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A Throuple Love Story | How We Met

A Throuple Love Story | How We Met25 Jun. 2020
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Everyone has been asking

Everyone has been asking us how we became a polyamorous throuple. The video above describes in great detail on how we began our love journey. Be on the lookout every Thursday for more videos.

For more on our relationship, follow our instagram page!

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Comments (100)

Well the society is turning more to African principles these days. I grew up seeing these kinds of relationships in Kenya. Unfortunately, the Christian faith has demonised our natural way of life.


Hey that is a beautifully much love to both of you because US need to cum together and build that strong relationship better then before when we all had that back in the day. :))


Bruh lives life in slow motion... for real. Sloth gang... where you at ???. It’s all good though Tony... I respect your chill.

Kimba Chapman

Wow she is in the middle! Why not just date

Baron Munchausen

That dude looks pissed.

Lebogang Moloi

She had to get a girlfriend because Tony over here... uh uh!

Queen GG

LMAO...too funny

denise bowman

You guys are that desperate

Calona Floyd

Wait...he hates them...or idk something’s off.


wait.. so if y’all get married it’s 3 of y’all getting married together & basically he gets 2 wives?


♋️♋️♋️♋️ gang ?


Guess its true about the quiet ones because this dude is like watching paint dry.

Ann Cate

That shoulder shrug in the beginning was the most awkward????

B. Michavery

Why does he look miserable!?

Biblical Stories With Ann Joseph

Life of insecurities, car wreck waiting to happen

Simply Gem

They are all happy with giggles, while he's looking like he wants to run away. .. is like the women are in the relationship, alone. ? Idk


This video really humanized the poly relationship dynamic, especially for the black community. So thank y’all!

Corey Thompson

Can I replace Tony


The guy body is there but is soul left the room a long time ago?

glam star

These comments have me cracking up ???

LaShawn Davis

Alrighty then...he is with Cam...and Cam also has a girlfriend ?


Y’all are lost! I don’t have time to watch silliness. Adios✌?


The one in the middle is really pretty

k David

Watching this is cringe...

Gift Afrika Manganyi

SUBSCRIBED! I love your vibe guys, I'm watching all your videos.

April Walker

He look like he don't want to be in this kind of relationship

Day Walker

He probably not into being on camera.. and then add the fact he is REALLY on chill mode. How project themselves so much on what these girls will dude. They actually love the dude.. but its the girls show on the webcam but behind the scenes its his show.. That is what I get from it.. If you listened.. the couple been together for a long time, she not going to let another girl come in and take over and it worked out so far for both of them... Trying times puts everyone to the test.


This is not a poly relationship this is a lesbian relationship with a hostage victim

Zizwe Hunt

A real polygamous relationship doesn't suppose to have homosexuality involved in it.


This guy seems super detached and awkward

LaShawn Davis

This is such a boring interview

Tony Holmes

He must be exhausted!! Looks like he dozing off.

Valencia Sherrae

His shake for 3 seconds @ 0:07 had me ROLLIN....

akil amen

Gotta run, I have the runs- uh, I mean my roommate got locked out!

ViNita Long

That man is dying on the inside?

emmanuel amaechi

This guy isn’t at a good place. His positions in the videos says it all, he should be in the middle but he is not and that says a lot

Ms Iryn

Damnnnn why is he so disgusted when she peed on herself ????

jerome gilbert

Dat brother looks so unhappy

Ms Iryn

I think his a great guy but Damn he must be so insecure lowkey ??

Ms Iryn

He looks so bored asf as the couple talks ??


Y’all can talk shit about Tony all yall want.... but but but YOURE WATCHING THIS VIDEO OF HIM & TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ??? where u at?

Ms Iryn

The shame sitting infront of the camera to record this ????

Shan Rea

Tony does not look happy at all.. lol

Deidre Smith

Im confused by the comments. Tony laffd a lot n commented. I guess yall want a horny dawg huh

Mytutors world

May I say something, they sound like actors. Their intonation is typical Barbie style direct copy phrasal verbs but I guess people really do copy TV style talking.


John 10:10

Joseph Whigham

God is not pleased at all. God didn't make relationships 1+2=3, he made 1+1=2. I still love you and I will be praying for you. God said he who finds wife is a good thing, God never said he who finds wives is a good thing. For your relationship is made by flesh and of the world, not of the spirit. God still loves all three of you guys. You know that you love one of them more than the other. You find one more attractive. It's because that's how we were made to love something more than the other. Just like in the Bible, it says "for you can't worship another God and also worship God, for you will love the other more and hate the other. It's not good to have sex before marriage, also. Marriage is secret with man and woman. The guy looked overwhelmed, he doesn't like happy. Stop know so you can know God and his plans for you guy's. God allows us to choose our decision, but when we usually our own decisions it's because our wants. There not of God usually. Before I do anything I ask God what should I do. Jesus is the son of God, God sent his only begotten son to die for our sins. Worldly desires and God's desires are not the same at all. My words are from the Father for he tells me what I should say and do. I come to tell you turn from your ways and live for God's purposes. God is not pleased, but he still blesses those who just won't turn away from their worldly ways.

P.s- One of y'all are the third wheel just to let y'all know.

Zontroir Alexander

Tony???!!! You good???!!!

BÜBBLÈß DÅ GRËAT Sky goddess

This is bare skunt...

Pretty Caramel

If I tell my man I'm bi curious, that means, I'm bored with you, so Imma head out...eventually.

Original Asherella

Dude that weak ass shoulder shake from dude in the intro. Lmfao. I like you guys though. I wish you nothing but happiness.

Estephanos Tesfaye

This is so abusered... the middle one is full blown lesbian the far one not sure. This is America falling into this norm statsico. I hope you can see the hall danger of our new norm and plan to distract, control, shortness life span and confuse. We african American or people of visible minorities have a lot to do for our people to be a role model, advance in technology, leadership, control our destiny and expected a lot from us. People are waiting for us don't get wrong choice of your partner is up to individual. At the end of the day God will judge you and its wrong.

Tatianna Cannon

Ok y’all!!!!! it’s all about the right ingredients.... I’m all for polygamy it’s not for everybody it’s 2020 nothing is traditionally anymore

Robert Nelson

I don't know I'm 46 if these weird relationships actually supposed to exist then STDs wouldn't exist the only Trinity is Man Woman and child.

Es Gee

Tony looks like he fell asleep during the part about her not making it to the bathroom. That’s so odd. They’re all laughing and he’s literally dozing! Wth?

Minister Stay Fly

Damn is he on depression pills of some sort

Obey Always

He is simply a backup

Steve Paul

Accident. Number one or number 2?

Kendra M

You can never no the intent or truly read peculiar or “weird” people... he can be totally happy and truthfully we would never know. So this is why I always try to just let people be... and not try to understand or judge people I don’t know.

Dude funnt af though. I think he’s okay... he’s just difficult and didn’t wanna do this shiet.?

Ashlee Tyler

The one in the middle reminds me of SIMONE BILES


If you are a femme lesbian or biromantic these types of people are always hitting you up on dating apps even if you put a bio they you're not interested. Why blur the photos in the first place if you're bold enough to put a profile go all in.


People in the comments need to stfu y’all acting like some mind readers and shit. What is he pose to be doing being all loud and ghetto. He’s a grown ass man if he isn’t happy I’m sure he’ll say so... I wonder how y’all relationship is if y’all even have one. Keep it up guys love the content

donald banton

Congratulations love who you want and live your life


They look like sisters and have better chemistry it seems. The guy looks like he's on the ride due to their college allegiance/plan.

Duncan Reuben

Wow. Jesus is coming soon. Let one go and marry one. Or let both go. That's better


I’m refreshed by seeing him sit on a side instead of in the middle. Says a lot about their happiness n confidence. Glad u explained his demeanour lol cause it did kinda take me back a bit but hey I feel the energy so congrats?Stop talkin shit ya presumptuous haters?

Ms Iryn

Tonny say sthg ???
Tonny saying ......what do u wnat me to say ???????????????????????????????? NO PERSONALITY AT ALL

Bee Monique

Oh yea!!! The two females are in a full fledge relationship. The girl in the middle resembles Simone Biles, the gymnast.

Jasmine Oppong

Everybody is assuming that the relationship is what isn’t his thing but, I actually think it’s YouTube and the recording of their lives that isn’t his thing.

jill khan

Folks stop judging geesssh ?

Nancy Soto

Jealousy will peek it’s head...He is NOT comfortable in this arrangement it’s obvious. Tony looks so disconnected...:(

Wj Pruitt


Alisha Wyche

These comments were more entertaining than the video

Julie Copeland Barrows

They are cute together, all of them.


Not for me

Carletta Goodrich-Mann

Women understand the triangle.

That Awesome Trucker

What the ENTANGLEMENT is going on here????? TONY BLINK 3 TIMES IF YOU NEED HELP?????

Joe Govanni

What's going on here ????

Mathew superville

Hmm! Tony took the vaccine?

me myself

What the hell is this? And why is Tony there cos he quiet and just hoping for the stupid recording to end so he can go to bed duhhhhh???


This is called a 3some from what I recall


Guess its all fun until one of them wants children.

Alexia Makayla

17:21 lol

Jennifer Ashe

They all have childhood trauma....he wasn't man enough....girl pipe up is all I can say.....smdh


Tony is tired of the 2 way..he wanted his way.!! Yup the women are bestie lovers..lol

Ken Chumah

Wow! This is just so great and wonderful. Three beautiful couples in a genuine relationship. Y’all stay happy, keep laughing and I’m wishing you all, all the best ❤️

Baffour ComMo

All I see is 2 lesbians in denial??. On the real tho if this relationship was balanced the guy would be sitting in the middle and be in control, as at this video he looks like a 3rd wheeler????

Queen RA TV

He’s boring

Ms. Long

Are you guys still together?

Nicholas Jones

I’m confused! And possibly jealous?...Does this mean Tony can have sex with two women? Is he tapping both of them?

Charles Shepherd

Double periods, dual heat flashes..run to Thailand and be a King

brain bere

Tony is not happy, he looks like a hostage. Tony call 911 brother

NothinButThe BloodOfJesus

Ladies know your worth


Guys think thresomes are cool until they are no longer needed.....

Rochelle Elise

Tony chillen lol


Bruh if “FML” was a human, it would be him. ???

The G Class

Tony is dry af


Ok i am ready to Marry Maasai tribe and moved to his boma away from this westerns and confusing world.

Tara 2daG

I see this video in my YouTube suggestions. My ass is laughing the fuck out loud with tears in my eyes at the comments. :) To me, the individual on the right side, looks similar to the former actress Tracy Camilla Johns from movie She Gotta Have It (1986). Cool.

And I am an out and open Black American Lesbian who is Independent/Solo, Parallel Polyamorous. I am only interested in fellow Black and/or Women of Color Lesbians or Women loving women only focused individuals who are Polyamorous too.

It is interesting to hear your experiences in this video. Thank you for sharing.
Date Stamp: 22jan21


Tony’s personality ?

Accept Love - PolyFamily

Accept Love - PolyFamily18 Nov. 2015
603 904
OpenMindedDatingSubscribe 438 721

What is love? In this

What is love? In this series we meet everyday people in very different relationships.

Josh, Sarah, and Alyssa all live under one roof, but they aren't just roommates. They are a polyfamily. Mary Ashley is also part of the family, but lives apart.

Watch to learn about their relationship, then ask yourself: Can you #AcceptLove?

For more information, visit www.OpenMinded.com.

Comments (100)
Jithmal Basnayake

Waaaw 4some

Mystery Man

mans out here assembling a team.

Benja B

Its not extreme love..its perverted love...???

john kim

Let’s vote and change the low . Men needs at least 4 women by force . I want at least 4 . People say this people think that , you know what FUCK the people.

sherrie farrand

The woman in the teal colored dress with the long black hair is very weird looking!

arsala khan

Jealous and cheating will go far from them

Sinan Šaulić

Family... Yeah right. These are people who love group sex and that's it. Fuck complicated words.

lvan baylis

He's thinking with his rod..

Wasc Lit

One said she had been in three polyamorous relationships - so I take from that this type of relationship works best on the short term and not the long term. On the long term when property and children come into the picture it could become more complicated.

James Crump

The dark girl is hot on his left he has a silly on ha ha ha????

Jubs TeeVee

I thought the woman on the left is their child. Hahaha

Elizabeth *

I don’t know. They don’t seem that light hearted about it

Ata Kardesh

Good Guy..better than those people who cheat.

Libranos Señor

Que porquería

chuuya simp

This is really weird, like I'm impressed, just...wow


Man alot of these guys are real ugly with pretty women......this world is crazy

Lora Vipperman

I just wanna sit on the sidelines and see how it all goes down. Maybe bring my old pom poms and cheerlead! ? Teamwork! Teamwork! Move it on down, move it on down, move it on down...for a...TOUCHDOWN! WHOOOO!!! ???? ??

Gustavo Guzman

Having one its a headache now having 3 att home R.I.P

Different People

The bruised knees ? why is funeral music playing everything is very sus.

Tyris Maxey

People say the dumbest shit! If this isn't for you, just STFU. Why make all these weird condescending comments.

Misty Pierce

I think they are very confused, not with their own relationships, but with the notion that monogamous relationships somehow equate ownership. I am a married woman, married to one man, and I am here because I chose to be, just like he chose to be. I'm fine with them living their lives as they are, it doesn't bother me any as long as each is treated with respect, but I think it's fairly rude of them to constantly refer to a two party relationship as ownership. That's some real BS in my book.

arsala khan

Looking for couple want 3some not less than 30

Daddy Lom

Just marry a bi chick who’s into threesomes with random girls. Rather than the headache of being committed to more than one women. I’ve been pretty lucky at least


This is really sick. .. std for sure.

Naison Mandigo

life is unfair, I am struggling to get just one for myself yet this dude has 3...

Presentacao Fernandes

Is LoVe

GoD Is Very Good
All The Time

Canisius Ujan

LOVE meaning share anything

Different People

Every person who got out of a poly relationship never again sign of the cross ?

love me

I wanna try one man and one woman

Sam Mejah

???To white folks it big news. Us living in Africa its the norm. Every African male has 3 or 4 women???My grandfather had 2 wives, my great grandfather 2 wives, my great great grandfather had 16 wives his father before had 45 wives???my dad has two, my uncles 3 each me i have two???its just normal.

city of angels

There is no way 1 person will not be jealous here

Christina meighan



The muslims hv bn practicing this for many many years & it works if you all understand each other.

Andy Smith

Outstanding that you guys found these lovely ladies for you're thing.id believe this should be fine in this society.not everyone believes it.but me I'd would absolutely love to be polyamory person.but I not fortunate.takecare guys your doing fine thing

Truth Power

Yes i think that Lady's deserve to be happy and loved and GOD will avenge for all humiliated females

Net Ninja

Why every tim every damn time in polygamy marriage, the first wife has to be a lesbian

Scott Powell

How do you get around the law, and the church? I would like to be an Apostle who can legally and religiously marry polyamorous people.

Planetary Farms

4 year update: all split up ?

Jo mic

well they are honest. I'll say that. that still counts. times have changed though. they speak of "free will". and it should be nowadays "to each their own". because 4 or 5 decades ago could u imagine, "hey mom, dad, i want u to meet my boyfriend, and his girlfriend, and our other girlfriend".

steven dunkley

Hmmmm.... He had better keep his job (whatever that is) and keep producing. If anything happens and he loses his source of income or his career takes a nose dive just you watch how quickly his harem of concubines will drop him.

testing purpose

I wonder if he would be so open-minded if one of the ladies introduce another man into the relationships??

Christina meighan

To each its own person and there


one of my fantasy is having relationships with 2 ,3 BiMen, I'm so jealous I can accept women in our relationship but I'm open if they like each other too. even better.

amey adivreker

I wish I was lucky as this man

Michelle Branx

Hi Beautiful Jesus loves you so much that He died for you he thought you were worth dying for. Are you willing to place your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and receive this free gift of eternal life? If so, follow through with the decision right now. There is no special prayer you must pray to do so. However, the following prayer is one you can use to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior:

"Dear God, I realize I am a sinner and could never reach heaven by my own good deeds. Right now I place my faith in Jesus Christ as God's Son who died for my sins and rose from the dead to give me eternal life. Please forgive me of my sins and help me to live for you. Thank you for accepting me and giving me eternal life.".....

Victor Lionel Nazaire

Not for everybody ! But if they are happy this way, all power to them !

Me Girl

Not a new concept...this has been going on for centuries. Legalize it ppl! Having a Happy Life is a Choice. And it’s better to be happy than alone and miserable. ?

getting_better always

halelujah everybody!!!!!!...this is great....back to old school way....

Juan Santiago

Is a 3 women marriage?. Or is just a patriarchal sexual relationship?.
Or just a friendship with benefits on 3 girls ..
I mean , the girls can have others guys for sexual encounters as you have with them?


This is a real silverback male. They are alpha males and the ones at the top are the silverbacks.

Jupiter Child

How's this not polygamy?

Angel Marandola

The one on the left looks like Courtney Kardashian

Semakula Godfrey


Tait English School


A bike

The lord is my Shepard's I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures of 3 women.....

Richard Adan Wais

Many women around you it’s confused

Karen Carney

The girl on the left seems way off in terms of the flow if the relationship

Mr Rick

Would anyone else like to see an update from them... see how their lives have changed as the years went by.. I would be very interested in that.

shiven k

Saleya mereya lokaañ layi vi shad dey kuch,3-3 lyi firda,ethey ek nhi labdi

Bobby Hemmit Snippets

He only has 2 hands.

Girish and Sangita Bhagvandas


Tony Samsenthai Khambao Xaychareun Xayagouman

Hey man this is better than brother wives or sister wives lol =D if i were to be committed into a polygamous relationship i would like to somewhat be like the brother there

Ferit Kork

The sistem of devil ?

David Rosario

I had 2 I lived with for over 1yr 6 months. We always had a 4th come in and out. I think we need a bigger house LOL. Respect and be open. All you need is love.

Millsy Kooksy

He’s not very attractive

Lala DaQueen Brooks

Me and my husband in poly....with a couple been almost 2 yrs

Lance A

I have always been interested in this kind of relationship but have always thought I was on my own till I seen this I thought I was the only one out there that felt this way i still would feel like I'm being judged by everyone who sees me and my girlfriends going out to have a good time but now I won't feel so bad thanks to this and now I don't feel like just some sleazy guy when I'm not I just do what I feel and what makes me happy better thank you for making this video.

Vernon Daniel

Oooommmmgggggg please i want some 3 wow i would love that ..wow..i do this every day x


Do they all share the same bed?

David Roach

i love it wish we could find girls and that who would do this

Wicthdragon Defoxsa-Bearsa

Loving this video for sure, good for them for telling their story.

Love Africa

A lucky guy

Washington Tavares

Muito bom adoro eu saia com um casal legal aqui . Mais foram pra São Paulo . quero arrumar outro casal meu zap 021;969273425

arsala khan

Oh nice i saw first time a guy control three cute girls

Shireen Hendricks

This is so sweet as long as there is fairness and love


They look miserable



hugh munn

This is a very happy loving relationship and long may it remain so?

Carlenna Brattin

That guy looks just like guy I know from my job,

Net Ninja

Hypocrisy everywhere in the comment section. I mean when arabs legally gets 4 wives, people bash them. When Americans get 3 4 wives illegally. People take it with compassion. Lol

Julio Galindo

This is no new, no amazing, no outstanding, no right, no inteligente, no real freedom

Ablax45 Official

Fucking doppppppe. Happy for them

James Crump

The two girls in the black are beautifull

Yoyo Gaspa

God is merciful... but this is wrong

romainempire 123

FBI has entered the chat....

David Thornton

Do you realize the consequences of your life style? I am not afraid to tell you,out of love, you all are headed to hell.It's not my opinion, it's Gods.You need to repent of your sins and turn to Jesus,your only hope.

Bibek Mandal

Yeh kuch v nahi, humara Krishna to polygamisto ka baap hai..with 108 wives...

christina Dugger

I wish I had two girlfriends I have one husband but I am looking for a girlfriend

Dorel Kongo

This guy is eating three cakes at the same time. He's working one job but taking home three salaries.

za ing lee

my dad had 3 wives in laos 1960 we were ok , but we came usa , we change the way of life

Liz La Love

This guy is bald and he's getting this much action? LOL Srsly, though, I think a lot of polyamorous relationships have something to do with finances and division of labor that the people involved aren't mentioning. Milennials are having a hard time finding affordable housing and I'm sure an arrangement like this takes some of the pressure off. (and adds other pressures, undoubtedly....) Also, if the women are looking to have children, maybe they can all help each other raise them under the same roof.

abrham fikremariam

This guy is so lucky he has three different menus at one????

Disney Fan Girl 3

I love josh sense humor they all have a sense a humor

beta Life

Lady on left looks like a dark kourtney Kardashian

jody watson


Andy Smith

You guys in my opinion are doing nothing wrong.its always fantastic that you guys are having relaxing in you're relationship.lol I'm envy of you guys takecare have great new year coming

Nick G

This is probably the most stable group couple Ive seen

billy smith

i am friends with a married couple but i want the wife

Star Light

AYo, real talk to the Bible Belt Bullys spread'in the devil's worship of hate (which we ALLz Knowz iz absolutely jealousy in disguise)... Yall Dig this, my dear friend 'Franny da Pope, man of hope' told me just the otha day "My Son, in and of itself, GOD canNot possibly know Everything if in fact Every possible thing did not ever exist, right?" Factz. & Doesn't Yerr Bible do say dat "God is perfect, all knowing & all seeing." MoFactz! So dig this y'all, daBible Belt Bullys needs ta stop say'in dat "Deez here peoples iz go'inz to Hellzah." AYo, I promise I personally just spoke with da Pope'iznho & he say dat "That's a bunch of horsePoo, all dat hate'in on Love like dat der." Dat what he said. He say dat "Come'on Man, Y'all obviously see how happy Deez Frikin Rednecks iz." I said "TraTrue." Then daPope said "bacuz Dey faSho appEarz ta beez in daHeavenz to me." I said "TruTruTruuoop! You should know Pope cuz, well let's just say you probably ain't got much more time on earth yoself." And then 'daWise old Pope FranFran' told me ta tell allaY'all Bible Belt Bullys to "Stop Damn hate'in cuz da world needz a Mo Motivate'in." But then he slipped and accidentally called the Bible Belt Bullys "a gaggle of weak jealous hateraid sipp'in summamaabiatchaz", for which he apologized to, and then apologized for (he whispered "because of their alternative ignorance to the blatantly obvious)." & Yo, I'z definitely must agree with 'my old earth spiritual adviser', "Pope Francino da Original Gambino!"

T Cra

4 years later, he single with three baby mothers/alimony taking all his money.

A Day in the FFM Life of a Business Relations Coordinator

A Day in the FFM Life of a Business Relations Coordinator24 Aug. 2020

Ever wondered what it's

Ever wondered what it's like to be a Business Relations Coordinator? Maybe you have never heard of one? Perhaps you want to find out more?

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