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2020 Favorites || Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion

2020 Favorites || Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion5 Jan. 2021
6 622

2020 certainly wasn't the

2020 certainly wasn't the best year on record, but we still managed to discover multiple beauty, lifestyle, and fashion favorites. Thank you for sticking with us this year; we’re so lucky and grateful to have you here! Let us know in the comments what your top 2020 discoveries were and if you have any content suggestions for 2021. Happy New Year!

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Sephora Collection Semi Permanent Hair Color

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

*Prima Night Oil

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

RMS Un Cover-Up Concealer

Natasha Denona Glam Palette

MILK Makeup

Buxom Full Force Lipstick

Tower 28 Lip Jelly

Marc Jacobs Enamored Lip Lacquer

Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm

Prozac (Consult your doctor. We are not medical professionals.)

Glossier You

Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume

Tangle Teezer

J. Crew Sweater Blazer

Foria Awaken Lubricant (GET $10 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER HTTP://RWRD.IO/PU78MX0)

W&P Porter Ceramic Mug

*This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak

Mio Liquid Yoga

Ren Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil

Nintento Switch Lite

Fortress of Inca Michelle Mule OR

Face Masks AND


C’s Sweater:

D’s Sweater: Ann Taylor (new, but no longer online)

D’s Lipstick:

C’s Lipstick:

D’s Nails:

Items marked with a * have been gifted. Some links are affiliate links. This video is not sponsored and all opinions are our own.

#2020favorites #yearlyfavorites

Comments (83)
Tracey Poland

Oooooh that mule is stunning! And I'm on the hunt for a new concealer and looking for a skin tint that has Spf - I'm in Colorado and everything is soooo dry! Oddly I didn't fancy the brush :( I felt like it grazed my hair and it didn't make it all the way through.

Becky Eilerts

Show ideas - your holy grail. One item from each make up category foundation, Primer, eye shadow palette, lipstick, etc that you would choose if you were going to desert island and can only take one item of each.

Barb McGregor

I love the Old Navy masks too. I bought a few packs and can keep clean ones in rotation and they wash really well.

Aleksandra Malinowska

You guys each match your side of the background haha

A M Kepner

I really appreciate you two because I can always count on laughing and taking my mind off things while I'm watching your videos. My husband passed away a year ago and "Our Time of the Month" has made me smile when nothing else could. Thank you.

MamaRhi Plans

Thank you for the real talk - I take a daily med as well and happy to hear the no shame game!

Teri Hanke

Your sassy cut with that stunning color is #hairgoals.
Love!! ❤

Valerie Gill

Kohl's has the masks with the metal nose bands and adjustable ear loops.

Rachel Linton

I am not usually someone who likes non-natural hair colors on people.... but that hair color looks FABULOUS on you, Caitlin! So pretty!!

Kimberly Lacy

Just ordered the Foria Awaken; hope it lives up to the hype! ?

Casey Swanson Tvrdik

I bought the Klorane dry shampoo based on your recommendation, which is now the only one I will use. I might have to try the Moroccan oil one now as well.


You gals are always good for an influence or two! lol - Have used my new Kiehl's midnight recovery for a few nights now and LOVE it! My skin feels fabulous! My awakening should be in the mail this week, hoping to love that too! Thanks for your reviews and for being yourselves!

Karen Marie

I’m on Lexapro and it makes me feel like myself! Anti-depressants are awesome ? mental health is important!

Rebecca Prendergast

Fuck Caitlin, I now love your hair even more......❤️

Amber Neitzel

Lol my husband is making fun of me for being so excited over buying lube! Thanks for the tip, Im so so excited to try Awaken!
PS great video as usual ladies❤

Carey Anne Crow

Love your videos. So glad you found a good medicine that works for you you.

Cari Hopkins

Caitlin and the pink hair and Danielle with the red ladies do it SO well. Gorge!

Danielle Halloran

Danielles on Prozac unite!

Mickey Remich

When you were describing the sweater blazer I was thinking “oh, sounds like my J Crew one” - ha and there it is! I have it in black too. Looks so cute with boyfriend jeans and a tee and Gucci Princetowns ?

Kristin Pinkowski

Great vid!

Dena Metzger

Great video!! What were the shades for the MILK blush and lip color? (The one that you swatched on your hand)

Morgan Bennett

I loved the dr joy collab!!

Candace Fife

Well hell... where have y’all been?


Wait wait wait. You’re saying you guys actually receive the Sephora samples you picked!?
Lmao. They NEVER send me the samples I choose. They always send me foil packets of stuff I can’t use like super dark foundation (I’m pale af), or serum curly hair (my hair is straight), etc... NEVER the ones I choose, which are usually perfumes.
Sometimes they don’t even send me the right 100point perks.
I guess the warehouse near me just does not give af anymore lol

Jenni Runck

So glad you are back, your videos are my favorite. C- love love love the hair. What did you tell them at the salon that you wanted? Time for me to get a haircut and want mine to look like yours??

Danielle Miller

“Perk up your pussy”- my slogan for 2021

Cheyenne Hall

Hi! Which Milk blush shade is that?

Katie Laudick

Would you girls be willing to do a video (or podcast) about how you’ve been treating your mental health? I know 2020 was a shit show for all, but are there specific things you want to do in 2021 to help yourself?

Drema Tedesco

When you two talk about sex I laugh out loud. I live alone and in an apartment building. My neighbor happened to walk by and hear me laughing through my door ? and she asked me what the heck I was laughing about. I told her it was you guys talking about sex products so you will probably get a new subscriber. Happy New Year I love you. ??

Virginia Mathews

YAY, a new vid!! ???

Lynn McD

Can you please tell me where you bought your beautiful turtleneck sweater?

Rayday’s Beauty Lookout

You convinced me to buy Panty Cakes. Thanks, I needed to shop online for something else random.

Dorina Varner

Omg. I love you girls. "I can feel it throbbing but not in a bad way" ??

mfs hope

I vote for the bath video, include body moisturizers too please and videos on mental health. I bought the emu (sp?) bath soak and love it. I bought the tangle teaser too. (much easier to hold & keep clean). C I have the switch but did not know animal crossing was not already on it. $60 - whoee. Did not have a game boy so went into that purchase unknowingly. Love you Both ❤️❤️

Sara Westmoreland

Please do the bath products vid!!!!!

Michele Griffin

Guys, did I miss your gift exchange?

Shalome Westberg

Love you ladies and your honesty and realness. AND I always love all your product recommendations. Getting some of the hair dye (C- looks amazing on you) for my daughter and I . D- you look stunning in the sweater lipstick combo!!

Amy Daisy

Try Overtone rose gold conditioner. I can't tell you how much I love your pink hair!

Melissa Kessler

Love you ladies so much!!! Grateful to have found you during this pandemic and have purchased many items on your recommendations already. So far, favorites have included Bioderma micellar water and shower oil, the Supergoop cream eyeshadow with SPF, and the Natasha Denona Glam palette. Looking forward to more in 2021! Hope Barkley is doing well ❤??

Amery Bodelson

Favorites: finding your channel, Natasha Denona mini eye shadow palettes, Missha BB cream, Missha sunmilk, cream blushes (Glossier, Tower28, etc.), Lanolips. Video ideas: K-beauty/J-beauty, sun screens (I wear it religiously and have been wearing mostly K/J brands, but it's hard to find one that wears nicely under makeup and doesn't contain fragrance), mental health and self-care products and ideas, virtual/friend gathering ideas, book club ideas, etc. Thanks!

Yvonne Maxwell

My favorite in 2020 has been finding you two. I have laughed and cried with you two. I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings from you two. I will be by your side all the way #girlpower. I love whatever YouTube videos you post and Instagram, even though you two are not good for my budget . Keep them coming !!!!

danielle bender

Are you able to connect with friends on the switch? Thank you both for all you do. ?

Bernice Parenteau

Along with great content you two are a hoot!!!! I seriously have a smile on my face the whole time. I would like to see some natural products for extremely sensitive skin!!! Happy New Year

Midlife Mom

Thanks gals for the video. I was having a down day and your vibrant energy lifted my spirits. Would be interested in mental health video. My teen has been struggling since Jan 2020. So now his struggles and the world tragedies of the past year have affected me. Thank you ladies! Blessings to you both❤️

C. Clayton Consulting

Caitlin, I love your short hair. It is so flattering to your beauty! I’m considering cutting my long hair to look similar to yours. Any regrets?


What’s your Animal Crossing friend code?!

Kristin J

Awesome video as always ladies! D, that lipstick is just W.O.W. pretty and C, the hair, love it!!

Amber L

I'm so happy Kiehl's made the list! They're one of the brands I reach for when my skin is super dry (a lot!).

Sue Miller

I love your channel and your candor about life. Danielle, thank you for sharing your ongoing journey with depression and how you manage your life with this chronic condition.

MamaRhi Plans

I haven't watched a ton of your videos (fairly new) - but excited for 2021... I hit the bell, too!


My current bath cocktail:
- dr teals liquid Epsom salt with Shea butter
- dr teals Epsom salts (don’t know why I use both, I just do lol)
- l’occitaine almond bath oil (probably spelled it wrong)
- a lush bath bomb or bubble bar... or both, don’t judge me.
- MUST also light a soy candle, use a big pouffy plush headband and a face mask, bring a book and my fav sparkling wine. Optional shower speaker in the background

*also love those old navy masks as well. I like that they’re super comfortable, and they’re big.
I have the same leopard print pack.

Krystina Wales

I found a pair of leggings from Aerie that are so butter soft and comfortable I bought a second pair. And really my main 2020 discovery was less a product and more the fact that I am a decent baker. haha I have made so many new things including pizza which I am really proud of.

We need 2021 intentions! Also, where are the drinks to start videos? That is where I get my list started for Wine Source! ;)


I'm so stoked to hear how the hair dye wears on you. I usually use Arctic Fox Purple Rain and I'm fairly satisfied with it and it smells AMAZING but I'm always up for something new and that Sephora one seems to have amazing color payoff ??

sandra anderson

So glad your back, ?

Carie Lynn

I was hoping you guys would post a new video! YAY!

Stephanie K

the moment Danielle said that Buxom has a White Russian lipstick. I gasped and had to go get it. Glossier You is like my favorite scent. All my cardigans and sweaters have been sprayed with it and I love it. Great video! You both make me laugh/smile :)


I fckn LOVE you dudes!!!

Dawn Taylor

My favorites for 2020 were: Our Time of the Month, FINALLY getting a puppy(a papillon named Max), leaning back into slowness....reading books, playing board games & listening to good music on records with my immediate family. My ninja foodie grill for air frying & grilling, and through scent bird finding Juliette got a gun vanilla vibes.

Christina Walden

You guys are so refreshing. Thank you for talking about ALL the stuff ! Also, you both crack me the hell up! Happy New Year :) oh and Spiro is sooo much fun!

Ann Ames

I loved finding your videos in 2020! You both make me laugh, I’ve learned lots of new things, bought lots of new things (Mio Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Serum being the best closely followed by the Reindeer candle!) and you’ve inspired me to read more this year. Keep them coming!

RacheL Mahurin

There y’all are! ? We’ve missed your beautiful faces!


Favourites of 2020: YOU! re watching your videos during the strict lockdown here in Spain was truly a lifesaver! Thank you for that.

Morgan S

Am I the first the comment?! Gasp hi hello! Love you gals! ???


Danielle, what breed is Barkley? I saw a dog coming out of a self wash dog shop, and they looked like twins. So dang cute and fluffy with a steal your heart face! I need one!! ?


Milk makeup is my jam, slowly building up my collection. Thank you for talking about meds, mental health needs to be more normalized, I gave in and started a low does Citalopram and its just right, just enough and made such a difference in my daily life ??
People that think lube is only used if needed, are missing out big-time ?

Lorri Salerno

Katlyn What hair tool do you use to get those waves in your hair I can never get that look on my own

Andrea Fontana Beauty

Prozac also changed my life!! ❤️

luo huiying

Do you guys know the cotton masks can't stop covid at all??we need to wear medical mask to prevent from the spread. cotton masks is just for fashion..

Laura Brennan

Katlyn - I too fought the gloss thing until 2020 - Charlotte Tilbury collagen lip bath. Danielle I agree prozac has changed my life too.

Bam biQ

you girls are the best! happy 2021!!!

tracey murphy

I love all your videos, even my husband watches them. I'd love to see if there are games you can play with one partner (like cribbage) that you guys are enjoying in times when you can't have people over. Ps I sweat I'm not 80 years old, I just like games ?

Katie Laudick

Like for teal hair next! Lol love it!


Danielle you must be the only person in the planet who could rock a sweater of that color and look great doing it. Amazing. You are both radiantly beautiful. Love ya. Please do another Costco finds vid—haven’t seen one of those in a while.

Marlene Flanagan

I love gloss, but with a mask, it's a mess. I found a matte liquid lipstick I can live with. Maybelline Matte Ink.

Ally B

You guys are totally on my 2020 Favorites list!!! I look forward to any and all videos you post and you’re one of only three that I follow allll the time!!! Happy 2021!!

Cara Cochrane

Caitlin: love the color. Compliments you well!
Danielle: yes!! Please do a bath prep video. I need more self-care in my routine!

Tanya Engelhart

I love the Old Navy masks as well, I found some with the ear adjusters which are super helpful!

You both are are a light, happy 2021!

Rebecca Prendergast

My friend works for Activision who make Crash Bandicoot and Spyro ?

Leslie Jordan

Omg you’ve got to try the lanolips lemonaid lip treatment - it’s the best I’ve ever used!

Melissa Hermoso

I’m dying to try Danielle’s bath cocktails as soon as we install a tub in our house! Caitlyn- your hair!! I’m loving it. You ladies are the best. Thanks for churning out the content. You’re such a great getaway from the mundane norms. ❤️❤️❤️

Sena Stiles

You have brought a bright spot to my year. I have enjoyed all your videos and can't wait for more. Thank you

Ashley Barto

Well god damnit, you talked me into it. Time to be awakened! Lol. Just ordered, thanks for the recommendation ?


Omg! I’m literally watching this as I open my mail, and I just opened your Christmas card! I just love you two.

After Dark: Pleasure Product Reviews

After Dark: Pleasure Product Reviews9 Aug. 2020
2 672

Attention family members,

Attention family members, friends, coworkers, etc. that don't want to hear us talk shop (aka sex)--click away now. You’ve been warned. All of you other lovely folks—get the kiddos out of the room, grab a drink and take a load off because we've got a good one for you today. We're attempting to break the "sex talk" stigma as we chat about vibrators, partner toys, lubes, safe sex options, etc. Have questions or comments? We want to hear from you! We strive to make OTM a safe place for likeminded and empowered women, yet talking about sex or women's health has yet to be normalized. Let's try to change that, shall we?

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Tracy’s Dog Electric Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

*Craybit Deep Penetration Rabbit Vibrator (use code Craybit10 to receive 10% off your order)

*Pecker G Spot Vibrator (use code 10Pecker to receive 10% off your order)

Love Wellness Lubricant

Foria Wellness Awaken Arousal Oil & Lubricant

Curio Wellness “Oh” Vape Cartridge

The Feel Collection “Feel Energized” Tincture

The Honey Pot Company Feminine Wipes


C’s Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipstick – Cabana

D’s Lipstick: Clinique Pop Lipstick – Papaya Pop

D’s Nails: OPI Gelato On My Mind

C’s Nails: Essie Gel Couture – On the List

D’s Dress: The Drop Blue Floral Wrap Dress (Caralyn Mirand)

#sexpositive #tracysdog

This video contains some affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of those products should you purchase through our link(s). Items marked with a * have been gifted.

Comments (19)

I wanted to share this product, it is such a solid stand by for use alone or with a partner:

Tracy's dog

Thank you guuuurls, that's a fun talk. ?

Jodi Purssell

SAME, Trust peoples recommendations before ads!!


It's a self cleaning oven, but you still need to clean the stovetop!

Dawn's Little Corner

Hahaha loved this. Sometimes I need a wet wipe to make sure none of those pesky toilet paper balls are hiding around ???

Karla Rountry


Tori Teunissen

Watched this running on the treadmill at the gym this morning! #noshame Thanks for all the recommendations ?

Mia P

Hi girls..
I read about the explosion that occured in Baltimore. Im praying you guys are well. You're one of my favorite YouTubers.

Leigh Parsons

Hey Pretty Lady’s ! It’s a arousal gel brand name Glow . It’s hard to get but you can get it on BodHD website . I have a full size bottle I would love to send you ! It’s a bit pricey like 65$ but HELLO.... it’s a whole different kind of orgasm! Let me know ?

Anita Conder

I’m the girl that told y’all about the panty cakes- now... ? they have baker’s man!! A product for the man bits!! ????? it’s lemon flavored...I haven’t tried yet, but I wanna!!

Jessica Alonso

“Bros!!! Get a f#$% wipe down there” needs to be part of your merch ?

Kelli W.



Hey ladies! So a long time ago you recommended Lelo Hex condoms and Sustain Natural lube. Of course I went on Amazon and bought both items! I finished the box of condoms a few months ago and I thought they were ok (although I had to buy the XL size for my partner). Not sure if the size makes a difference or not but neither me nor my partner thought it was any better than Trojan Magnums (which kinda bummed me out bc of the price point...I hoped they would be better). The lube I got came in a 2-pack and I just recently had to open the 2nd one...the first one lasted several months though and I think it's pretty good! It's a win for me! Don't know why I just shared all that with you guys but I guess I want you to know that I value your opinions! :-) Also...Danielle--that feeling you described about having to might be that your body is trying to "squirt" but you're fighting it and trying to hold it back. Sounds kinda me I know!! For the FIRST time in my whole freakin life I started "squirting" a few months ago. It freaked me out. I ended up googling it. It STILL freaks me out and I end up trying to fight it almost every my partner's dismay. I thought he squeezed out too much lube the first time it happened but he wasn't even near it! I recommend just going pee before (and of course after) sex every time so that you know intellectually you're not actually gonna pee yourself. Then, just try to relax and feel what you feel. That's my take on that. Just a suggestion. Obviously, you do YOU! :-) Love your videos!

Lindsy Haber

Danielle: mentions "the heartbeat"....... Caitlin's face is EXACTLY that feeling #cheers from MI LindsyLu xoxo


Real talk ? ? ? ?

Maggi Nicholls

???????? here for the dude products!! They need to take waaaaay more responsibility for their bits.

Catherine Cavin

Danielle, where is your tumbler from?

Melany Dolter

The only spray I see from Foria is a THC one. Where do I find the one you have? Can’t wait to check it out!

Jodi Purssell

L?VE when Barkley makes an appearance.

Liquid Dreams Compliation

Liquid Dreams Compliation19 Jan. 2017
9 110
BadBrains9Subscribe 438 721

Trying to find who did

Trying to find who did this. CD says Dj Uforia. If some Dj listening could remaster this that be great!! Do any of you know this Complation?!?! Poor quality. #13 is missing.

1.Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto- Arabian Pleasure

2.Dj Ten- Eastern Joy

3.Alice Dj- Better Off Alone

4.A T W- Hardhouse

5.Miss Jane- It's A Fine Day

6.ATB- 9 PM (Till I Come)

7.Miss Shiva- Dreams

8.Avalon- Bells Of Avalon

9.Zombie Nation- Kernkraft 400

10.DJ Shah- Claps

11.Anthem- H.H.A.

12.Dj Jean- The Launch

13.Ralph Fridge- Angel

14.Dutch Force- Deadline

15.S2- Instinct

16.Dj Wassi- C'est Toi

17.DJ Quicksilver- I Have A Dream

18.Pyramid Feat. Aisha- Round And Round

19.Alice DeeJay- Back In My Life

20.ATB- Don't Stop

21.York- The Awakening

22.Spacekid- Tune

23. Eiffel 65- Blue

Link to CD info:

Comments (31)
Taryn Christine Smith

So loved this album when I was a teenager thanks

Mr shadow X

Found this cd at Venice Beach in
so cal then lost it but thankfully someone loaded this!!
Good times


lol i remeber selling cds at the santa fe springs swapmeet

Jessica Kieley

AAAHHHHH thank you for giving us the compilation!! My childhood memories!! <3 Been looking everywhere for this!!


I feel like someone decided to share the rar I had of this :3 I ended up buying the CD off of Discogs! Still have in its case and not a single scratch on it. Only took it out to rip it for few who requested the album from the site. Tho I lost my info to get back on there to answer requests. My late brother bought his copy in a swapmeet in Riverside, CA where years later I came across it again but didnt get a chance to buy it. Thankfully someone had a CD for sale where I managed to get something that held nostalgic and sentimental meaning to me.

Also the DJ X - Eastern Joy tune is actually titled: Lightforce - Take Your Time.

Lance Uppercut

Duuude!! I been looking forever for this and finally found it! I kept looking for DJ Euphoria instead of Uforia XD
This is such a great mix, thanks for posting it!


you guys probly dont find it online cuz i think its like a bootleg original i use to sell it i still have my copy you guys have better chances of finding this cd in a swapmeet or tje alleys in downtown

Daoud Hussain

DJ Wassi made this mix. He's my cousin, I grew up with this album. I think I have the CD & Case somewhere. Thanks for posting!


I have been looking for a copy of this CD online for ages -- had it when I was younger but thank you for uploading it!!! Much appreciated.

KJ VanDuren

My mom went to high school w her lol. Ill ask if she still has a copy i remember her bumping this so long ago

Betsy Lopez

This is where it all began for me. We used to roll time and time again to this album.

Maggie Zuniga

I used to own the CD, but I have no idea what I did to it! I've been looking online for it, but I can never find it. Really brings back a lot of childhood memories, great mixes!

GoodWil Hustlin

You still looking for this? I found a copy a couple months back. Ive had it in heavy rotation, such a banger mix...and it ends with Eiffel 65 lol

Art Garcia

You created a vortex to 03' my friend ! ?

Alex Cee

Damn. Its been forever. I was getting irritated on not being able to find this album. Thanks. Really brought back my childhood ??


Kapfor2 inbox me I can get you a copy of this CD

mike stewart

Been searching for ages. Love how it was uploaded this year in 2017. Thanks man.


i have this Cd.


Bought this mixtape on the Santa Monica board walk when I was a kid! Amazing that I can listen to it again! Thank you

L Boogie

If anyone is looking for a copy of this let me know. I own the CD

Leo Rodriguez

Omg! This Mix is so dope. Thanks for uploading it man. Liquid dreams!!!!!!!!! Anybody know how I can upload this to a CD? Is it possible?

Martin Herrera

Mis respetos la pura crema y nata del dance felicidades y gracias por publicar estas super rolas de los 90s

Lance Uppercut

1......0:00..Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto-Arabian Pleasure
2......3:24..DJ Ten-Eastern Joy
3......4:29..Alice DJ-Better Off Alone
4......8:55..A T W-Hardhouse
5.....11:28..Miss Jane-It's A Fine Day
6.....15:03..ATB-9 PM (Till I Come)
7.....17:53..Miss Shiva-Dreams
8.....21:25..Avalon-Bells Of Avalon
9.....24:08..Zombie Nation-Kernkraft 400
10....26:40..DJ Shah-Claps
12....31:06..DJ Jean-The Launch
13....xx:xx..Ralph Fridge-Angel <<MISSING>>
14....35:20..Dutch Force-Deadline
15....40:21..S2 Instinct
16....43:44..DJ Wassi-C'est Toi
17....47:24..DJ Quicksilver-I Have A Dream
18....50:01..Pyramid (Feat.Aisha)-Round And Round
19....53:01..Alice DJ-Back In My Life
20....56:50..ATB-Don't Stop
21....59:24..York-The Awakening
23..1:05:07..Eiffel 65-Blue


Anyone got the file that can send it or mail me a copy ????????

Emily B

I still have my CD. I think it's a bootleg. It has a chick in a bikini on the paper cd label. But I love it!! I just ripped it to my cell!!

Jesus Eduardo Lara

OMG I can't believe this exist! liquid dreams dj Uforia was the first album that started me listening to trance. Now I listen to above and beyond, Markus Schulz , Armin Vin Buuren, Etc. Thank you this upload!!

Allen Alberti

Take me back 2000

David Hernandez

This took me waaay back!!!!???

lia Aisha

hey can you email the a copy of the mp3 file of the whole album? i will pay, send check or paypal or venmo. please let me know!

Andy Escobean

I've been looking for this for 10 years!!!! Thanks!!!

Adrenaline Adrian

I still have my cd and I made copies back then and I took care of my original like nothing else because I couldn't find it anywhere. That's why I made copies back then. This will eternally be saved to my playlist here. 2001 was a great year for me. My family and I took a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco in 2001 and I would always picture a few songs like this along with the scenery of Big Sur CA. Very magical. I think I was 17 and still listening to this.