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Lotus Soul Therapy — Psychotherapy meets the Sex Trade

Lotus Soul Therapy — Psychotherapy meets the Sex Trade9 Jan. 2019
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Allow me to introduce

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Linsey Bell Registered Psychotherapist Q. Welcome to the first entry of the Lotus Soul Therapy Newsletter. The first edition to the newsletter is an interview hosted by doyenne (doyenne: a woman who is the most respected or prominent person in a particular field) Kate Maxx, a fierce lady working under the Sex Industry umbrella and Moi, Linsey Bell Registered Psychotherapist Q, advocate of the truth and the expression of one’s authentic self. 

During the interview we discuss common issues within the sex industry and how psychotherapy can help individuals overcome their concerns and address their ailments. The interview is based on the premise that psychotherapy is essential not only to industry workers but the collective. It highlights distinct aspects of both spheres that are enmeshed within society’s ever progressing era.  

Stay tuned for more in-depth interviews examining taboo topics, sharing personal experiences and conquering personal adversities. 

Personal insight into the doyenne Kate Maxx:

Name: Kate Maxx

Website: www.katemaxx.com

Email: [email protected]

Title: Online personality and content provider, touring showgirl, nude model, MC and host of adult parties at Hedonism 2 resort, all around professional naked person

Kate Maxx’s Mission Statement: To make mental health care more available for sex industry workers and to advocate the importance of taking care of your mind, body and soul while living an unconventional lifestyle.

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Dark Lotus - Bitch I'm Sexy

Dark Lotus - Bitch I'm Sexy2 Jun. 2007
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it's my first vid. let me

it's my first vid. let me know what you think and leave a comment if you want.

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Kyle Reese

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Brandy Roche

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Akain Divine

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I ain't got a Lexi I got a taxi get in floor it and you'll pay for it. Lol classic.

Apryl Outen


*Xiola Blu Staley*

mmmm... dead dick between my thighs. heh I love Blaze Ya Dead Homie. :)

Yan Tieh

Thats Jamie Madrox lol not Abk

Allison Cook-Rosa


Trazen McDonald

Love this song

karissa lette

Bitch I'm sexy haha

brittania belair

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Carrie Stewart

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Dallas LaMaster

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james kufner

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Jamie McMahon Warren

Whoop! Whoop! Madrox's verse is my fave in this song! lol. #FAMILY

Michael Collins

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tony diamond

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Newport Box 100s

Life ain't nothin but bitches and money!

Chris Bauer

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Ben Ward

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Thomas Zuger

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Latisha Crow chief

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Perfect Stranger


paige cox

i love this song

mini chimis

I know it's one of the guys but who is voicing the juffalo.


11yrs dead funk how dat taste?

jay AMD

you musta never has a juggalo between ya thighs :P

destiny mcmahon

when someone gets you feeling down and calls you fat or ugly or something aside from hitting them in the mouth stand in front of your mirror and sing this, it makes it all better, i do it once a week. 

Adra Stein

LOL they cut MARZ out of this version. LOL go to the real version with MARZ

J Wick

bitch I'm sexy

C Armstrong

I wish I was younger again! #beforemainstream

Goblin Slayer420

Favorite song

Intellectual Solitude Productions

Mars diss in the end.

Ashlyn Miles

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Tosha Woods


Carl Houser


Lisa Kelley

Give a juggalette respect!!! LOVE IT!!! 

Logan N

02:52 DIRT!  gets me every time.

brittania belair

Been down since I was 7 I'm 27 nowww


Love this song its awesome amd its my song

Brittany Daniel

Bitch, show a Juggalette respect
You don't wanna tussle wit' a down ninjette


Damn! When this first came out me and my sis would bump this album in it's entirety! But of course we bumped the marz version before this one. I don't discriminate, marz's verses were tight too

Jessica Beaver

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Bree Taylor

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Adra Stein

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Earle Black

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Galaxy Glory


Jeff Letourneau

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Surprize Me

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Stephy Sumner

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Jonathan Whitekiller

thanks for the vid!! awsome song take care everyone who loves this shit!!

Perfect Stranger


Oldman Witagun

Marz was fire abk trash

Patty Doane

I'm 13 born and raised a juggalo since my mom knew I was there lol this is my favorite twisted song eva dude even my middle name is marijayne love y'all keep it wicked

Jennifer Ramos

This song never gets old


Marz sucked anyways..

Perfect Stranger


G Roland

Sexxy yes.

Amanda Compton

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Meet the illegal sex workers on SA's dark streets and the people who help them

Meet the illegal sex workers on SA's dark streets and the people who help them23 Apr. 2017
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Multimedia LIVESubscribe 438 721

Sex work is illegal in

Sex work is illegal in South Africa. However, 150,000 sex workers are known to work throughout Mzansi. Sunday Times took a ride with SWEAT (Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce) on their outreach program to serve sex workers.

SWEAT aids sex workers by providing them with contraceptives, paralegal advice and a helping hand to any problems they face.

There has been increased pressure on the Department of Justice to bring in new legislation in an attempt to protect sex workers.

Subscribe to TimesLIVE here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TimesLive

Comments (63)
George Soros

We wuz kangz n sheit. Them hoes built the pyramids yo.

Mpho Moletsane

SWEAT should forget about the decriminalization of prostitution, it's immoral & pitiful, those women shouldn't be encouraged to continue instead they should be aided through skills development programmes & therapy, they are selling themselves because they believe they can't do anything better they are psychologically defeated.

Mahesh Mesh

Hai good night my WhatsApp no call me ok. 9901761479


they put them selves there ... nobody forced them to ... they do like penis ...


It's about certain responsible women in men organically procreating children within wedlock. The hooker women in the video rejected the healthy investment of a marriage and they are forever not qualified.

Also a lot of people overeat and there is also a lot of fertile land being blocked off and being covered in concrete etc. Many millennial people values of family are not practical as the older healthy so called nuclear family of the mother and father making children within wedlock. The problem can be fixed if done right. People can still have children if they are responsible in healthy capacity.

Royal Mhlanga

poor are they .unfortunately its all over the world shame shame.!

thierry mala

There are not stealing or killing ,they just work ,

mohamed shoaib

Legalising it could make the transaction... Safer.. Healthier.

Miss Amazon

This happens all over the world in EVERY Country!! SMH!!


When certain people invaded certain countries the prostitution rates went up. Colonization sabotage many pre-existing native family structures.

chris edwards

prostitutes rule

Janni Naude



women have the ability to monetize their private parts ! Why not legalize and tax ?

Matthew Clarke

MATTHEW LOVE you Hi xs and your family are awesome and you have a great day and I hope you are having a great day and I hope to see you soon and hope you have

Pasty Klines

Whe re r the white sex workers..this video is bias.

the ravedaddy

Well if youre going for HIV might as well get it from the source......

Samiera Shar

"I'd rather sell myself then give it away for free"

Jacky Adelson

So whats the average price?

Frank Dees

This bitch practically says she's doing gods work. Bitch please.

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LeeAnn Leonard

This country is sick fuck OFF

Ramolisa R

We can all judge and say all bad stuff about 'em girls but some of them are using this money to take their siblings to school. Others are bread winners...as long as they use protection, let them hustle.

Heft Ron

Any alleyways where I can take my date and do them doggystyle?. I don't have a car.

Xero Punt

No excuse. Go to church/gov. family get food. Exchange time work for food. This should be in the bottom of your list if at all. Who says dying with grace is worse than living with disgrace? Give me death!

Lejon Leonard

dont worry... im planning on sending all of them to white males in the USA... theyll be the 1st ones i start with anyway. cause black women "dont discriminate&'LOVE'white" men".

Vincent Ven


Tshego Blessing

nigerians are behind this

Tyrone Price

Selling sex around the world is big business.

johnie marsha

I can't buy pussy

Wait for it

Do these Sweat mutherfuckers go around feeling homeless kids or the elderly, no. But there there encouraging this corruption in society.

Celestia Ludenberg

Dont hate maybe there using the money for healthy, care we cant hate our world has problems

The Feral Wolf

Take womens rights away, get them out of the workforce and back to baking apples pies. elect smaller government and watch a return to normality. This problem persists because of the 'illusion' that women are equal to men, and when men "who have by de-facto government interference have responsibility absent authority this will be the end result on mass. Men should be charged with an individual womens well being and have authority over her, but only 'ONLY' when said patriarchy is not infringed by the federal or local government".


She must use her vagina , that God gave her because ? heaven forbid that she used the BRAIN he gave her instead!

king king

This is serious

Xolani Songea

Sex workers in cape town

Starsign Rainbow

The way she talks reminds me of Carli B

Elliot Phahlane

part of life at least they r not stealing

Masi. Jola

The oldest profession in history of mankind

Jeanette LeBarron

Very dangerous

Xero Punt

Another reason to sleep early & wake at 4:30...miss this hell

TraaanssformersAre disgusting

billions of degenerate acts in the world are very old but prevention is still key for them. people have been alcoholics and pedophiles since the beginning of time but does that mean people should condone and cater to them just for them existing for a long time?? no, exactly. same with prostitution and human trafficking, #PreventionIsKey and they all need to go to jail. and I'm glad that murder and suicide is very highly prone in prostitution so they can all die quicker :D


1 Rand = $0.05

Manin Themirror

This is nothing compared to European countries, saudi Arabia dont be fooled by religion arab countries are just as bad if not worse than Asian ones like Thailand

Jean Claude Edmond

Benny HIV's all over the world man,all you have to do is protect yourself.

Thulani Simelane

Cape town

Wear Montgomery

¥ ugh,m.

The Prodigy

50-65% of the global population needs to be wiped out sick ass madness

Craken Flux

keep on having kids... there will be millions of disenfranchised women selling the only thing they have and millions of men in illegal activities... just keep on churning them out to a world does not need them or want them

The Prodigy

Straight trash

Shahzad Ahmad

jesuuuuu wase Georgekog

Blond Angel

God as I watching this video go touching each and every women that are in prostitutes situation by pull them out of it. Gotd you Creates us women not for that father God help us women in desperate need


Very sad... Because there's so many jobs right now you just have to wake up on time and keep a schedule.

J Roberts


Jean Claude Edmond

United States Of America has more prostitutes than any other countries.
So,don't feel bad SA.

Mongie Esihle Zangwa

Sex should be legalized then all the wrong doings in the industry can be able to be brought to light and prosecuted such as forced sex work and child sex trafficking to name a few

Shamaneika Johnson

I bet some of them are really men .


Is there anyplace that is legal

Carl Bochanski

gross pigs. Hopefully they die.

siyabonga mkhize

I once told these bitches to stay in school

Lesbeth Tsholofelo

God bless you... life ain't easy, those ladies never went there because they wanted too but some situations forced them to be there?.God protect them and I pray some day they find themselves in a better place

Dylan Ndlovu

How can l meet

Ochara Entertainment

Remember almighty God gave you for free, but you said You rather sell your self, have this in mind that one day you won't have any thing too sell maybe you will sell your doomed and crack head then

The Other Side

The oldest profession in the world.
No biggie.