Gay toes

Tree Rat Jr - Cheek Pouches , Meat on a Stick , Twinkle Toes , Gay Fever , Learning Episode 5

Tree Rat Jr - Cheek Pouches , Meat on a Stick , Twinkle Toes , Gay Fever , Learning Episode 529 Sep. 2020
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Lilith Aram

The barbed wire clip had me kinda freaked out, not gonna lie, I actually felt for that little idiot. Should not have been climbing on the wire though. The mother at the end was seriously patient. I am always amazed that they almost never draw blood when they discipline those little ghouls, the ones that actually do, that is.

Caetlyn Chamberlain

I wouldn’t even try to get that monkey out of the snare. I would just chop the hand off. The hand was probably dead already from the circulation being cut off by the snare.

DrTim !

The subtitles must have gotten messed up, at 3:00 it says that a King was eating lunch, but all I saw on screen was a fat bloated macaque that was slapping away juvenile and infant macaques. No king - just an example of animals in the wild where the strong keep the weak down

Steve Smith

Hells yeah!!

Cecelia Kendall

I think we are giving actual rats a bad name. See
A real rat is a land mine detector and saves lives in Cambodia. What a perfect job for the tree rat variety. Train them to think that land mines and ordnance have bananas inside. The carnage!

Dona Holmes

"NO TOUCHY, NO TOUCHY!!" HAHAHA ? That's hysterical! I laughed 'til I cried. ?

Is it really possible that mommy monkey did not know that baby's ankle was hooked on a barb? A baby wouldn't hang like that on purpose. I know they are animals but their instincts must know when something is wrong. Sheesh! Good thing they have strong systems. That barb was quite rusty.

Your videos are fantastic! This makes the pandemic easier to handle, for sure!!!

'Til next time....


I’m curious; am I the only one here who believes tree-rats have absolutely NO redeeming qualities whatsoever? They epitomize the WWII German belief of “useless eaters.”

Michael Hollon



"Ooh, my ding ding dong"
No touchy!!

Damian Mckelvey

Fly's already know it's dead

marianne rogers

Why don’t they just put them down. Their half dead already.


A true masterpiece! Keep em coming!?

Nick King

Makes me sick I wanna go visit that country so bad. It's my dream. Have a week and unlimited amount if tree rats at my mercy ???????

Damian Mckelvey

This monkey keeps getting pulled over ?


The 8:30 mark would have been the perfect time to do the monkey’s version of Bluto: “See if you can guess what I am now...I'm a zit. Get it?”

Caetlyn Chamberlain

Thanks for the upload. Would like to see the one called: “Light Up My Life”. It’s the one where mama monkey has the lighter. That “Gourmet Rat” one should have just been put down and then cut up for meat. I mean it’s already have cooked. “Ball Chin” stuffing its gob and still screeching for more. I’d smack it silly, make it lose the food in the pouches and then it will stop complaining. That’s what they do in the wild when a monkey won’t stop screeching. If the mother doesn’t shut it up, an alpha will do it for her. And all the mother had to do to get her baby tree rat out of the cage was put her hand around the back of its head and just push really hard. Its head would be a little deformed but that hasn’t stopped them in the past from continuing to be a pain in the backside.

Merry Boudreaux

Thank you for another awesome video!

Ronald Ryan

Does rat go good with Fava beans and a bottle of chianti?

Steve Blonde

4:59 watch Mr GaY, when he is getting shafted, he starts playing with his own balls... 2 wrong's don't make a right ???

Elena Joseph

Best videos


9:15 ha ha ha ?

David Dyas

Has anyone thought of building a RAT a pult ? THAT would be hilarious !

G Dash

The video of the baby locked in the cage while it and it's mother freaks out screaming is the greatest video on the internet. I laugh my ass off every time I watch it. I wish the monks did this every day.

Geezka gamez

Nice video ?

Rubén Drago

Ohhh man I love your videos

Heather Muir

Thanks you've just cheered me up u are just brilliant x Heather ??

Ariel L

The stupid useless mother monkey freaking out trying to yank her brat through the bars limb by limb is absolutely hysterical especially the frantic noises shes making and the look on her maggot's face is priceless!

Larry x

Your editing is awesome ?


I hate these things but good God it’s cruel to keep them alive like that, just put them down. Awful.

Kitty Kitty Meow Meow

Blown out cheek pouch

Nikolai Barchekov

Some of them need to die soon...its been so long

Baby Yoda

Hahaha.. he even washed his hands ??


My baby is stuck ,I'll just pull till it's free.

wetcat 14

7:39 scoodle doot... Hahahaaa that is exactly what it is im dieing over here!! ??????

Ezio Lacroix

I keep on saying that Twinkle toes is my favourite rat video, wish it was longer. How that little rat is now after his mutilated toe ???

Daniel Zeveney

Not enough suffering

Mark Durkin

Cage Fight mom needs to consult with Twinkle Toes mom - the secret to freeing your baby rat is pulling REALLY hard.

Dom G


Caetlyn Chamberlain

2:00: Why? Why are they even trying to save this animal? There are bones sticking out of its leg. Burns all the way down to the muscle on one whole side of its body. Are you trying to heal and help or just prolonging its suffering? Put that thing out of its misery. Then take advantage of the fact that it’s already half cooked and serve it up for dinner. Why waste medicine on a half dead, literal waste of space? Ridiculous. Ball Chin: It’s not calling for its mother. It’s begging for more food. The screeching screamer, whines, complains and screeches because it’s not satisfied and wants more food, even though its cheek pouches, mouth and hands are full of food. That’s just so irritating and annoying. They’re nothing but greedy, gluttonous, nasty, disease ridden tree rat vermin. Boy, I feel better now that I have gotten that off my chest. And I respectfully ask anyone who doesn’t agree with my comments here to please not go off on me because of my thoughts on these clips are not the same as yours. I am not insulting anyone human or hurting anyone’s human feelings here. Just stating my thoughts on the clips in this video. Which are only about animals, as like I’ve already said are nothing but a waste of space. 7:43: Same as Ball Chin comment. Also, I don’t know why someone hasn’t thought to film the results of what would happen if someone took both hands and slapped them together on the area on the face with full cheek pouches. Will the food come flying out, will it just stay in the mouth or go down their windpipe and choke them? That would be so funny to watch.


Just taking away the food lmao

Mad Mike0082

Please more. Hurry

Kendall Nelson

The full ball sacks had me ☠️ ???

harley d.1%er

give them a few tubes of super glue to eat, its called a monkey you never have to feed again.

Larry x

@1:25 marinated monkey arm ..???


“Gay fever”. LOL

Maine Coon

I can only hope they suffered a great deal

Larry x

@00:24 hand raised ✋

rckhard abman

Thanks for highlighting how disgusting tree rats are.

شهره رادپور

7:30 بهترین درس ??


Good exposing the Vo's how those tree rats

Big face Gerbs

Highschool or college?

Norman Mitchell

Thanks for turning me onto Criminal Peace! Good ole’ SIRI “named that tune” for me one time and I bought the album from iTunes!

Jim Dwyer

OMG. My babeeeee is stuck. Let Momma pull you free. Here’s a head part, and an arm part, and a balls part. Self assembly monkeeee?

Doctor Manhattan

khnhom sangkhumtha anak chaulchett reusa daung!

Ginger Gaming

Gordan Ramsay would be proud of the Meat On The Stick
Scratch that Gordon Ramsay would be proud of this whole video he'll most likely show this Wholesome Video on Hell's Kitchen so his Gourmet Chiefs so they know what to do for once

Cindy Bostonpitt

Lmfao!! Excellent video.

Mare Laro

?? ??????????? I wish I could find the video from the New York Times that showed theses rats grabbing a toddler and dragging her away..thank you ??❤️have a great night tree rat fam..


8:37 source please!


The way that guy says cheek pouches, beginning at 00:37, cracks me up so bad! And I love the fact that you put the Ballchinian, from MIB2 in here, because that's exactly what I think of every time I see one of these tree leeches stuff their cheek pouches. Thanks for re-uploading your awesome videos.

Daniel Monroe

Glad to see you are making a comeback with your videos

Kelly Wood

Is this a re-upload as the schools are not closed haha I wish they were

Larry x

Ballchinian? @4:00 ???

Throgg KingofTrolls

Mmmm meat on stick.

Lolo Lg

Love it!!

Steven McBride

Dude I am fucking dead! Never laughed so hard, my ribs started to hurt ? love your channel!!


Great joy and rejoicing ???

Lorrie Marti

Ewe the pouches are nasty

Tini Wini

Oh you touch my tralala...mmhhh my Dingdingdong???I will say that to my husband in the future???


Lmao!! I freaking hate these nasty things! Greedy ball sack!!

luv lols

Baboons in captivity have been known to stretch out their cheek pouches by carrying around heavy stones. It is unknown if this behavior is maladaptive due to stress and boredom in captivity. It's possible that it is actually a beneficial adaptation that allows them to store more food by expanding their capacity. Science doesn't have the answer yet. But they sure are exta ugly with those saggy scrotum faces!

mmm, Bacon

I can't stand these nasty vermin but da*n, that barbed wire clip even had me cringing.
On the bright side, the I hope you like picking coconuts caption had me laughing rather hard. In fact I once saw a video about how tree rats are trained to pick coconuts and all I could think was, " Why didn't my guidance counselor tell me about this employment option?"

Eric W.

Another great production..... ok, maybe not "great", you know.... you're not George Lucas, but still a shit ton better than anything else I subscribe to

Caetlyn Chamberlain

It grates on my last nerve when these monkeys have cheek pouches full, mouths full and hands full of food and yet they’re still screeching. It makes e want to teach them a lesson in time travel by smacking them into the middle of next week.

Earl Oliver

Awesome video love watching these disgusting rats suffer.

Seige Drakonera

Omg the coconuts one near the end with the face, was just too much I choked on my drink. ??

Dually 1013

Where do these little baster$s put all that food

Bernard L.W

5:26 your finger stuck?
5:39 the problem solved, and crunchy sounds

melissa gizmo

My dessert this evening, a delicious dose of monkey misery. Thank you, my night is complete. ?❤️??❤️?

jay bomb

They bounce well. Would love to test how much bounce from various heights. Starting about 1 metre up to 15 or so!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha cheers team

Catty S

Crying for mom but still stuffing its pie hole. Such filthy creatures.

The Real 1

Keep it up. Even if they take your videos down. You have gold and a army to back you up. ??

Michelle Bohn

Brake their arm! There is a monkey hog, filling the pouches! These rats just eat like hogs and hump like hell! Come on brake the rats arm! They're hogs..I hope it shits itself real good. I'd like to see poison in the food.........Another coconut picker. Good job for a rat.

Joe Fisher

Wish i could kill every one of these fucking rodents and make em suffer die fuxking slow


Hell yeah!

Mancheeze The Great

Even their feet are gross.

Jennifer Adamek

@ TRjr. Did you see all the new videos out of the tree rats in China's Monkey Mountain the babies getting their ass beat like a red headed stepchild... Wait they are red headed!!! Look for the SKELATOR MONKEY TOO!!!*_ We gotta get you monatized dude!!!!!
Let see some Tree rats grt owned now!!!

Caetlyn Chamberlain

Again, these things are made of steel because they have these life threatening injuries that are infected, they can barely move and yet they survive. I’m waiting for a video of an alpha grabbing a lower ranking monkey by the tail and slamming it side to side repeatedly, just like The Hulk did to Loki in the first “Avengers” movie. That would be funny to watch.

Grant Wiley Esq.

My god the one at 0:43!!!

I'd give half of my savings for an hour alone with that goblin!


GREAT piece. I loved every second. Thank you‼️‼️❤️‼️❤️

(think meat on a stick rat is already paralyzed. Time to grill)

ALSO: i will now say scoodle-doots whenever i possibly can

Lorrie Marti

Keep them coming girl

John Lloyd

Love this shit you need to put them out faster

A Marie

I can’t wait for a new video! Your videos never get old though!

Alex Robinson

This man know dick all about wound care.


These things are 100% DISGUSTING! They just piss me off! But I do believe I have found my new favorite channel

Eleazar Miramontes

Rat on a stick sounds good?

Simone Stone

No shut off button when it comes to food with these rats . Lardass sweetpea is a perfect example.

Theo Sitompul

We want more we want more

Valerie Staib

Eww the BBQ...there went any thoughts of breakfast....

rckhard abman

@treeratjr, Great videos, love your narration etc, it's really funny! Check out "poor baby monkey" especially at 12:15-12:50 when she drops the baby for a quickie and then rejects the baby. Then again at 13:25 when the baby gets tea bagged by his older brother ROTFLMAO. I bet you could add some funny stuff to these clips.

marianne rogers

God have mercy. Just put them out of their misery. Those monkeys are tough MotherF’kers. Lord forgive me but I hate those monkeys.

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Ron Swanson Loves The Shoe Shine - Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson Loves The Shoe Shine - Parks and Recreation1 Nov. 2018
310 098

'That's a good shoe

'That's a good shoe shine'

Parks and Recreation. Stream Now On Peacock:

From Season 2, Episode 9 'After a City Hall mural is defaced, the members of the Parks Department compete to come up with a new design; Andy and Ron share an uncomfortable moment.

#NBC #Comedy #ParksandRecreation #RonSwanson

This is the official Youtube Channel for Parks and Recreation! Watch all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments and recurring jokes, and follow the lives of the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee, Indiana.

Your favorite shows, movies and more are here. Stream now on Peacock:

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Comments (85)

It's just like that guy on reddit with the drum stick up the butt!

Shrek the gamer

I found this by looking up Ron nuts


Sounds like Ron needs a bunionectemy


The moan Ron the weird moan you made

Ramna Viaz

2:22 one of the most awkward stare offs in the history of television hahaha I love it.

Gregor Elphante

Sometimes a sound is just a sound... I haven't been back.

Minna Ströman

Lmao Ron’s pants change three times within one shoe shine. 2:04 rolled up with bare legs, 2:07 unfolded with socks 2:12 folded once with socks.


Mut Len Yea

I actually don’t know why Ron does that


This is actually really sad, Ron has known nothing but pain for years, and been Swansoning his way through, and this shoeshine is the closest he's known to peace.

Cody Morgan

It was because of this reason alone why Quill never returned to Earth

Bashir Ahmad

The way Andy collected the money with his head down lmao, u can tell he felt dirty ?

Rogue Nerd

First time I saw this scene, I laughed hysterically for the rest of the episode until I got punched lol

Daniel VIllalobos

i love this scene and is nowhere else in youtube



BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

from kravits to bruce draw a squiggly down under look for the relic of Sell-ick


Don't know about anyone else but I'm mildly aroused by this

Ayg Buot Tugka?

I want a shoe shine now


1:56 is basically my whole life.

adithya mahesh

"They used to call him spit shine Andy. He'd make your shoes look like mirrors."


Ooohgyaaahahaha what the ** man?

Josh Wimer

So Ron is gay


Why are the comments resetting?

shadow burst

So.....was it a .... release?

Rafik Marouane

Mmmmm... That's a good shoe shine

Kyle Johnson

Got the cool shoe shine?

Marissa Jasso

Omg why do I not remember this episode lmaoo

Din Djarum

Ron Swanson is a closet podophile.
He likes foot stuff.

Ramna Viaz

I love how andy hesitates to take the money after the moan, like he feels dirty hahaha

Amnah Almutairi

Does anyone else notice the raging boner at 2:25

Jims Brozone

Sounds to me like he needs to go to a foot massager.


2:27 Classic Pratt

Andy Au

"That's a good shoeshine.."

Baph the Guy

The “wtf man!” makes me laugh every time hahaha


Chris Pratt's acting at 1:44 is phenomenal. Andy was literally a kid in a grown man's body ?

Luc Girard

« AAAAAAHAHAHAAAA... What the f*ck man ! »


The money hand off was the icing on the cake for this scene.

Maximillian Osaben

Chris Pratt's reaction is freaking hysterical!

the satmeister

"I have no idea what I'm doing, but I know I'm doing it really really well" - Andy Dwyer, Shoe Shiner

Samia I

I love Andy's reaction

Sinister Strawberry

"I don't know what I'm doing but I know I'm doing it really really well" LOL

Jack Mullins

“Child labour laws are ruining this country.” - Ron Swanson

Eric Decamps

The guy who got his bag thrown by Andy disliked this video

Kevin Deland

Just realized Ron buys his silence by giving a 20.


sometimes the sound is just a sound


idk why but Andy's reaction is funnier than Ron himself ?

Feeding Trolls

I want that sound as a ringtone

Lumi RC

Hahaha I love thisssss

K. Dot27

The awkward stare between Ron and Andy after Rons climax...

Juan Morales

Yup Ron you had a girls moment and you made moan sound

Ezad - Malaysian Youtuber

Ok so first the pants were folded until the knee,then they weren't,then they were folded a little....

Neimonen nessi

the 'what the fuck man' sounds so sincere and real damn pratt is good

Mateusz Magier

Best of Jeremy Jamm - please and thank you.


I lost my shit when i first watched the scene ? thanks for uploading

Peter Xenopoulos

there’s a whole lot of continuity errors in ron’s pants and socks

Hello Guy

2:18 WHAT THE FFFFF, you can actually hear the splash sound!! Wear earphones!!!

Aziz Zafar

I like how Ron smiles and says, "Mention what again?" and Andy simply fails to understand the irony


2:11 thank me later

Max Wilson

Can we go back in time and just have Andy shoe shine ASMR videos?

Leon O

Can someone explain to me why exactly Ron is moaning there? Is it implied that he actually orgasms from the pain relief?

Mae Wobniar

poor Kyle

FerMinaLiT '

The other day the other day... Yesterday?

Repubbles McGlonky

It's 2020 and I'm still waiting for a Gorillaz Dub sampling this

Pallavi Singh

Child labour laws are ruining this country ???


0:38 -0:45


Would have liked a smash cut to the lady that was behind Ron back in line for getting another shoe shine, moaning.... and Ron peeking from behind his door opened just a tiny bit looking all serious and jealous.

Admiral Talax

Cute blonde at 2:43

Cayque Sales

Sometime's a sound is just a sound


He was just so happy that he forgot the world existed until he woke up.


he made him feel like a prostitute lol

Krøll Top

Ron swanson is Paul bunyan

Luchin T.

Mmmhhmm Oouugh mmmMMM. Definitely some kind of animal xD

Joaquin Pablo

"Hmmm that's a good shoe shine"

john paul valenzuela

why the comments for every parks and rec is deleted?

Michael Heath

I don't know about anyone else, but a foot massage is really great and enjoyable. There's a reason why you can't be a Husband without being able to massage your Wife's feet. That's just one of those prerequisites they don't tell us about when we're Boys.

Oishii Kudasai

He is so adorable. I love andy and how he tried to run away.

xVerze Troll

Is that freaking Victoria Coren Mitchell at 2:43

Or am I hallucinating?




Nothing has ever made me feel more manly than when I noticed Ron Swanson has the same Citizen Eco-Drive watch that I do. Get in line, ladies.


Ron is into ASMR confirmed


I have never seen this show but Ron through clips alone is one hell of well written character


That awkward handoff afterwards might be one of my favorite interactions in sitcom history


He got the cool shoeshine

sebastian sorsa

Andy looks so innocent went Ron makes the sound.

Manoj Kumar

Ron is an idiot... Andy's shoe shine kind of massaged Ron's bunion hence the moan of relief...He needs to see a doctor and get the bunion fixed alteast a physiotherapist...