Girls useing sex toys

Employees uses sex toys to fight off a would-be robber

Employees uses sex toys to fight off a would-be robber16 Dec. 2016
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Employees of an adult

Employees of an adult store in San Bernardino, California, used sex toys to fight off a would-be robber. The incident was caught on camera.

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"They come in handy", she says.


Way to go!


He's was stunned I'm sure. he wasn't expecting these two to be that damn stupid.

Brandon H.

"We're you scared he was going to shoot you??"

" No, I was just really irritated-"

Stupid.. You meant to say stupid. That's how people get killed, dumbass. You was lucky.

Dan Gliballs

Asked for a Flashlight - left with a Fleshlight!

A Unique name

I bet they watched penguinz0 guide of sex toy defense

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