How to buy steroid injections

Why I Use Insulin Syringes To Inject Testosterone (HUGE TRT MISTAKE)

Why I Use Insulin Syringes To Inject Testosterone (HUGE TRT MISTAKE)31 Dec. 2019
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Comments (100)

I think the math might be off?? wouldnt it be .99 per 1ml ??

Shubham Jaiswal


Nicky Chops

Y’all aren’t scared you might screw up your natural hormones? I’m not judgin but my luck I’d f&@k myself up and be all outa wack.

Dan H

Do you use insulin pins on a blast too?

Alvaro Romo Rodriguez

By the way, test bioavailability(if it comes in oild presentation) is reduced almost 60% if injected sub/cut. Yo Welcome

Joms Viking

Don’t use synthetic testosterone, it will fuck you up eventually to the point you may not be able to create natural testosterone later on


Do you change the needle of the insulin after drawing it ?

Mac Cambra

why not go to daily gel application instead of the injections? That is one of the big benefits of the gel, maintaining a more consistent T level.

Steve Gilette

Love your videos, but I believe your logic is flawed for 2 reasons:
1 Legit Pharma Test accounts for the loss of product by overfilling the bottles (at least the 1 ml type). So you actually get that "loss" accounted for. If you tear off the ring and stopper and pull straight of of the bottle there will be more than 1 ml in the barrel. (Funny enough,, It's the exact amount you say is lost actually).
2 Fractionally measuring 1/10 of 1/10 isn't practical, I get that. Your argument though is not truly comparative. It presupposes that you have zero loss thru insulin vs standard pins. That can't be true. It's likely less due to pin diameter, length, etc. but I'm not convinced it amounts to enough to truly make a significant difference.

I'm not doubting your science here, I'm questioning the math. Idk if It's true or not scientificaly, but aside from the math it makes perfect sense to me.

Full disclosure: I'm a bro-mathemtician, not a REAL mathematician. Please don't try any of this math at home, ALWAYS make sure to consult your own math expert when making numbers based decisions.

johnny De La Torre

So you can use the insulin pin on ur arm/ shoulder and it will work just the same?

Jason Smith

no this is incorrect. the 3ml syringe is designed in this way with the oil stuck in the dead space (needle/barrel area) but you will STILL get the dose you are drawing. with an insulin syringe, that barrel does not exist so you get all of it, however, that is designed that way too. there is no dead space with them.

so to recap, you're always getting your dose but with the 3ml syringe, you LOSE some oil each time. this is why you cannot use them for daily injections

Angel Martinez

Imagine using steroids?

rooney orihuela

Really considering do a cycle after watching this guy more often

Brian Propst

Yes i get prefilled 25ga 1 inch pins shipped from the low t center dosed at 90mg every 4 days. Before i got a 10ml bowl from my gp and used slin pins...

TJ McMaster

The only problem with that is that you use the the exact same pin when you load the needle then pin the body. You are not supposed to use the same pin for the vial to the body hence a puller.


Subcutaneous injections result in steady levels x 5 days with therapeutic range achieved in 6 hours. q5 day dosing is sufficient and you get less hub loss than daily.

This according to.pubmed article. Patients were given 100mg injections subq and blood levels.were drawn at 6 hours and then q 24 hours for 7 days. Ranges achieved were 600-1000 with drop at day 6 and 7 of 200 points.



Raffine Debauche

That 0.1 mg isn’t taking away from the amount you inject. That’s the liquid that gets caught in the needle. The 1 ml measurement is based on the syringe; it ignores what’s in the needle. It’s worth keeping in mind when you’re thinking about how much liquid is left in the vial, but it’s not a problem when it comes to how much you actually inject.

N So

Steroids are bad, you look like 43 years old, lines on your forehead not even my uncle looks like that


Algorithm comment


I'd rather use a BD 1 cc syringe that way you don't have to back fill nor use a dull ass needle. Bd 1cc syringe draw with 28 inject with a 25.

Mark pt

Derek what do think of grape seed carrier oil?

Mike Graham

Algorithm comment, there ya go Derek!

Ben Volkowitz

Good vid


How much better would you feel as a 30year old when starting trt 140mg a week? Asking for myself ofc


You hurt my brain fog with too much talking, this info is valuable thank you but wow too much waffling for me to take in

My question, I want to use 1ml (200ml) test cypionate a week. Can I use insulin pin in my delt?


why you on trt at like 30 lol

Alvaro Romo Rodriguez

If you tell me yo lose 0,1 every time youbpin with the CORRECT syringe... Man, go to a pro to get your pin. Just add 0,1 ml of air, and get a position where the buble is always in the top part... Et voila, you wont get any air inside, and you would get all of the stuff in...


Isn't the pin to short to get it into the muscle using that way

ADI'S Gym Talks

Bro your looking small?

mountain distance strider

how much does this stuff cost


So a higher dose is ok at once a week or every 5 days ?


CheeseTip was here

Bobby Ervin

Well said brother

John Doe

Been using a 27g 1/2 inch since day 1. The really small ones beyokg that go too slow for me. It also seems like the larger 27g needle has a sharper point than the 28-31g, and goes in easier.

To add, you don't lose anything in the needle. It's hard to explain. If you draw up to your dose, pull the plunger back, and then switch. You'll notice you have a slightly higher amount than you measured. This is because the needles hold the same volume either way. I promise, the researchers doing the subq vs IM are aware of this. Do what I said with water and you'll see what I'm talking about. You absorb it better subq because there are more capillaries and it can get to where it needs to in the body easier.

Mauro Scimone

Omg what a shitty thing to injecting things in the body.... ?

Kevin Helmick

I got a question I thought it supposed to be a deep muscle injection the insulin needle aint nowhere near long enough

Tha VartaZ

The oil gets stuck in the syringe yes so ur wasting a lil test everytime but what makes literally 0 sense is how are you not getting the correct dose? I’m sorry but why and who the fuck told you guys to withdraw 1ml instead of 1.1ml?...... like what, just look?? You literally see if it’s 0.9ml or 1ml?? If I inject 1 ml of 250mg/ml test E, I will get 250 mg of test e. I lose .1 ml of test every time yes! But I’m still injecting 1ML (THE DOSE I NEED). I honestly have no clue how you mess it up that bad


What's the safest max amount of T to use apply with an insulin needle?

Blair Monkman

What is the syringe guage/inch for the insulin needles?


its a major hassle to draw and pin oil based gear with insulin syringes


Unless you just put it in the first ML needle then put it in the little needle that has the orange cap which is in CCs that's the only way I could think of doing it

Chase Blakeley

can you draw a viscous solution with a 30g needle?

Papa Smurf

Derek how about mentioning how long it takes to pull in the test? Mine literally does not even go in the syringw

Mike Tilley

WTF The add is Tony Huge telling me he has a way to build muscle fast and do it healthy. I'm dead!

Blanco The-Don

Is this intramuscular as well? Test is too thick for 31 Guage

paul salley

Insulin rigs are are good for test only once a week. Not so good when on cycle taking 5ccs everyday for 5days a weeks of more mgs. And different compounds. Thats 25 shots a day 125 a week 1,225 shots for 10 week cycles. 12 100 count boxes of slin needles.


So what about bi weekly with the insulin syringe? What about difficulty drawing in the test?

Thomas Snook

I’m getting testosterone pellets inserted tomorrow. After 4 years of it being all over the place since I started. The best I felt is when I inject it weekly. I’m 50 and my hormones crashed after I blew out my l3-s1 discs and had to get fusions.I’ve had 2 shoulder replacements, 2 knee replacements and many other necessary surgeries. Currently suffering from a failed neck fusion. Can’t wait to feel good again

skate dd

I used to have another needle to suck out that little bit left over in this would collect it all up and then use it again later


>I take it subq
>I take it in the ventriglute or the glute
pick one

Shane Wilson

Potentially dumb question. But when you buy Test (lets say Enanthate for example) and the bottle says 'for IM use only' can you still use the shallow IM/sub cu with the 29G insulin pin you're using? I assume it's all the same stuff but just wanted to be sure.

Rich Piano

What you said is actually wrong, the syringe takes into account the dead space (usually 0.1ml~) so you are injecting the correct amount, so the only problem for normal syringes is that it's more wasteful.


Derek, does TRT cause hair loss? Do you see most people go on finasteride to battle this?


Ive used a 1 cc TB syringe with a 1 inch 25 gauge needle. Thought I was administering 30 mg EOD. Turns out Im actually injecting 25mg EOD. When using a frequent dosing protocol, your advice is crucial

Bobby Sweeney

Why is subq better than intramuscular and Exactly what size are we recommending here?

Kyle Woodward

Is there a way to pm you? Been on trt for 2 years. Like to ask you some things.

5wisher 5weet

3:38 salute you wherever you are

Faimohkih Faimohkih

What about subq biweekly dosing? Too much per dose?


This is a fantastic video. Extremely educational.

Charles Swisher

I was considering this and now I will try it for sure. Thank you!!

Mobile Gamers Unite

The test my doctor gives is thick oil...idk how that would work with an insulin pin....also I was told it's a intermuscular I don't see how you could do an oil shot intermuscular with those little pins.

Gila Guy

You are suppose to add a 0.2cc air bubble in the larger syringes after you load your dose. The bubble will push out almost all the medication. Been a nurse for 30 years...that’s how doctors and nurses are trained.

Jason Wood

Borderline freaked out when I noticed how much I was throwing away after each shot.
Researched all sorts of fancy low dead space syringes. Hadn't thought to use insulin pins. Awesome tip. Thanks

Denver Denver

I used a small pin for the first year! Till I hit a nerve and snapped the needle in my ass! Took a few minutes and had to have my wife dig that shit out I’ll stick with the bigger pin from now on

Zachery Hansen

where does one go to find test...not from a doctor

Luis Ortega

It works with another sustance like tren?


draw in a small bubble of air and the normal "harpoon" syringe isn't an issue with loss of product.

Dan H

Explains why I get serious nipple pain on a 100mg a week cruise injecting once a week is shit..

Russ Scala

Spiking Testosterone damages the endothelial lining of Arteries more on the Russ Scala YouTube channel

Joe Kaplan

I have cyp 250 ,I wanna inject 350 mg pr week,but I wanna inject every day.Can someone please help me with the math in I u ? So,how many I u daily ?

Nathan Gibbs


Derek Gravelle

I used a 1.5 21 gauge and I barely felt it outside of it tearing threw 3 layers of tissue.

Christopher Silardi

I noticed your part owner of Evolve as I just seen your video about it, I love in Michigan and it seems like there’s one in Pontiac? Just wanted to see if this is your company and it’s the right place before I do a consult this week on 2/5/21, thanks

Luke Oliver

Can I also do this with other compounds? I've calculated my dosages of a test/tren/mast cycle would be 15iu, 30iu, 25iu daily. 3 separate injections in alternating areas of the body. Anything I should be warned about? So far I've done it with T only and seems to work fine. I mean, oil is oil right?

Corz Illa

You pin in the glute with hlaf a mil with an insulin pin?! wow

klaas jan

are insuline needles going to get deep enough?

White Zombie 999

Say you inject half a vile each week. Can you do that with an insulin syringe?

Cosmic Code

We always do that here in Denmark. Orange or Yellow. Same place.


What about using the short insulin syringe and just doing a shallow injection into the muscle?

Justin Stephens

2 1/2 cc twice a week for me so this ideas will not work for me. 1/2 cc of sus 150mg and 2 cc of a mix of tren, test, and one other. There is no way to push that much through that needle. NEVER PUSH MORE THAN 1/2 CC OF TEST THROUGH THIS NEEDLE. .1 who cares and I have never had this issue nor has it affected my gains. Also who pins everyday of test. Twice a week is good. Sunday left shoulder, wed right shoulder. The following Sunday right butt cheek.


Anybody know what is the minimum test cyp I could pin subQ?

Shaun Driscoll

Actually with a 0.5 inch insulin pin you can definitely reach the muscle in the delts or pectorals!!! Just push it down as far as possible. I do all my cycles with insulin pins!!! You can shot a whole ml per shot but if you do 0.5cc per day thats 3.5 ml which is enough for light cycles but you can just pin 2x a day. The needle is so small its fine and so much more comfortable!!!

Matt R

Anyone ever cycle just to cut weight and is over 20% bmi?

Gustaf inhocsignovinces

To get use of all the oil. Just draw in some air before you make your shot. The airbubble in the top will help push all of the oil out of the syringe. You use the air as a lever.
Works great. And no loss of oil.

j hORn

how do you get the test into that smaller insulin type syringe if you are pulling from a vial? do the smaller ones pull from a vial?



acristian ban

I pin with 10 gauge


Hi guys if I wanted to inject 200mg twice a week of test where do I fill it to on an insulin needle thats in ML? your help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Micah Barlow

Thank you so much. This is literally a life saver. F those green needles.

Janek Beglarjan

I'm doing 0.3 daily 500mg test a week


Kind of a dumb question, but let’s say if you have a 200mg/ml test cyp and you want to pin 100mg a week. Do you draw in your syringe 1ml and just pin 1ml/7 everyday with the same syringe and switch the needle everyday or do you change the syringe everyday and draw the amount you need in that specific day?

Max Reign

Logorithim comment.


How do you convert the little needle being CCs to the bigger needle which will be in MLs like that? Bc there in to different sizes like I said; CCs n MLs


Yeah but the lil in CCs not in ML so how would you convirt CCs to ML so that way when/if you do switch over it's still the correct dose?

Brian Spalliero

So, due to my pituitary gland being damaged I need to be on TRT for the rest of my life. My endocrinologist at the VA actually prescribes it to me and get this... she wants me to take 100 mg via intramuscular injection once (1) every 2 weeks ?‍♂️ no typo here, she actually informed me to take 100 mgs every 14 days. How does she even have a medical license??? Of course wen I brought up the concern of spiking and then crashing she wasn’t exactly happy to be told how ridiculous taking 1 shot every other week is, how dare I tell a Dr she’s wrong?, so then she told me I can split my dose to 50mg once a week ? When I asked if I could get HCG I was told only if I plan on having a child and was actually told that I would have to bring in my girlfriend to discuss it ?‍♂️? Way to take care of our veterans ?? ✌️

Randizle Peregoy

Dead on sir!

clay kahn

Do you use the insulin syringe to draw the test in or do you backload?

scott coakley

Did you smoke b4 you made the video? Omg, u go on n on.....say the same thing over n over. I finally had 2 shut it off.
Video could be 2 minutes

What You Should Know: Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections

What You Should Know: Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections14 Dec. 2016
116 797
NASSspineSubscribe 438 721

Dr. William Sullivan

Dr. William Sullivan guides you through the before, during and after of receiving a Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection so you can walk into your procedure comfortable and confident!

Comments (53)
Priya Darshini

Is this Injection gives permanent pain relief life long?

Holly Miculka

I have had a total of 7 injections over the past 6 years. The one I had in 2017 lasted until a few weeks ago so I went for another one today. I also go to my chiropractor every 2 weeks. The worst my pain has ever gotten was in 2017 when I could not walk for 6 days, I had to literally crawl to the bathroom. People how have never lived with pain like this don’t understand what it does to you mentally. I have given induced birth with no pain meds and let me tell you giving birth was a cake walk compared to my back pain. All I can say is the injections have given me most of my life back and I am very happy about that


I was kicked in my back at fifteen. I'm 26 now both legs go numb all the time now I have a physically demanding job handling freight 30 to 50 lbs boxes all the time im worried if I go see doctors they will tell me I can't work. I need my back to not hurt anymore and if anyone is reading this who has had this problem and it was fixed with injections so they could go back to work let me know please been feeling hopeless lately anyone out there back to heavy lifting after this treatments?

Sharron Wynn

My partner suffer from pains on his leg, back and neck. Because of this back ache guidebook known as “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it), he been able to take care of all those difficulties. He said it provides the comfort he desires while sleeping, specifically in keeping away from back ache...

Avery Fisher

Great video! Everything is true! I’m still sore on Day three, but the injection is helping big time

Paula Breuer

Does spinal stenosis cause incontinence?

ג'ורדן באום

I just had one done yesterday. Now the disks aren't tight or inflamed. But I'm definitely suffering from nerve damage from the shot. I'm running for lyrica, transdermal patches, and iced cream. The next step is surgery. Does anyone know how long this nightmare will last?

Pickles N cheese

I’ve had Epidurals and nerve blocks and I am a mess so think about it hard because it has not worked for me

Tabitha Malema

Hey guys I found a legit source if anyone wants top quality gears you can txt directly or WhatsApp this
#: +1(202) 643-1409
I have been dealing with this source for 3 years and never had any problems with my package. I did my first cycle from this source and that's how I got my body transformation he even provides good diet and workout plans.

Jennifer Singleton

I’m getting a L4-5 ESI tomorrow and I’m scared! My back is already so painful and sore. Please advise!!


I suffered herniated disc and pinched nerves in both arms and legs from a car collision. I got the back injection a few weeks ago and I must say I felt almost immediate relief in my lower back.. I was sore at the injection site for a few days but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m just glad to have at least temporary relief for the time being..

Lansing JP

Can I smoke weed when I get home from my Back injections?

Ann Marie Glaviano

Not for me

Rebecca Greaves

Iv had this done the 1st one did not really do anything it lasted 3 months n then l was in pain that much l could not walk l was in and out of hospital l had my 2end ones after 3 months n thay worked I had my last ones 10 days ago n it's not working l suffa with back pain and sitica n mucel spams in my legs iv got to go back in 3 months l can see it being a op if these last ones don't work so it dose work n it dose not work

Laura Rivera

How can this be legal when its not FDA approved.

Heather McFarland

I’ve had this procedure before but it wasn’t explained to me this well. I’m going in for another one next week so I thought I’d do a little bit of research. My doctor is trying to figure out the best treatment plan because I have worsening arthritis pain in my lower spine, along with multiple herniated desks, and chronic pelvic pain. He just did a bilateral L3-4, L4-5, L5-S1 facet for lumbar spondylitis. Fingers crossed that I get some relief. Thank you for this amazing video. I feel more prepared to handle what’s coming my way.

melody hallelujah

the cns is very delicate. And once damaged its a very tragic experience. From the negligent treatment from the doctors, neurologists, radiologists, chiropractors, physical therapists and surgeons. Epidural complications and iatrogenic damages are occurring often within the medical community. And the risks and results of epidural damages are devistating and happening on a grand scale. Especially for epidurals being unnecessary in nearly all cases.
Epidurals should be banned, as the risks outweigh the benefits. Damage happens often during childbirth epidurals and then new mothers are often made worse by the doctors purposefully avoiding diagnosis, and instead sent around from doctor to doctor continously and purposefully mistreating their patients.

Epidurals and unecessary invasive procedures are being done by the medical community that are paralyzing humans, and then the treatment received by the medical community is just terrible. Evil.

Billy Veras

I had mine today. Felt no pain under sedation


I got two EPI shots on my lower back today.

Alice Thomas

I am on my second injection. This is painful. I’m experiencing numbness in my legs and feet. I can’t cross my legs or put pressure under my feet without feeling numb. I still can’t stand or walk far. I’m talking walking a half a mile. Now I have to start cervical injection.


I had them numerous times
They did nothing for me

Sheri Reedy

Thank you for this very informative video! Been getting injections for years (facet, trigger and epidural) alternating between my back and neck. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes a miss ??
Today I got (I believe) bilateral cervical steroid injection (I hope I have the names right-neck-upper back area) But like today as a few other times I could feel the wire pushing through, wasn’t too painful just slight discomfort (strange feeling) the whole top of my back/close to my neck is tender and a little sore. Hoping I’ll feel a little better from the procedure tomorrow and that this time it’s a HIT instead of a MISS ????


I had my first injection 10 days ago and I have to say it has relieved most of my back pain but not completely. Is it a matter of giving it more time to make the effect or should I consider getting a 2nd one?


I had mine yesterday sometimes it works sometimes it dosnt am sore like hell after for a week

Yvonne Kass

I would like to know why you don’t discuss that these are not FDA approved for use in spine. The product packaging says not to be se in spinal area. It has caused adhesive Aracnoiditis in hundreds, of not 1000’s of people, it degenerates you bones faster, has caused paralysis and death as well. It only works in a very low percentage of patients 20-30% yet we are all being pushed into doing this dangerous procedure! Several year ago there was a batch that was not sterile and caused severe infections for 100’s of people.

The Hermithood

What I need to know is if I should bring my walker to the appointment or not. Very descriptive video by the way...

Stephen Foster

I have had 2 sets of injections to m back and they have made me worse, my question is can the cortisone be flushed out of my spine as I am feeling unable to walk as a result of the injections

Kristin Ray

I had mine 8 days ago. Needles don't bother me and didn't that day. When the steroid was injected tho it felt like my leg (the one that had been hurting so bad) was on fire from the inside. It was a horrible pain. I wrapped my arms around the table clinching it and just dealt with it because I knew I needed to be still. They used no sedation. Afterwards the Dr sat me up really quick to show me the images on the computer screen. I felt like I was in shock. I've had 3 c-sections (where I could feel some of the pain) and a tracheal resection which is a huge surgery so I don't think my pain was just from me being a wimp. I told my family I would never do that again. Then the nurse came in and told me I could leave. I drove myself home, they knew this as I had asked if I needed someone to come drive me and they said no. All that being said, the pain is 99% gone at this moment so now I know I did the right thing. I'm still trying to learn how to walk correctly as I had been walking slumped over with one leg sideways for several months. Now I just hope this took care of the problem for good. I really wish I had an answer for why it burned so horribly as the steroid was injected. The Dr acted like it was abnormal but gave me no explanation why I had the burning sensation.


Thank you mines is on this Wednesday and this was helpful C3/C4/C7 is causing me so much pain so this is my last result before another major surgery like my C5-C6 I feel so weak hopefully it works

Living Appalachia

Did you mention FDA has not approved epidural steroids for back injections or that a class warning on steroids was issued for serious neurological events in 2014 by FDA including stroke, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and death?

Manoj Gharti Magar

I get last week epidural injection but I’m suffering from hadeace. How long side effect it ?


My doctor used ultrasound for injection in the SI JOINT. Felt very hot that night, cramping toe, chronic anxiety. He used DEPA MADRAL. What medication do you use because I haven't heard it.

Larry Machaj

I received my injection today and it provided instant relief. I am recovering from other back procedures that have allowed me to walk.

Patricia Martin Lilyhorn

I have a L-4 & L-5 herniated disc for years. Diagnosed correctly last year on MRI. Miserable pain at my job as a nurse. Miserable pain at home. Gabapentin for several months but the side effects sucks. So they did a trigger point and it kicked in within a day last for approximately 2 months. BEST TWO MONTHS PAIN FEAR SINCE 2008! Just wore off today so calling tomorrow to see what we do next. In the time I was pain fear was able to workout and make PT exercise a part of my routine. So great!

_BLeW_ A_FuSe_


Henriëtte Steyn

Had mine seven days ago and so far no relieve. Hope it get better but so far will not have one again

Alyssa Farrera

Im scared but im in soooo much pain i just wanna lay down all day i have 3 herniated discs


This just masks the pain like pain meds though. Plus it can and usually does cause bone loss or brittle bones. So when it wears off, your pain comes back, 10 fold. I’ve never had relief from injections and I’ll never do it again. It’s all about that money, honey...doctors do NOT care that you’re suffering.


Since there a couple of questions in the comments regarding whether or not this procedure is painful, thought it would be nice to give an insight. Today I had my injection in my right lower back due to bulging discs L1-L5, S1. I did not get sedated and wasn’t given any medication for this since I did want to be out of it. Shots doesn’t bother me and plus i had trigger point injections 3-4 for the same area. So today I was at first nervous reading the dramatic comments but later got over it and still went with medications and what not. The first injection was a pinch but later became numb. The other ones I did not feel due to the numbing. After some injection i was told i would feel like water running down my leg and in which i did. Wasn’t not crazy just a feeling. The last injection was another pinch but was more painful but wasn’t something that would make you regret doing this. I later went on my day and was able to drive myself to work and continue on with my job. I’m military so I do requires me to do a lot of heavy lifting but also a lot of admin work behind a computer. Of course I wasn’t able to lift heavy stuff and wasn’t going to attempt to. Sitting was pretty hard today do my back feeling uncomfortable sitting. Do not get discouraged or stress of the pain as it will only be probably less than 20 mins as my procedure took 25 mins. But of course everyone is different, this was just to give you a detailed overview to help put ease to your mind about this procedure.

Matt Does Stuff

Worst decision I ever made. I had one and now have chronic anxiety. If you have history of anxiety in your family be very aware.

Star Beam1

Listen I have had several works less and less. The steriod injections detoriate your bones/spine period!!!! They do not Ever tell you that. Gets worse

Karin Brown-Witt

Very informative. Thank you

De-Greenpace Global

I had mine in 2017 and cried like a baby..It was so painful but pain went away so quick after the injection and I was able to walk again...slipped disk patient


Its amazing how this doctor in the video didn't mention about the risk of getting a spine leakage causing a spinal headache which i got last month when i went for an epidural because of my herniated disc. Worst experience ever for me and i will never ever take another epidural in my life. I had massive headaches that i couldn't stand up i had to be layed in my bed for over a week. I thought the headaches would go aways after some days but it never did. I had to go to the hospital and get a procedure calles a blood patch. Thanks god after that procedure i felt great again. People i highly recommend to not take that chance with an epidural because I don't wish what i had on anybody. Get trigger points over that dangerous epidural shot

Ciaran Claffey

I really believe these work so well I was told 10 years ago I'd need a surgery but yo try this.
I've been flying it getting one every 2 years

Anyone that is on this site are watching at 3:00 am in morning.
How do I know?
Because you are awake right now in agonising pain its a horrible way to be. Best of luck guys

Dan Satalino

I received my first injection this past Monday. I definitely felt the steriods going in but other than that everything went fine. I rested Tuesday felt 100% better yesterday and today. I hope to get at least 6 months of pain relief from this injection.

Focal Point Images

I am getting mine in a series of three. I felt great, after the first injection. I hope i get some lasting relief.

Rob Ward

Had mine two days ago. Went really well without sedation. L3/L4 & L4/L5. Procedure took 15-20 minutes. A bit of pain up to 4-6 hours afterwards, minor numbness down my leg for the evening and overnight. Second morning, awoke with hip and leg pain, but back felt good. Once up and around, hip and leg pain subsides. Primary reason is for sciatica relief especially when driving or sitting for extended period of time. Cannot drive more than 1/2 hour in car without crushing pain and discomfort down back of leg and around to groin area. Hope this procedure provides relief. Not sure the many critical comments about this procedure are warranted as long as you are not getting it done by a quack. Real test will be next week (about 7 days after procedure) when I drive to my son’s house 1 hr. away. Was apprehensive and nervous about procedure, but now having done it, I will do a second or third injection if condition warrants without fear.

Queen Nee

It only work for about 2 weeks for me but I have many complications and fighting 3 bone diseases killing me. I just keep faith.

Yolanda Jones

Where I go they don't. I've had probably had anywhere from 7 _10 procedures, and it doesn't work!! Even nerve ablation.

Khairul Jay

I hate operation room bcoz I always want to piss at the moment dey want to start

Krishna Hurchund

I wish to have this informative.. thnk u very much

Are Cortisone Injections Safe? What Are The Side Effects

Are Cortisone Injections Safe? What Are The Side Effects27 Jan. 2017
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Cortisone injections are

Cortisone injections are given to help alleviate your pain. Do they cure anything? What are the risk? What problems do they help treat and when should they be avoided.

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Toni Mcdaniel

This stuff is dangerous.Can effect you for months really bad.I had continuous severe night sweats for months.Passed out 2 times.I still donot feel good.Be careful.This was a hip injection.


damage my life. phsycosis /cushing .never had a problem be for and healthy be for. alittle rash


all meds have their own side effect....

Γιάννης Μακρής

In summer 2020 i was at a club in greece and something bit me while i was removing a chair for me to sit down for a bit...I dont know what insect it was but my hand was swolen and became huge...then i went to the hospital and they did a cortisone injection on my bum...After 2 days my back was full of pimples!!!I guess it was from cortisone...

judy brennan

you never even addressed the back such as the lower back

Diane Todd

I just got my shot yesterday, and I just started to feel bad and my face is all RED and terrible headache. Just took 2 benadryl, this is the second time this has happened to me after the cortazone shot ??

Stephen Ward

Hi Gents,
I had two injections, they caused an embolic stroke. I have now dizziness, pain off the scale. I would say to everyone, avoid these injections as they can kill you.

Judi Welch

I have anxiety and prednisone really made me feel crazy ! How long does this last after the injection

Nisar Butt Comedian

I lost my mother . Dealing with Guilt?

My mother had severe back and leg pain that she was unable to bear and her daily life was badly affected because she was unable to move . Pain was so severe that she has to take frequently pain killer meds with heavy dosage .

After checking with many neurosurgeons , we decided to proceed with one. Most of the Neurosurgeons were advising Spinal Surgery because as per MRI report she has Degenerated disc disease and her nerves at L4 S5 was compressed .

Apart from local neurosurgeons , we had also taken advise from international neurosurgeons to go for better decision.

So finally after collecting all suggestions we proceeded with the procedure.

We were asked by neurosurgeon to get test of HbA1c for my mother diabetes. Test was performed and result was 10.1

He informed that my mother diabetes was poorly controlled and its quite risky to proceed for her surgery immediately . Since she had severe pain we can give her " Transforaminal steroid shot to control the pain . We were advised to consult endocrinologist to control her diabetes .

This was the similar suggestion given to us by 5 international neurosurgeons prior to spinal surgery.

My mother pain was so severe that we need to take immediate action because sometime she was getting unconscious and her skin color was turning blue due to chronic pain.

We decided to proceed with steroid injection as advised by our neurosurgeon . Injection was given and my mother got relief from her chronic pain. I suggested to keep my mother in hospital for observation after the steroid injection but our surgeon refused this suggestion by saying that it is quite routine procedure and nothing to worry for.

Next morning , my mother started to complain about headaches and similar back pain again. We informed our neurosurgeon and he advised some pain killers . By evening , her condition got worse. Her BP was 200 , High Fever and she was complaining about severe headache . At this time she totally forgot her back and leg pain and her focus was about her headaches . I informed this situation to our neurosurgeon and he asked us to come in emergency . At this time my mother started to experience hallucination and altered mental condition.

We took her to hospital with these symptoms where doctors performed multiple test ( CT SCAN , MRI with Contrast) and they came to know that she has developed "Bacterial Meningitis with hydrocephalus " also she got abscess pockets at her epidural layers of spinal cord.

it was totally shocking for us and upon asking the neurosurgeon , he simply replied that she has Spinal Abscess prior to injection and it was misdiagnosed as Sciatica pain. Steroid injection has trigged the infection .

We were advised to proceed with immediate surgery to drain the abscess . Surgery went well and my mom pain started to reduce. Now next thing was Hydrocephalus which was causing pressure on heart . He also advised to pass the shunt to remove excessive water from brain. We proceeded with this advise as well . Her surgery went well . After spending 9 days in ICU now my mom is feeling better and conscious but she developed short term memory issue.

After two weeks of follow up visit , neurosurgeon performed some test again and noticed that Abscess was coming again.

He suggested us to proceed for second surgery immediately and we followed his advised.

She was getting better but her hydrocephalus was not getting cured. She was on medicine for that.

Almost near to her recovery from second surgery , she contracted by Covid 19 and her symptoms were severe due to immune deficiency .

I lost my mother on 12th oct 2020 due to cardiac arrest at Covid 19 ICU.

I did my best to save her life but all my efforts were in vain.

Now ever day almost i am getting these episodes of panic attacks and I am blaming myself that i could have taken better steps to save her life. I really did my best but my inner me is not accepting it and I feel that I am left with no purpose to continue my life . i am breathing but i am lifeless now.

I am getting suicidal thoughts as well . I am blaming myself a lot.

Laotian Life In USA

I have rupture disc and bulging disc 7 months going. Still have pain when I do too much . I declined to take injection cause I know about 7 people say it did not help them and they all have side effect like bleeding too much irregular period some end up removing their ovary. Some got injure more in different places . Some have heart attack and anxiety. On my seventh month I try taking joint supplements three different kinds all at once with high doses it had help so much.

Amber Kay

What do u think for tarsal tunnel sydrom? Is that ok?

Denise Savannah

I’ve beeen having problems with my left knee swollen build up fluid Had a scope done on my knee and it still didn’t work I had two gel injections. Still nothing Now they want to do Cortizone I have done almost everything you can think of physical therapy nothing seems to work. I’m frustrated depressed you name it I’ve been through it with my knee I banged it on the coffee table. hasn’t been the same after that it’s bad.


Ya know, I had a cortisone shot in my right knee 4 years ago and my right knee never hurt again, so now I had a shot in my left kne and am Hoping it will be the same, however Im 4 years older, and my left knee was Extremely painful, more so then my right.It took the pain away the next day after the shot..The cortisone shot was a miricle to me...


The 12th of Dec. 2019, I am scheduled for my knee injection,i have been getting every 3 months. I am considering stopping my injections.
I have lost 38 lbs. of body weight, doing keto , progressed to carnivore diet, since the last injection.My pain is not noticeable now.I will request an xray
To see if had any improvements, and from that decide!! I think the cortisone, may have an effect on my weight loss. ??



Star Beam1

Thats because the shots are a money maker and cheaper for insurance companies Whom push it over paying for surgery

Queena Buckman

Hello will a steroid ejection cause anxiety. I have anxiety with taking any medication. I'm worried it will give me anxiety or possibly a panic attack.

Sherry Truscello

I don't know about you all it's good information but does he seem a little intoxicated to me

Cruise Dleifsnam

Great video this helps me in my decision

Stephen Ward

Any advice on how to heal the brain after this?

Aaron Ehman

Great video guys! Thank you!

mo mccann

My son has been suffering the most horrendous health problems, so very many of them, anxiety, shaking, panic attacks, cardiovascular irregularities, personality changes, sudden symptons like lockjaw, sudden viloent shaking of legs, very distressing abdominal pain, sensitivity to sound, including screaming noise when near mobile telephone masts or in built up area, only he can hear them. all this....FOR TEN YEARS SINCE BEING GIVEN ONE OF THESE INJECTIONS EPIDURALLY BY A SPECIALIST PAIN DR NAMED TANIA DERENNA AT THE OTTAWA HOSPITAL. We have been to private specialists all over Europe trying to get help, they all say its permanent, as is the debilitating tiinnitus he suffers constantly,. It all started with the injection of the kenalog. Nobody will take a legal case, we have tried all over the world. His job is gone, his fiance is gone, his life is ruined. We now have nothing left having sold our houses to finance the search for help. We live in semi poverty and rental homes. This injection completely wrecked the lives we were living.....productive lives from two intelligent and well educated hard workers. The big pharma company has largely covered up all the HUNDREDS of reports of ruined lives of people who have responded to our blogs online about what has happened. These injections can be DEADLY. Mo Mccann, now in New Zealand.......

Goddess Hylia

Biggest problem is numbness and it slows your breathing

Star Beam1

At least he is honest. Ruined my bones. Deteriation from shots

Miriam f

Are inversión tables helpful for back pain

Andrianna Pirillo

I got a shot in my feet for my plantar fasciitis a couple months ago and it was quite painful and was not fun and triggered my insomnia for about a week/week and a half :( thankfully though my pain has improved tremendously

Bubbly Bernice

What about a torn hip labrum? Would I steriod injection help? The tear is small but extremely painful.


Got both knees injected with cortisone about a month ago. It's miraculous because before that, I could not walk--for 4 months! Now, I'm starting a carnivore diet which should get rid of the osteoarthritis altogether but the cortisone bought me some time. It's the best!


That dude is drunk lol..

MR vegas

Where shouldn't you get the injections?

google plus sucks

the lidocaine and "perhaps" the steroid. lol. like lidocaine does that...


Has anyone noticed they never interrupted one another when talking. Intelligent people Masha-Allah


talk about injected steroids in the brain! buy some time, while causing damage??? if your going to get operated buying time is no solution. No matter what situation, its totally brainless to consider cortisone for whatever reason. if operating is no option, then what? The solution should NEVER have a greater damage or chance to increase the present condition. It's not worth a gamble under any situation.
Cortisone is like having a hammer and everything looks like a nail. find another Md.

José Barroso

My question is how long should I wait before I go back to weight training, after taking cortisone injections for my shoulder and elbow, recently took 3 injections. I use only moderate weights, training at home. I guess I should start with light weights and go back gradually to my old routine so I don't risk getting my shoulder injured again (tendinitis). Please comments.

Star Beam1

Thanks for being a honest one. Otherwise most just meed surgery that works


Thank you Doctors for the information..

Jesse Newman

If you are not sending your clients to a Physio for these complaints you might be just milking them and in the long term creating a more significant injury.

Particularly at the shoulder; bursa do not spontaneously get inflamed, esp the SA. More likely the supra spinatus tendon is creating friction in excess of the bursa capacity to remit. Positive resisted empty/ full can test will prove RC involvement. Tight pec min also contributes to poor mechanics at this joint.

Alexandru Hutu

I am 40yo. I had this done by the doctor 3 times. right elbow 7 years ago, right shoulder 2 years ago, now left elbow (I play tennis). It miraculously and completely cured the problem and pain. No side effects. There are no scientific studies that prove there are side effects. I cannot imagine doing this daily. Then it means it has no effect on you so no point in taking it. The injection is not more painful than any simple shot anywhere in the body. the arm hurts a little a few hours after the shot.

Nyce Nj

I need help desperately in my plantar fasciitis, what can I do?


This presentation is not entirely accurate... but the risks & warnings should be heard...


I had 2 injections in both of my feet a few months ago, and they no longer have any pain. My mother and Aunty have had them in their hands due to joint pain; same result. The pain during the injection was excruciating, but it was worth it

Belinda Bounds

Years ago I got a steroid injection for 10 sailboat and my doctor got hit right in the spot I closed my eyes and I was praying to Jesus for it to go away and not to feel no pain I didn't feel no pain whatsoever from that day I have never had tennis elbow whatever it's called and it's been over about 20 years I had never got it back


Very helpful information, thank you both.

Ron Dale

You doctors don't even realize how dangerous these corticosteroid injection are! I had LONG-TERM side effects after a single 100mg cortisone shot, now it's almost 2 years later and I'm STILL having side effects every day.

Victor Guerra

Hello Dr. Luks, I got a steroid shot in my knee 5 days ago, and my knee has been swollen and in pain since then. Now that I watched your video, I'm not sure why my doctor gave me one in the first place. I'm young, active, and my pain was just 2/10, but I wanted to ask if it is normal for swelling to last this long after the shot. I called the doctor's office, but they're closed because of Thanksgiving. Id really appreciate some guidance. Thanks!

Don McKechnie

I just had a cortisone injection in my shoulder and within a ten hours the shoulder really hurt. Ouch, still.


theses so called experts only know how to either shoot your knee up or rip your knee out. arthritis starts in the intestines, before you let these qaucks get rich off you, try to get your body clean, and go plant based anti inflammation for at least 90 days,the reason the surgeons are making a killing is because most people are not willing to change there habits, arthritis can be cured, dont be lied to your research, you wont find any ortho doctor telling you this . money is there god .....


How long do corticosteroids stay in the system? I got an 80 mg depo-medrol IM in the shoulder. I was in so much pain I just wanted to be out of pain. Didn't ask how long does the medication stay in your system. How long do the effects last?

Dmitry Pravednov

I had a shot in my left knee because I had inflammation caused to degenerate Cartlidge now I have cracking and stiffness and the worst thing is I lost feeling when walking I like to know y someone mentioned that the shot hit a nerve

Star Beam1