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Soldier - 50 Cent - Hot Men Dance

Soldier - 50 Cent - Hot Men Dance27 Nov. 2020
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Rob Enzweiler



hot guys, but a bit stupid video

Christine Bays

Lord have mercy! Muscles and tats, gotta love it!

Andro Lopez Ayuda Do note

What’s the title of the last music/song?

Michael Francis

I want them all esp those big thick rods ???


Excelente ?????????????

Mercedes Duarte

Todos hermosos, papacitos

Gab Hunter

Yeah... Pretty sure Im gay.



Agnieszka Wojna

Beautiful ?

Chaps Gunnam

Oh dear God. Well hello!?

Andrzej Maranda

Really hot soldiers.

alok verma

0:30 can someone pls give his insta Id pls pls??

Roksana Szymaś

Sexy Guys ?

Dee Engler


Liliana Saavedra


Breno Kamiya

Yvan eht nioj!!????

Timothy Verheyn Jr.


Katya Melnik


Eric Marcel Bell

Soooooooooooo gay!

Petchvisut Ponsri

Very well?

Darren Rodney Sales

I have a lot of respect for the men and Women of the armed forces around the world, but not of the military leaders and the Commanders who send them to illegal and unwinnable wars

Pete P.

Dance? Is there second part of the video to finally watch them dancing? ?

Lynette Ward Pro Americans —Montezuma County Co

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lynette ward loves

Éva Mészáros

VV Robi gratulálok

Bob Linke

DAMN !!!

Criz Luz

Fuck to infinity. These boyz are hot AF.

Ashley H


Peter Summers

Yum ?

sarah wise

Omg ? ? ? ? ?

Perspective 999 Perfect

Wonderful dance!

Justin Borgg

At 00.32 .... who is he??? Damn !!!!

Vīctor BR

De cara no hay ninguno guapo, y las coreografías son cutres. Hay videos más calientes que éstos

Theresa Sagner

You guys are sooooooo HOT.
The video was too short.

Shiromika Tissera

Hmm yummy


I think I just became pregnant.. with twins!

Titanes En El Ring

Exelente modelos soldados. Buena coreografia y lindo fisico.


I hit an F#7 while watching this LOL

Manu Maltes


Shemaiah Bradshaw

For the only person who doesn't like this..... Two words..... Fuck around


That moment when you got arrested by them


Oh' My Goodness, Look at These Hot Body Men Dance!!??

Fat Guy Vs. the World

YouTube, pls fix recommendations

Fery good Siang

sooo good ??! love it vidio

Rem Remy

Cheered me up. Subbed

Jaime Lama


em emmie

As someone who has army friends this is cringe and hot ?

Elena Miau

Yeah Baby!

Eva Faller

There should be a warning BREATHE


What’s the last song? Ima strip dance to the song for my man. Lol

Charlayne Archambault

The men are very good at dancing and nice bodys

Annah Rhaffaellah Sousa Pereira Sousa Pereira

Adorei beijos euquero todos lindosefofos adoro quando mostra essicorpor malhdo adoro.

Sammy A


Courtney Buczek

All the way through this I was biting my lip and finger while my eyes were almost popping out of their sockets.... Oh gods if this is what happens during war/battle, ladies this is what we are missing ?❤️ And those tattooed men mmm biting lip with mischievous smile ??

Mahu Mike

THX I needed that!

Omran_Emran Dz



This is why war takes up so much time, boys be out dancin' all day!

Nemie VLOG

I'm getting pregnant watching this hahahaha

Shina Billie


Jaime Arango

All white guys ?
How come ?

Eligius Emil


Ildikó Schlenk


Peter Logan

The game is How close to gay you can get, without actual intercourse

E x K

Me wondering how I ended up here ??‍♀️?




0:29 Perfect body for those perfect tats though!

Вероника Афанасьева


James Ding

Damn! This is hot ???????


Hot men dance with girls song is so rediculous



Iz Delgado

Im a man and I think I just got pregnant

Raje DanceClub

WOH..!! Awesome ?❤️❤️

Harry Peters

Damn, I need a cigarette after that!

Christopher t Munro

Did anybody else find this in their recommendations when they already have a FEMALE fiance???

D Virant

Some of these comments. Y'all are cracking me up! ?

Florian De Vet


Ariel Godoy

Isso dá um calor????

asyraf zul

Arghhh...I'm burning ???
Spare me please.


Hmmm...... 7 hot guys dancing, and they are all WHITE MEN??? Seriously? In the 3rd decade of the 21st Century and you couldn't find NOT A SINGLE ripped black guy or POC to feature. Smh. ?

Well I guess the Proud Boys might get off on this. Perhaps that was your target audience all along.

Danilo Vieira

So hot ???❤❤❤❤❤❤???

Людмила Чарна


Trayhonna Fitzsimmons

so hot and yummy

Sherry Granger

wtf is this??

Miracle Winchester

Why did you make them all so sweaty ?????

Annah Rhaffaellah Sousa Pereira Sousa Pereira

Um maislindo doquer ooutro beijos.

Trayhonna Fitzsimmons

damn that is a good video???????❤️❤️❤️❤️??



Sam Kaur

Hot as FUK!!!



40 Hot Guys Over 40

40 Hot Guys Over 4029 Mar. 2011
6 045
grobiegirl12Subscribe 438 721

Exactly what the title

Exactly what the title says. Shown in alphabetical order, these men are quite attractive in my books, regardless of their age. If anything, age made them better :) Enjoy!

Comments (17)
Emily Oliver

There are allot of hot men in showbiz, a lot are mentioned in the above post but, I prefer the list of 10 and believe me below post contains hottest men

Julia Krueger

Michael Rooker
Clint Howard
Keanu Reeves
and John C. Reilly

In my opinion

Laynie Christine

Fuck u, u didnt include leonardo Dicaprio, and he is 43, so he shouldve made it through the process of making the list

Ashleigh Kilburn

Shemar Moore is the hottest man on this list!!

Rhiánnon Jade

yess! Jeffery Dean Morgan, George Clooney and Gerald Butler all the way ;) especially Jeffrey

animaljam 120

Gibson is so hot

Victoria Verardo


Alondra Garcia

what about jack mcbrayer

Bethany Chisholm

Where is Robert Downey Jr and David Morrissey. Im just happy Thomas Gibson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were on it

Alondra Garcia



Ian Somerhander is 41 and hotter than all of these combined together.

Chris Blockhead

Shane West wasn't 40 when this video was made, he isn't even 40 now.

kyle haggerty

Daniel Craig all day long

Mazie Stine

Ohmgosh, Terri...hahaha



michaela reeuds

wheres norman reedus ;0

Rhiánnon Jade

what about Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus

Hot Inked Men / 50 BEST Tattoo Design Ideas for Men !

Hot Inked Men / 50 BEST Tattoo Design Ideas for Men !3 Nov. 2015
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Top 50 Most Beautiful

Top 50 Most Beautiful Tattoo Design Ideas Inspiration for Men !!!

Hot inked men!

Enjoy it ! :)

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Thumbnail @ 1:27

Comments (18)
hitormiss 8900012

2:56 killed me

Hạ Phong

03:15 name? Plz

Currie Boy

This vid turned me bi

Naya Copin

My husband stephen james❤??

Marybeth Langendorf

The second guy is hot!

Rebel Girl

Found my porn!

Judicleide Souza

Gente tô passando mal aqui com tanta gostosuras

monkey.đ. luffy

Wowww amazing

Monica tiamo

Yes I've come

Emma Daganta Daganta

Not my types

Nicole Rodriguez

my baby should be on here!!?

Richard Haughton Livesey, III


Angie Diaz


Heather Hawks

soo hot!!

Alena Mat

0:57 name plz?

the shellenger

I've got "ideas & designs", but not about tattoos!! ?MY KINDA GIRL PORN!

Martina Werth

Who's the man at 00:45?

Jessica Beaver

Where can I get one