Flirt married woman

How to Flirt with Married Woman - Urdu/Hindi

How to Flirt with Married Woman - Urdu/Hindi9 Nov. 2020
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How to Flirt with Married

How to Flirt with Married Woman - Urdu/Hindi

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shadi shuda aurat ko patane ka sabse aasan tarika

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13 Signs She's Flirting (CHEAT SHEET)

13 Signs She's Flirting (CHEAT SHEET)2 Apr. 2016
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Marni breaks down exactly

Marni breaks down exactly what it looks like when a girl is flirting with you with her list of 13 signs she's flirting. Sign up for Marni's daily advice sent straight to your inbox here:



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Top dating advice for men coming directly from a woman! Marni is now your personal Wing Girl and she's going to tell you how to attract women, date women, seduce women and get any woman you want. She's helped 100's of thousands of men around the world be more confident with women so they can make women want them. Now she'll do the same for you!

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Donald Cook

Do we have 18 - 25 yr olds thumbs up to this video!! Where r all the real me like me that see the bull shit here? Please step forward...


What if a girl says she likes my taste in music? How do you know if she's just being friendly or not?


"i like eggs, you like eggs"

Jim Earnest

Wow,I have walked away from so many women because they started bragging about themselves,I had no idea they were actually flirting... learned something new.


No one does any of this to me. Though I am confident but maybe I am a dead man.

Lester Young

Ok .


what if she wants to make you sniff her farts then?

Coach D.

Marni is hot but mostly full of shit, she's more of a salesman than a dating coach.

Glenn Davies

This flirting you do, before you were married I hope, you kinda talk in the present tense, & have what look like engagement & wedding rings on......

Curtis Mendy

I can help you figure out your next wig ???????

House of Lords

These are........obvious?

wesley ward

You like eggs i like eggs. So hot

Paul Tyson

If I am in a woman's dreams, is she flirting with me?

Tone Vee

I dated this 19 year old recently and I know that I’m a loyal guy. I’m 26 handsome, fit, loyal, I work construction, I’m in the process of joining the military and I always get compliments on my eyes etc... This girl I was dating always told me I was amazing and that it was almost too good to be true. After about a month she started to change. She held sex from me, started showing signs of jealousy and told me that she wanted to wait because with her ex she made him wait 2 years. She also started snapchatting and texting to the point where I had to tell her twice that it’s disrespectful and I rather spend time with her not just be in a car or walking with a body. She said that guys only want to use her for sex one night then told me she wants to wait so I respected her wishes and held off sex and blocked the thought of it out of my mind. I then started to notice she was a flirt and she didn’t even realize it or she was hiding the fact that she was. She would say anything to make me jealous and I didn’t give her too big of a reaction I would just tell her well you’re beautiful babe that’s going to happen for the next 20-30 years then she pushed it further and flirted with a guy in front of me and then pretended she was getting in a car with another guy with a mustang and scared him off saying “oooh he has a nicer car then you I’m going with him” I started to notice these silly games and realized she was immature or really toxic or both. She was pretty and any confidence I had throughout the years was knocked down little by little. It seemed like she was looking for any signs of confidence and self comfort to chew it up and spit it back out. After she held off sex and started acting crazy. I respected her wishes, but lost allll chemistry with her after her actions and then told her that I wasn’t going to tolerate her behavior that the flirting is disrespectful then she dumped me. She told me that’s just the way she is that she wasn’t flirting. Lol Any experiences like that or comments?


I’ve had women do all of these and still not give me their number.

Jesse Uribe

Thank you!

Tommy H

No one answer my questions

mr cactus

Let me find one that dose'nt have tats.

Kultrick The Kulprit

woman: (shows interest)
me: (sensory overload) "Oh.... ?"

Jorges Ramiro

I get girls in Mexico for. 40. Bucks. No questions asked. Just. Beer

tommy murphy

None of these things have happened to me that I noticed. I'm done chasing and trying to get someone. I will be single for the rest of my life. I'm a very good guy but nobody sees that and it's probably my fault but I just give up.

Muhammad Salman Haider Rizvi

Really wonderful observation, true facts, really helpful. Thanks

Jerry Navarro

THIS IS TOO MUCH TO REMEMBER! I really dont give a crap about your freaking sign ?

Nick Goes Crazy

This chick is Top.Level. No cap??


Crazy right? Yes, actually.

Chris P

How do you tell if a waitress is interested in you? I meet someone and I want to talk to her but everyone I meet has a ring on her finger. I work nights

Big Jag Off

The problem with modern day women is that they lost all their femininity to feminism. And also the conversation with these women is equal to a job interview. I dont need a womans validation. The only thing she brings to the table is her youth. Otherwise keep moving.


I'd like to check out your wings girl

Th Linn

Oh marni I had a girl come back to my local rollerrink the next week after she first showed up wearing a copy of my levi vest and after we hooked up she admitted this to me she said after not getting my attention the first week shed been there she wasnt used to not getting any man she wanted. And I tell you she was smoking hot with ever so long haur that I later taught her a new use for ( yes ok Im a freak ) she was total model material
But back in those days I was king of my world I had just moved back from Lake Havasue city ( yes of sprong break west fame ) and had a tan even my black bros were invius of, to top this off I figure skated like a pro and was working in our local oil field as a human forklift and worshipped Arnold Scwatsinager like a god at the gym ( yes I am a beast ) but mostly I haddnt hit on her as I was busy having fun and already had a plan for after skating with another lil hotty! Anyway we rocked eachothers worlds for a couple weeks before I moved on. But thats my story of a girl who actualy did the whole wardrobe change thing to get my attention. And I was glad she did. If your out there April it was a great couple weeks baby girl lov you.

Christopher king

Clicking where?

J - Hump

But if a guy gets close and touches you its fucking rape wtf

Donald Cook

This woman is so phonie!!!

Gmont 508

This stuff only applies to guys that actually have their shit together but lack confidence and looks.... If ur a guy and ur life is a mess u need to get back on track first then u can start listening to Marni and putting her advice into play.....

united kingdom boy united kingdom boy

When I get close to a girl I like I start scratching my arse and twisting my nipples ,is this flirting and showing an interest ?

Saroeun Edits

Ahh ok she likes me but wants us to get to know each other more

China Teves

This is just how people talk to ones that don't annoy them.
Maybe I'm just that oblivious to women flirting.
Anyways, guys, these are bad advices. Don't listen to this lady.

Rick E

I love you Marni :)

Jeong Gi - James

A story re: No. 13 - I was at McDonald's with a girl. We were having McFlurries. She began to do that "validation" thing, telling me about some of the wonderful things she has accomplished in her life. I mean, I was impressed and all, but, I could not help but sit there and wonder whether or not she was subconsciously wishing I was her father. Sort of like, she needed validation, and her father never gave it to her, so now she is trying to get it from me. This was our first date, so I didn't know anything about her family life. As we eventually grew into a deeper relationship, I came to find out that her father was seriously abusive, and that she had no contact with him. I would also later realize that she had serious problems with the idea of ever becoming vulnerable. And as relationships only flourish if the two can be vulnerable to one another, well, you can see where the problem is. I actually wonder if No. 13 on the list is, A) a sign of interest, but also, B) A red flag...

Nymid Artist

I showed this video to my chemistry set

It's a psychologist now

Gary Brizzi

I always use reverse psychology

Zaki Maqsood

Marni NANI!

Jerry Kelly

#14: She jumps on you, and rides you like "Seabiscuit!"

ryan ramz

In China women have to carry none off that bullshit

john luccesse

What if she tells me she married and calls me a loser does that mean she likes me ?

Will Mische

what if she does all this and seems to be around me alot at work. when i turn up to her she either walks right by me with her headphones on or basically in the corner.

J - Hump

Hey I could lift it but I want you to do it, women are so self centered, hey I could do those dishes but I just want you to do it lady, ah a bit different huh

Mr. Smith

Yeah, well this video's good

Andy Arvai

Ok, so at 1:37 you mention part of the game is asking for help when it is not needed. You said something about helping to move the heavy chair. Now if a guy just up and moves it for you, wouldn't he be a pushover and they will be perceived as doing things for you thus enabling him as unattractive or a "nice guy"? Or if he makes you work for it, meaning that if his initial response is "I have better things to do, go bother someone else". Would then it be perceived as more of a challenge to get him making him even more desirable? I know a lot of women fall in love with ass hole guys and to me, that means he may be a chick magnet then. If he said something like "What will you do for me if I move it for you?. Would that make him more attractive? I thought if you move it over right away for her, or hold a door open for her if she has her baby in a stroller he would be perceived as a nice guy and then the game becomes a checkmate and he loses all opportunity to be with her? This is very confusing. It's so darn technical. Love the vids anyway.... I watch them all the time.


If a girl comes up to me and says this: “I’m high” and then gently slaps me, is it considered flirting?

bruce watson

This is way too complicated. It's much easier to inflate and deflate my girlfriend.

Antonio Mark

I would definitely help you with that HEAVY chair and get something to eat after moving that huge and heavy you are single because you want that because you are awesome and never stop being genuine!!....

Imran Khan

It worked! You were right ??

Dorman Davis

Some of my customers are very flirty. If I wasn’t married I won’t be for long.

Yasin Jamal

what the hell man, where was my brain?

Mijo_Shrek Ivan Avila

We men are simple,just be clear these days,just a little on the ones who are shy and ain't trying to catch a case in a post metoo world,and very clear on me so I don't get called into HR office again cause I misinterpreted my meet cute moment I thought I had and there I am cant go near work for 5 days,I mean just saying in the someones niceness is really being unkind, cause with all that subtext no one knows what the flip were talking about in the first place..

Ivy B

Flirting doesn't always mean the desire for sexual relationship without emotional substance. Some are looking for meaningful relationship and it is human condition to want connection. Man some these comments are so misogynistic.


I like to watch paint dry. Omg! Me too! L?

Joshua R

Women don't even look me... Got a fix for that???

sly stallone

The woman across the street from me has been smiling at me for the last 2 weeks I totally thought she was flirting with me until by neighbor told me she smiles at everyone she's showing off her new dentures


Irritating accent.

Travis Erickson

Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh

Nina M

I freeze when the guy I like looks at me. And I don't do any of these weird things! People act differently!

Lou Elmo

This is why I don't play anymore. Its all a game and the "rules" are subject to constant change and arbitrary application. If you can't be open and straight forward you have a problem.

Donald Cook

U pull out ur wallet out and hundreds fall out!! $$$$$$$

Michael Pare

Showing a wallet full of money will definitely get these results.

Star Gazer

Most people settle. They don't act this way towards someone they settle for.

Truth Seeker

What happens if u wait way to long .

Jay Jitz

Would any woman not interested ever ask a guy if they’re single or if they’re dating?

Addison Tharpe

I have a married co worker who likes me.

Ed Murphy

#14 - She makes videos from her bedroom

Michael Marette

The thirteen signs she's cheating is all because you the man haven't spent enough money on her ass!!

Ken M

Thank you so much. There's a gal that I like. She works at one of the local gas stations. She has told me that she likes to go to the shooting range. I'm a firearms instructor. At one point in the conversation I told her that I would like to put my AK47 in her hands. She smiled. Then I told her that maybe I would bring some Tannerite (binary explosive that requires a high velocity impact). The gal smiled, blushed and did that hot little looking away thing. She told me that she would like to get more firearms instruction. Anyways, I knew that she liked me. But maybe she likes me a bit more than I had thought. Your videos are teaching me to look for the very subtle clues in babe behavior. It's like one extremely hot girl teaching me how to get another extremely hot girl.

Joe Troutt

4:10 says it all. They're trying to figure out what they want from you. Ex. Do you have money, car, house, social status. There you are fellas. Get those and you're set.

Shawn H007

Awesome video!! Thank you for sharing!

Johan Esbach

lol, I love the notion about the stroke.


I liked the stroke comment

Big Jag Off

The problem with modern women is that they conduct a job interview. Digging for gold. Hypergamy! Hypergamy works against women after age 29. They don't know that though.

Derek Owen

When a woman talks about her nipples does that mean she's interested

Corpse Soda

tried this. i got my moustache stucked in a meatgrinder.

Hollis Prince


Tim Grenell

I have 12 kids from 3 women
Does that mean i was flirting

Nancy Peterkin

Spy your partner's phone with 0 stress and gain complete complete access to their call log, text messages, social media and everything on your phone.
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Malcolm Pearson

Excellent Presentation!!!! Thank You

Sherosekhan Khan

Thing is I seen most of these signs when talking to a girl at my work but when I asked her out she said no. I just said “no worries if you change your mind you know where I am.” So kinda confused

David Berry

Marni, You are brilliant.


Women are a god damn enigma

Back InBlack

Good video


#14-taking their top off. A veeeerry subtle way women flirt with men is taking their top off and running their nipples while making eye contact with you.


I messed it up cuz she was smiling like she said and she stopped smiling after a while
And I regret being too much of a friendly guy rather than flirting with her she stopped smiling and she was really cute and I messed it up

Jay Pence

That's why she kept grabbing my arm and teasing me.


Woman should just STOP playing fucking games! Period! yourself included!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There was this flirting at my job, this was at a time i was a blue pill. So she had her male friend and co worker there. She loved talking to him all the time. Very much when i was around.
Trying to flirt very hard with me, looking at me for long times, smiling, sometimes bumping in to me.
Not wanting to talk to me, if i asked her something, she just walked away. If someone told a joke about me infront of everyone in the lunchroom, she laughed like "chucky the doll".

Right there my interest died. She saw it and tried to counter it, but it was too late.
I just wanted to get away from her. Her male friend laughed at me, maked it even worse.
So she got even more tight with him. Giving him complements infront of me, laughing when he told one of he´s nerdy jokes.
This made it to go beyond repair. One day he quit for another job. Now when he was away, she tried start flirting again, but i just ignored her. I could see she had runned out of tricks in her black book and was pretty confused over it. The more she pulled new dirty tricks, the more increase of distance between us.
She could just have said: -I like you, i wanna get to know you better!? -Lets go out and have dinner? I would have done that. I´m so glad she blewed it and showed me her asshole personality instead of me finding that out later on.

Outcome of this;
A more sturdy man and a MGTOW. It made a pretty hard bullet proof west against other women.
No one is getting anything from me, not a smile, not a fucking word said. If they start talking, i start walking. I feel fucking great!!

Magnetic King

0:05 That's easy Manie, do not ask yourself any such stupid questions.

If you do, the worst thing that could possibly happen is that the girl says no... In this case, just ignore it and go on for the next girl and do not end up hitting yourself with the thought of "I am such an idiot for not telling her anything", so it is a good outcome.

Another outcome is that she was not interested in you, to begin with, but the fact that you had the balls to tell her made you desirable, and you get a date... (Notice that I did not say asking her I said telling her) Which would be a good outcome, if you ask me.

The third outcome is that she is interested in you, and you do get a date, which is also a good outcome.

In 3 out of 3 outcomes of you telling any girl you are interested in going out with her, are good, so there is nothing to lose!

 On the other hand. let us examine the possible outcomes of not telling her... Not you get the honor of spending God knows how many nights awake thinking on a girl you will very likely never see again!

So, tell her you want to go out with her anyway!

Maximilian Kinzett

So when a woman looks at you shits herself turns around and stares at the floor in silence for the rest of the time your in her vicinity or when a woman looks at you and runs away what does that mean?

If you approach a woman who is staring at the floor in silence with her back to you how do you get her to turn around look up and say hi back? How do you make a woman feel comfortable enough to look up and speak in front of a man? Even my friends wives and girlfriends I've known for decades stare at the floor in silence!

Donald Cook

What a load of Garbage from this delusional erogant fucking woman!! Seriously lady. .

Marc D

I’m blind of those signs ?

Ryan Reed

You need to make a updated "is she flirting with me during covid". 2020/2021 makes things interesting.

Disco Killers

Haha....I was talking with this girl and she nervously started chewing off her finger nails. I figured I need to definitely throw her a bone.

Mike S

The questioning is a very significant point, so even when you're not sure when several of the others are present, it's an almost sure sign when she asks about you.

byron johnson

Fellas just pay for the pussy problem solved lol