How to grow your beard longer

How to Handle the First Month of Beard Growth | Short Beard Long Beard Fat Beard Skinny Beard!!!

How to Handle the First Month of Beard Growth | Short Beard Long Beard Fat Beard Skinny Beard!!!4 Sep. 2019
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Comments (12)
Dze ko

Man i got a patchy beard.. But guess I'm gonna try grow out what I have.. Nothing can stop the beard ❤️


The beard

Officer Pagen

The luxurious bastard beard growth syrum makes your beard soft

Tramp Cat

Great advice Scott ?

Anthony Rosa



Hi Scott,
Good information for the growth of the beard.
Now it only remains to let her become beautiful.
I saw the chain of Dan C Bearded. He has a super long beard which is very beautiful.
Will you come up with a beard like his ;-)

Paul Cardona

It's so weird to see the short bearded version of you. <3

Jason Shattuck

Damn Scott you look so different! Even with it short I have major beard envy. Another great video brother

Ryan Shivdasani that the megaman theme song in the background??

R Hickman

Great information! I’m growing out my beard from a goatee. I started later than August 1st, but I appreciate the info. ????


Hi Scott I'm mark from the UK England and I'm about halfway through my first month of growing my beard and yes I've been getting the itching on and off but I am just letting it grow out for my first month of growing my beard so that it is ready for me to shape and trim it slightly ready for the second month but I have not bought any beard oil yet but I will do my patchy bits are on my cheeks but my first month of growing my beard is getting there as I'm on my third week of growing my beard apart from the itching but I've been washing my face aleast three times a day at work so I'm not to bad with the itching side of my beard really but I have a work mate at work and he getting me beard oil for me as he is going to buy more beard oil for me and him self as I asked him about the beard oil so he is going to buy beard oil that smells like after shave in a kind of a way. But Scott what I want to ask you what is the best beard trimmer for a beginner like me to buy please as this is my first time in growing a beard. Can you please tell me and reply back to me please Scott hope to hear from you very soon on a beard trimmer for me as a beginner. And I like your YouTube videos as I've subscribed to your YouTube channel ? thank you from mark from the UK England


Seems simple... grow the beard, trim, fuck it up, cry, grow back and repeat...


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Here’s a video I made on

Here’s a video I made on tips to help your beard grow and to keep it well groomed. Part of fashion and lifestyle is taking great care of your appearance! Let me know in the comments what you guys think.

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Shot and Edited by Eman Tha Creator

Comments (7)
Kareem Forde

Great video love this so much man i remember blackmen's beard mentored me given me such great advice on my beard journey he coach me last year and reach out to me very nice guy man i was first influenced by my beard journey one day 3 to 4 years ago when i was sitting at home watching a NBA game of Cleveland game & i saw LeBron James in my tv screen i was like man i wanna have a beard like that and it taught me to have patience by listening to good music watch motivational videos eat healthy fruits & food and exercise a bit more rest my body allow me to have a boost of confidence and i had my beard since i was about 23 to 27 man and had my beard for about 7 to 9 months now. I'm excited to release this debut project of no shave November month in November. On the gram?

Nile Bluesea

daily maintenance!!!

Genesis Hernandez Mosley

Awesome tips ???

Jabari B.

Thanks for the video. One question how long it took you to notice the difference in your beard?


Sexy AF

Aaron Tisdale

Great products! I have the whole system!

LL Lewis

Nice video music etc going have to try your method out

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This tool will stimulate your beard growth!21 Aug. 2020
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