Good things to tell a girl

Nice Things to Say to Women : How to Compliment a Girl : English Teacher Joe Crossman

Nice Things to Say to Women : How to Compliment a Girl : English Teacher Joe Crossman4 Jul. 2020

This video, which is

This video, which is hosted by English Teacher Joe Crossman, presents many different nice things and compliments that you can say to women. Remember, to only say these things to women who want to hear them from you, such as your wife or girlfriend. This video will teach esl students some dating advice and how to compliment a girl.

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Comments (33)
Lolly Lolly

Thank you, Joe!

Maryna Stanishevska

Drop dead gorgeous???

Fawad khan

You look awesome

andrea perez

Pretty cool video! ?

Pavlína Straková

Thanks Joe, excellent as always ??

Saloni Pal


Fery Harhara Sawiji

great... durmarangsang

Khaled Alnour

You are startled my god bless you.


Maryna Stanishevska

I like your humor, Joe?thnx!

Vladimir Korniienko

My purpose with you dear Joe is only my improvement, and it works!

Jeren Pirliyeva

Nice video!!!


I loved these expressions. ?


Joe, you're really good!!!

Shahrzad Mashalahi

thank you teacher?♥️

Jebina Jai

This video is so nice ?

snow rain

Thank you

Pragati Sharma

Wow!! Joe...I like the way of your teaching that you add humours in the content of video that makes your viewers delighted while learning English? Joe and his videos are out of the world????????

Maryam Raeesi

Other words instead of saying "beautiful" are:
Magnetic or Magneficent

Parvana Bakhish

I miss your smile
You look adorable
You look stunning
I liked theese three expressions most❤
Thanks a lot, Joe??

Maryam Asanjarani

Thank you so this nice video.

Emylia Handayani

I can be my self with you

ErSukhdeep Kaur

Great ????

Emylia Handayani

Your explains are so clearly, thanks Mr. Joe

Ghost Little

I ve sent it to my boyfriend)))))

خدیجه نوروزی


Marino 68

I miss your smile and funny face?dear Joe

Erica Cristina Silva

I learned new words! Thanks Joe!

Arief Rajagum

Can i say this to a girl " you are my cute little peanuts " ????

Wellington Pacheco


Jamila Hasanova

Thank you ,Joe!

Arky Toon

Nice video Mr Joe.
Would you make another video about nice things should women say to men ;-)
We need some flirting too

neda rashidi

thank you ?⚘

Maryam Raeesi

Great!! Thanks alot.
I love it❤?

Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Girl

Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Girl15 Apr. 2013
3 301 323
Blimey CowSubscribe 438 721

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Click here to watch our video "Ten Things You Should Never Say to a GUY":

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Comments (100)
Kashiwagi Rein

Said this to every girl i met

I am now in jail


well, I'm straightforward and like it's safe to say I've done almost all of the above and like my best friends are girls. so idk whatchu talkin bout


"You look tired"
- Dead man who tells no tales

Andrew Watts

1. Im your mother

l'ésprit de 2020

Ok simp

cuppy cakes

1. Hello

Cheezy Dayジ

Ricardo Milos has joined the chat


Do these make me look fat


Blitz Kurtz

Don't worry, this is the dumbest thing I ever heard

Kumar Abhijeet

His hand is so fucking red


2:56 ?????

Rosie Mears

I’m a girl and this is 100% true

Hawk Pants

Thank you for warning me my dude

Jayakamal Abeysekera

2:29 That's super smash,that girl should practice some cricket .Timing ,facing ,attention ..all are coincided in superlative manner

Nicole McCarthy


Pirate Hunter

Ten things I got it


I said one of these to siri, OWO

Bean Dead

I'm just here to find out mean things to say to a girl lol

Courty Fr

I can't tell if he's joking or being serious?

nameless buddy

I am a girl but I am watching this to see whether the things mentioned by him actually makes me angry

amethyst_ cat


If you want to compliment how she looks, pick something that she has control over, like "your hair looks nice today" or "I like your shirt." Then move on with conversation; don't make a big production out of it because then it puts her on the spot and it's just awkward and embarrassing.

Never mention the ex unless it is DIRECTLY RELEVANT to the conversation. Letting her know that you can't go somewhere because your jealous ex works there and will make both of your lives awful? Great, you've just saved both of you from a possible disaster. Telling her that your ex was "psycho" or talking about their similarities and differences? DON'T DO IT, you're just talking behind your ex's back and making the girl uncomfortable. If you break up after doing this, they might team up against you.

Finally, a well-kept girl secret: we are like wolves; we travel in packs both figuratively and literally. If you hurt one, she will tell her friends about it, they will offer her emotional support, and if they see fit, they will then proceed to absolutely destroy you because nobody hurts their friend and gets away with it.

Call of duty Warzone

I’m sure these are things you shouldn’t say to a fat person

De_ Arcturus

Youtube can you stop stalking me please

Willa Andrews

As a girl, I can agree and confirm not to say that to a girl.


People most likely just talk about my weight, just.. Ouch.

bhavya vaid

You can go about it all you want but it all boils down to one thing. Respect.

Camryn Clark

Thanks for giving me some comebacks lol

Courty Fr

These are true ?

Aaron Herschberger

2:30 What do I say instead if that's actually the truth??? It's urgent!



Miguel Angel Villanueva Duarte

I wish I could find this video before I broke up with my girlfriend ??? I told her to lose weight ???

Nash YT

Girls are so sensitive.

Yep should not say that one aswell

Edwin Cruz

.....most of this isn't the same for us... Cause grow up in a work were ur toughen up or you soft...

Aisha Sebe

i honestly never gave a flying fuck about my weight(or my looks) so i never really understood the weight thing

Pratyaksh Agarwal

This means that this guy have a girlfriend

Alucard Bunche

When your 6 foot 3 and black you can say whatever you want

Hannah Mut

the cramps part looked like you had a horrific time and you are speachless and horrified.

Vanshika Goswami

I think no one should comment on anyone's physical appearance
Specially strangers


2:52 HAHAHAHAHAHA! If men knew what period cramps really felt like, they'd regret saying that to us.

Joseph Crispin

Only ten things! Women get offended by everything! (Yes, men do too) The worse I treat people, the more respect I get. Just some food for thought.

Emily Martin

How many ladies are watching this to see if these are true

Can I get 50k with videos?

The most important thing is never say being a guy is hard

Strausse Sisora

You're leukemia proof.

Fire gamer Plays

The last one tho my friend said that she had cramp in her leg and I said I’ve got a broken led ( I did ) and she said so what it’s worse for girls

Xenomorph 9/11

These things are just too stereotypical.

Jardami 09

crazy but very good video?

Klaas Van Achteren

I got nine, but I still got a gf!
Edit: Never mind, it's my ex now...
But I got 10!!?????????

Empire Mapping

"My Ex used to say that to..."

You will die in 0:05....

Dead soul

This is literally common sense ?

Habiba Ezzat

YoU hAvE ThE CuTTiSt bUtTiN NoSe ????????


How to piss off your girl nemesis real fucking quick

lazy gizmo

Guide to be a simp.

A Man Of Culture,I See

Glad to be a dude after watching this

BigJoeyPlay Z

Something you shouldn’t say: “hey do you have tik tok?”

Something you should say: “whoa have I seen you on brazzers?”

I am Jade Yang

I’m a girl

Chris Hernandez

"I guess girls just want to be treated with kindness and respect, they way we expect them to treat us. Funny how that works."
What's even funnier is watching a desperate beta pretend to be alpha by only calling out the boys about showing 'respect' to the other half. Then I scrolled down to see the usual 100's of comments of females showing nothing but disrespect and not one of them seeing the irony there.
Just a piece of advice: Doesn't matter what genitalia you're born with... Respect Is Earned, NOT Given!

boBwatYup _

Wait so do period cramps feel different from leg cramps or other cramps?

Bruh-gulingus dingle-dingus

Ok, now I'm going to go and say all of these things


"the only thing hotter than you is my ex"


Yeah I can relate to the "hormonal one" even though I'm a guy my mom would always say something along the lines of "aww are you on your period"


bruh a guy friend of mine literally once asked me: Why is your nose big?


the first one that doesn't have messy mondays in it's name

sadie leroy

You forgot about "K"


I got away with the second one more than once

TraG HD Mori 3D

I'll say all these things

David Lemon jelly

This is the right kind of feminism

King Trill777

His voice sounds like a simp

Richard Ankoma

Can someone just make the list that to not say to a girl so that I dont have to watch the video


Well... Now 10 stuffs What girls cant say to men.

wouter :D



I broke my girlfriends heart today, i wanted to die but she said not to. So she broke up with me, a few days later, she started dating my brother, tsk... yet does my brother know his funeral is tonight...


So...are period jokes on the table?

Jesus and God both love you Very much

Whoever's reading this remember God loves you so much!

Jessica Danielle

Please dudes... PLEASE FUCKING LISTEN TO HIM. He really knows his stuff.


boy: what are you wearing?
girl (a furry): * woof woof woof *


What a fucking simp lmao

Good Morning

Girl: Hey what's up
Guy: "You smell better when you're awake."
Dont say these words. Ever.

Uzumaki040 YT

In Germany we say
„bist du Jungfrau haha?“

Just a toaster .17

he forgot about "I feel bad for you"
that is sonmething that isn't, never has been, and never will be okay to say to a girl.

Joseph Kenner

Lol keep dreaming dork.


Funny how i dont say any of these lol

Mm Bro

I have told girl that she is overreacting and I have lived


Fun fact: most of them also apply to guys

Yee Yee

Men PLEASE don’t idolize this man. You can tell that he is so so bitter. Please don’t take advice from a man on what to say or how to treat women. Take advice from women. I can assure you we know how we’d like to be treated more than a man does. Toxic masculinity isn’t cool. You don’t seem buffer or more strong by not crying. Also, I’m not trying to force you to do anything, you do you. But you have a higher chance at getting a girlfriend if you listen to women and learn what they want. I’m sure a lot of men also are going vilify women who didn’t want to have sex with or date them because they thought the woman thought they were ugly. Most women don’t really give a shit about how you look and if they do you might not want to be in a relationship with them anyway. There’s going to be someone for everyone you really just have to be patient. You don’t form a healthy relationship by harassing someone into dating you. What worked for other men might not work for you and that’s just how it’s going to be. Just try talking to a girl and forming a stable relationship with her but don’t do that for the sole purpose of dating her one day. If you see someone who you’re interested in or you think is cool, GREAT! befriend them for the point of being friends and meeting people. If later on you both develop feelings for each other, great. But if you develop feelings for her and she doesn’t develop any for you beyond platonic, that’s ok! There’s someone else out there and you still have a friend. Don’t take things so hard or so personally that’s not good for anyone. It’s ok to be upset over it but eventually you have to move on. It’s ok to just have girls you want to be friends with it’s not wrong. Society teaches people that men and women have to date or they can’t be in contact unless they’re your mother. That’s not true, don’t let society force you to only be friends with men. You will get such a better experience from the world if you just talk to people for the purpose of talking and not dating and having sex. Your life purpose isn’t just to get a girlfriend, we’re humans we need more than that. Don’t take advice from someone who’s bitter and angry because they were rejected. Sorry this has gotten so long but I just want to close this off with saying you’re important, your feelings are valid, you don’t have to be a strong muscly man to be desirable or worthy of love. Don’t let society force you to be some strong muscle machine with no emotions. But please respect what other people want and their emotions because they’re important and their feelings are valid too.

Casey Ben

I was angery one morning and my mom was being a jerk and when we got to the bus stop with another kid there I asked her to leave she my dad was like why are you to grumpy and I just rolled my eyes them my mom yelled its probably her time of the month so everyone could hear her loud and clear so I slapped her right across the face I got in trouble but it was worth it. BTW I was NOT on my period.

Bella Needs2StopCrying

Here's another one.

I like you bcuz you thicc

I swear to god if I hear this one more time-

Nicole McCarthy


Tamara Pierre

I think that some of those things are fine to say it depends on how you say it and what you were thinking when you said it.
Advice as a girl

Jonny M

All I think about is how much you simp

Meghan Spalding

0:57 honestly, there is a group of guys at my school that always do this to me. They give me dirty looks, and i'm only in middle school. I have asked them to stop, but the follow me around everywhere. It's starting to get a bit freaky, and annoying. I catch them staring at places they shouldn't be. Are there any tips on this?

Anik M

You guys are so boring


I did said to girl why you lose so many weight ? are you sick? ?

Abigail Delgadillo

Boy: should you been eating that/ are u on your lady's day

The next day

Police : so do you no where this man is he went missing yesterday

Me: shoot I've been caught


I keep it simple, I believe in equality, I hate everyone. Equal hate. Gotta stay hip.


i wonder if this has changed to be the opposite

Lost Gost

Ima say all these things to my girl lol

Riseup Pro

Never tell them to clam down

Kristina M.

Still love this in 2020

Anmol bhatti

How the hell do I say something to a girl.


I will never love a girl

How to NEVER Run Out of Things to Say to a Girl in Conversation

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Comments (100)
Parth Umrania

Wow... Just fucking directly to the point... Zeus out

Kamil Mryaqo

Like the music


The course is 37$ per month

Mahdi Maulana Kum

thank you Zeus, you're fucojng amazing

Jokey Boy

Thanks god

NagaKings Gaming

Omg the way he started didn't even waste our 1sec

XI static XI

Guy acts like girls are a whole different species


Can you please make a special edition for the current state of social distancing and depression? Thanks.

Audio Rumble - Free Music

dont overcomplicate this. It`s really easy

cann hd

Zeus how do you show that you have abundance to a girl without coming across as rude?

Jan Gimenez

I like how based zeus gets to the point immediately. No fancy intros


Oh my Zeus... He didn't even talk 20 minutes to explain the title in the beginning ffs. I hate these videos where they talk about the title instead of the topic.


No introduction

Aidan Randell

I like to be playful by making flirty eye contact while I read pickup lines on my phone. I think you all should give it a try

guitar Lord

How to become a bad boy is 30 days Zues version please oh mighty God


Just saying random words if you run out of things to say she might run away, but the important thing is that you didn’t run out of anything to say

Clorox Bleach

Zeus I have taken you're advice on having interesting conversations with girls , all I'm saying is listen to this man , shit works !


me as a girl watch this
me : omg wo dont think that much man stop !!!

Based Zeus


Cosibe Anointed

Amen brother??


Literally just jumped right in. Not even an intro. That makes me feel all types of good how direct you are sometimes

Amareshwara Ganji

How has this guy not attend with HIV yet ?

Rayan Iqbal

Want a video on flirting /pick up lines


Me: did you just check me out?
Girl: wtf

bighi seb

Too long videos bro

Jeuel Sapad

She was completely silent though

Rolf Meyer

Based Zeus. Can you make a video about how people with Aspergers can date? I feel like woman really dislike men who are on the spectrum. Had girls crush on me before but as soon as they find out I have quirks, all bets are off.


I believe this will forever be a very common sticking point for many guys

Alex Cyr

Thank Zues for making relatable content

Faridi Friction

imagine based zeus is a virgin?

Abdul Arif

In what video did you say that overthinking forces people to look down on you? And that people avoid you bc they don’t like to feel nervous?

Mac Miller

It's getting to the point of shameless. How much harder can you sell your god approach program. I can't imagine how much you are charging. And what's with the sense of urgency that the program will be closed soon. What happened to the Based Zeus guy when he was first starting out?

Jhon Erick C. Panopio

Loved the intro


My type of girls are the girls who I can have back and fourth with if I’m carrying the conversation I’m out

The Racing Ban

Best start ever , wow respect

Sotiris Mitzolis

Hey do you know how i got this Lamborghini i got it with knowledge!

babel tube

Subliminal message detected


1)be okay with silence
2)understand the escalation ladder
3)stop playing it safe
4)have some backup lines (just incase)

Nathan Tongha

Subscribe to based zeus


You're the biggest James Bond fan.

Blue Star

I think this video needs age confirmation for this 2:20


Demonetized for showing dogs having sex

Matt Yim

3:55 zeus did our boy louis dirty :((

Yantao Luo

This guy is....Legendary

Telo Mnisi

Anyone else in love?

Elias Ezekiel

2:21 LOL


remember when this guy posted videos about general charisma and not just pick-up artist type bs?


Thanks zeus!!!♥️

Herio Sama

great ?

Benrami Mouhcine

bro you are a life savior !!!!!!

Matty BeaZt

Can anyone tell me what song id playing in the end of the video?


How to go from boring conversation to sex in minutes:

Step 1) Find a Hooker

Step 2)

Daud Aslam

Zeus be posting on my birthday ❤️

Versatile Lord

Zeus always comes with that heat

Chapter 7

I see myself as a below average conversationalist, so if I was able to talk to a girl in her car for 5 hours straight, 3 nights in a row, then so can all of you...I honestly dont remember much of what we talked about, I just let it come naturally..also, dont be afraid of teasing her once in a while to get her to laugh

Pingu IsHere

Im just trying to talk to my sister...

Unknown YouTube User

Zeus is our savior

Zee Elite

I'm wondering what if something spoil the eye contact

Mohamed Tamer

This video was awesome...I honestly dont know what to say

Get it ?

Max to DRAG0N

Never call a girl crazy

Jack Henoff

ima sign up for a month cuz your advice is actually a1 af but i’m not in the best financial place to be dropping near 40$ a month

Abdulmalik Umar

? i cant believe i just saw tai lopez @ 5:35

Alex Cheung

I feel like diz is the real Losers’ Club

Matt Schaefer

Got a date later and i worry about this all the time

Jimothy _

there’s plenty of silence already lmao


Just b real ..... say wat u want tell her ...if she understands ur feelings she ll give u wat u want nd if she doesnt den its up to u if u wanna let her go coz she dint give u wat u asked her coz u r only into her for dat nd after not getting it u have no interest in being with her ....or u can just compromise on ur demands nd needs nd stay with her just bcoz u love her so much and u can live with that

Domenic Lavigna

It’s being 23 and sexually inexperienced mean I’m doomed ?


Thank you lord Zeus

Nader Naseri

Yo who else can’t open the video in the gmail ??


Intro ends at 7:40 ur welcome

Oliver Nicolle

fuck me this guy is amazing, those back up lines are golden

David Thomspson

I think I'm terminated

Gary Zhu

Me: good talker irl, garbage texter

Corona: I'm about to end this man's whole career

Derek Krumwiede

Something I do a lot that might help you guys is instead of “On a scale of 1-10, (topic),” I always spice up the 10 part. For example,, if you’re about to go to eat, “On a scale of 1-Alaskan Eskimo that hasn’t seen food since winter began, how hungry are you?” Or something like that. Creates a playful vibe that needs creative answers


Aight, bout to start the day with no sleep. Pray for me, much luv ✌️

Justin Cayanan

No bullshit straight to the topic. Liked


Y don’t one of the guys buy the guide and then just send all the information to others social

Aspern Park

Just watching this video while getting an BJ :D

Kandarp Vyas


Maxa Million

This is literally why i subscribed and liked,
Can we appreciate how he doesnt waste our time w/ a godamn intro like every other youtube channel

Vedant Thakur

good one after a long time

Satyam Singh

this guy has done study on mens's mind instead of women...he knows what we want

-.- pinguin

Well. I just sent a text message to a girl I like. I will update this daily. Wish me luck guys ?

Bob Nakon

How do you flirt?


So I was kind of new to dating, on the 3rd date, I tried allowing the silence, I had no idea where to look so I just stared into her eyes with a light smile, we literally just stared at each other for 10 minutes until she asked: "What are you doing?" And I said, "I'm waiting for you to say something". Was a bit awkward.


4:42 Denzel Washington has left the chat


Sab chut ka chakkar hai


2:21 here u go

Cameron Yeargin

You should do a whole video on how to tease a Girl today bro

Tom Hill

It’s funny I’m actually great doing these thing, my problem is how to get to go out with these girls

Dylan Sheppard

this guy must do algebra each time he is about to approach a girl.

Nico Sanmiguel

I really appreciate ur no bullshit attitude.


All hail zeus.

Sky High

I extremely admire what u have done for the community. no homo


2:20 if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth a hundred thousand words


5:49 any1 else notice it said
Yh shave that thing too

Legendary Kevo

Like for GoodLuck for me on Saturday

Sunshine Gaming

Thanks for starting the vid right away and cutting to the chase. I appreciate you take note of not wasting people’s time.

Matias Pereyra

What if the girl is tired of where youre at in the interaction but also stops things from escalating farther.How do you save that?

Janovin S

Someone's been watching Todd V