How to properly trim your beard

How To Trim and Shape Your Beard | TheGentlemansCove

How To Trim and Shape Your Beard | TheGentlemansCove10 Sep. 2015
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What is upppp you guys!

What is upppp you guys! Finally I show you guys how to trim and shape your beard! Beards are super awesome and fun to have when they look right. shape it how you want, make those lines compliment your facial structure and it'll make everything stand out way more. If you cant grow facial hair, be patient. Its a genetic thing.



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Tufnjufd Ryccvjv

He thinks hes sooo sexy but he aint??

Prospector James Marshall

Thats only 1/2 a beard to start with lol

Florin Curteanu

Too much work... better shave it all.

Darius Parks

Patchy ass beard bro..

Doyen 86

Looked weird as shit after you trimmed it.

Tom Tapp

Ugly ass beard

Lalindra Siriwardane

U need a better beard trimmer. It doesn't trim evenly.

kuttu cr7

My beard dont recognise 9mm clip?

Ammar Nasser

Every week I have to watch this video to do mine ???

andin limoni

Use minoxidil

my dad is my superhero

I got my beard at the age of 2 years now i have hair all over my body . Do u have any idea how to trip and shape my body. Also tell me which trimmer is best ?

Josh Nakamoto


Rajat Pandey

Nice ??

JNorene Platt

Guard numbers ?? Trying to do Hubby's beard...which is really bushy and yucky.


You just ruined your good looking heard,and that transition of the beard length makes you look worse.

Flying O

Oh shidd wtf this us O'Brien????

Jose Reyna

His mustache looks like trash with the trim.

Dale Frederick

That’s not a beard

Chris Hansen

I’m 16 and I have a beard just like yours but I always shave it but now I guess I’ll just grow it out

Shivang Bhatnagar

Thanks a lot!!!

Cindy Turner

you fucking suck man

po Pie

Cool man ?

Rob Liguori

How to shave off your beard. Step one shave it off.

Himanshu Dancer Vasava

Good one brother thanks

Sergio Delgado

Bro, your cheeks seem a bit thin compared to your chin area. Ever thought of just rocking a goatee and a stache? Might be a good look. Usually looks a bit effeminate, when the cheeks don't match the rest of the beard. Just a tip... ; )

Hagop Hagopian

I'm definitely not here because of Corona and all the barbers are closed oh nah

zabdiel de jesus

Wtf I am doing here IAM Asian and no beard like wtf


like a possum with mange

Jason Castillo

Bro u should be going down with the clippers not up.

Saurav Priyadarshi

How did you manage to trim at your neck? I mean how do you see your back?

Lennys Gaming

You arent lucky the hair on your cheeks is transparent


Actually you can get better beard growth if you increase your testosterone (nofap, heavy exercises especially legs)

Ricardo Belloso

You should be a comedian..

Scuba Steve

This looks bad.

2k20_B9_62_Abhishek Singh

Lite beard below chin

Rameshwar Patil

He looks like Captain America??


You call it a beard


Ok this is helpful and I've seen 4 videos with million of viewers earlier to no help. Thanks man, i have cray bushy beard and will do your trick tomorrow. I always like to trim it short before but thinking to style it a bit now your guard change trick helps! Im using Philips trimmer so guess have to adjust which number suits me.


Should I shave my face first? Then will I get a beard?

suriyan shankar

Thank you awesome.

Tahsan Rafique

You're really very good looking and handsome. Mashallah.
-Your new subscriber?


The pool cleaner has been located

Dhruv Dutt

Westerners : you will get beard after 18

Arabians: we got beard when we were 14

Punjabis: Hold my beer ?
Koreans/Japanese/Chinese: you guys are having beard?

vijigiri pranay

Dude he is so cute

Gokul Nath k

This is not 9mm it's 4 mm I think

Afzal Hussain

how do you short the breard with a trimmer and show me the esay way

Ian Genuine

Kinda looked better before.


Um... 9? It's basically shaving.

Chad P

Minoxidil helps speed up the process of beard growth. I’m 8 months on minox, and I have a beard now. From baby face to beard. I still have another 4 to 6 months on it to make it even fuller.

Bill White


king world

Ur fucking bad asshole go to barber

Faisal Mansoor

Trim your mustache to 0mm


Hello :) Just stopping by because i heard that you said theres no other way to grow a beard other than genetics, and after 2 full years of minoxidil 5% , here i am... watching a video of how to trim my beard, wich i never thought i could grow one :) Thanks for the video tho i really enjoyed how i trimmed it


You do kill thé beard , grow it out and it would look much better mate

Prince Saini

Nice beard


I'm 17 and I swear I have the exact same beard.

James Mason

I have this beard trimmer and it works very well, I'm really satisfied:

kickbox fit

Background track?

Nick Brown

Why this dude looking like Bieber

Gourav Sharma

Heyyy...seen this video just to c u... lovely as well.. good.. one btw..god bless...

kuttu cr7

Well that mustache cutting was a disaster i understand


Mine didn’t start growing till I was 27 so keep the faith

Adam whittaker

Minoxidil is a way to grow a beard if you don’t have the genetics,

Abhilash Chowdary

Mustache sucks

Om Shiv Keshri

Same with me. I am also very lucky :)

Big Juicer

4:35 ok you've gotta be shitting me

Benji Funk

We are not dumb

IAmTheOldMusic S

thanks man


I got my beard in 18, I'm 19 now and its pure

Sàlàzàr Smilè

Watching this after my barber fucked up my beards and i had to clean shave ?

kamil mohammed

You look awesome whatever u do.

Premjyoti Dhar

Tbh u fkd your beard up?it was looking better before

All About Styling

So many patches ! Not useful tutorial


my husband dont have genetic for beard, but he start using Minoxidil Kirdland, for 3month and the result is awesome. he already have beard now.


Im happy i got my Viking blood, 18 years and a THIC full beard :) Keep growing!

Sun Ytube

Very good

Army Veteran

You just gave yourself patches


Damn i need to do a beard trim guide. Some dudes just cant grow hair it would seem

Joey Timlin

I’m 15 wit no dad to teach me how to do this shit and I got a full beard last time I tried to trim my beard it got messed up really bad and looked real stupid


5:06 thank me now

Corey Dopp

I had a small patch of hair on my neck in 8th grade. I'm white. I'm 24 now, and it's almost full but not quite

Bash Ka

Mate shave the whole thing off


Very lucky with facial hair? Man, you look like child with fake beard.

Psycho Bread

“I don’t touch anything here I just leave the natural line I was born with” you were born with a beard?

John johnson

You sound 12

38 Miles to Bixby

" I guess I was very lucky when it came to facial hair." Bro????
Yeah, McDonald's and Red Robin both got burgers but one of them doesn't make you look back and say, "oh God why did I go there??"


Can someone tell me what to say to the barber to get this beard style

Ricky_ Drillz

Lol this barely even a beard if its patchy and looks shitty then you just have facial hair . .... stop calling it a BEARD when it isnt

Luis Flores

I don't grow a mustache but grow a beard like Abraham Lincoln

ACG Medical

Genetics ? Not to be rude but you don’t have great genetics. Your beard has three colors to it, it’s patchy, there is a large amount of redness and irritation under the beard by the chin and that’s from not moisturizing it with the proper balms. I didn’t want to be rude but you sound arrogant.

Marshall Wattar

men.... don't mess with your Moustache again

Arpan Debnath

Guys I have used this product and believe me I have got result in 26 days. just have a look at this product in Amazon.

aleksander noska

Pop this whitehead at 3:55 !

Amigos 223

I always smile when i line my mustache with the line of my lip so when i smile it doesnt fall over my lip.

eye rake

Why did you decide to make a video you haven't got the genetics for it.

Marcelo Velarde

You have better self steem than beard

Raghavendra Kuttabadkar

Can you tell me where have you brought trimmer, brush and scissor . Can you give the link in the description

Achmad Derryl

trim from up to down, dont from down to up its make blind spot to your beard

Jack Malouf

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How to trim your BIG Beard At Home | Tutorial

How to trim your BIG Beard At Home | Tutorial5 Apr. 2018
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I hope I can continue to

I hope I can continue to keep making great content for you guys !

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Comments (100)
Chris Williams

you should get the andis foil shaver or the whal 5 star shaver. works great on cheeks and hard spot behind jaw.. it only cuts short hair so it wouldnt cut your beard.. leaves a nice sharp line

Rob Sosa

Congrats on the 50k bro!

A Patriot

I said a Ruben in your last video


I bought a brio. Not very impressed. It doesn’t get a super close shave/edge up. Feel like a Andis T-outliner would work better.

Captain Cookbook

Do Love story first !


Congrats Scuba ?? I just ordered some of the free beard oil from artiusman midnight ride and spice latte.


Glass of bourbon and watching your videos.

The Monk

I think you have the absolute best advice and video tutorials. I’ve been growing for about 5 months and you’ve helped me tremendously on tips and products. So stoked to watch the videos. Congratulations on the subs! Keep up the great content! Shits great!


Congrats on 50K bro. I recently bought the brio trimmer and have used it few times already, am fucking loving it. It's a very advanced product in my opinion.



Tim Smith

Ordered my broi today!! Gonna be in on Saturday. I'll post the receipt. Where do I send it again?

The Big Beard Guy

Man I bought my Brios a few months ago off of your review!!! Damn it lol


Burping once while speaking might be sort of funny, but every 30 seconds makes you seem like a 12 year old boy.

Captain Cookbook

So you co wash no shampoo

Darren Brown

Hey dude great videos and attitude, so I'm wanting to reach out to your personally as I'm launching a beardbrand and I'd love to know how I can work with you send you loads of free stuff and get a honest no BS opinion as well as giving your viewers a great discount

Chris Janes

Damn man! I bought my brio 3 weeks ago!!

Beard Toc

Yo scuba... 50 mother trucking k subs... Damn I start watching this chanel this time last year. And got all my shit from what you put in your vids. But way to go man. PS LOVE YOU TOO!!! HAHA

Paul D

Lol, when you started trimming your beard I literally lifted my chin while watching my phone!!


do not sneeze while trimming your beard


Great video as always. Thanks brotha!


Don't mind me, just watching this and other trim vids on repeat until I muster the courage to finally do my first trim.

Hardcore Vikinging beard product reviews

Please don't change like gray bailey we need more channels like this man


We can't win your panties? No sell lol. I already have brio

orion gillette

T-swizzy is life...lmao Scuba


I did fall for it..I was like wtf


I saw the coffee one on there but not latte one, I bought the midnight one the other day which to me smells like black liquorish lol wife isn’t impressed, however I love how it lasts pretty much the whole day

Alex Brohaugh

Wat part of Kansas are u from? I live in Kansas. And thanks to u i now own beard products to help me grow a full beard.

Pix theMuzzl3

Ur beard looks too thin

Michael Myers

I got myself the brio for Xmas. Love it. Best ever!

Jason Kelly

Could you do a video on how to stop flaking/dandruff. Thanks love the videos !

Hardcore Vikinging beard product reviews

Let it grow for awhile. It will be new but let it grow for awhile

Joshua Ford

Thanks for saving me that beard trim cash :)

Vigilante Driver

My subscription is in there someplace.

I have two Brio Beardscape Trimmers. One I bought new, the other I bought "used" at bargain price from a friend of mine who changed his mind about a beard. Too much maintenance he said.

So why do I need two? Hell my friend, I'm a man. God gave me two eyes, nostrils, ears, hands, feet and balls. Why two? I really don't know, actually I do, but ask God anyway......He'll give you a better answer.

Anthony Negron

I don't really ever subscribe but I like your show your content does that count for a giveaway

Dennis Snider

You ain't right Scoob

Shawnofthedead _

For the contest, does it matter if I went directly to Brio and not amazon?


Got a like from me.great beard trim,looking good.need a big trim long is your beard from the bottom of your lip to the end,chin part.would like it the same length.cheers from uk.

Thomas Kornman

8:25 Un-guarded shaving with the Brio. This is fucking hardcore man. PS: Love the vids :)


Thank u so much! I didn't know they did samples. I just got "logger" and "citrus fire" samples. I also purchased the campfire oil too.
I'm really looking forward to your recommended "Artius man".
If I Like the oils ill buy some balm next time . Thank u for the info.


I like how you don't overthink or over manicure your beard. It makes it look nice and natural

Nick_ 10

Awesome vid....gotta get me a brio!! I'm using the Amazon link today!


Congrats on 50k dude ! I bought my brios with my tax money lmao .


Awesome video!

Jack Schitt

Is the HTG professional hair clipper the same manufacturer as the Brio Beardscape ? They look identical .

big richc82

Congrats on 50k. I think you will have 100k by December stay bearded

My Testimony

James and Joe!!!

Prone Rider 562

A year later and you've helped me pick a set of trimmers.

Vigilante Driver

You need to look up Nick Koumalatsos on YouTube. You guys could be Brothers or Cousin.

Absar Khan

God of war - Kratos beard

Kevin Shuey

Great trim. fucking love the videos. moms yelling got to go.. :)))

Cornelius Yahsharahla

You got me when you said you are done with the beard Channel

Peacemaker JB

been waiting for this video haha thanks for the videos.
always great content

big richc82

I'm half chewbacca too

Brian Tolman

I died at T-Sweezy XP

Gordy Howell

your the man Scuba!!! love Taylor!! haha


bring abby back lol

Blue Collar Beard

Congrats on the 50k!

Oskar Z

Congrats Broo been here since 10k fucking subs ??


Congrats on the 50k beard brother! Thanks for all the great tips & tricks as well. Looking forward to the contest. I need some oils....bad. Cheers!

John McElvogue

Love you too, Scuba!

Vigilante Driver

You Sir should get a "hang around your neck" style Beard Apron. I will soon be getting on for myself.

Carlos MnM

So I'm trying to grow my beard out more and using the dollar beard club grow oil, can I mix that with a scented oil? Also, would adding Balm be too much? Anyone can answer.

webster bailey

Just received my Brio for Christmas. Getting ready to use it now, can’t wait. Also got a 3 pack of Kent combs and the Bossman conditioner.

Jim Lavair

Congrats on 50k..looks good


6:10 lmao hilarious

Jeff Vega

Hey Scuba what up!!! Got any discount codes for Bossman?

jack shaw

god damn i swear i smelled that burp


I love everything about channel minus the burps lol

Andrew Conyers

What do you do for a small patch under chin, it’s got some hairs in the area, but I feel that it’s going to mess with the quality of my beard, what’s the best thing to do for something like this? If I grow my beard out will the patch still be noticeable? Like your beard is awesome, any advice would be awesome. Thanks bro

Stephen Shelton

"Can you see through?"
Points to density that reduces from black hole to lead.

Chris Martin

I love you

Jake Boss

I just recently got Sandalwood scent beard balm from Rocky Mountain Barber Company and Every Man Jack Beard Oil

Lol, i'm a bit confused to the scent, I mean, what exactly part of the scent smells like Wood? don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE!!!! the scent of Sandalwood it is an amazing scent, my most favorite scent, (But), it smells too sweet to smell like wood, almost want to say "Candy Sweet", but that's not right either, it is such as addicting scent!!!!! I literally can't get enough!!! (Says while pulling/lifting up my beard to my nose!) Lol

Steven Shaw

im disappointed in the fact that most things you review dont ship to Canada or if i find it on amazon Canada the prices are nuts. ex.... beard jelly $14 us on ca site $54.!!! cnd

Patrick Rosso

Got mine in yesterday! Brio black

Romario Lopez C

I already have my Brio's!! :( Awesome video!

David Veloz

What the link to buy your stay bearded shirt brother

Brian Haslam

Scubaaa it’s nothing but loving haha congrats on 50k, digging your videos (BURPPPPPSS)


Awesome advice bro.

Jesse Koch

Lol fuckin cracks me up...and by fuckin I mean fucking

James Thomas

Man u look cool

Ray Ray

Congrats on the 50k
Well done brother!!!


Congrats on the 50k brother

Bearded Big-Al

I really enjoy all of your videos, Its because of you that I started doing my own review videos on beard products. By next week or so I will have my own brand of beard oil and balm ready to be sold and shipped so I would really like to send u samples for free to do a review on them and get a little exposure. They are all natural ingredients I'm positive you will enjoy. Let me know if you would or not thanks allot and look forward to more from you.


The scuba code isn’t working for the Brios or the conditioner. Any trick to get the 20% off?

Hey there Dontworryboutit

Real excited for the new channel boss man.


i cant comb my beard like that for the beard get stuck or hairs comes out

Jeff R

Dam bought one last month. Oh well. Lolol


2:01 what word did you use? Bears? What do you really know about bears?

Eric Hill

New to bearded life. Mine finally got to a length where it needed to be trimmed and shaped (I was afraid to do it myself). Should have. She cut 2 inched off my beard. It was murder. Thanks for sharing guidance in trimming our own. I'll listen to you better next time.


Nice bra, also glad u stopped burping on ur vids. Super distracting from content.

Michael Myers

I was gonna say Reuben bc that is one of my favorites but went with the Crabby Patty thought you would get a kick out of it ?

Mohammed Nafeez

Consider finishing off the silhouette with a pair of scissors. I find it provides much better control and shaping ability especially when trying to shape up the bottom of your beard. Other than that solid advice as always. We've all stuffed up our beards when trimming and I liked that you pointed it out as apposed to scaring people off to their barbers.

Brandon Lee

You are so funny bro, I love your channe! Keep up the great work. Man!

Jake Boss

I fucked up the back part of my beard, how you explained in the back that you don't pull the hair down and trim it I did that a couple times, the back of my beard on the neckline on the right side grows straight up pointing up to my eyeballs and it always annoyed me that it does that, but after this video i know know that it doesn't matter, so now i'm just not caring about it, so that's a huge burden lifted off! so thanks! And no it's never too soon, i'm man enough to say it, I love you man!! No Shame!


I just bought some brio's after watching a couple of your videos earlier today! lol dammit!

El Man

Just bought my brio glad they weren't sold out this time

colby newhouse

Fuckin round house them right in the teeth hahahaha

Shane Paul

What happen to balmy beard? are they done? They are out of stock every where.

Oscar Lozano

Congrats on 50K

Michal Tocimak

50k subs? Fuckkk mee... i remember when i started watching this channel you had around 1k of subscribers and now ? You must be doing something right bro well done!