Grab her boobs

Actress annoyed but actor kept grabbing her boobs

Actress annoyed but actor kept grabbing her boobs7 Apr. 2019
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Actress annoyed but actor

Actress annoyed but actor kept grabbing her boobs

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Derek Mioux

What’s her name and which movie?

[Video] August Alsina Grabs Fan Boobs On stage During Concert

[Video] August Alsina Grabs Fan Boobs On stage During Concert29 Sep. 2015
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August sings to a girl and

August sings to a girl and starts touching on her breasts and grinding on her and she looks very uncomfortable.

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Adrian H

Yall keep saying he didn't realize what he was doing. Look again and pay real lose attention.....he attempted to get a quick nipple squeeze in. Y'all can deny it all tou want but he knew what he was doing.


you'll need to stop over exaggerating. his was trying to grab her arm not groping her. haters are always trying to make unnecessary comments to make talented amazing singers look like bad people. that fan looked really comfortable in the stage she was smiling and if you watch the interview on the breakfast club august talked about what happened .

Jonathan Anaya

Yes it was a mistake

Christian Figuroa


Emily Collins

Looks like he was trying to grab her arm/hand. He said in an interview that the girl was really cool about it and asked him on a date ????


uncomfortable? she look like grinning from cheek to cheek. thats the look of a chick ready to give it up!

Julie Julie

still want this

Miera Miera

that's funny he wasn't even paying attention to what he was doing lmfao

sweet pea

Umm before i give MY opinion i want y'all to know i ABSOLUTELY love myself some damn August. Ima be honest tho im watching the video and yes he do have on very dark shades and if you pay attention to his mouth once he moves the mic it looks like he bit down on his teeth maybe he was high that doesn't excuse the fact tho.I watched the interview and he said he was zoned out he needs to be careful and don't let that happen again this video is just umm ?

Deja Lanae’

She definitely looked uncomfortable. You can tell by the way she grabbed his hand, not everybody is ready and willing and I'm sure she would have rather that happened in private not on stage. Her smile was because she was happy to be on stage, not happy to be violated. And August was not reaching for her hand or her arm, let's not sugar coat things. Be real

Active 951

Why is this so damn funny ??? like you can tell he couldn't see nor did he know what had happen ??? this is comedy

J Wynter

guys you NEED to get it right my baby was not groping her he didn't even realize that he was doing that and he said when he watched it ,it made him cringe he even called her and told her he was sorry and she was like if we were not on stage blah blah .you people run y'all mouth too much leave my baby alone mind yo damn bitness

Jayy Sullivan


Asia Craig

LMFAO He had no idea that be was grabing her boob

Shariya Hunt

is that you