How to make people stop snoring

V1 of 2 Exercises for Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Sinus Pressure. Addressing the nose, throat & tongue

V1 of 2 Exercises for Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Sinus Pressure. Addressing the nose, throat & tongue20 Feb. 2018
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Adam Fields DCSubscribe 438 721

Intro video to help

Intro video to help Obstructive Sleep Apnea, snoring and nasal congestion. Singers will find this video beneficial for holding high notes. A great adjunct to care in our office which opens the nostrils with cranial adjusting, decreases throat tightness, mobilizes ribs for greater chest expansion & optimizes neurological function to the diaphragm.

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Martha Ruiz

What excellent advices. It works right away, Thanks!

Anthony Semione

and if you open it as far open as you can until your jaw hurts you probably only have to hold it for three mintues rather than the 10 i originally though, more is better though...

Vulcan Mocha

Installing Windows 8 or 10...dear god i hope it’s not 8!?

Edwin David

Dr. I have a Snoring problem... Thank you I will try this exercise.


"I want you to feel pain" not the best opener from a doctor

Marcia Major

What if you have post nasal drip or mucus in your throat


Best ventriloquist I have ever seen:)

Linda Mills

I have been doing V1 and V2 every morning for 3 months. I can only hope it’s helping as this seems my only option. I snore but am negative for sleep apnea. Is there any chance you’d consider doing a V3? The variety would sure be appreciated. Thank you for providing this on YouTube!

Mary Varr

This is classic. Yes we are laughing as we are trying to do the exercises.

Otisbeaute - Debbie

I sing and struggle with open throat singing and hitting some high notes. I just did, tried singing and I loooooooooooove the sound and resonance from my voice. Thank you

Anna Leah Cruz

Thank you doc, I feel a very good sensation throughout the muscles of my throat, jaw and neck.. I will do this exercise everyday. Hope it will help me to get rid of snoring

Pascale Casimyr

Very helpful!!! Thanks a million!!????

SnoreFree App - Guided Anti-Snore Workouts

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Dinnie Beattie

Just want to encourage beginners to these exercises..keep going..we still are..such health benefits..such great sleep and energy..thank you thank you..

Amber blah

I have terrible eustachian tube disfunction and just did this and I think it helped my hearing. Only weird thing is my outer left ear is not very warm to the touch and bright red. I'm wondering if I had an infection in there. I've had multiple surgeries nothing ever last.

Mike Zamani

Thank you Dr. it was very helpful.

Emil Dyrby

Would it make sense to do these exercises even though you're not receiving any cranial adjustment or other treatment? It's primarily concerning an undiagnosed voice disorder (likely to be muscle tension dysphonia) and sleep apnea.

Riaz Carim

Fantastic I've been doing this for the past 7 months faithfully and it sorted out my postnatal drip problem. I will continue to make it my routine.

grace Kit

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Rakesh Kumar Talwar

A young girl at the dead of night shook me aggressively (which normally doesn't happen in India_ any lady talking or touching a stranger & that too a dead of night) to request (whilst we were travelling on a train) from Jaipur to Chandigarh in India that she was unable to sleep due to exceptionally high decibel sound being released/made during snoring by me.

I was much embarrassed, a little sorry and did try to control snoring but was soon on another blast - having fallen asleep again.

Later, I realized how tough it would have been for my wife & children _ who luckily continue to stay with me despite such a pain being inflicted on then day after day - 1X8X365 hours per annum.

I have now started sleeping all alone behind a closed door but recently my wife told me that even now the sound heard in other rooms is very heavy/disturbing.

Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!
What to do?????????

Today, I have fumbled over this video of your & hope that it shall provide some relief. I shall do the exercises explained in your video every day sincerely & shall post results after 3 months.

Hope things do improve.

And, if it does, I shall love to come & personally thank you, wherever you reside.


My left ear excessive drainage stopped for a little bit !!!!! So this works. Need to repeat. Thank you.

Linda Mora

God bless you Doc

rath khan

Amazing video

Bennie Maine

Does this help central sleep apnea?

Alexa Vasquez

Thank you for this video, Dr. Fields
I suddenly stopped snoring literally as soon as I did these exercises before bed
I had been snoring since I got pregnant

Jose Perez

Great video , thanks for sharing...


I am doing this excercise and on day two it has lower down my snoring. This is the real deal exercise. Thank you alot. Do you have anything on lower back pain.

Thank you for making this video

Skye Morales

You look like joe goldberg from the series 'You'. Hahaha thank you for this vid it really helps!

Kacey Griffin

this helped me sooo much!

Majka Kolomazníková


SnoreFree App - Guided Anti-Snore Workouts

As ususal supernice Video :) We should get you in our team.


Thank you for this, it's great! How long would you recommend doing it daily for? And at a certain point what frequency would you switch to? (or do you just stay with daily to keep potential symptoms at bay?)

Lion S

Длинный язык как у жирафа

The Real Truth

So glad this video is on youtube.. I wish you were not so far away, I would make an appointment with you for my snoring issues..

diane Williams

I'll see you tomorrow for exercise class Adam

Ivory Dela Merced

Thank you so much for sharing this video it's really help me a lot,I'm very noisy when I'm sleeping and I have jew problem also it's lock sometimes when I'm eating I cannot open my mouth wider. When I see this video I think I need do it every day.

Connie Lynn

Love it

Anthony Semione

I noticed one thing about the open mouth exercise Adam... If you don't open your mouth to the point where you can feel the back of your mouth opening up it is uneffective. Basically in the open mouth exercise you have to open your mouth as wide as you can right?

Annette Sanchez

dude I did this today to show my friends at work oh my goodness. I was laughing so hard I think we almost all got fired.

John Pritchard

Wow - have never experienced anything like this! Brilliant! Thanks

Anthony Semione

to the point where your jaw hurts? Because I feel that the open mouth exercise only works when my jaw is in pain

Achilles 337

after one excercise my throat muscles already feel better. I wiil do it every day from now on and I hope my sleeping apnea will go away because its really scary

Daytona Le

Is it normal to feel it in your throat when you do the massages around the nose area ?

Umang Makwana

Practiced it today...hope it works for me....?... Thank u so much ?

Robert K

I didn`t consider my insomnia very seriously in past few days mainly because it simply happens once in a while. Nevertheless about 5 years ago, my problem became even worse. I`m able to only sleep at night for Three hrs in almost all nights and I simply cannot also slumber through the night frequently. I tested out, Sυnodoz Plan , Go ogle it ,. On the spot, merely on that moment alone, I encountered excellent effects..

Who Why

These exercises induced excessive yawning on me lol had to stop.

Philomena Vegter

Exercises for sleep apnea, should they be done more than once a day?


Any update who have done this?

Sheilagh Mackell

i hear a big clunk when i do that!

Siobhan Tebbs

Excellent like all your videos - feeling a little more relaxed in my jaw after this

Helene Masour

I don't snore often, as far I know, but I wake up, for the last 2 years, about 5-10 minutes after I fall asleep. Sometimes, if I am lucky, only once, sometimes whole night. My dentist thinks it is apnea, But I do not fry mouth, do not snore, do not gasp for air. I have panic attacks for o reason, as if a knife in the back. My nose is stuffed on one side and your exercises seems to help.

I Don't Care

does this also help for nose snoring? During the day I breathe well (up and down), but when I fall asleep I'm kind of breathing horizontally.. it's almost as If I'm trying to breathe with my soft palate. I recorded myself, that's why I know that. Basically, my subconscious is using a bad breathing technique during sleep.

Anthony Semione

Dear Adam Fields DC how long does it take for these exercises to stop reductions in snoring? I was thinking about getting the inspire sleep apnea pacemaker but these exercises are really working. I feel better already! I just need to know how long I should be doing them for or should it be a lifelong thing?

Anthony Semione

and is there a pressure point on the cheeks thats why it opens your nose up doing the knuckles against the cheeks exercise?

Peculiar World

Thanks for the videos! without a doubt enables for determined humans like me. I'm going loopy with this ringing and pulsing sound in my ear. I may even sense introduced stress after I burp or yawn

Priyanka R

Thank You! If was helpful?

Ryan Berlin

Omg.. This is fantastic. I have sleep apnea from having Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy. This works wonders for me!

Ariadna Florescu

Before going to bed. Thank you.


Excellent exercise, thank you very much ??❤️


Would this help with laryngospasm? I have suddenly started suffering with them after an osteo did some intense work on my subocciptal area. I struggle to sleep as I feel like I am choking - or wake up gasping for air. I also have the feeling of someone squeezing my neck and this happens now and then during the day. It is very uncomfortable and strange! Do you think these exercises might help?


I have just subscribed because you are so handsome! I hope I can follow the exercises without being too distracted!

Marilyn Cruz

My husband almost left me due to snoring

nestix bossturix

Dank You Adam Fields .. for You Instructions _ V1of 2Exercises for Sleep Apnea ,Sinus Pressur . i am Suisse Living in Switzerland and i have a question about ? is der Bio Medico for helping in Adition to the Exercise it would be great if i could get in touch per Email with You ..

AyurYogaMudra Therapy

Try to drink olive oil mix with pure thaeen before sleep. Snoring will be cured

Mildred Lash


Damodara Chinnasane

Hi Dr. Adam Fields, Thanks for the great video . I have been doing this for the past one week and I could see the difference already. Really appreciate your efforts in helping many people who are suffering from snoring /sleep apnea problems.


Love this exercise, you’re great ??❤️

utubewins ok

So Ozzy Ozzy and KISS members never struggled with Sleep Apnea......their tongues could reach their eyes and chest.!!!

Thirumal Kumar T V

Thank u


Ezek nagyon durva nyomások és amit csinál nem tetszik-

Pardeep Chopra

herbal medicines of planet Ayurveda are also very effective in such disorders. Their products are pure and completely herbals.

john farmer

Ok. But how do we get the tan?

Blake Dawson

Thank you so much these work

Lore Gran

I’m tracking my sleep cycle with this app and it certainly makes a difference in the days I do the exercises. Thanks doc.

Dinnie Beattie

Reporting in again...about four months of practicing every evening before sleep.we no longer snore..those loud life seeking noises! My husband sinus passages clear..i no longer choke on saliva or water levels have increased..climbing hills with great lung expansion..sleep is great.we are both old and feel youthful..thanks so much for helping us respond lovingly to our bodies..i encourage people to keep at it and you will notice changes after a week...fond thoughts to all.

Lawrence Yundt

72 years young, 15 yrs on CPAP. Can't sleep in same room with my 59 years young gal pal. I trust that I'll soon be spooning, and awakening her with our youthfulness in pleasurable ways. Mega thanks Doc. Just might sing outside of the shower too!!!

ton peker

thanks Doc. corona times

Michael Barker


Michael Barker

Have you ever heard of "gurning" this reminds me of it somewhat...

prabha gurunaik

Hi Dr how many days it will take to cure snoring completely please reply me thank you for good video I
want this

Jane Tricia

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Robertha Mckenzie

Hi Adam doing your exercise I just want to sleep I yarn alot is that ok

Michelle Ellis

What kind of tube is that at the end of the video ?



Uchenna Spivey

Thank u ?

Dr. Craig Hindson

Hey Dr Adam, love your exercises for sleep apnea, snoring and nasal breathing. In fact I love your material and approach in general. Have got you on several playlists now and sharing it with my people too. Keep up the great work. Love and Light always. C


I have mild to moderate snoring caused by (I think) my tongue falling back against the top of my mouth and semi-blocking the airway. I did these exercises for ONE NIGHT and my "snore score" (on Snore Lab App) went down from 25 to 1. ONE!!!! I felt such relief immediately after doing these; my nasal passages were noticeably easier to breathe through. I'm going to alternate this with your second snore exercises video every night and see how this trends. Thank you SO much. You are helpful and informative - and chill!

Also I have a pituitary tumour and had no idea nasal breathing was good for the pituitary so I will be focusing on doing that much more in my life.

Thank you so much Mr. Fields.


Fantastic! I teach yoga and there’s nothing like these that I’ve come across. Great. Thanks so much.

tupai tupai

Its working... I dont know how much have you made someone live matter..can i hug you plss


Dr. Adam, your exercises have changed my life! Am 38 years old and been suffering since i reached my 30's with sleep deprivation. I lost several jobs because of this! The lack of sleep have caused me to have cloudy feeling sensation between my eyes mood swings, and a terrible sex life. Sleep apnea caused restless nights and i could confidently say that my annual deep sleep occurances are counted on your fingers.
I suffer from Sleep apnea and sinus blockage... Doctors simply told me that i needed a CPAP device and medication; no one even recommend exercise, maybe because exercise doesnt make money for them and I believe that CPAP is really intrusive and is not the sexiest thing to be hanging off your face.

After i began your program, my snoring went down to record levels, i started losing weight much easier since i was sleeping better, mood swings have reduced significantly and sex life have also improved.
I heard that a good night sleep is good, but never knew that i could change your life.

Dr. Adam, I cannot thank you enough. You have changed my life.

Siavash Darmani

Dude i needed to pause several times during this exerice to just laugh my ass off for a minutes. Great exercise by the way. Thanks Adam Fields.

Amolsinh Mane

Thank you so much


hello , i am 16 years old i have been sleep apnea for 1 year , what am gonna do doctor how can i solve this problem , i am not smoker also dont drink alcholol , i am working out every day but this issue is problem for me , in addition i have nose problem and my breathing is really bad , can you tell me what is solution <3 sorry for my english <3

Joshua Afrifa

Thanks for this! I will be doing this in a regular basis. Nevertheless I have a question. I am in the process of seeing a new ENT in NYC. He’s good! In doing so I will also get a new CPAP machine. My question is should I get the over the nose mask? Because I feel like I’ll force me to breath through my nose more often.

georginna christy

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Linda Mora


Kathleen Horgan

I have sleep apnea and copd. I LOVED this. Thank you


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Oral appliances ad tension to those muscles and keep an opened airway.

Comments (28)

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ishani bernadette

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Loran Simon

What an excellent practical demonstration of snoring and sleep apnoea! Brilliant.

jugraj singh

I also have problem of snoring due to long and thik tounge . is there any divide to avoid snoring

Irfanullah Okz



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Dr. Dany Maor

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Md. Tauhidul Islam

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Ahmed Rahmy

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Eva Jade

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How To Stop Snoring | Everything Explained5 Sep. 2018
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