How to make any woman want you

The 2-Step Formula to Make ANY Woman Want You in Conversation… | #RawDatingAdvice

The 2-Step Formula to Make ANY Woman Want You in Conversation… | #RawDatingAdvice15 Jan. 2021

Wouldn't it be nice if you

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a "SKIP" button that made hot women chase you in conversation? I think so too! Get the WORDS that make women want you here:

Doors shutting tonight!

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Cmndr Roy Fokker

Have your book and its awesome.. Highly recommend it.

Danny Palmer

Oh bullcorn.!

Patrick James - #RawDatingAdvice


Megan Strong

Just be your real and genuine self? It can be such a turnoff when a guy is clealy not being himself to impress a lady he likes. It's so fn refreshing to meet a guy who keeps it 100% real.

Also friends first ?? I usually friendzone a guy to get to know him well before I make my move.

My best fwb and relationships have come from a solid friendship.

Now I have seen women who have been malicious and just terrible to nice guys so just never ignore the red flags and never settle. Know your worth and what you bring to the table.

How To Make Any Woman Want You/ 7 Scientific Tricks

How To Make Any Woman Want You/ 7 Scientific Tricks2 Nov. 2013


Make any women want you with these 7 scientific tricks.

You can have any women eating out of the palm of your hands, she will do anything you want her too.

If you have ever had trouble getting women or just the one woman you want, then your answer is here.

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Paul (Corpus Christi)

So simple, yet so effective is the information in this video on getting some cute gals. It has worked for me like nothing else has.

Mischelle Gielow

This technique helps my husband boost his confidence to talk to me at first. I am not easy to talk to and I'm picky but this method is totally made me just surrender.Very effective.

Stephanie Robinson

As a woman i can tell this work 100%, great share and awesome tips


oh, wow! i am just coming back! and this has actually worked :o

Dionne Taylor

Thanks ill be getting a girl in no time following this

Sana K

I am so impressed with this video and thanks to microworkers my source that I found this video on You tube

Levan Joss

It is great tricks. Really it is help me. This tricks also great works for women.

Lam Par

After applying some of the tricks taught by your program, i can get any woman that i want now, it is such an effective program for any guy that can't get a date or woman in his entire life.


Great advice...definitely help to boost up confidence to talk to a woman you like. These simple tricks works to get to know better a woman you like.

Keith Orin

Definitely not offended and great tricks and advice. Willing to give it a shot and I'll let you know what's up ;)

Robert Hawkins

Awesome, this really helped me get some chicks.

Lam Par

The trick taught in your program actually work in getting the women i want. It is so intrigue! Cool.

Jeff mann

This program really worked. It really helped me get some ladies.

Nick Miller

I just started to use this program and have noticed a BIG difference in the way women are responding to me. I have never had anything else work for me!


I posted this video because I found out this is what my best friend was using to pull all his chicks with. I was like dude what are you doing? Ur like a chick magnet lol! I said months ago no one would even talk to you lol! Not being rude or anything. I mean he is a great guy, but it was so hard for him to get the kind of girls he really wanted. Now he's pulling them like it's easy as walking into a shopping mall and just talking and hes getting numbers, going on dates and lord knows what else.

Clifford Martinez

Too Great Scientific Tricks for women..

Loni Lee

Im impressed, and tried and true.. these tricks work. Who would know it could be so easy?! thanks for the info.. .my brother tried it and it truly works!

Melanie Sam

I used some of these tricks to help me get a man, and they actually worked! I was able to get myself a date easily!

Daniel Kalina

Effective video

Michael Killingsworth

This video really helped me get more women! Thanks for uploading this!!


I've also heard it works for women too. lol!


The tricks work great, the program helped me a lot. It can help you get the women you want.

Anita Sparks

I have to admit, after my boyfriend signed up for this program... He was so completely Smooth and Sexy, I was absolutely Smitten with everything about him!!!