I’ve been with my wife for 24 years I am 45 years old we have a tennage son together. She has just drop the bomb on me that she needs space. She’s kinda explain to me why and says she has a whole in her heart and she needs space and time. Recently, within the last 3 months a childhood friend of hers came back into her life that she had not seen in over 25 years. Well I’ve meet him in small gatherings with some family and he seems ok and she was happy to see him. Which is ok. Yesterday I kinda snooped on her iPad and saw some text between her and her sister . Talking about him. Of course I was really upset about it and after we talked she confessed that they were intimate for a few months over 25 years ago and they’ve known each other since they were kids. The second part I knew but she never told me they were a thing for a few months till yesterday. She says that their is absolutely nothing between them he is married with children as well but I just don’t know what to do. She does talk and text with him as Normal friends do I guess. I asked her if she’s meet with him outside the small gatherings and she says absolutely not. I don’t know what to think I trust my wife and am madly in love with her even after 24 years and I’m a wreck. I don’t have anyone to talk to about this and really scared of what might happen. Any advice or help I would be indebted to you. Thank you so much for the video. Alex

Keith Laham

Idk if my wife thinks I'm a chore then im outty... last thing you want is a dissatisfied chick that looks at you like a chore ... thats just waiting for the worst news ever

Justin Brittenham

She says she wants space to think. but we live in the same house what do I do I can’t do stuff unless I’ve got my son I enjoy spending time with him


Wife is with another man in another state during this separation. I can tell he is in her head but she wants nothing to do with me. Should I just move on? Help

Desmond Nicholas

My wife told me she needs a break from me and I'm afraid I lost her

Jer Mc

Thank you I will try to remove my thoughts and listen to her. I tend to cycle anger patterns where i bottle up issues such as intimacy, sex and compromise. She calls it a yo-yo and that she is tired of 10 years of yo-yo'ing where I reply that it wasnt all bad. I go into fight or flight and it blows up . She recently told me she wants space and is getting all dressed up to go out with friends where she was a shutin before doing nothing and making no efforts on us and now she can make efforts to go out and look stunning. I try to ask where she is going and with who and I'm told "out" none of my business. I will try to keep busy now that the gym is open and hike. I will see where things go after 3 weeks. She lost her job in April and Is under a lot of stress which takes from the relationship. She is a strong independent woman who says if I dont like things there is the door as she wont change. She is saying I'm bi-polar so for her I will check it out. I need to give her space and it's difficult for me. Thanks

Jerod Dokes

This is awesome! I needed this. Thank you so much for enlightening me. I now have the confidence and knowledge needed to help my wife and relationship.

Bishal Sharma

On 10 September 2020, without telling me, my wife ran away to her parents home. I went there to console and pacify her. But she is in no way to listen to my words. Again I tried but failed.....I am in hell. Cannot eat since she left. Cannot think anything properly. I want her back. I love her so much. I am continuing praying that one day she would come back. Or else I will die. While texting this to you, I am crying. Please please help me. She is 18

rodney christophe

my wife say she needs space but i can still sleep on the same bed just dont talk to her or touch her. iam confused please help

Evan Lundgren

She never let us try counseling and got off a huge dump of hormones for IVF met some Efriend and gives no fucks about me and hasn’t. This has opened up my ears and eyes. This shit is done. She can have 3 weeks and the rest of her life. Bullshit. Thanks dear.


My wife wants space but, she has her space and slept with me now what?

Angel v

Thank you so much. It makes me feel better to know I'm not alone. I was going crazy in my thoughts

Samuel Matsobane

My wife wants space.....

Omar Sikandar

I was told by my wife lawyer that she is asking for space and some peace because I emotionally abused her. Is it over? It has been 3 months already and no contact.

Matthew Gordon

If i have gone passed this, months even and my wife has ended our relationship and says never again is there still hope? I am putting in 1000% trying to make up for everything and we have a daughter. In a month i move back to the other side of the world and i dont think theres much greater space i could give... is this over? Is there anything i can do? Will she forget about me when i move and just be another ex and bad memory? My family is everything to me


What if she wants space to continue in an affair? My wife told me one February morning that she felt confused and scared. And so she needed space to, "get her mind right." I said no, that whatever was conflicting her we could overcome together. Of course I found out in April that she was in an affair that lasted probably several months or longer, but which started, when? You guessed it, in February, according to her!! So if I'd have given her the space, she would've just gone deeper into the emotional rabbit hole with him,, and probably divorce with me. She cut all ties that night (I hope), we're getting profesional help and still trying to salvage our marriage?‍♂️. Would it have been wise to give her that time alone? Thanks.

Josh Barnes

My wife wants space and I put so much pressure on her because she doesn’t feel the same she says. I want to give her space but not lose her. She has told me to get friends but she won’t get a divorce. She sees me and it’s like I’m hated. If I text her she will not even look at them just want to hang on by not forcing her out. I just need advice on how to make me better. I’ve begged and pleaded which makes it worse because of the fear of being alone the fear of her being with another. Many of the things in the video are true just all I do seems not to work just want to be wanted by her.

Scott mills

My wife says she needs space, we are now separated. We have kids, we are selling our house. She wants her own, and wants me to buy my own... and you're telling me, just give her space...

Also, I have been writing to her. I call. I also bought flowers, wine, had a lovely weekend with her, but still she says no to counseling... no to trying to work on things. perhaps I am still not giving her space, but I just want some reassurance that she isn't gone. I think she is.

Kim shares her secrets on how to give great head!

Kim shares her secrets on how to give great head!20 Jan. 2012
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This is an excerpt from

This is an excerpt from Men's Room Live - Episode 6. Our special guest Kim gives us guys some advice on what to do, and not to do when going down on a girl. For more tips from Kim, check out the whole episode.

Comments (9)
Raiken Xion

And dont forget to swallow

Clifton Young

Why do people make shows about people giving oral sex it's a natural thing it's nothing special about it

Chris O

Jesus fucking Christ that was annoying. Dumb ass people. Shocker, a brother doesn't know how to suck pussy.


" pretend like your kissing " omg im gonna remember that for life!


great video thanks for not holding back great info

Aaron Johnson

first tip is meh, i was going down on an 8 and she jumped/flinched away, i told her to relax and just enjoy it, grabbed her wrists and kept going, and yep she fuckign squirted in my face and thats the reason why she tried to move away in the first place because she knew she was about to squirt on me. not sure if i liked that


Host in red broke out in a sweat..talking about going down. He he.


I freaking love squirters! same story with me, keep rocking dude

Katherine S

One of the sneaky features of knowing how to offer a good BJ is that you can have complete control over his pleasure levels. Find out how you can master the skill and have him obsessing about you simply by heading to Jevie Hindlerg's website.

Can I Give You Head?

Can I Give You Head?30 Nov. 2020
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Gio Garcia

12:47 just got cought

Udit Thapa

Hey !!he is blood 5:58

Rowwel Calinga

Is that the girl with the white hair you prank on the gold digger prank?

Big Daddy Hoe

Should of asked a cop, that shit would of been funny

Darvin Charles

Literally 99% won’t see this but GOD BLESS you be safe during these times I’m struggling to hit 4k with notis?

Ronit Das




she is the singer with urus

Atif Chaudhry

I still didn't understand, what head.? You people thinking bad, in their thinking what is a head? There is on 1 head, ur face head



Ice the Prince

hey whats up papi?
hey hey hey hey hey??

Ghetto nerd

5:31 I don't do yourself like that.???

Radja Amo

I can see that ????????

Dustin Jay

Bro reached for his trouser snake

Tony Luciano

Dude sitting on the skateboard turned her down because he noticed she had a huge cold sore. ?

Devin & Jada


Mc Momo

Girl: can i give you some head?
Guy: yeah, let's go my place...
Girl: no no no i mean right here right now
Guy: ok sure let's do it

WTF!!! guys do everything to get some dick sucked hahahahahahahha

Равин Суконов

Give em some legit decapitated head?


What does can I give you a head mean??


The victim now's the Suspect ?


They just wanna kiss her

Michael C

1:55 when he thinks he is about to get head he puts on protection

Eliseo Ramos

Kinda cheesy, but funny.


4:00 dude protecting his shit from those devils and waiting for that pure and genuine shit

Denmarie Nicolas

Omg she’s the girl that has the blue lambo?


How about this: Go up to people who are just about to enter their cars and ask them if they want a 'rim job'. If you don't know what a rim job is, its a US slang for licking someone's butt hole. After asking them and you're ready to reveal the prank, go to the rims on the vehicle and tell them you want to do a rim job to shine the rims or make it look better.




4:54 we caught Nick Cannon in his natural habitat.

Mr. Kashyap

What is Usain Bolt doin here?

Darryl James2906

Me: I realized that girl is the one who is not a gold digger?

Rudy Perez

lol lol lol lol , you helped start my day , lol .

Mahesh Tharaka

that lambo girl

Sparda D. Kingston

Lmfao Yooo lmao she is fucking hilarious ? next time make her say “you want some brain? ? ? ??????? obviously the same thing but lol you hand them some brain lmao dude she hurt my ribs lol I couldn’t stop laughing lmao she’s really really funny af, yo lol she looks like that chick on power , the agents neece lmao ?



Willie Wonka

WTF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The first guy is so funny.

flamingknight 1235


Supa Mariio

Bro want the neck lmfaooooo

Christhoper Pagaspas

Always cool

Abdi Rahim

Super sayian head wtf girl got skills use her more in more skits like let me get u some ice scream


lmao this guy posted a vid of Kylie Jenners nudes

passionfrutass x3

why mostly black folks tho?


Keep it up guys I am really appreciated

mr potato

That guy at 3:37 he hard

Win K.

You may not get any head.. but at least She ain't no Gold Diggerrrr!!


Black saitama 3:41

Alia Natania

oh, its her! the sweet soul from the gold digger prank! shes really beautiful dude!

Ibrahim Mohammed

She has striking resemblance with lady gaga , hasn't she ?

SM. tv

Background music name??

Isshiki Satoshi

I was waiting for someone loyal to appear

Game Zone Plus

question how do you record from a distance, does the person have a mic on them and what type of mic cause i am trying to do the same with my camera


This girl is loyal asf I saw how they pranked her she's a diamond

Denmarie Nicolas



I feel like im the only one who would be like nah wtfff??

Emilie Raoult



He said I thought u was blessing out ?

Cool Dude

Dudes are so perved out. Lmao

notta cracka

Just a simple yes from me

Top aviator



Bro you said sexual is disgusting
But if you married you do that thing too bro ?

black panther

Super sayan head??

New Lane

She lucky she not in the hood i woulda been groped n fondled her up b4 she pulled thAT wig head out


'Crazy F-ing Super Saiyan Head' You got me at Super Saiyan


Girl, u will be cursed by those boys


Topnotchidiots are a big inspiration to a lot of people they personally inspired me to start YouTube and I wanna thank them????

Zerick Jones

The last black dude apart of the black faithful male community. Black men don’t cheat ?

Child Aid steals baby Childrens aid stole my Child!

Solene is an amazing artist check out her music and channel

Randall Bill

I'm trying! 2 find soM head!! Where are You! Alfredo sauce ??

YB Leng

damn that guy said nah to the head

Suraj Singh

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john direck castro

hahahahaha new prank please

Jon S

Thing is she probably blew half of those dudes afterwards anyway.


now make a part 2 of this same vid but a male version

Your Great Uncle

She did great on these prank can't wait to see more from her

Sť0néð IgUaNa

I can see that....I'm down with that ?

see jay

Big thumbs up for this girl. ?????


Super.sayian level head?


My boy said “head ... head?” ???

Raiyan Amin

Goes to show you how many single people or unloyal people out there lmao.

Humberto Alejandro Capello Reis

Damn with Selene ♡ 1.000.000views


I love you notch


It’s tough how she got all their hopes up

Darkbone 360kingsavage


Nikos Kampouris

This girl passed in a previous video the gold digger test with the blue lambo...... So video was set up?

Brandon Reynolds

She forgot to go up to random girls and ask for head

Aniounz FTW


Elixion ftw

That was so uncomfortable to watch



Christopher Vega

Did ol dude elbow her in the face lmfao

Carlo Yu

3:35 "That's a good one" deep inside wants to elbow her in the neck

Ravi Negi

3:13 Denis Rodman

Shawkat Mohammad

Can we do super saiyan blue level head ???

E'quan Norwood

2:58 tryna decide if he is Frozone or Michael Jordan?

Dean Pereira

Sel btw do u mind if I call u that I'm a 8 year old on my dad's account so I don't sound like a stalker is truley a sweet soul


Shiit man I remember this girl from the gold digger prank, now u guys doing a vid together it's liiiiit


Your crew needs to go Britain and go to the guards......,,,,,and do videos with respected laughter ! Of course???????

Twice-Once Fandom

Please the Lion part2!!!

Anthony Ek

Aint she the one from the gold digger prank?


3:45 that guy is definitely gay

Marlene Sutherin

Literally! I'm in total shock about how many men! Don't even care about using a condom of any sort! You can still catch an STD from getting head. Especially from somebody that you don't even know! Even more shocking.

meliana angel

MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

Sť0néð IgUaNa

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