Girl calls you boo

What Does Boo Mean?

What Does Boo Mean?2 Feb. 2017
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What Does Boo Mean?

What Does Boo Mean?

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franks toe knife

god i loathe robot voice


LMAO means laughing my ass out

Betty Cooper

Can't tell you how many boos he calls me,,, Oh my God!!!!!

Point Bland

Bro that means my crush likes me

LOBO - Me And You And A Dog Named Boo - 1973 Official Video

LOBO - Me And You And A Dog Named Boo - 1973 Official Video19 Feb. 2012
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Lobo's big 70's hit, which

Lobo's big 70's hit, which I used to play with my band - Love this song ~

I remember to this day

The bright red Georgia clay

And how it stuck to the tires

After the summer rain

Will power made that old car go

A woman's mind told me that so

Oh how I wish

We were back on the road again


Me and you and a dog named boo

Travellin' and livin' off the land

Me and you and a dog named boo

How I love being a free man

I can still recall

The wheat fields of St. Paul

And the morning we got caught

Robbing from an old hen

Old McDonald he made us work

But then he paid us for what it was worth

Another tank of gas

And back on the road again


Now I'll never forget the day

We motored stately into big L.A.

The lights of the city put settlin'

Down in my brain

Though it's only been a month or so

That old car's buggin' us to go

We've gotta get away and get

Back on the road again

(CHORUS bis)

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I remember this as a happy time jammin KHJ in LA and Drivin Hollywood Freeway to Ventura Drive clear to Highway 1 (used to be 101) and up to Santa Barbara. My sidekick was a girl and not a dog, but I had nicknamed her Boo before this song came out. So after this I always think of Boo my as my redheaded goddess of love. Sharon Nelson the music director of KHJ was a friend of ours and so we loved KHJ and of course it was number 1 in LA.

robert mitchell

I've got a dog named Boo, then I listened to this song for the first time on the radio, groovy man!!


Great song Lobo. But please give the give the bear fur. Back to the bears that you stole it from !!!

John Bates

Always one of my favorite songs....Hard to believe its been nearly 50 years ago.

Eric J

Timothee Chalamet in the 70s


I like this song. Me and my 6 years old girl are listening it now in Hungary, Europe. One day after the pandemic - if ever - I would like to rent a car, and travel around in America. See the places which mentioned in the song. We are listening it again and again.


Pelo amor de Deus essa música é LINDA

Nelson Toledo

Este tema de lobo e mate de hermoso recuerdos

Gregory Bell

Sissy music.

Anirahc Tonoc

very nice country song....

Andre Newcomb

The didn't laugh James Corden. What does that make you?

Sarah Stokes

We have had 3 dogs named Boo in our family since this song came out. Best dog name ever

Sonja Wyss

one of my favorite songs forever

Rhonda Knapp

Kristen and jodi. Trixie and bubbles ✨ ♥ ? ? ❤ ?

J Yee


Danny Holland

I just love this sing it brings so much joy to the early 70's and a lovely song to listen to when cruising down the motorway on a hot lovely summer its such a shame that they dont make songs like this anymore i wish i had a time machine to go back in time those were happy days not like today

Gary Poole

This is probably one of the earliest songs that I can remember as a child and was convinced that they were singing, "Me and you and a dog named boo , How I love the ice cream man"...!

Kat Mi

Bringing back memories ❤️

Tom Tschritter

even the dreams seemed better ..

Clay Lyons

I was 6 years old when this song came out and I love it.

Carla Hubbs

Still a great song today.

Ed Riley

i wish i had that hair.

Sheldon Gibhard

I’m here in 2020, this song is just amazing

Eileen Michielli

an old friend introduced me to this song when I was 12 I'm now 54 and am still in love he had a little puppy named boo


Oh beautiful spng

Scott Robinson

Clean has nothing to do with it. The 70s will never be outdone especially love songs. I have a teory that power baleds became big in 80s because people missed that 70s love ROCK sound

Felix Fedre

I remember the song well when it came out, I was about 9 in 71. I've always found it both emotionally powerful but strangely mournful at the same time.


Used to love this song when I was a kid. Glad I was a teen in the 80's though. Music was much better. This is nostalgic though.

Peggy Mittag

I have loved Lobo for ever!♥️?

Ruby Sein

One of my favorite LOBO 's Music in the 70'S is always Fresh...I hope he is doing well and healthy ....


love that one although it would make a difference if we change off the land into on the lam. I always thought that it would have a another meaning that could also refer to the song.

Sharing news and Music

For my pups Taffy, Teddy, Scruffy and bandit... They made my life better over my life... I miss them all Teddy and Taffy were the last ones I had.. they died at 15 a month apart.... I also want to dedicate this to a dog named snuggles who was a part of a rant on an outtake of American top 40.... Dogs may be property to most.. But me... they are family...

Emie vlog75

I like the song of 70's eventhough I am 80's.

Al MacLean

Love This Song and The Singer!!!!

Monalisa Hughes

I want to learn my friends

Welcome To The End Of The World

I have a cat named Boo

cjsligo Jones

Am I on Ludes?

Jim C

A least in my mind

Bradley Wells

I always liked this song, but never understood what it was about? HELP!!!

wfthappening unreal


Harri Kitaunz

Que bonita canción, grande

Sahat Min

Cool? song and nice

Luke Hallinan

The sun was always shining wasn’t it that summer?

Gerry Cain

life without a dog is not worth contemplating

Danny Holland

I absolutely love this song it such a happy song and i loved growing up in the 70s as a child


Hahaha, what a piss awful record

Tiffany Thompson

I love this song!!!!!!!!!


After listening to this play "Sloop John B" by the Beach Boys (released five years earlier).

John Robertson

i bought introducing..25 flipping Hanley

Brian Shefford

Great tune

Kimberly Rae

Im think you'll find it's 'loved'.

Azka Machan

Did you remember this song, @riduanhbsimamora ?
We heard this song almost everyday at Simpang Limun (eBoss Production) from roadside VCD seller.


I love this song. What a voice. Sweet music. Nice to the ears. Wish music was like this again

Carrie C


anne thomas

Great to listen to this again ... yes memories X

Liauw Sonny

Nostalgia song..i like ..make me still make all be relax and bring new spirit

Lynda O'Neill

Such happy memories with this song, love it still, he was so good just sitting and playing guitar. Best days back in the 70's.

Joseph Halecki

America. Turned. Its .back .on .Almighty .God .we. Need. a. Spritual. Awakening. .Now

Mugsy Lucas

I will agree with this man absolutely amazing

sisdonnalee mizar

Thank you for posting this great song!

Fred Whitefield

Smooching with a chick i fancied for weeks in Pam's Bar in Bath to this song. Never saw her again and never heard this again until now and hey! what a great number!

dean sikora

I'm retired now. But during my working life, whenever I heard this song it made me want to jump in my truck and Chuck it all and divorce myself from the rat race. But I was too responsible to do that. Yeah, the song is a bit corny but I love it anyway. But it reflects the feel of the seventies. The " get back to nature", I want a house with 10 acres, back to the earth, mindset of the day.

Johnny fox

great song and great memories

David Garris

Goddamn extremely excellent music. Never will be replaced.


We have 2020 and lobo is often played in my fav radio station ndr 90.3 here in Hamburg/ Germany. I love this song?

Amauri Correia


jean johnston

So Mellow and easy listening to the beautiful sound that is so relaxing luv it

Fazley FazleySaiki

Me you and the boo still alive 2020

Muhammad Shoaib Akhtar

I am crying its my songs ?

Asmatch Izushisa

From Japan ???
私は ずっと 大ファンです 最初の LP を買ってからずっと 買い続けておりました CD も 見つければすぐに買いました あなたのボーカルに シンパシーを感じます 素晴らしいです 優しい歌声です シンプルです ネイチャーです 癒されます 落ち着きます バラード いいですね ソフトロック いいですね このビデオを見ていますと あなたの 誠実さがひしひしと伝わってきます とても好感が持てます 素晴らしい アーティストです 全米ナンバーワンですもんね 素晴らしいに決まってます あなたのオリジナルもいいですが カバー曲がまた素晴らしいです キャロルキング 色々あります ご本人も いいですが ロボ様のカバーは すべて あなた流 それがすごくいいですね 歌手によって 表現が 違ってきます 曲の良さを 生かすのもプロの腕です あなたはそれをお持ちです 私は ずっと楽しませていただきました YouTube により さらに 広がりました ありがとうございました

Josef Stalin

Still listening this song of course, 24 August 2020

Holley Jo Martinez

Awesome!!!!❤️grew up on his music. Still enjoy today during retirement?

Randy Werther

Remember this song on carefree summer days in the 70s

Maxi G.

I was born in the early 2000s, but it is very interesting to see what beautiful memories all of you connect to this song


Even my mom was not born when this song exist

Michael Shields777

That's a lovely helmet the dude's wearing, hehehe!!!

Lucilécia da Silva Lemos



i keep hearing “sloop john b”in this song (the part outside the chorus)

sally brownridge

First music I ever bought - cassette

Leslie Bagaoisan


Lester Allgary

Shrouds dad as the lead singer ?

Deano A smith

Reminds me of a great local radio station from Des Moines Iowa. Memories of those years xc

J 7ech

Ah man... I'm lucky enough to have a big extended family that lived all over Europe and this song just reminds me of my childhood & all the traveling we did to see everyone everywhere.
"Another tank of gas and get back on the road again..." That right there was how we used to do things ?


IF you ever find a song more suiting a Bard I would like to hear it.

Pauline Renshaw



If the modern music industry made this song everyone would assumed it was about a kinky threesome.

Cotella Trujillo

O love this song good old days those were the good songs

raven girl forever

This takes me right back to the 70 s. I was a child but my older brothers and sisters always had music on somewhere. This reminds me of the most wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon in the car piled with people. The radio blaring as we headed to carne beach in the sunny South East Ireland. Great memories it's funny how a song can suddenly take you back . Wish we had those carefree days again.

Jordi Panades Ribera

Thanks for posting.

Mike Windgren

IN PORTUGUESE: Eu, você e um cachorro chamado Boo.

Early Jenkins

Use to pick apples and peaches with my god fearing dad in skyline va area and go get cantalopes and go with fresh eggs to produce stand 1969 1970.lost it.always remember him
He also loved lobos. ballad I want you to want me like I want you to my mom.we would stop and get cold. Nehi grape or orange soda and bag of peaunts.always enjoyed these playing in ole pickup
Dad you was real man.god bless america.we ate and sat grace we loved our neighbors span8sh black it didn't matter we we were southern people.we had community and god

Veleros Veleros

Α, ρε αξέχαστα χρόνια!!!

Lynda O'Neill

Loved this song from when my boyfriend travelled to Adelaide from Sydney to get married and we had this playing all the way.Still great to hear and still with the same fella so must have been a good omen.

Jerry Boswell

Still in my top all time list of tunes... So keep rocking and rolling ...
Me and you and a dog named Boo....
Traveling this sod ....
Praise God for beautiful songs from years gone by

Terry Strahl

I distinctly remember playing that song in 1971 - 1972 when it first became popular am I right?

Mitchell May

#5 in 1971, #1 AC hit, 2 weeks!

Street Skater 66

0:37 did he fart or something?
What was that "oops I fucked up" face all about?

Brian Shefford

Great song

Gil T

If your old enough to remember this song when it played then..
We had the best times im an America that has been forever changed and people will never know how good it can be

Regina George - Boo You Whore

Regina George - Boo You Whore4 Jul. 2016
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Angel CastanesSubscribe 438 721

Regina is the best!!!!

Regina is the best!!!!

Comments (100)
Meg Fisher

Why am I cady and Karen and Janice all rolled in one


For those saying Regina says one minute I’m going to bed and then says I’m going out, it’s cuz she wanted Cady off the phone

Natalia baldeon

Why do I memorize this??

It’s just that I hate that song


ravian ravladi

Knowing that Rachel McAdams also played in Notebook that year just show how versatile she is.

Louise Mills

I kinda agree with both Cady and Gretchen like yeah what Gretchen said was super harsh but I do agree Karen had a right to know but maybe not blurted out the way Gretchen did lol xxx

Alex W

Love how Karen is examining her ass contour at 0:41 hahaha

Simply Speculation

Absolutely iconic.


She looks so offended at the end ?

InfamousSamurai - Roblox!

1:49 I can’t go out *cough* I’m sick

That is what I say when my parents say we’re looking for school clothes.


I'm from Michigan ???

Zeynep Cengiz


Evelyn Insuya


Trying to make everyone smile

Why my Regina George Eating the baguette


1:56 me when someone says something bad about me even though I know it’s a joke


omg she is so annoying

Amiracle Jahara

Gretchen, Cady, & Karen are gorgeous ??❤️?

i am a trash

Omg i didnt know u were a tøp fan until i saw ur profile pic


Cast is just over there like-

just keep it quiet I’m fitting in for once yes yes bitch

Tanya Randria

There are movies where the popular girl starves herself to death and there’s Regina eating a whole bread and feeding herself with chocolate bars

Ambre Miehakanda

Never noticed whag her lil’ sis was doing and watching ?


old phones

Twisted Films

Omg I always wanted to do 4 way calls

Marcel Chagnon

Imagine if this movie came out in 2020.


What is that girl Watching? So private

Alex WAllar

How the Heck can Cady hear Gretchen when she's talking to Karen. I mean if Karen has to switch the line between Regina and Gretch,

A N G E R Y !


American Not American't

Regina just ate as much carbs in one minute than I do in an entire week, what the fuck!

The voice says I'm almost out of minutes

1:54 "Boo you whore"


Cough cough I'm sick

Hauk Jacob

I just noticed Gretchen actually twisted what Regina actually said lol.. the writing was perfect cause that’s what teenagers do.

Frozen Hispanic



boo u ✨?ℎ???✨

Fawziya Jawad

Yoyoyo I love maen girls


Forever iconic

Oshun X

“nOt pREEtyyyyy” Yeah so ,Regina’s envious ass is obviously smokin dick because ??Gretchen is hella sexy ?she’s deadass the baddest out of the entire cast of the ??entire??movie??(.)


1:50 Boo you whore

C. Dawg Knight

Regina cuts off a small piece of bread, then eats the whole loaf.

I’m mildly Bored. Apologies.

Iconic till the end

Vanessa Dugan

Personally, I thought Janis Ian was the prettiest girl in the movie.

Valerie Owen

This scene is everything. Especially the last 15 secs

Drizzle Studios

Some people are saying, “This is what a girl friendship is.”

How do I know you boys aren’t doing this

Genise Sarita

Karen is probably my favorite character


Regina is such a liar. She hangs up the phone saying she's going to bed but few minutes later she calls Karen to hang out with her.

jamal collier

This is like my boss

Elisha So

I have never watched Mean Girls before... BUT THIS IS MY FAVORITE SCENE

suraj verma

so nice when girls accept that they are whores


some of yall in the comments didn't watch the movie and it shows in the way yall don't know why Regina is eating a wholeass bakery

artista the neko

This types of girls are in my school


1:54 ??

AppleDash's Rainbow Dildo


lay lay

CADY: Gretchen thinks you’re mad at her because she’s running for Spring Fling Queen.

REGINA: Oh my God, I’m not mad at her, I’m worried about her. I think somebody nominated her as a joke or something, I mean nobody votes for her, she’s gunna have a total meltdown, and who’s gunna have to take care of her, me!

CADY: So, you don’t think anyone will vote for her?

REGINA: Cady, she’s not pretty, i mean, that sounds bad but whatever. The Spring Fling Queen is always pretty. And the crazy thing is, is that it should be Karen, but, people forget about her because she’s such a slut. Anyway, i gotta go, i’m going to bed.

Regina hangs up and disappears

CADY: Well, she’s not mad at you.

The screen splits again from the other side to reveal that with 3-way calling, Gretchen was on the line the whole time. Her eyes are full of tears

GRETCHEN: Hold on!

CADY: Are you ok?


Gretchen hangs up on her. Cady looks surprised as she slides off screen. Gretchen sobs for a second as she dials the phone. Split screen as Karen answers.

KAREN: Hello?

GRETCHEN: If someone said something bad about you, you’d want me to tell you, right?


GRETCHEN: What if it was someone you thought was your friend.

KAREN: What are you…? Hold on, other line.

GRETCHEN: Im not taking this anymore.

CADY: Good for you Gretch!

Karen clicks over. The screen splits in thirds. It’s Regina. We still see Gretchen holding the other line.

KAREN: Hello?

REGINA: Lets go out.

KAREN: Okay. hold on, i’m on the other line with Gretchen.

REGINA: Don’t invite Gretchin, she’s driving me nuts.

KAREN: Hold on.

REGINA: Ok, hurry up.

Karen clicks back over to Gretchen. While she wait, Regina eats a loaf of French bread

KAREN: It’s Regina, she wants to hang out with me tonight but she told me not to tell you.

GRETCHEN: Do not hang out with her.


GRETCHEN: You don’t want me to tell you.

KAREN: Ugh, you can tell me, hold on…

Karen tries to click back over to Regina but it doesn’t work

KAREN: Oh my God she’s so annoying.


KAREN: Who’s this?

GRETCHEN: Gretchen.

KAREN: Right, hold on…

Karen clicks over again. This time she gets Regina. While Gretchen wait, she studies her face in the mirror.

KAREN: Oh my God, she’s so annoying.

REGINA: I know, just get rid of her.

Karen clicks over to Gretchen

KAREN: Ok, what is it?

GRETCHEN: Regina says everyone hates you because your such a slut.

KAREN: She said that?

GRETCHEN: You didn’t hear it from me.

CADY: Little harsh Gretch.

GRETCHEN: Ugh, whatever, she has a right to know.

Karen clicks over

KAREN: I can’t go out “cough cough” I’m sick.

REGINA: Boo you whore.

Michael Roche

Karen's face at the end is the face I made when my sister told me she hates Mean Girls

Chris M

This scene is fucking legendary

Arcanjo Miguel

i fucking conic


They are all so funny ?

Mas A

All girls

Miss Toast

Why is the sister doing disgusting things


Regina ate a donut and an entire loaf of bread and she's wondering why she's gaining weight?

Cool Gamer


Google User

Why does Cady hear everyone’s convo while Regine, Gretchen and Karen had to a switch connections to talk from one to the other.

Celia Weinrauch

Why are we in boxes?

Kieran O Sullivan


Xzavier Graham

The gag is Gretchen was the prettiest one of the plastics. ?


Ahh the era of house phones lol. My mom was always pissed off when I'd be tying up the line for hours lol.

Nicole Nicole

imagine calling gretchen ugly i can’t


Karen would not be smart enough to do her makeup that nicely

Erica Poitras

This is my high school friend group ?. All act so tight and close then when one girl walks away we all start talking trash about one another.

voldemort's shampoo

I just noticed Regina says Karen is prettier that her, idk why it never occoured to me


Gah I love these girls

Kaelyn :D



누가 한국어 자막 좀 만들어 주시면 안 대나요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Kurb Chasez

me trying to stay home

〘 Scooby Doo 〙

Gretchen is my favorite

Kyrah Dames

Gretchen is the best looking WTF

Mariya Takeuchi

“Boo you whore” best line in the film


“i’m going to bed”
thirty seconds later
“let’s go out”

im totally straight yeah im not bi or anything

1:16 Regina cutting the bread and then eats the bigger part is my everyday mood


Kerin: I can’t go out * cough cough* I’m stick
Regina: Boo you whore
Kerin: >:O

Khadija Rahman

I am sick

kiwi blue

1:54 lol

Kitty Grimm

Amanda Seyfried is fucking adorable in this movie!

7 Rings

I loved that scene so much ?

Legendary Ghost And Creature Investigation Files

Regina said she wanted to lose 3 pounds.....But is eating donuts !!!

lexie chan

sadly most female frienships are really like this, full of hypocresy and lies.

shawn ritzheimer

Why is Ragina eating an entire French baguette

BananazEatMonkez :D

"Hey Janice, nice wig, what's it made of?"

"Your moms chest hair!"

Fenna Stultjens

I love mean girls

Kurt Lim

female friendships in a nutshell. hahaha!

William Wassmann

That's 4 teenagers on LAN lines in one shot and not a cell phone in sight.

This movie is officially old and so are we. 0_________0

Herón García

I can’t go out *terrible fake cough* ᴵ’ᵐ ˢⁱᶜᵏ

Aziz Ako

Wtf 0:14

Ivy Girl

Imagine if Mindy was in this movie


regina reminds me alot of doja cat

Ty Barker

I still quote this fucking movie

It’s just that I hate that song



How did she know she said this

Jiwon Kim

What lip gloss does Karen wear


I cant stop waching this!


The obviously fake cough kills me every time.