Fleshlight quickshot launch

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review9 Apr. 2020
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Click this link & use

Click this link & use coupon code "DRCLIMAX" to save 10% off the Quickshot Launch at Fleshlight:


The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is a product made by Fleshlight that was made as a new & improved version of the original Launch, which I've reviewed here: https://youtu.be/PssDQmTFsrg

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Brenden B.

Do you know if its possible to make a program for it? I'd like to make videos interactive on my side, or just set up a good program in general




Does the quickshot come with the launch or sold separately?


It's not blutooth lol

Doug Wilson

Coupon code does not work


Does it work well with larger penises?

Highland Reel Vs Bricks And Mortar Elate

Definitely the best aromatic toy on the market, most enjoyable. Read the WARRANTY THOUGH! Warranty is voided if you let the battery drain completely and it’s safe to use while plugged in.


So it has Bluetooth mode it dont say anything about that in the instructions I just got 1 havnt used it yet still waiting on my quick shot to show up

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review20 Feb. 2020
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The ole Fleshlight

The ole Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review. The future of adult toys? Does it suck? Find out in my review. If you liked it, make sure you flick that subscribe and like button. Hit notifications, to watch more videos. Just do stuff.

Check out their products. Sometimes they have sales: https://fleshlight.sjv.io/gedyB

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Brett Baker

Man is back

Jades Corner

Check out their products. Sometimes they have sales: https://fleshlight.sjv.io/gedyB


Very Cool Thanks!!!!!!


Is there a quick shot sleeve that has a closure so I don’t bust everywhere? Thinking about getting this puppy.

Twin Turbo

2 questions, how would you hide this thing and how loud is it ?

Highland Reel Vs Bricks And Mortar Elate

Definitely the best automatic toy on the market, most enjoyable. Read the WARRANTY THOUGH! Warranty is voided if you let the battery drain completely and it’s safe to use while plugged in.

Patrick Rigsby

God damnnnnn??


Looks powerful.

Matthew Skidmore

Bought it all on sale with Riley Reid quickshot. But that lube is so expensive 8oz for 21 dollars damn can I just use some other good brands shouldnt make a difference right

Women are OBSOLETE

Women are OBSOLETE20 Jun. 2019
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Copy "the

Copy "the look":

Fleshlight launch - http://bit.ly/fleshlightLaunch_

Fleshlight STU - http://bit.ly/fleshlightSTU

Samsung Gear - http://bit.ly/_gearVr

Noise Canceling Headphones - http://bit.ly/headphonesNC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/INCENDlUM

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Jesse walden

I gave you a like because of the title :P haha

B.D. Squires

Yoo I was V. high while watching this and that last video made me feel all sad and misty eyed but also scared and mad? Thanks b you a cutie


This channel has to be the realization and manifestation of the sad reality for many men in this world, which is performed in such a way that is relatable and meaningful but also just fucking funny. I feel it's a way for men (or boys, depending on what you wanna call them) to acknowledge that there are others going through the same struggles as you but presents the humor behind this lifestyle from an outside perspective

davis fearon

Awesome presentation bro


Know what that fleshlight can't do? Rob you of your home, possessions, children, and peace of mind.


You need a pornhub channel where we can watch your videos uncensored. Your fans will follow you man.

Ave ver the 4th

The last video made me suicidal

Deepak Chawla

8:50 ???

E.T. 2

Vadgina Meister

Mu Ma

Que Dios nos perdone.

Bruh It’s Alex

0:00 me after I get rejected

Kathy Johnson

She says I love you too much I think she's becoming obsessed with him

Nobody Worth Mentioning


Lau Da



This video is the holy bible for lonely gamers


This better not fuck up my recommendations.


poor guy :(




I'm watching the part of the documentary about my life when I researched my teenage years

Kwame De Graff

When you see this video you know you have had enough YouTube.


R/DeepIntoYoutube anyone

Keir Penny



Man really had to stare directly into the camera at 1:48 ?

Joseph Ford

Hey my guy listen up...

I'm not trying to embarrass you, at the same time I did see the emotional reaction to the lady being gentle with you and telling you that she loves you. Were you abused as a child? I'm only asking because I was physically and emotionally VERY abused and had emotional and relationship issues from it. I hope you weren't but if you were please talk with your family and a counselor about it. You seem like a good guy and deserve to be happier than ejaculating into a machine will bring you. Npot that I don't use a Fleshlight for when my GF is unavailable. I just hope that you're not depending on it or getting addicted to it.


Nobody Worth Mentioning

good video, man

J o e Hoodie

Now I can fuck my favorite wiafu!!

Nobody Worth Mentioning


No Please

You sound like Steven Terreberry.



Ben Brooks

Your not even ugly your just a bit socially awkward


He sounds like the “music is win” of sex toys

Michael Martin

The overly proper way in which you speak makes this that much more....divine

Xan Fem


Skittle Dude

Am I the only teen that owns a fleshlight?


how did i get here


This made me sad

Magic Beetle

You still exist I love you!!!!

Derrick Hildum



When You want to go to someone else's house use PH VR ?


this channel shadows a certain radiohead album

D. Hernandez

The best videos


This device saved a school from getting shot up

Xan Fem

I love this movie.

Rem Zuy



This video is fucking deep. No pun intended.


He’ll find the greatest women ever someday



Kyle Belmont


CndCooch3 -

Yucky an mobile user what’s it like not being attached to 15,000 cords on a vive and having a heart attack when your link cable yanks one of the eyes from existence, but we’ve all experienced the pain of smashing your knuckles into the corner of your wall and fracturing your finger like I did fucking yesterday

c 0 n t r a b Λ n d


Shell Sharpe

Man your bold


The ending was litteraly a scene b4 u sewicide urself like in the show "kiss me first" on Netflix or somthin

susu gam

well done lmao

Jesus Christ is Lord

God exited the chat -

Labcoat Reads

This video is art in its purest form and I love this

smoll sushi

Came here from the eboys

Calvin IDK• _

You know some poor person has to manually sync the movement

Mat Lol

Bruh mans buys pocket pussys instead of a better phone you got my respect???????????????????????

Super Bird

@ 4:25. This isn’t a FUCKING game to me... ??

Noah Taylor

Film tutorial on Pornhub pls. We need to see it in action. No homo.

Carbon 21

Dude! Your funny loved it. Lol keep up the good work, you have talent to do this with any product, and doesn't have to be sex toys, but always include the toys. I subscribed, come on bring it on now, start doing reviews on popular products with your style. ???

Christian Cryptic

That last video got me feeling some type of way, we’re here for you if you want a group hug my guy lol


How about you use something call intuition and rethink your sad life living this type of way, human population needs to keep on producing.

Avery Baker

"Oh golly she is". I promise I'm not this weird, I was just interested in wut this was??

Rem Zuy

Ingat.... Ada allah....


Damn .. i felt the ending duude )):

Eternal European

This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Avid Odd

i hope you are trolling. if not, take care.


It sounds like a dollar store RC car revving up. Good thing those headphones are noise canceling lol.


What website / Studio is that video at the end from?

Phil R

You're the man! It's a sex toy and women shaming men for having sex toys is ridiculous. Way to be a pioneer!

promr marbles

me when woman: ?


Bruh you earned a subscriber today, lmfao literally my new favorite youtuber.


I am sorry to tell you that no machine can replace the touch of a woman and the feeling you get when you give her the orgasm of her life!

zeek 1775

Demolition man esc


Damn your so hot and I'm not even into guys

Could be a compliment, could be an insult. Idk Interperate this how you will

Steven Nelissen

My dad is going to love seeing this when I send it to him

Ben Brooks

I think you’d like by dads book called “artificial intimacy” when it comes out, it’s about ai/robot sex and society

Umai yes

Fleshlight launch is sold out :(

Cameron Lee Leatherworks

I get it bro, until the end part with the brittish girl confessing that she is passionately in love with whomever is watching...thats the equivalence of hacking someones facetimes,..but back to the thrust, never underestimate the power of the real thing,.esp when you dont have to worry about the anxiety, or self doubt..which can dissappear when you find the ONE

Platon Stef

That ASMR part... i felt that

Tyrone Bigum

Wtf is that ending omg I couldn’t stop watching what the hell so wrong with me


Sam you need a hug

Byron Gilbert

You're a great presenter, definitely one of a kind - in a good way

turd ferguson

good lord


If you feel shame and inadequacy after having sex with a woman then the problem is you and it's really you who's obsolete

Muhamed Usama Ali

So from which season of black mirror is this?

Carter Barenfanger

That last video hit really hard.

Richard Freeman

My god you're fucking hillarious!

Vlone Redd

Wait your a virgin?

Stephen Hood

Let's get an F in the chat boys

Mj Verostek




Sex Man

Oi, I know that as a random person on the internet I wont be able to really help you and you showed a reaction to the ASMR that just kinda made me think that you'd need something to help you realize how many people you are affecting. You have a ton of people here that appreciate the content you put out and who knows the impact you've had on these lives. Each person here is a different person with a different story and you are practically guaranteed to have brighten up some lives. No matter how the situation must be at the moment, you gotta keep looking to the future. You'll get that feeling that you want because you brighten up peoples lives. What do I know tho? I dont know you personally or anything but know that you arent completely alone.


nice video indeed ... that device is quite big indeed But very interesting
as i am very unsecure for me my dream woman would be the one that orders me to tie and fuck her wearing a mask I have a stupid face when i make love

Nicolas Smythe

This guy kinda reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld in some way


The worst part is looking at the fleshlight after you know he just got done fucking it.

Lee Cersso


k kurova

i get the feeling if this man hadnt been able to afford all these perverted indulgences, he wouldve ended up committing a mass shooting or something


Does it have a heater?