How to tell if she wants you to make a move


TOP 5 SIGNS A Girl LIKES YOU & WANTS YOU To MAKE A MOVE! ( Don't MISS These!!! )18 May. 2020
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Here Are My TOP 5 Signs

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Comments (100)
Slam Cave

My friend who i dated in junior high who's in a failed marriage check these boxes. We been friends for 20 plus years but I know that she's off limits but you can't deny when you're attracted to someone. Keep up the great content.

Gile Kopi

When tension create attracttion to women, it mean do not show your happy emotion to women?

Valin Danyto

what if she respond fast to text but when i ask her out she says: "why should we meet up"?

Chris Sephirah

Him: "I just ran over some dude earlier "

Her: "I'm sure you didnt mean it!"


ej mulawin

Does m have content about gaming from home?


And all my 35 years I don't think I've ever had a girl do that... Not for me anyway

S. Salam

who single here lol

Jair Salazar

Trump hotel in Vegas

Rulos Magicos

M* baby eyes! I am in, is a man!

Victor Popov

Shots fired!

Martin Dada

Where did all bitter "shit tests" disappeared as good and welcoming signs of woman interest? It is beauty of forties when man starts to define "shit tests" only as "shit" of sociopathic personality disorder. Excellent vodeo?

Jax Finlay

About 2 minutes in it sounds like someone is snoring.

Newton W

Guys those bambi eyes can be a form of manipulation even proverbs tell mi dat

Jon Jon

Sign 1) you’ve woke up in her bed beside her. That is all


I don't have any girl into me and frankly I don't care...

Amar Ghodke

We need video on signs she dislike you and you must get away from her.

Paolo Luis Costanos

"Red pill gurus, hiding behind the microphone writing books". Anyone?


M please never do the Bambi eyes again lol.


THIS DUDE IS REAL AF! everything that he preaches is just facts.. I was very skeptical of his advice at first and was like well let me do me and see how it plays out and it didn't go very well LOL! changed up my approach real quick


Be careful because many women use those signs as manipulation techniques. Even if I am with her I always stay vigilant because manipulation is the favorite sport of these chicks


Is it a definite IOI if someone comes up to talk in your ear at a club or pub and pushes her breast into you while she's talking?

Alter Grass

Subliminal diss to rollo tomassi

Fred Lakota

number one is obvious.. you must be realy dumb and blind not to see that she likes you lol
number 3 all to familiar haha, and yes if you are aware.. like i am.. it's hard not to get too shy tho lol
4 is interesting but tells nothing other as she likes the time with you.. still means nothing yet.. unlike the number 3
5 i hug all the girls who friendszoned me too.. especially when i am out clubbing or in a bar.. so it tells nothing unless she's a total stranger maybe and even then it's not sure if you're just got into her friendzone or interest zone.
Maybe it's different in certain cultures.. i am from the netherlands.. here its normal to hug.
Also some girls see me kind of as a guardian , to explain .. when there's shit going on, or if they get bothered by all kind of guys who they are not interested in... they often stand close to me because they know i will be keeping them at a distance and be a protector when she needs it.. making things kind of hard some times

CoreisusBand (Like Toys-R-Us but with CORE)

She does everything u ask....

Tell her to send u a pic n she does.

If her pupils are dilated as fuck when in your presence

Ben’s Art

The Bamby Eyes???

Jayanta Mukharjee

You are Heavenly Angel.
Love from Far away India.

Darly Lambert

None of these 5 signs did applied to me when i met that beautiful girl at the library 2 years ago i didn’t take her number or follow her on social media because it was obvious to me that she had a boyfriend without asking her. Maybe you talk about womens with a very high level of interest because i didn’t see any of these lol. The signs that i saw is that i catched her looking at me when i was leaving. She was laughing at everything i’ve said even when i wasn’t joking she was still giggling, and she put herself near me in my zone like if she wanted that i approached her to work my game on her. The big one is when i was leaving after talking to her she say to me "see you later" but i was still not 100% sure that she was into me. All of these signs can just means that she was flirting for fun or she was just being nice anyway great video bro?

Arjan Tv

Yeah if she do these things go out with her f**k her pu** y and then if you see you are about to fall for her dumb her before its to late
Because believe me she will have the same feeling for abother man one day even if she is with you ... unless she is very ugly and no man better than you will even get near her.
Most of girls that i date have boyfriends they even " love" eachother and next thing you know the girls ends up on my bed lol they are all sluts if they find a better guy than their current boyfriend they wony say no to the guy actually tehy will do even more dirty things than they do with their boyfriends!
Btw the reason why i like to make girls cheat on their boyfriends with me is simply a little revenge i know its bad but idgf lol
Im very good looking and fut guy Few years ago i i loved my ex gf so much that i become beta calling her princess etc spoling her and ine day the slut cheated on me with a fat ugly 30 years old men lol since that day i felt so down that even a ugly fat 30 years old men can steal my girl so now i take other guys girls! F*** them to make me feel better


Great video, Matt! You have some really good content on this channel and I can tell you're not one of these "gurus" who just sits online and circle jerks his "red pill" buddies all day, all the while being totally clueless. Good luck and good health!

terminate with extreme prejudice

so basically a chick needs to behave like a needy simp

Kashouri Katsu

Lol we know who u talking about ....?

Lito Lito

Hey My Dudes, anyone know the name of the outro song???


This girl claimed to be lesbian always gave me to eyes of “ i want you “ every time I talked, she look at me like a snack ...Bambi eyes ???

Tisquantum from Massachusetts

The impression of the "bambi" eyes cracked me up.


Keep at men, always moving forward!! ????

jeremiah youmans

This is spot on


Being redpilled isn't about being a PUA, it's knowing the laws are stacked against you in the favor of women, western society has conditioned men to be disposable.

John Knight

Matt Cross I think you'll Love this its your Future : Promise its good ? Your too good...
I'm keeping you in my Prayers you have a Greater Calling ⛪

Hamza Corse

Maybe a video about tension would be awsome M!!


Five Indicators of Interest (IOI):
1) Super responsive to your texts, voice mails, emails and social media
2) She makes herself available for your. She doesn't flake on you. She cancel her plans for you
3) She gives you Bamby eyes or Doggy Dinner Bull look. Best IOI
4) She leans on to you, when you are out with you. Knees open or towards you and arms are not crossed.
5) You intitiate physical contact like hug and she stays in and grabs tighter. Now if she pulls back and gives a very loose hug, it's again negative body language. But any of negative language is fixable.

Red pill Junkie

Ya I don’t want them to like me. Self isolation is my dream. They mirror u just to get u. Fuck them hoes. Lol???


TOP 5 SIGNS A Girl LIKES YOU & WANTS YOU To MAKE A MOVE! ( Don't MISS These!!! ) >>> Steal 1 Month Of Coaching From M* For ONLY $1 : << EXPIRES SOON >>

Bartosz Wojda

Bro, thank you for your work


Always digging the content, keep up the great work

Humano 3598

If she touch you ass is a clear sing ?

Abra Cadabra

Thank you "M"

Yu-Gi-Oh Club

Are there things to do get get this more?
Cause there ia a woman that hardly talks to be but still does from time to time. I want to increase the tension and get the girl.

jake mcleavy

Theres 2 lasses who text me back straight away near enough. I was away for 2 hour with a client (im a personal trainer) and one of the lasses got worried and wondered where i was. Mans right

The samson

Thanks it's not for me but i like to listing to you I'm married but this is so cool to here you look a lot like Michael keaton from the first Bateman when he was younger

Austin S.

When she doesn't struggle and gets in the van on her own

Bryan Rizzo

If she is relentlessly looking at u...that can also be a sign she's into u. I don't mean just a glance and look away...she makes constant eye contact...sometimes even when ur not looking at her and doesn't have to smile either.

Rant Therapist

6th sign: she's drooling at the mouth

Loke Asbjørn Brandt

I know whom you are talking about ... the microphone guys :D

world View

F.U.C.K this never happened to me

Luke Hughes

Me and my best been calling Bambi look. We've been calling it The Hairy eye!! We've been best friends since 5th grade we met in El Paso Texas he lives there and I live in North Carolina. He served in the Navy. I want to thank all the people that served in the military. Butt and thanks for waking me up I took the red pill.


They start simping for you ?

John Flack

I had girls hung me first

cyprus 123

this tactics workks brooo but i kind of feeling bad i kissed and she gave me blowjob in first date and i feel bad kind of because i kind of feel using this knowledge and implement i dont know how to decscribe it but i feel little bit sorry for the girl ??‍♂️?

Bernard Tan

A good question is HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IF A GIRL LIKES YOU if YOU still don't know her ?

Victor Popov

I miss M in the sunglasses!


what when you detect the signs invest and then she rejects the move and turns into friednzone

Demi Demi

How to spin tension into Attraction please Matthew

Earth Last Day channel

One thing that is not criminal but very bad from seduction businesses is that

They Don t tell all the truth I have been day gaming since 10 years with no success at all

They need to say passing shit test is capital is you don't plow after the test you will never get laid

They don't say that if you take no for an answer you will never get laid even of you try a million times

I am sure there are more secrets they are keeping they talk about shit test but they Don t present them as

Capital and a make or break thing that unless you try again after a no you will never get laid that is

Very dishonest from them to have guys keep watching videos that will not have they get laid

Very unfriendly to do such a thing

Carni 48

It's so crazy... I have a female friend who posted on her fb.. "Where have all the sweet men gone" ??? I said, "They're staying on their purpose, not putting women on pedestals". Holy shit, if all her female friends claws come out scratching and clawing at my comment. Tells me what you teach is 1000% truth, M!!! Needless to say, I was called every name in the book, told I have a small dick, I must be single, etc. The comment thread turned into a "Womans rights" lecture. Good times lol

Johnathan Lopez

These women will give you these signs till you marry them they become so cold


M continues to smash it....I had to learn all of this this hard way..He know what he’s talking about,lol...I’m at the point where women and their shit doesn’t surprise me any more


Solid info, M. Top content. My soul has turned so dark and cynical, though. Right now I ignore them all, no matter if she wore one of those roadworks sign trucks with a huge arrow on it. Monk mode.

Demon Fox 095

She tells you she spent 4 hours getting ready to go out with you. Unfortunately, in this case I am already married and trying to keep it in the friend zone. Shes being flirty all night and asking if Im still married (Im wearing my ring) - I answer yes but she doesnt care and keeps flirting. But I dont cheat on my wife and have very strong willpower - and although it was cool to see a girl wanting me like that I finally had to establish that we are just going friends and nothing is going to happpen.

Rafael De Leon

Bambi stares are legendary.


It's all social intelligence or social dynamics here, it seems a man's performance in human interactions, conversation, impacts his attractiveness and dating success more than the other way around

Henrik Rasmussen

Go to Sweden and try your game there. Good luck, you're gonna need it.

Mr. MechX

Did he call out coach red pill??


Bullshit... Sounds you know nothing

Avid Hiker

If I see it, I tell them, if they reject, I move on. They no longer see the signs work, they try harder or simply move in which tells me she wanted validation. Life is great when you follow your purpose, women are beautiful but should come last.

DJ Sarak

hahaha ...bro...that bambi eye thing made me laugh man...nice insights

The B R U H of a man

Signs? You trying to play games -- you are going to lose like immediately. Brave up and go talk like it should be

กลอนนอกคอก ออกจากใจ

Bambi eyes, love it!

Cheers from Thailand

Andrew Nisbet

As you leave a girl's place, having not made a move on her because you were not sure or didnt have the confidence, check to see if she shuts the door on you (def a not interested sign) or longingly watches you leave through the half closed door. If so, then she didnt want you to go. Turn back open the door and go for the kiss with a slight pull back to make sure. If she doesnt pull away go for it, gently.

Gennadi V.


Anu Naga

Got all of these signs from a chic I've known for about 2 years....she wasnt feeling me at first....I got on my purpose and now she's chasing me wanting to force me into a relationship....I told her I wanted to take it slow, now she claims I'm dealing with other women because I wont claim her....lmao

James B

Went into the gas station the other day and as soon as I walked in I saw this dime piece in line checking out. As soon as we made eye contact she put her hand on her head and she flipped her hair. Looked so obvious. That’s another ioi.

Lloydee Lloyd

The cute girl who works at my local gas station, has been giving me those bambi eyes every time I go there. She's always very friendly and chatty too. I think she's into me, but I kinda thought that before even watching this video

James Pimental

Still not subscribed


block me watsapp
disconnect my phone call in one ring
is she loves me, (play hard to get)


These are all very obvious signs...damn I could use all of that about now. Great content Matt. I admire your great mix of red pill awareness and go get'em PUA. What I've generally seen is usually one or the other.


I've had a girl give me all these signs and I didn't go for it. Later when we were talking for the last time the topic came up and she claimed she was never into me. I'm a dumb simp lol

Gile Kopi

Can bambee eyes if you are ugly face?

G Money

Dude...This is the shit M?

Sam Atalla

“I kinda ran over some people earlier” ??

Louis Thompson

I think deep down we as men know when I woman has low interest.

Balint Kenyeres

I have a girl like this all of the signs are fit to her, but you know she looks at me as a friend because we r classmates for 5 years and she has a bf for 2 years BUT she cheated on him with me at new years. She doesnt want more and she told me directly a lot of time so I dont even want to try to kiss her or initate physical contact, i just like her company. Any thoughts?


It's rlly funny because I always thought i'm bad with girls and now I see that I'm not..I fell bad in a way for that poor girls who give me all this sings...Thanks man! You helped me more than any other except myself!

Not Zero

women dont know what they want, so how the hell do you think you do??? lol

Martymard B

I smashed the like button !!! And thanks ?? man, I also pickup on these sign but when a chick gets an attitude with me , I discard her. I’m not sure if I’d want to raise her interest again , if she goes then I let her go

Peter K. M

Another tip: If she finds an excuse to be or have alone time with you.
Example: If you smoke and she doesn’t (maybe she does), and she comes up to you and ask if you wanna go outside for a smoke. It’s her way of wanting to be near you. Just get ready for all kinds of questions, because she’s the one trying to gauge your attraction level for her. Good luck, fellas.

bob rew

low hanging fruit... :-0

Patt Carl

No 1 or 0.1 her body is facing you n smtymes face 200%

Slowdancer 556

The 5 signs of the apocalypse.

Scott Hayes

This girl I met did not do any off this she said I'm her man and that is it and dump her boyfriend in front of me she bin with me for 8 months and does not allow any other women ner me and introduce her family to me she won't to have children with me she make her available all the time. The funny thing is she asked me out

John Wolftide

And don't forget fellas. Just because a women is into you that doesnt mean that you need to be into her. It just means that you have options, therefore, explore them.

Signs she wants you to approach her!

Signs she wants you to approach her!29 May. 2017
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How to know if a girl wants you to approach her?

Gents I know that sometimes its hard to approach but if you read the signs? It will make your job way easier. So how to know if a girl wants you to approach her? Gents don't worry, there are signs you can follow if she wants you to approach her... and she will send you these signals.

Gents, keep watching as I hit the streets to find out the real answers from real women! Some answers are shockingly interesting!

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Hope you enjoy!

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Comments (100)

I’m shit at picking up signs from girls, I usually just Hi and smile and if they smile back and say Hi, ask them what the time is while making it obvious I already know what the time is, just be silly and have fun with it. Girls love cheesy stuff, if you know to pull it off.

Tilson Tomas

Wth was that at 3:54?

Najam Us Saqib

Lithuanian girls don't smile ???

Tony Per

A word to the Buddha’ guys don’t let any female get you down, JUST ignore them especially in Bars, clubs, or any social place where the female expect you to approach them...
To Males remember ALL females are FLAKES, they are small girls in grown bodies, teach them by making all females suffer by IGNORING them, as they nature is to Manipulate, deceive, be arrogant, self-entitlement, privilege...

Remember they need you more than you need these whores, don’t doubt me Brothers, when they hit the wall at 30 and by 35 they have already smash the wall ????? and their ovaries shrivelling they’ll be desperate to trap you to commit to a relationship or worse still marriage and then your life is a trap for 10 years or more where you’ll be working till you die and while she enjoys your hard earn money... THIS IS THE SAD REALITY...
Assert and embrace your Patriarchal Alfa Manhood and remember YOU are STRONG even if you think you are weak this is all the ATTRACTION YOU NEED, and let nature do the rest... So don’t let some pathetic deluded females tell you otherwise, So STOP being a whipped Bata male...

Remember, They smell of fish and leak ton of bacteria and viruses that some guys disgusting lick, this why they like to smell good by the use of perfume and look inviting by the ‘make-up’...
So STOP being ‘Captain save the Whore’, Guy’s gone are the days where the females is helpless, now they have the full backing of the law and whatever they say is listened to over your word, Even if she is lying...

It’s in their nature to lie l, as they see it as a tool to be used, just like a guy would use his physical strength... So remember their stinking nature and can easily RUIN your life by calling out ‘rape’ without proof or evidence; This is how ‘FUDGED-UP’ the females and law system is...

So Be careful All Males...


Hey, they got a Five Guys

Gerron Marquel

Okay actually this is pretty accurate!

Men have been indoctrinated into believing that they make the first move. Totally bullshit. The female is the one who makes the first move not the guy. Females choose men; men don’t choose females. She sends out what’s known as an “approach” tone. Example: there are (10) free ellipticals, you choose the middle one. Girl comes in, she takes the one immediately to the right of you-approach tone aka choosing signal!

she keeps looking at you and making side glances at you - choosing signal

she comes up to you and initiates conversation: “hi, have you heard of this drink, before?”,”do you know the time..”, “hi where is the peanut butter?” - very subtle! I knooow. See we guys don’t think like this. They’re desperately creaming their pants thinking “please fuckin talk to me bc I’m so damn nervous, lazy and horny to say anything to you!! “

She’s “approaching” you, but indirectly ???

William Clarke

3:48. She is tall. Lol.

abu fuad

So that's mean I lost the beautiful girl I meet at the dr. Office last week ??

Albin Bjorkman

im getting these signs everyday. But it is always a case of shyness to me i just dont know what to say


Where to approach women ?when you see a sign.

N. Raged

Wait wha!t? She would show her normal side as opposed to her psyco side? 2:32......why would I waste my time if you're not going to like me anyways. ?????


Everyone in this city is super good looking... why were so many of us cursed ??

Erica Flissler

Ladies, the competition for the rare creature, a man willing to risk a relationship with a woman are the cougars. When they spot their prey they don't give subtle hints. They go in for the kill.


signs she wants to FUCK YOU!!

Awful Truth

Latest news
1)Smiling and laughting
People smile and laungh when they're happy, see or do something funny or making fun of something.

2)Pushing up your glasses
Clear!There is no such a thing as a pair of glasses that slides down one's nose.

3)Blinking eyes
People do it when their eyes their eyes are dry, they can't believe what they saw and when something got into them.

4)Being positive, chatty, welcoming, talk to them a bit, being friendly
Just like...anybody else with basic social skill?!

5)Eye contact
Good etiquette requires people to look the other in the eyes when talking to them.

6)Doing anything with your hairs
People tend to do the a lot of things with their hair. Wind can set them off.

7)It depends on what time of the day it is
Sorry, I can't address this one. It is not 7PM.

How about a "I like you!Why don't you come here and show me what you got?" Confident, direct, impossible to be misunderstood and hotter than sexy.

Oosterhout’s Finest

I ain’t approaching shit

Austin Ryda

Ok the problem I have is how do I just be there friend and dont lunge like a lion

Gavin Payne

Women today are bloody weak can't even approach a man they are interested in and expect him to do all the work even though they claim to be strong and independent.


They ask her what are the signs she would give to a guy that she wants to be approached and she says defenitaly laugh at jokes ...

The Batman

"normally the guys give signs" im done, im fucking done, yeah I'm done I'm so done, I'm out, goodbye

Aser Lewis

The eye contact is like 40/60 - the main thing is the hair curl/twirl around the finger it’s a go

Lewis Gerald

Wear tight pants girl s that are shiny and don't be hard to get like white girl s it seems more than ever today than yesteryear I guess I'm not prejudice that's true pure fact.

Laurentiu Trifan

The last girl ... so nice & warm. ;)

Andrew Norris

There are things they do they are not consciously aware of.


Smile yes good! we need a corona update everyone is wearing masks! lol

Luke McEntee

mans out here lookin like nosferatu

Q 432 HZ

If a girl likes you she will rub there fingers around her asshole and labia and sniff her fingers then lick the stench from them as a mating call letting you know she's had a good clean but now she's ready for the caveman to roast her up . ??


Women who make eye contact and smile to men doesn't always mean that they want you to approach them. How many times haven't I seen women do that and they only do it as to be polite. Ladies, quit being silent and talk already. Do you like him or not? Just say something to him. What's with the subtle signs? Who told you ladies you couldn't approach a men and tell him you like him? You mom, dad, friends, society? Stop doing what others tell you or what others do. You have freewill and the right to pursue happiness. Its plain dumb for women to stay quiet. Fear of rejection, what a load of crap.

Lazarussoul 82

What signs??? Walk around with a microphone and a camera and ask if they want to be on your YouTube video


Wow these answers were dumb as hell.


London is not easy .Can be a tough city to meet anyone .


How to be a psycopath.

JinBo Himself

I eye attracted polish and finnish girls even geogian girls xD

Manjeet Rana

Make one video on brown guys

Pinkie Love

without $$$$$$$ dont bother


Don't look at the camera! Focus on the conversation you are having.


I noticed none of these girls play with their hair while talking to this interviewee


If your smart, you’ll be able to tell the difference between a bright genuine smile, and a fake smile.

Farhad Yousefi

the best sign is money for a girle?

Donald Phase

$$$ this is the girls wants no scam guys

Evan Goch

Take all thinking about this bullshit and your life will exponentially grow.

The Wild Buck Workshop

Again men doing all the work. Fuck that.

Pinkie Love

had a woman flash me her vagina at me a mall in north nj in early 90s In the food court of Garden state plaza. Then we made eye contact she actually licked her lips.. Me i just smiled.. nothing went anywere,,,, Now if it happened today ,I would be all over her When opportunities knocks always take them.,, I missed quite a few times I could’ve had a relationship with women that I just turned other way , Too many to count actually ,,,I regret many of my stupid choices today.. What could’ve should’ve would’ve been.. Now I’m all alone probably will be the rest my life.. No children no wife just a few family members That Barely say hi as is .. Just turned 46

pee isoke

the woman 2:41 love her style. what a natural beauty

Piscific Ocean

Just because a girl is smiling, does that mean she wants to be approached?

Simple Media Info

The last time a girl smiling at me then I confidently approached her, she moved away.. ? I think showing your expensive wears, accessories, lots of money and super car would be the easiest way to pick up girls no matter how you approach and how you look.

Gavin Payne

Think I'll stick to just beating my meat it's cheap and it chills me out.

Christian Bunke

here's the problem with those answers, both men and women do those things just to be polite in general when their in public. And a guy has no idea wether he is the right guy to approach until after he has actually done it and get accepted or rejected. And even then we have no idea if she is the type of woman who prefers the guy to take charge and find it a turn off if he doesn't incorporate touching and is a little forward. Or if she is the type who only want's to get physical after they have talked for a few hours and gotten to know each other, and I'm not talking sex but just plain simple touch, hug or maybe even a simple kiss.

money sun

Wait till they hit that WALL

B.J .Y

“I like to show the normal side of me and not the psycho side.” - Said every woman ever.


The question to ask is why don’t women approach rather than sending subtle signal s that can mean anything.

michael Fenn

I dou t most these days give two fucks what signs a woman gives off


I have come to the conclusion that these girls do not know what they are talking about??‍♂️

Hussain Shakara

If you are good enough mind reader there only one sign for all the girls eyes contact because if you don't focus on eyes contact and you follow the other signs in the end you will find you a victim for some golddiger

kamil f

Great video
Thumbs up ?
Thanks for sharing

1 2

3:27 “get your willy out”


Thanks girls! Anyone in jail yet? ???


These comments are hilarious ?

Ivano Gjvfj

no woman even looks at me , i m sad now ,

santiago carreño

where was this taped? 3 of those girls look like the next supermodel

ThatCuteGuy XXL

Smiling and Eye contact >> she likes me
No smiling and no eye contact >> she likes me, but she is shy and got nervous
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It is always a Win-Win-Situation for me


Unless it's obvious I don't think there is a way to tell if a girl wants you to approach her. It's much easier to tell when a girl doesn't want you to approach her. But maybe this is different depending on the type of man it is, I don't think my looks are my strongest feature but more my personality so I've never been good at this, I know others are.

Luis Incorvaya

I've had most luck when I don't smile at girls and just look at them Seriously in like a Depressed way their mothering instincts kick and and they want you

Dino Macak

Just approach her

Jerrod Tham

Trying to seek for relationship before seeking for friendship is like planning to build a house before you planning to buy a land to build that house. Be friendly and treat like you treated your friends. Don’t go too much before friendship.


WTF so smile means they like you. I thought they were making fun of me. opportunities wasted

usamaali.97 Akk

When girls smile to me
Me:okay bro NP
when i smile to girl

Sean Forrest

0:13 something we'll never have


If a girl wanted my attention, she'd have to hit me with something and say, HEY!!!

Cus I'm always lost in my head thinking about her.

Br Kfl

This is funny


i would really like to see u do a video asking women what the would prefer if they had a choice of a guy with grey hair or a shaved head

Clive Harman

women look at men,seems OK by them,men look at women,big problem(harassment)
women look at men at work man loses job due to women causing havoc with her eyes

Lewis Gerald

One thing that I don't like about a white girl is that she's always hard to get and pretty much not supportive and drawn to the white guys more than ever cause when you're a white guy in reality u have everything.hes on top of his world game.

Adan Khan

I have missed so many chances because so many women smiled to me but I didn’t know what they want ????

The Bizness

3:54 she needs to put on some shinpads and defend that fucking corner!

adadasdad adasdasda

Smile? ?? lol most of it is "Greetings " unless she show delicious signal ????. .so sorry


dude almost those girls he interviewed were tall af,I've noticed that there's a lot of tall women in the UK

Mr. Eminem

What if she makes sucky sucky sign?

Gavin Payne

Oh I give up lol

Michael Zobnowski

Showing you their empty purse...

Kody Eldridge

So basic human interactions and smiling are signs a girl wants you to approach her? what the hell kinda video is this?


“Push up the glasses.” Oh yeah that helps.

uzairu mustafa


Nathan Alleyne

wow I remember when i thought a girl liked me because she was smiling and got rejected so hard girls just one tip we cant read minds if you like us most of the time we cant tell by no signs sometimes you just actually have to tell us as simple as that.

Franky Jnr

1:16 it the truth. ??

Alexey Ershov

Get this fucking twat out of your channel


Grimace ..always works for me?

Gavin Payne

Dont not waste time approaching women in a world where women are supposedly "strong" and "independent" wait until they approach you if they like you if they dont who cares what did you lose exactly

Trailer Place

if a girl really wanted to interact with you then she would approach you.

Joe Joe

So all the women that smiles at me they want me to approach them????

paul cooper

Or sometimes girls will smile and when you smile back they give you a quick frown they like to mess with a guys head.

Thoughts of an ignorant مفكرات جاهل

I pray for the coming of the day female robots will be as good as human females, I'm tired of this female bitching

Thomas Conboy

That girl with red scarf


So women NEVER look at anyone else in the eyes UNLESS if they want the D?


3:48 Wow she must be wearing big heels look how high her legs go compared to her torso!

global gamer

just eye contact and smile that's it

Farhad Yousefi

the money sign baby?

Ryan Samin

Dude, there’s a Five Guys!!! Thought that stuff was only in the USA.


Are you trying to sell us something

Vinyl Shredder 3000

Fucking lame. Smile and eye contact, whatever. I get this all the time in public from women married or not, doesn't even help to let you know to approach her. At least one of the ladies in the video said she would approach the guy.

She's Waiting On YOU To Make A Move!

She's Waiting On YOU To Make A Move!12 Nov. 2020
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slobodan vukasin

she wants the D

my friend

Why is this video speaking to me rn??

Ronald samuel

Everytime i hear the intro song ik im about to get some Game and straight FAX

Laeeq Casey

I'm legit about to go to school and this pops up


Beta Billy just bought a ticket to Simp Central... Again haha ?


Big ups dawg!!


"If you create the vibe, you don't have to wait on the vibe".

That's a writer-downer boys!

Iso Aura

you really helped me out bro thank you


whats crazy is that the timing has never been more perfect and I’ve never been this early lol

Michael Jo

I just love all ur hoodies

Jalen V

Can you start vlogs again

Ceejay trujillo

she’s my girl an shi an lik she says she tryna do shi sexually i’m not sure where to start tho bc we been dating for j a lil but we haven’t kissed yet so ion kno where to start lik should i kiss one time when we hang out then the next time get closer and closer?

Ryan Williams

“I know some biddies in Cali, they all be calling me daddy”

Roxy Gidz


proud man

Your female voice's so funny????


????i love u man

Suryansh Rajput

love from india ❤️❤️❤️ you are awesome sir❤️❤️


Timing is really wild. Can’t be a beta billy ?

Hunter smith

Great video fam!

Daniel Mensah

It takes time but that works ? nice content!! If u r waiting to long she will think u are not attracted to her and automatically she will put u in the friend zone

Luke Willard

My ex just requested me on Snapchat and I accepted it but I ain’t gonna say anything until she does!

juan l

never misses ? right when I needed this too!

Daniel Gutierrez

This chick started favoriting and retweeting my tweets. Then at like 1am I replied to her story on IG with sexual aggression. We exchanged texts for like 10 minutes next thing you know I was at her house and the rest is history. If you know she’s highly interested in you just approach her with confidence and with take it or leave it mindset and you’ll get laid with the quickness!!!

Lil J-Trill Productions

so I’m having this problem with my girlfriend. I’m never been too fond of drugs or partying or anything like that. But she loves to vape and smoke weed. I’ve tried to convince her for 2 years to quit, when she does it I just this anxious, festering feeling inside me. Idk if it’s just me being controlling or something like that. I try my hardest not to let it bother me, but it just does. What should I do?

Oscar Gomez

"I got some hoes in Atlanta, they with the lean and the fanta"

Michael phiri III



Does it look like I give tf if she waiting naw she can wait some more ? Your videos do be helping me

Isaac Myers

Yooo this my question, thanks bruh ?

Lowe Porogo

Always the right time what the hell


I say if she don’t feel you when you put game on her just accept it and move on. Don’t force nun on the female that’s creepy.

Nick Uchiha

This man still ain’t read my text ?

Wayne Corbin

U should never cuff old news.....well whatever you feel bro

Jennifer Morten

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Nairobi Daily Juice

Most of them be Ugly brooooooo ???

Kevin Samuels Fan Page

I AM ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ,Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT

ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK.? ? ??❤️ I'ᗰ ᖴᗩՏT

Javian Johnson

7:45 BRO ???

Ayush Pandey

Beta Billy's not on the list ?????

Payton Bates

Where the hoodie frim

Lofione Chris

3:10 got me dead laughing xD

Lore King



Beta billy not here to stay! ?

Jonart Moreno

Everything starts with the proper mindset hella GEMS ?

Jeremy Burnett

Certified Steppaz Podcast-


“How to get to pound town” should be the name of your next book

Kalden Pillay

Dope content brother❄

Marcellus Brown



I am on no contact atm and its been 2 month. I was the one who left because she started to disrespect me. Where she had no respect for me during our conflicts. But i actually fucked up by lying to her. Was on a trip with my homies. And there were girls there at our place but i didnt do shit and instead being with my homies and the girls that my friends brought with them. i actually left the CRIB. I got caught liying by one of my homies WHO snitched me down by telling her that there was actually girls there. I did then confess of the lie i told her that there was no girls because i have had a bad self esteem. The reason why i had to lie because she would get mad either ways. And as always in that day she was raising her voice at me though the phone when trying to solve this conflict. So i told her that i cant do this anymore because of her toxic behaviours. Should i still hold on to the no contact to get her to reach out to me, EVEN if i screwed up by liying to her. Please brother help me out!

ICEcold JT

“You’re not selfish for wanting the same energy and love you give.” ?

Jake Blue

Physical escalation with coach kyle.


She can keep waiting then ?‍♂️

Primal King Dating

You have to always shoot your shot. I have had multiple success with women by just opening my mouth... Remember a close mouth doesn't get fed.

Jairo Cano

Perfect timing ????


I wait for some sort of choosing signal if she ain’t even looking my way I feel there is no point


She’s purring ??

Adan Turcioz Turcioz

Bro yo timing is the best timing bro???

Jo Jo

?”...he ain’t on the list”


Mystic bro I think u should organize all these videos into playlists so that we know which order we should watch them in. I feel like it would help a lot

slobodan vukasin



Made a move got rejected but that's ok. On to the next chick.

Skinny Lounge

She's purring = she's queefing

Dream Chaser97

Never heard that term be4 “Pound town” ?
So that has to be a kid lol



Lloydee Lloyd

When you know, you know


7:46 ????