How to repel insects

✔️ Repel Max 40% Insect Repellent - Review

✔️ Repel Max 40% Insect Repellent - Review15 Sep. 2018
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Looking for a great insect

Looking for a great insect repellent that can help keep the bugs away even in bug infested swamps? You need to look at Repel's Max 40 insect repellent lotion. This lotion lasts for up to 12 hours and provides great protection in heavily bug infested areas!

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Repel Lemon of Eucalyptus

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Comments (4)
Moisty Copper

I enjoy you guys’ reviews, and I’ll happily subscribe.?

Casual Preparedness

Avon Skin-so Soft also works against redbugs, chiggers, gnats, no seeums, mosquitoes, ticks and is Jungle tested and approved. How do I know, I tested it in the jungles of Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama Canal. ?


Thanks for the review. Buying a bulk pack of this right now

Alex Gunawan

DEET better below 20%. it is a health concern can effect neuro brain.

How to Repel and Kill Stink Bugs!!!!

How to Repel and Kill Stink Bugs!!!!26 Sep. 2019
27 571

Solved!!!!! Pump Sprayer

Solved!!!!! Pump Sprayer works great too!!

It’s called Mosquito Barrier

Comments (36)

My kid & her friend love ATG Gold Bug-A-Salt Gun that I got for them.
Looks up Bug-A-Salt III.
They and I use to blast and kill these sting bugs & flies & mosquitoes with salt.
Hate to admit it, it is fun killing these pests.
And our horses & cows love the kids when they shoot bugs/flies off them.

ATG suggests to mixed a little of garlic power with salt = very deadly to Stink Bugs.
Even if you wounded it, it will be dead later. That is because the garlic cooked them from the inside.
You can get it in 3 happy colors.

Angela Martorano

Watching this at 5am because I woke up to a stink bug crawling on my head and can’t go back to sleep ?

Tammy Manuel

Thank you so much for the information!! Where can I find the mosquito barrier? And is it true that dead stink bugs attract more bugs because of the scent?


Ima get a bug o salt to practice aim and kill these pests they are invasive so its fine

funky monkey videos

They are disgusting!!!!!!!
I used strong bleach water. I know its probably not good for a lot of things, but I can't stand those things sneaking into the house then dive bombing you when you least expect it. Any little opening you have that has light or warm air coming out of it is a sure way to find them. They make it too.Anyway, the strong bleach water did kill them. I had to go around my house and spray them twice but they do die. That was last year, they started the whole cycle again yesterday. I gotta go kill some bugs!


Stink bugs are so USELESS. why can they just DIE? WHY DO THEY EXIST?

Mark Aylott

Greatings from Australia, I was astonished to find out they are such a huge problem in the states. I have a mandarin tree in the yard and have had it for over 10yrs. This year I noticed an orange coloured bug and found out it was a juvenile stink bug, I have never seen one on the tree before. Thanks for the tip, as garlic is a natural product I don't think it will harm my tree in anyway so I'm going to give it a go. ??

mainelady2020 that's my tiktok too

I dont know how they get in my apartment

Anna Surf

Plus, you can pretend having an excursion in France.... thanks for the tip.

Bea Weaslina

Lol I used Lysol, Windex until we can grab gently & flush down the toilet also in the Midwest

grandma missy

Where do you buy the backpack sprayer and the chemical?

Robert Aviles

Looking because the Holy Water failed in my attempt to rid my house of these demons!

grandma missy

How long did it keep them at bay?and how did it do on misquotes?

MissN Perfection

I love you! Will you marry me!?

Serena Wood

Johnny, please add an update to this or make an update video to let us know how long it repels!! Also tell us about the smell. You didn't mention that, does it have a strong smell?


These bugs are the most annoying thing in the world


Lord have mercy I have tried everything ?

Marlo Gawlak

What are you using to spray it out with?

Scott Schaffer

Johnny, would this work in a garden? They will flat mess up a tomato


they're all over New York. I'm shocked this isn't in the news more often. these things are the most stubborn insects I have ever seen, they love windows, at least get 5-10 of them everyday trying to get into my room. biggest mistake I ever made was installing a window ac in my room last yr, 20 of them suckers came dropping into it like their lives depended on it.


My husband HATES the smell of Garlic. Is it a strong garlic odor? And, have you noticed that the mosquitoes area staying away also?

Ruth Her

i live on the fourth floor apt- and last summer it was terrible! mosquitoes too!! Thanks for your time and consideration on the video- ofcourse i will be getting some!

Tony Harding

Mid January and I’m still seeing these bastards on a daily basis

Oh Kai

It's that time of year :(


It's been about 3 months, have they ever returned?

Ivan Ambreuš


craig horton

If you live near soybean fields they can be horrible!


It almost nevers fails when I'm laying down trying to fall sleep at night and outta no where I hear the infamous buzzing sound they màke when they're flying around. Yuck. Its so creepy and gross. I end up pulling the covers over my head to fall sleep.


they are an invasive spicies that came from asia ssomewere. they eat crops and fruit and other garden stuff too. so kill them whenever u see them. they have wings too.

Hh Hh

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Does it stain your windows when you spray them???


Do your curtains smell like an Italian restaurant now?

Wendy Jean Hyde

there is one literally walking around in my oven window, between the glass and the oven has been on 475 for 30 min. WTF

mainelady2020 that's my tiktok too

I have so many


THANK you. Like everyone, I'm desperate to find some way to keep those things in check.

Aisha Shaw

Very helpful. I will be trying this, cus I jus can't! Me and my daughter are scared to death of them and run laps around my home trying to get away! Can u imagine taking a shower and here it comes! ?? I almost demolished the bathroom lol...

10 Organic Ways to Control Pests in the Garden

10 Organic Ways to Control Pests in the Garden23 Feb. 2019
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In this video, I show you

In this video, I show you my 10 top organic ways to get rid of pests in your garden. There's no need for harsh pesticides or chemicals just these simple tips to grow lots of fruit and vegetables!

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Self Sufficient Me is based on our small 3-acre property/homestead in SE Queensland Australia about 45kms north of Brisbane - the climate is subtropical (similar to Florida). I started Self Sufficient Me in 2011 as a blog website project where I document and write about backyard food growing, self-sufficiency, and urban farming in general. I love sharing my foodie and DIY adventures online so come along with me and let's get into it! Cheers, Mark :)

Comments (100)
Monica Granger

<3 <3 Doggos!! Man's Best Friend!! <3 <3


Ive watched the route my possum takes every night and found it tends to walk along the back fence. So I put a shelf up on the fence and every night I leave "sacrifices to the possum god" as my boyfriend puts it. Usually just fruit scraps, tomatos or any fruit I find with bug holes, or old fruit/veg from the fridge.

Its a good way to not waste it and I find it completely distracts the possum so it doesnt go for my vege patch. Plus its a win win for everyone! because I got to see her with her baby only a few nights ago enjoying some mouldy strawberries I left in the fridge for too long ?

mamia nganu


Quivering Moist

Do you have Neem oil in Australia. I've used them in the states and it works well

Mamshie Ucci

Wow, good job Sir!

Manj J

Okay I have heard of the vaseline at the base of trees thing before, but I never thought I would need it after my initial pest spray application last year so I never tried it before. Now, however, I see that the aphids and some kind of colourful caterpillar?? are back on my baby lemon tree and I think I should try out the vaseline thing before the ants come back to farm the aphids on the tree again. I will also try the pest oil thing, it might be more effective on the eggplants since there's more aphids on there than on the tree. Thank you for this <3

A-Littlebit-Of-Everything UnPocoDeTodo

I have 7 chihuahuas they kill opossum, Iguanas, rats, wild lizards, squirrels and anything that's gets in the yard, here in south Florida.


How do the ducks get up the citrus tree?

Sally Rose

I kept possums out of my lemon tree with net bags of dog hair from my daughters spaniels.

Gladys Newsom

God is Good...God Bless His People...All His People...Thankful

Jodoh kau

Hello, I've just started my own vegetables garden about a month ago, really love the video. Much love from Malaysia bro ???

Lobo 03

I have an issue with aphids on my new blackberry vines. I was clearing up our main Bush and accidentally pulled up the roots on one vine. Figured I could start a new one. They grew great but got attacked by aphids. I tried a “dish soap” spray recipe that I saw online, but I think the eggs are still around. The adults have all gone or died. I have a few dry leaves but I’m curious if I should worry about the little white things still on some of the leaves. The vine is still growing like a champ though. Also I’ve heard chickens are monsters in pest control up to knee height. ?
Edit: I made my comment before I say your pest oil. And I was also thinking of letting go some ladybirds in my back yard too.


Sacrificial plant? How does that work? Like, how do you make sure the pests get the one you want them to and not the others? Mind-blown!

Fulfilling Happiness

Since when is Russell Crow into gardening?

Lora Saltis

Stores began selling bags of ladybugs in the US in the 1990s. The problem is they were non-native Asian ladybugs. They killed off the native ladybug population. Now, every year my home is infested with them. They clog my gas pipes the squeeze through the smallest creases, like my locked sliding glass door. I know that sunny days in October will be spent with the shop vac vacuuming up bugs by the hundreds, sometimes thousands on bad years. I never release living animals in a natural ecosystem. It messes everything up and has negative unintended consequences.


thanks mate for the effort. Now i have a better understanding of the little bastards ( aphids ) will never look bad at a lady bug again, or a tub of Vaseline. Thumb's up.

Sanja New Moon Life

You are good man .

diana diamond

Hi there. Have you ever grown Sorrel for harvesting? Do they live if Streets lughts are nearby? I'd like to know. A big argument whether or not if it affects the plant. Thanks so much in advance.

Tabetha Pacion

Your garden is beautiful. Im so jealous. But jealous in a grate way. It's hard for me to do a container garden.

Mia Ash

You are so positively talented!

Liza Dozell

Cheers mate ?


Brilliant ideas... loved them


Thanks Mark. Good sensible advice. ?

Michael Frazer

Thank You

Lara K

Can cats be a help?

Gina Bell

I like the set up of your garden, it's awesome, neat and tidy...


'Organic' is a total scam. It's like those EU regulations requiring bananas be bent to a certain degree. There's no science or reason behind any of it besides "It sounds too much like science, so we must reject it." when it comes to chemicals. That mix of oil and soap would be considered enough to declare an entire crop not organic. Also organic is wasteful, if you 'only buy organic' you're causing farmers in famine areas to grow cash crops instead which leads to 90% of their food being dumped as it doesn't meet organic requirements. It's the worst thing to happen to humanity when it comes to causing mass starvation, maybe second only to communism, given they like starving people to death.

Aj Medina

My backyard is a terrible environment for growing. When it rains it collects water that reaches over the ankles and middle calf in some areas. Last time, the yard was swarmed with Gnats, flies, aphids, grasshoppers, lizards, snakes, etc. Every annoying pest you can think of, rise after some heavy rain. The Gnats are the worst, and I have dug up so many grub worms. Either I must be lucky to find one everytime I look for them, or my yard is filled with them. I do have 7 dogs so raised beds is a must haha. I have an indoor garden that I have just started and hoping to prepare my yard for this coming spring. I love this video and can't wait to try your techniques ? Stay safe


I compost kitchen scraps and put them in one large spot in my back Garden. I have rules that I go by. I never add the following to my kitchen scraps -- no meat/bones/grizzle or other meat products, no dairy products, no fat products like olive oil, etc. I do use dead lettuces/tomatoes all veggies and fruits, eggshells which I crush up small which makes it easier for my worms to use, bread products, tea pouches which I cut up also. I even put in paper towels(ripped up). I have the best compost for my garden.
I live in South Lake Tahoe, California. We have to watch out for bears, coyotes, raccoons, ferrets, bobcats and neighborhood dogs. I use a Green Cone in the Winter time but dig the scraps right into my soil in the Spring, Summer and Fall.
Your 10 Garden Vegetables to Grow show was superb. Thanks for the info.

Wasim Siddiqui

Super like as you showed care for plants and insects as well visiting them. Grow more so if some are chopped off, it doesnt matter. Great!!!

Love always Jasmine

13:55 thought you were going to say the F word lol


Thanks for the terrific and well presented info!

Sheila Smith

We advocate the Killer Queen mother cats! Born from a litter of a great line of feral farm/barn cats, she alone kept invasion of rabbits 99% controlled! Not to mention voles and mice, also!
Cat’s are great companions too! We love working with them and they love showing us many of the pests they killed for us. Well worth having!

The Darkest Muse

In New Jersey we have more deer than we know what to do with. Coyote urine works wonders.

Samantha Steen

"Shocked me to many times" ?

Toys Merchant Indonesia

Thank you . This will save my kang kong. I hope... N how about neem oil from leave?

Kari Gunderson

thanks for all the great information and showing us your garden.

Kyara St. Amant

Do you have squash vine borers? If so, how do you deal with those?

Khanh Nguyen Duy

Love your video can upload more videos

Gregory Warwick

Have you tried The BLACK RUSSIAN / UKRAINIAN tomato varieties? They grow huge! and need staking but the flavour is amazing! Deep black/dark blood red, Mmmmmm

Kousouma Rendall

Thanks for your info. I am beginner & have learnt a lot from you.

Annemarie May

Thanks. Interesting. I initially came looking for a solution to the stink bugs on citrus trees but found all your other tips very interesting, too. I had not heard of the "sacrificial plant" one. I might try that. I am glad I was not the only one who thought hanging bits of glittery foil etc on fruit trees to deter birds stripping the ripe fruit was unlikely to help. I decorated my loaded fruit trees with glittery Christmas tinsel thinking it would deter them but they obviously liked the tree decorations because I ended up with entire flocks of birds having a party on my beautiful apricots. So I don't think I'll be hanging any more old shiny CDs or cigarette box or chocolate silver paper wrappers on fruit trees to stop birds. I like your idea of making a pest guard using garden stakes covered in old garden hose with wire netting stretched over this structure. Means I can use some old hose I was planning on tossing into the garbage . Queensland fruit fly seems tave been smoked out down here in the south east after the bushfires because, for once, there has been a fruit fly free year,as we are just inside the fruit fly 8 tested area, where it is illegal to go beyond a certain fruit fly checkpoint carrying fruit from our locality towards Melbourne. It's been great actually being able to eat locally grown fruit for a change. I wish way could be found to fumigate the fruit fly every year without having to have bushfires to get rid of the fly. Maybe put a tent around each fruit tree and then create a smoking system involving no fire danger to smoke out the pests??? The pyrethrum from the pyrethrum daisy plant used as an ingredient in commercial pesticides, someone suggested that simply planting such daisy plants dotted among your other plants might also do the job as they grow and bloom and let off their effective chemical to deter insects. These daisies grow pretty easily and prolifically and require little water or fertiliser or care to thrive and do the insect control job, saving a bit of work and unnecessary expense buying or mixing up homemade organic pesticides.

Teri Beckham

What a gem of a channel. Bravo.

Cees Kramer


Jesse E

Useless info. If you really think anything you're doing is making a difference you must be touched.

Jesse E

I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say there's no getting rid of the bugs in my garden. Even chemical pesticides do almost nothing. Praying for a really big fire LOL

Jon Scoggins

Great video I've also used ornamental flowers to attract pest away from produce and things like wild mustard worked great at drawing away tomato worms ?

Keith Jackson

very enjoyable with plenty of helpful information which i shall endeavor to use

Sharon Menezes

We use neem oil in India

Deepika Sharma

Hey Mark I am really inspired. Amazing videos.

Mac Budy

what about frogs ??? frogs are a great way to keep the bugs down.


Do chickens eat lizards? I haven't had one in like ten years and don't recall ever seeing them do so. I have two giant dinosaurs in my yard that shat out like a thousand baby dinosaurs. I think they're some kind of blue tongued lizard. The babies are like garden lizards on steroids, 3x the size. I want chooks to get rid of some pests but I don't want to run the risk of them injuring the baby dinosaurs. They've been here for a few years now and are safe and comfortable and fat. I just wish they'd eat more bugs!

Krishna Kumar Singh

I think, " Being literally all green for decades."

Taisla Young

What a brilliant video of that mynah


Kill the young pests (reduces the generation)

Kevin Perry

Beautiful, man. We love you here in northern California!

Rodney Kowald

Diatomaceous earth is another good way

The Sanctuary Norfolk - UK

Crows are incredibly intelligent. Try using a stick that looks like a rifle and attach that to a scarecrow, I have seen that work really well in England.

Stormy Sampson

Please don't do Hugelkulture. You are effectively causing PERCHED WATER TABLES in your beds.

Etienne 777

Build a greenhouse.

Carmen Martinez

Good Day Mark

Christina Likoski

Love is guy (sorry wifey)?
All jokes aside
Your going to help me be a better Gardner
Thank you
Australia ? Christina

Aniek Scharenborg

I love gardening but I am so scared of pests and worms...
Hope these tips help!

Karl S

Very wise way to garden as novices like myself make mistakes you mentioned all too often.... awesome advice


8:35 me playing with my silly hand that I got from the toy machine

Michael Suruko

I am amazed by the the variety of fruits and vegies you grow.. excellent..

diana diamond

Very informative info. Thanks so much.

Thisokumar Tharmalingam

Thank you for sharing your biodiversity garden around the forest ? ??

Diana Cooper

Thank you so much, you are a great teacher!

Dorothy's Home Workout

Learning a lot. Very informative thank you.

Joy Rakow

Try cutouts of hawks and eagles to scare the crows. Apparently it works in Israel

Prue Fallick

Why don't you talk about Neem oil? Odd omission. If you don't like it, why not say so? Have you tried it? If so, where, & how did it go?

edward mylnychuk

the beneficial bugs is something i had considered but did not do because i didnt know you could buy them great idea and soooooo natural

Susan Moyle

My mum had ducks until they got she has slugs at least she still has 3 blue tongue goannas on her property which keeps the snails down


Love you !!! Man !!! Very nice tips !!! Keep up the good work !!!

Jodie von Gal

Wintergreen essential oil works wonders against aphids. I attach small strips of cloth to my infected plant. Then drop wintergreen oil onto the cloth strips. Aphids disappeared and don't return.

Gina Williams

Excellent advice as always - will adapt for my garden (flowers only at the moment as am new!) - my greenhouse had huge greenfly infestation on my Gerbera and Parlour Palm seedlings, I get lots of squirrels who dig up everything, and just found two drowned mice (rats?) in the waterbutt overflow! So I've got it all at the moment! Plus it's cold (December) and rained non-stop for 2 months so not easy to be in the garden regularly. The washing up liquid worked on ants tickling aphids but I didn't add oil so will give that a go (I've seen some videos where lemon juice or vinegar is added too?). Thanks again - I'm learning loads!

Kirsten Olson

I don't know if you would consider this an organic pesticide, but I found it very useful against scale on my house plants. Dilute rubbing alcohol with water and spray directly onto the scale using a little pump spray bottle--the kind sold for cosmetic products, not kitchen sprayers. It doesn't hurt the plant, it evaporates fast so that it doesn't leave a residue, and I could make it using what I already have in my home. I mix in a couple drops of essential oils (usually citrus oils) to make it smell nice.


Great advice ... yep what we deem pests are there for a reason, as with the importance of apex predators. Only criticism now at the end is the black netting over frame; bats especially can caught up, as well as smaller creatures such as birds and snakes.

yuuji vermilion

One question can I use the leftovers that I got from a face to conssome to help my soil

Paprika Dream

Had a couple of fruits trees but had to chopped off because they got so much caterpillars and snails. Sure caterpillars are good as they can become butterflies but I don't think my area need that much of butterflies it's a pity and really hard now whenever I see trees being chopped I feel like crying because how hard it is to grow it


what do you think about using Bonide Thuricide Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) as a natural type of pesticide?

Josie Kennedy

? wow looks like I need a chicken ? in my little garden for slugs, birds bath. I enjoy a lot your ideas and get a dog for possums do come to eat n the prob is they are living over my roofs and eat all my roses ? I am mad ? everyday and worried to sleep. Thank you so much for the ideas ??????

Don Cahill

I could hang out with this dude! Goo-day mate - from the USA. I pray that I'll be able to visit Australia some day. All my best :-)


Sprinkling salt can be an organic way to keep snails slugs and caterpillars away

schwarz nguyen garden - cuộc sống Đức

You have banana fruit in the garden, that is so good. In Germany the weather is not suitable to become banana fruit. Anyway so good video

Lee steele

Realy great video thanks

Roshni Reddy

Hi Mark. Love your smile, your lovely garden and amazing tips. I'm just asking though, do you spray the oil/soap liquid onto the pests only? Does it not stop the plant breathing? Thanks, God bless.

Viv Lee

Beautiful big field / garden. Thanks for the tips for pest control!

Kermits Ashes

Cursed and underrated


Brilliant ideas... loved them

Shane Cook

How about a cat? No more mice, but probably a lot of other dead things around. Dog is lazy. She just waits for the cats to catch mice and then eats the dead ones. As we have mostly field mice it's not as bad a something like rats. It's funny to watch one of our cats. He's scared of ants. Guess someone was playing in the ant nest.....


Thank you Sir for all your knowledge ! your property is everything a gardener wishes for. I apply so very much what you have taught me to my Garden here in Texas. thank you again our Garden Whisperer ! you are appreciated and needed .

Kolap Yellow

don't tomatoes love heat. ?

Rasmus Poulsen

Here we have something I would call "Sticky traps". It works on apple and plum trees by attrackting the bugs with scent to a sticky plate inside a small container. The container hangs from the tree, and the moths will be lured into the trap by scent, and then it sticks to the plate. We tried the first time this year on a couple of trees, and we could really feel an improvement. Next year it will be on all our apple and plum trees.

Cleo XO

I've had good luck with a dusting of food grade
Diatomaceous earth. Don't buy farm grade or agriculture grade, as they add chemicals to it. Also, be sure to wear a mask so you don't inhale it.

S DSchtra

You did it. Thanks

Susan Wakefield

I bring water to boil turn heat of and add rhubarb leaves, leave to steep and cool then put liquid into spray bottle and apply to infected area
Works like a dream but only make up as you need as it seams to lose its potency after a few days in in bottle

Kimchi Farm

Your wonderful!

I will vote for you as
Chief of Agriculture for
United Nations
Fight for Ending
World Hunger!


Thank you for the gardening knowledge. Being in Australia do you have problems with animal type pests attacking your crops, eg. possums, snakes attacking your livestock?