Finger wife

How 'Biden' is that? Joe bites his wife's finger while on stage

How 'Biden' is that? Joe bites his wife's finger while on stage2 Dec. 2019
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At a recent campaign

At a recent campaign rally, Joe Biden decided to show his wife that she gestures too intensively in a bizarre way – by biting her finger on stage.

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Comments (100)
Lisa Kuehl

probably the least weird thing he's said or done.


That’ fucking weird

Tony Neeland


Jim Mackin

this mans is a nut but what about the people that are planning on voting for him

Judah Lucas

Drugy joe strikes again


THIS IS NOTHING!!! His wife was waving her hand close to his face. He had a funny reaction. That’s it! Not creepy. Not cringey.


dude's GOT to go.. what embarrassment


Biden supporters: ???



Your Friend

He is a scumbag

Mickey McGowan

Little love nibbles. I wish I had a biden :c

David Haley

Yup, he's a big time freak and it did happen!!

Lil Video Mane

im not a biden fan at all im a bernie boi - but that was just him havin a goof. i dont care bout this one sorry

Ștefan Alexandru

The White House is about to turn into a striptease club for minor girls.


That smile

That damned smile

Vladimir Valenwood



Hello! I'm Japanese.
Are there any Americans here?
Is this an American joke?? Is this a cute popular acting??
Please tell me.

Robbie 33

Is this a joke ? this freak can’t string a sentence together

Nope Can not

A true Biblical Christian will not vote or support any candidate that’s agrees with homosexuality, transgender, abortion, or climate change, yes that’s what I said a true Christian will not vote for any candidate that’s agrees with what God calls a abomination.

alex carter

Joe Bite'em.


Old Joe is out there, I swear.

Neska Berry

I don't like Biden, but we shouldn't judge him for this one tho..he was just being playful here, ie, this clip.
Anyways, have a nice day yall :)

Derp Derps

Hide your kids!


He just got confused and thought it was feeding time


i bet they have some wild parties...

макс люлюкин

Biden should be in jail for corruption just like Manafort

Hooch Smeeth

This guy is out of his mind insane... Attempted cannibalism at a rally in front of 10's of people?


Well it's good that he's playing at home for a change. ?


What a creepy family


if your wife puts her finger in front of your mouth, there's only one natural thing to do: bite it!
- love that scene. made me a biden fan ;D

justin beesley-hunt

Does this turn anyone else on? Or is it just democrats?


Count down till he conveniently steps down for what ever reason and kameltoe harris is some how president


Joe Bitin


actually he saw her brush a little girl's hair earlier with that finger, and wasn't content to just sniff it, lol..

-Tom- F.A.V.

Now hes Joe Biten.

Fatal Crack

Joe Biden will not win that’s why they’re forcing Bloomberg to run now if Bloomberg really wanted to run he would’ve been in it from the beginning very forceful stating how he was going to be the winner.


Y’all really not realizing that’s his WIFE lmfao


That was funny. Not creepy.


What the actual....

Karthik Subramanian

I wanted to be the 420th post

Product Review 2021

I tried smoking with joe and handed him my bag and he sniffed it so hard all the terps came out! :(((( then he tells me he can't smell anything! ;(

N8t Hal

I don't like Biden... but that was funny.


He such a weird character

rc cali racing


patrice guillon

It’s his hand’s wife for God sake ! And it’s not a bite it’s a swift kiss. Non issue.


Oh that’s cute, but he’s still corrupt AF though.

Don Bronk

My ex brother in law used to bite me when he was drunk.

QT 3.14

I don’t like Joe Biden, but I don’t see anything creep about this. It just looks like he’s playing with his wife like normal husbands do.

Lachlyn McAllister

I like how she nervously laughs after he bites her finger, and then she says you call your kids from the other room.
Biden: thinks that was funny

Jima Alex

And this is what all the morons on fox news are tweeting to make it look like Biden committed the worst crime by kissing his own wife's finger! Are we now leaving in a time where you can't even be human enough to play or joke around with your own wife! Sean Hannity will spend his whole bulshit hour talking about this scandal that hr has never seen in his entire bulshit life on fox news??

Balls to the wall

Creepy Joe can’t get enough of that flesh!

Dirk Diggler

Biden loves kids on his lap


This is pretty cute!


He likes roaches (kids of color) rubbing his hairy legs.

Александр Ликов



It's not a big deal but if you are running for President ....................

Ingrid rodriguez

She sounds drunk.

Denny De waal


Jackuronni and cheese

biden is a fricking pervert

Horses' Hooves

This man must not be made president.


Thats just sick and nasty!

45 Caliber

Freak Show Joe...Prison is in your future

Aoxiang Wang


GREG Torchia

“”Where are we ?what’s going on?”


Ok. You can clearly see he was trying to be funny here. The crowds reaction before he bit her, and how he reacted to her accidentally almost smacking him in the face. Biden is an idiot, but this is not a reason to use to show that.


That’s why they call him “creepy Joe”?????

Les Krapps

the veil has fallen, you sickos have been trying to phuk our kids!

Neska Berry

Wow this comment section look a lot like the liberal comments section against Trump, its like we are turning into the very thing we hate.

Top Secret Bear

So weird but not half as weird as him droning on and on about how he likes little kids playing with his leg hair and crawling on his lap.

John Gardner

So fake and phony, the both of them.

misterE π

He just loves putting things in his mouth. What a creep

Mark Montimurro

well she did tell us all to "suck it up" a few months ago, so he's taking it literally

Tvo Voe

Mental illness running rampant ???????????????

Aimee12345 B

The public really is dumbed down, there’s actual people that will vote for a creepy grandpa who obviously has dementia and touches people inappropriately in public on a regular basis. His teethe even fall out on the debate stage for gods sake!!


He really does live up to his nickname "Creepy Joe."

satton takkan



Demential men will be americas president ?? This is the end days

Maņequin Pís.

Not that bad tbh, he was just being playful because she almost swatted him

Fatal Crack

Kamala Harris just dropped out of the race claiming it’s because she’s not a billionaire and doesn’t have the money to keep running first of all if the people wanted her to win she wouldn’t need any money the people would give it willingly that’s what her campaigns for to get her word out to prove to the people that she is worth being president and her doing so the money will flow in. Bottom line she hasn’t done that she’s a wet blanket. Just like the rest of the demonrats party.

Edmund Squid

Im not a fan of Creepy Joe but I dont see anything wrong with this, he was just being silly.

Mickey McGowan

At least he did not suck her finger


What a wierdo


Bite Em!

Grant Perkins

Laugh out loud I get a warning under my feed telling me that RT is funded in whole or in part by the the Russian government!

Koopa kid420



Joe is really rockin’ that Elmer Fudd look.

Mark Anderson

Why do I want to hear from his wife??? Is she running?

Mac Jude

Biden you posted cringe

Pony Girl

lol common man! That was cute. Still trump 2020.

Joseph Hewes

He thinks this is normal behavior ? Wake up America ! ! !


Maybe his name should be Joe Biting.

Ronnie XFILE

?Creepy joe Biden

Ingrid rodriguez


Enver Hoxha

He succ that finger

Phil D12

Why does she sound drunk


I'll play in his defense on this one. It's his wife and she does keep waving her hand right in his face. I think this is more a cutesy goofy thing more than a creepy thing. If it was someone else that's a different story.

Matt Smith

Why kfc removed their finger licking good slogan ?

Thea Campise

First off it’s his wife second they have a loving and comically beautiful relationship and third last time I checked he wasn’t the one who had actual rape allegations

Josh Morris

Joe Bitum


Didn’t know wether to up or down this lol. I up’ed it for congrats to the OG. ??

Fingers Cut - Wife Panics #shorts

Fingers Cut - Wife Panics #shorts23 Jan. 2021
147 737
MrCleanManSubscribe 438 721

I was changing router bits

I was changing router bits to use on a router sled that I built in order to shave down some cedar slabs. I accidentally pulled the sharp edges of a new bit and blood started pouring out. It looked worse than it felt. I told Lisa I needed help just so I could record her reaction... I know her well. ???

Comments (100)
Marcus Futsūoka

Mom: This is an avengers level threat.

Dad: Tis but a scratch

Mock 258

The way the daughter stands on the counter while the mom freaks out is a power move

Iván Lara

AAH button: 0:41


I’ve never got a comment to 1k likes soooooo

John Smith

Hope no one ever gets a artery cut.

Bryce Anderson

Husband: Bleeding out...
Wife: “someone should really help you...”

Little Ham ham

I thought it was called “wife pancakes”

Mikee Guerrero

See every one in 3 years

jaiden jones

Guys we found the cracked Justin


Thats barely a scratch, he knows whats up lol.


This video made me smile. Thank you


see you in next Pandemic

william lau

if you can still move the finger without blood spraying everywhere or with intense pain then you can just slap a bandaid on it


School nurses be like: the best I can do is ice

Koji Earl

It’s only a flesh wound. You don’t need a bandaid. Like you said rub a little dirt on it and you are good to go ?

Rudra Pratap

Did you heart every comment?
Nice one!

Mister Poop Nose

Aren’t you the same dad who took his daughter to a car wash?

BenjoBanjo 0161

What do you do for a living? Looks interesting.


Ice fucking cold.

Anime NWD

Oh shit got hit by a gun where is my phone in need to tell my followers 2025


Hope you’re okay!!


I thought it was a prank video

A Beer

Wow. I would not allow any of my kids on top of the counter like that. She looks like she's old enough to know she shouldn't be up there. And as for mom and dad... that's what my parents used to do to each other! Lol! ?


you remind me so much of my dad

o Roby

Before 100k Views.

This shit is going to blow up in some years till then

See ya.

Bailey Angus

Lol I thought it was fake blood before reading the description

Randy Rutherford

The day he found out she wasn’t wife material.


“Someone needs to help you” ?

Patriotic Cat

Dad: cuts of hand
Wife: freaks out
Dad: tis but a scratch

Lemonade and oranges

The father be like: oh I cut myself.

Moh'd Hamza

Just press it with your finger for few seconds... Works everytime

*C4MI-BS* 1

Lmao her wife is so fragile when he yells ?


Just commenting here before this video blows up

Red The Wolf

I would panic too ?❤️

Krispyy サクサク

"Rub some dirt on it"



There needs to be more of this genre on YouTube

Mr. Williams

The wife will never forget this. Hey were you making a bench?


When this gets recommended in 2028.. make my comment famous so I can show my future kids :)

litN _ L

Simple title lmfao

Haider Ali

Daughters are the best.

Bryce Park

Almost exact same thing happened to me 6 months ago. My wife critiqued my first aid skills while she laid, light headed, on the couch in the living room. Those straight bits will get ya. So sharp you hardly feel it. Props to your wife for hanging in there haha. Beautiful slab.

Satyam Kumar

U need superglue.
For what?


Why she just vibin on the countertop tho ?

Frost Rusher

She is probably just haemophobic

Krack Tart Kreme

Like a true woodsman


I like how she got mad because you got a drop of blood on the counter haha.

Uroš Antić

I'll come back when this has a milion views

Zeal Mehta

What would happen if your wife plays action games online in PC or console??


Your wife needs to go to urgent care to get those knees checked out.

It's Totally What It Looks Like

It's a good thing he was calm, if he were to freak out the mom probably were to pass out.


I as a 20 year old man am afraid of blood. I see blood, I pass out. Not even joking, I go straight in coma lol.


thought this was tom for a second.?

Death Crow

This guy is probably the coolest dad anyone on earth can even ask for. respects to u my dude

MrHawk 101

She protecc
She attacc
But, most importantly,
She stand in the bacc

TiagoSkyWalker 88

This is why men live more then woman

Collin Aitcheson

"...there's blood everywhere. My knees are starting to hurt" that had me dying ?


As a Dustin who finished my shift with 3rd degree burns on both hands


Redj Monster

Wish this guy could’ve been my dad

Me Me

Soooo, he’s a masochist then


Not very clean mr.cleanman

Diego Acosta

Theres a sink use it lol

Aria Fariko

Tiss but a scratch...

Nah, it's just a flesh wound...

Wolfgang Hood

LMMFAOPMP. Hope her kids never get hurt. She must wrap them in super strength commercial bubble wrap, after securing helmets to their heads knee pads elbow pads steel toes snake proof boots, chain saw chaps and bullet proof eye goggles. Kid then tells mom, “Mommmm I’m just going to check the mail” , or better yet, “Mommm I’m just answering the door”. “ well sweetie you can never be TOO careful, oh and put your 4 face masks on right now young lady!” Geeeezuss


Lol the way you scared your wife hahaa

Danish Ahmed

If I was that girl
Screw the bleeding dad ...
I would have been beaten up for standing there

Yes I'm indian


Can anyone spell the way he yelled ?? please

ᴀʙʙᴇ ꜱᴀʟʟᴇ

Not recommended , came from the laugh


The fact his shirt says ADHD on it is so fitting

Dyl Pickle

Oh man hahaha

Krombopulos Michaels

Dad Getting it done lol you just got to love his wife fights back from throwing up but still helping her man and his kid is just like here you go dad with the Band-Aid. lol ?

Kim Gi

I read “panic” as prank and was just patiently waiting for the “SIKE” moment....

Hana c

The girl got the father's temperament haha

Bereket Mihretu

Who would've thought it would take a wife and three kids for Mrcleanman to catch fame.

Nick Rolando

Dude duck tape is the ticket


This is a man that knows what’s up, and doesn’t get fazed by a small prick; love it! This women is thinking he can’t work anymore and needs surgery, adorable but funny none the less.


Looks like she ordered her t-shirt from Facebook

Know It All

The girl is much cooler than her mom ?


I’m gonna wait for this to be 4 years old then rewatch


life tip: ever get cut put pressure on it. my mom is a nurse lol

Ian Good

I think it hurt her more than it did you lol

Cole Huntoon

What happens to you?


I love how the dad and his daughter are calm and just chilling while the mom is freaking out ??

Habiba Naseem

I'm panicking for the little girl because I feel like she's gonna fall down from their kitchen counter any second


You uploaded the video so you probably survived.


this made me smile, thank you


This is so sweet. You have such a caring family man. Truly inspiring ???.


I think you just needed to apply pressure with some quickclot bandage and wait for the bleeding to stop. It didn’t look too bad. It wasn’t spewing blood.

Ezequiel Morales

Ah yes, women.


I remember listening to a podcast and this guy cut his leg open pretty good and passed out from seeing the blood so the guy would wake up, see the blood, then pass out. All the while each time he wakes up his wife is telling "You fu**ing pu**y" at him haha.

Jasher Clark

I thought it said "wife prank" in the title so it didn't bother me at all seeing it

May day

Happy that even tho you hurt yourself you aren’t in much pain. Be careful next time.

CELL 2421

man what a lovely wife you had

game changer

Why is there a child on the table?

David Cooke

Crazy Glue FTW


Apply pressure on the wound's opening to slow down the bleeding, then get some 70-90% isopropyl alcohol (this will sting but tough people can handle it) to disinfect the wound, then tightly wrap in cloth or bandaid.

Don't get it wet too much so the blood doesn't start gushing out again.

Should be good after 3 days.

If you want, put some polysporin but that's for soft people ?


Hispanic moms on the other hand, will yell at you because of what you did then 30 seconds later, perform surgery to heal u


Dang u got a bad one mate

Postalferret Withrum

Wow such amazing people, your larger female there, I believe she is the boss
The larger man child one though, is a difficult customer.


Let the daughter do it already lol. You have a future Dr on your hands.

Maddy Macdonald

I like how she seems more concerned then you


5 121
AllTheLostOnesSubscribe 438 721

Comments (0)