How to get a toned stomach in a week

What I Eat In A Week For A FLAT & TONED Stomach (no restricting) | How I Love My Body At Every Size

What I Eat In A Week For A FLAT & TONED Stomach (no restricting) | How I Love My Body At Every Size25 Jul. 2020
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If you don’t want to

If you don’t want to watch me eat pancakes every day please don’t watch this video :) I know some of you think it’s really repetitive but i’m just being real with you all. This is what i eat. Thanks!

I’m not trying to promote any certain body type if you watch the entire video you will understand :)

I love all you! Remember to love your bodies!



favourite products


My fav crunchy Kraft Peanut butter:

yoga mat:

my camera:


resistance bands:

Pancake recipe:1/2 - 1 banana

1/4 cup oats

1 tsp baking powder

1 scoop protein powder

2 tbsp of almond milk (more if needed)

1 egg

1 - 2 tbsp of PB2

1 tsp cinnamon

Chocolate chips :)

Pancake Instructions

Heat pan on medium (Make sure the pan is hot before pouring batter)

Spray with cooking oil or just put some oil on the pan

Pour pancake batter on the pan

Wait for it to bubble and the bottom to brown

Flip !

Put on plate, top with A LOT of fruit, A LOT of peanut butter, and A LOT of maple syrup!

Enjoy :)

Bing recipe video:

Banana muffin recipe:

My pink mat:


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elisabeth right?

wait- you eat breakfast and dinner what- not me eating at least four meals a day how do you even survive

Rachel LouWho

Thank you for making me feel normal and not weird. You are so real and it’s great

Aisling Cartwright

I've lost count how many times I have watched this video, I look forward to them every week and I literally rewatch all them when a new video comes out and then rewatch them a few days later because there is no other YouTube like you

gabriela ratcheva

How Old are you ?

Maria Amaya

i kind of lost it, she workouts twice a day? sorry im new?✌?

K e n z i e

this girl right here is making me feel like my life doesnt revolve around a scale

Megan Olivia

Okay but like can we give momma Sun her own cooking segment cause everything looks so good!!!! Also how do we use chopsticks cause I would love to learn ?❤️?

Lavinia Simone

“then i just wanted some vectors but the vectors didn’t want me...” ?felt HAHA

Linda’s humor instantly makes my day better

Tereza Kubínková


Ruby Bolduc

cookies and cream mochi= happy Ruby

Paula Rackley

She’s like a friend I never knew I needed ✨✨??

Brighid Wagner

Hey! Idk if u do them or not, but u should do podcasts! Ur voice is rly pretty, and u make people feel so beautiful and special all the time. So I think u should do it :)

Maria CLP

I am so grateful that this girl is on YouTube

Kristina Snow

This was the video that made me fall in LOVE with her. ??


Anyone who asks her how her stomach gotten flatter has clearly never did the workouts she does...

Rachel Vignaud

I think I was crazy with all these noises... but ... Im not crazy and definitely not the only one, I learned to appreciate the pain of my flat stomach to get more and more better during my workout, ADDICTED ?

a 17 years old who knows a lot

but OMG you guys have lots of snacks at home

The vegan pretzel journey

I really love your attitude. I am plussize and know so many people who say „I never can be one of the fit women out there“ so they don’t give it a try. You Show That it’s okay to have low energy days and enjoy eating and that’s so important

Eylül Ekin Altay

Thank you

Kelly Voong

The bing looks so good


My favorite dessert are donuts with sprinkles of course

Léna Lee

Im currently struggling with Binge eating.. becuz i used to restrict myself and skip dinner and count calories, and even when i craved smth i wouldnt eat which led me to excessive hunger and binge eat and i also stopped working out , i gained weight and mentally im not at my best, i feel so lazy as well and sluggish, bloated every day, my clothes dont fit me as well as before.
I dont consider myself as fat tbh, but i lost my shape, my motivation, my flexibility and my health. Im happy to find this channel it feels so refreshing to see u workout and sweat i totally know how good it feels after a good intense workout. I should get myself tgt ? and start eating healthier and have an active life


While Linda dying with her workouts I laughing at her hair.
I love this girl..❤❤

Djamelia Kostmann

What u say is so beautiful!!!

Rylee Lu



Where do you live?

bugeater 49

she can even make a bowl of sugar covered with oil look healthy and delicious

April 26

Me acabo de dar cuenta de que aunque consiga el cuerpo que quiero, tengo la cara fea así que he dejado el ejercicio que estaba haciendo y me he puesto a comer chocolate?


Guys, how heavy are her weights?

nastja meglen

I" am impresed how much you can eat. And i love it.

Nunyour Business

What are those weight strap things that your using in you workouts??? (Don't know how else to describe them lol)

Jun Mang

Eat or Ate?

Teodora Panic

name workout pls

Camila Dumas.

i want ice cream, i want that pancakes but i dont have money. XD

Marianna D'Agostino

I don't have a favourite dessert: I love them all ?

Liz F



I agree i eat athe same foods i dont diet and im still looking good

Jasmine Habr

Omg I love you ? how am I only just finding you now

Sophia Mu

I want ice cream but we don't have any D:

Sydney Austad

I love how close you are with your family, and how you are able to laugh at yourself. I am so happy I found your channel, and I think you are such a positive influence in health and fitness community! You’ve reminded me that eating and working out is FUN

Julia _pupperz

This video really helped me realize what I should do. Thank you sooo much! ?

Aly Alindayu

How many times a day do you workout?


ok but i need the recipes for the noodles and sauce it looked so delicious ?

Aldi Sanchez


Carolina Cardoso

Lindaa what you put in garlic oil? Kisses ???

Samantha Rychling

Any else I want to have a lifestyle like this but I can’t bc I’m 13. I can’t use a blender and my parents won’t buy protein powder and stuff. Also my parents get so mad when I workout bc they here it upstairs


So I loved this video! It was super inspiring. My problem is I workout in the morning, then shower, then I eat throughout the day, but then I feel like I didn’t accomplish very much. So when do you shower considering how many workouts u do during the day?? Cause I want to do more but I don’t wanna shower again.

Sakina M

i was suppose to go to bed a 11pm but I binge watched your videos and now it's 2am lol I loooove them and you

Kaitlin Munoz

i love how real she is all the time

sajy bomb

You're now my favorite this 2021.

Chloe and cooper L0L

I love you you made my day

Lavenders K

The only reason I clicked in the video cuz her before it’s how I look right now and her after it’s EXACTLY what’s my goal !

Katie padilla

what is this bing-

Thea Fruscione

its easier for you to eat whatever you want because you asian

Aldi Sanchez

Podes poner los subtítulos en español PORFAVORR

Salome Spiegelman

Where is the recipe on her Instagram ?

Carolin Schmidt

i have to say i love your videos, and i have to add the fact that i didn't know you since today morning. You carry the right message and you are soo incredible positive, that just makes me realise how woderful our lifes are. Thank you for bringing that message across :)

Reva Mehta

Oml , I have been watching your videos for quite some time now and am in love with your motivation and self care and dedication, it's just mind bloglering!
Your videos make me so so happy and feel loved, it just makes my day and week and month and bam the whole freaking year, period.
I feel that watching u r channels content I got a new outlook on life and started caring for my body, which I didn't really not do, but "lacked" in doing, which is one of the main reason I love your content and am so greatful to you for making me really understand and realise the importance of self love and self care
Loads of Love

Taylor Langley

This is so encouraging towards self love and also just being healthier. I also see a lot of recipes I want to try and replicate! So glad I found you. ?

Nadine Marie

I'm so glad i found your channel. It's honestly the most wholesome thing i've found ever and i love it.

Just after christmas i decided i wouldn't make any new years resolutions, no i'm going to loose weight, exercise more blah blah but i did promised myself that i was going to take better care of my health both mental and physical and you give me so much motivation. After seeing a few of your videos it honestly makes me happy about my current choices and helps me to carry on.

You are such a beautiful individual inside and out and you provide so much inspiration to people and i just wanted to say thank you so much for that.

Brenda Vargas Aguilar

I love that she is so realistic and natural ???

Mia Losh

she eats a lot but works out a lot thats why. You look cute linda ?

Lilianna Veldhuis

i feel like the hardest thing for me is feeling like a failure for gaining weight even when i was underweight had an eating disorder and now im healthier but i feel like im worth less because i weigh more and look less skinny and i dont know how to love myself and feel confident in a healthy way especially struggling with depression anf sometimes not having motivation to do workouts so yeah idk

Bella Adams

I’ve tried making banana pancakes 2 times and each time they turned out bad with no taste :( any tips?

addisonpatience bryant

What’s the lulu shorts called?!?

Kht American hobby horser

Your videos have helped me so much thank you ok keep it up!

Nana Durango

Thanks Linda for everything you’ve taught me, you have been such an inspiration for me. Just a little tip, I am Christian and I often watch your content with my sister (who is also Christian), and to us saying thing like “Oh my G*d” or “J**sus **rist” are actually really offensive because you’d be taking the Lord’s name in vain, and His name is holy to us. I completely realize that you may not have my same beliefs, but I just sometimes feel a little uncomfortable because of this (it’s not only you btw, everyone says it). So I guess I’m trying to ask that if in the future you could edit out the parts where you say that? Or even better, not say it at all.
Ps: I’m not trying to push my beliefs here, it’s just that this has been on my mind for a while and I just wanted to ask you this nicely (I hope I don’t sound rude, because I’m not trying to be, this is just how I feel).
Anyways, thanks for all your amazing and positive content, you really are what diet culture needs.

Judith RA

Your videos are the only ones that I can watch until the end even if they are 4 hours long

Olamide Fatimehin

me just constantly starring at her underwear in the background

Brooke Calder

I think I love you ?? I found you last night and I can’t stop watching! Thank you for your beautiful energy and your message.

agustina vranich

wow thanks linda I was so worried about the bad mark I got on my english paper

Presley Lu

Question for people how do i listen to my body what are some tips?

Shilpa Arora

Can you please tell the substitute for egg in pancakes recepie

Ellen Abraham

Okay so I'm new here and idk if this video has been made already but um CAN YOUR MOM MAKE A COOKING VIDEO ON HER RICE NOODLES AND SEASAME SAUCE BECAUSE GOSH DANG IT LOOKS SO GOOD

Marisol Brito

can we have a grocery shopping video? I feel like you guys go ham at groceries living my dream haha

Sara Zeka

Do u have to add PB2 to the pancakes

Ponci Calabaza

Activa los subtitulos,please

Nasia Than


Lucy Clark

i love the obsession with peanut butter haha

addisonpatience bryant

Also woth try bread is you get damp paper towel when u warm it up it makes it fresh

Marieka Hooymans

The video I was looking for ! No restrictions or diets and loving our bodies the way they are ?

Danielle Lima

It would take more than three times this video length for you to begin to make me a little bored 15:30


sorry, I am new... but... do u know were I can find the recipes of the pancake and banana muffin??? They seems f*cking delicious!!!

Ha Hoang

Yes.. eat what u want.. doughnuts.. cookies... crisps...pancakes...etc!!! BUT, MAKE SURE u WORK OUT TWICE A DAY..7 DAYS A WEEK and dont guve yourself a rest to get ride of your guilty conscience!! Seriously!! ?

Ha Hoang

Iam a fitness fanatic doing it since 17! Iam now 48... watching this video it looks like linda you doing TWO WORK OUT A DAY 6 days a week and only stretch on day 6!! Ghis is wayyyyy too much for your body and muscles... you must let your body REPAIR itself otherwise u can do some serious injury!!! Iam sorry, but u are not loving your body!!


Cold shower feels good after a workout like if agree

Wonder Alice

Anyone else who has an oatmeal obsession?

Kendra Lebel

Thank you for this video??


I wish I knew you in real life! I’ll be so happy eating around you cuz I have a chip addiction!

Avery Strong

Words LITERALLY cant describe how glad I am to have subscribed to you! Thank you for being such a good role model and inspiration! For me, and so many others.❤️❤️❤️


I love her channel but her thumbnails make me so sad :( like her "before" she is perfectly healthy and thin and her "after" pictures are always just better angles and lighting (that could have been taken on the exact same day...) We have belly fat to protect our organs. Sorry again I love her channel, I'm not hating it's just thumbnails like this that feed into this unrealistic unhealthy narrative

Claire Ward

I stumbled across your page in the last week and I love how super real you are. Very motivational thank you!! Tried pancakes today for breakfast for the first time ?mmmm

tuvieja 33

u make me so happy i cant even explain

Patricia Romero

My favorite go to cravings is COCO MILK TEA ? Will definitely try the taro one when I have the chance.

Latifa Satar zada

I’m ten and I when I found your channel I was already in love because I have always been trying to lose weight and you helped so much thank you Linda


Ugh one day I will be like you, working out with ankle weights and a higher resistance training band ?

Daddy Draco


Megan Reed

Do you do a work out in the morning and afternoon or one in the morning everyday ?

Hanna Bovt

You have a flat belly because you do a workout twice a day. But mindset is also important on that way. Great videos??




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Comments (100)
renae’s vlogs

I’m skinny but I have a layer of fat over it

burritos are nice

My girls, it's okay to have a bump in your tummy. It's healthy, it's perfect, it's beautiful.

Robyn Xiong

2020 anyone?

anyway so

im skinny but i don't have flat belly ??

Evelyn Kate

0:04 me

André Schau

Like if yr seeing this video in 2018


?? Ⓞⓥⓔⓡⓡⓡ ??? ???? ??? ???? ?'?? ???? ??????? ??? ????? ???? ??????? "???? ?????" ???? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ?? days ?♚ >

Fish House

Is chocolate yogurt bad for your body

Óh Dear

Im allergic to all the snacks you mentioned

Noor Ali

Damn, you are so motivating and positive I CAN FEEL THE ENERGY thank you ? subbed


Thanks really helped.

lee h.

This seems very easy, I’m gonna try these tips and hopefully I’ll look good for Christmas and my birthday pictures. Thanks so much! ?

Mallory Knadler

Chew your food like she said but also eat slowly so your body gets full before you eat too much

Softest UwU

I'm poor so I can't afford healthy food?

Kyllie erin Hall

I love her exspressions and how she explains everything shes very funny XD

Carmen Marshall

Love this video!! She is so funny and beautiful!! These hacks really work and she has awesome advice!!

Kostina Trnava

Thanks for the video content! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard about - Dinanlinson Belly Secret Approach (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning how to get an amazing toned beach ready belly without the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my cooworker at last got excellent results with it.

Lee Foxy

love this gurl! nice vid HAHA


youre really pretty

Ethel Suarez

Kudos for the video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Dinanlinson Belly Secret Approach (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning how to get an amazing toned beach ready belly minus the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend Sam got cool results with it.

Fantasy Boston

Ur slim and nice wish I was tht slim


Guys... For anyone reading this Plz I want to tell u that this simple workout she did is pure magic!!! Don't waist time doing hard ab workouts! Do this I guarantee u full results! If anyone has any questions Plz ask me I will reply faster than lightning I promise! ❤️

Daniella Munoz

Omg your entro???? lmfao i love you im fn happy i found your channel


вιкιиι вσ∂у ∂ιє∂ 6 уєαяѕ αgσ


Brianna Locklear

I’m eleven and I look pregnant ?✋?

ronja k

I got a McDonald’s ad on this video...

sara sendi

i weight about 38 kilo i am soo skinny but i dont have a flat belly help pp

Just Brooke

Problem solved... stop going to the wrong beach???

Manuel Valera

Nice video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard about - Dinanlinson Belly Secret Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning how to get an amazing toned beach ready belly without the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my GF at very last got cool success with it.


I’ve been promising myself I would get a bikini body since last summer KDNSKDNS

Big Blues

I hate myself lol

Joann Yamoah

Why is the intro so true ?

its Nyny


Shepherd Yuda

You have tiktok

Joey Moore

I hate when people say Oh wAnt A biKinI bOdY but no everyone is beautiful and every body is a bikini body

big _ oof

I’m thin but my stomach is extra big lmao whoops

Howl Donovan

In short:
- Eat a protein filled foods at 3:00-4:00 pm
- Use a yoga ball like a cat to work out
- Chew your food a lot
- drink lots of water (you can use strawberries or lemons)
- Stop eating three hours before bed
- Eat good snacks! Peanut butter , yogurt, grapes, lemons, avocado.


I'm super skinny but my stomach is so big it looks so weird ?


Can I plz have your hair it’s so cute


I got a ad
stop, don’t exercise
Ok.. thank you



Jadah Thompson

Shes so pretty ngl?

Rachel Paige

Love my body I just don’t like my stomach?

Marisol Barbacena

Okay babe.. you made me sub.?

fatima Touray

I don't have the ball


I only lose weight in my legs and arms but my stomach stays pregnant :(

Bella Camb

Am i the only one here during quarantine?

Joanna Rose

i have to go to florida with my crush and i need a flat tummy

wendy pope

I've got to get a flat tummy before Saturday as I'm attending a wedding ? I look good in my dress but my pooch is ruining the outfit

Park Jimin

Okay i know i sound weird but literally all black girls i have seen have such nice boobs lmao
I am crying with my asian flat ass-

Fatsia km

Rona said no

Daniella Haddad

I'm gonna try this hope it work
One like to go me luck
Btw 2020 anyone

Kayley Green

I just saw the first hack/tip and I was eating an apple with almond butter (would recommend) and it is 3:24pm! I do this every day anyways

Rima Ella

you‘re pretty funny ?

help meh hehehe

I'm skinny but I want to be more ??

Hymavathi Kolluru

I love her.

Peachy ASMR

Im going to see if it really works! I will be doing this for a week! Updates coming!

Sequoiah Dreams

if you hate tofu you don't know how to cook tofu; cause it's just texture and pretty much flavorless so it'll absorb whatever sauce or flavor you soak it in

Cassandra Peterson

eat the tofu, eat all of the tofu, PLEASE EAT ALL OF THE TOFU

oh and also im here cuz im tired of feeling heavey and feeling fat next to my friends im gonna try really hard also because my doctor makes me go to a clinic for over weight kids

Carmella Thomas

Me watching this while shoving food into my mouth like ???


goo bai chocolate :D XD

Dimitra Theotokatou

Thank you?❤️


I’m subscribing :)

Someone Basic

Can someone tell me if this worked?

Vinny Jaso

The problem with me is that I’ll wake up and have a really flat stomach and then I’ll eat and I’ll be so bloated! Any solutions


so its Christmas season and I'm watching this, I DONT EVEN WEAR BIKINIS but thanks shay xoxo

Denki is Hot

You’re actually so funny ?

gia gia

your girl just wanna wear high waisted jeans ??

Laura Lopez

I love touf

zayna darres

i love your personality so damn much



Ivy Ifeoma

Thank you❤❤❤


Everyone says fucking drink water. BUT I DRINK LIKE THREE BOTTLES OF ALKALINE WATER EVERYDAY. Its so stupud.

G Henen neng

Im skinny but I have a bloated tummy not happy

shay a
Updated work-out routine 4 years later ? ?


When you said “I HATE TOFU” ??? sameeeee

Kyria Russ

So basically starve urself ok ?

Enter your username

if I lose weight in winter I should be fitter for summer.this summer wasn’t great so next summer I will be wearing a lot of summer cloths making the most of the year we didn’t get . I wanna look good in my cloths ya know

Wajiha Asif

I love her. Totally.

jaily arends

I watch this video every summer........


everyone screenshots at 2:39

Goddess of Wisdom

Ey I usually get home from school around 3:00-3:30 so that’s a perfect time for me to snack on something healthy!! :)

Emily Currall's Cheer Life

I did everything you told me to do and it's working

Mia Henriquez

I'm skinny but don't have a flat stomach and my CRUSH called me fat and now i feel like a piece of shit?

Lilia Mason

me watching this while drinking a coke

Alexa Tortora

Im skinny for the most part but my stomach is bloated and my upper legs/thighs have extra fat on them

Juliana Burdick

She is sooo skinny

Zzz Zzz

I want to have a flat stomach like you!

Maria Solo


Sameee I always hated tofu


0:00 - 0:18 why I clicked this vido

Davide Colombo

?? Greattt ?????! ???? ??????? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ?????? here! ?? > >

Ashley Tarsi

the thing is..I’m skinny, but my stomach isn’t necessarily know? Like my upper half of my stomach is like bloated with air and it’s been like that for a while, but my lower half is flat. Idk how to get rid of that??‍♀️

nat mwah

looks at bag of Halloween candy well shit...

lisa nguyen

My dogs name is tofu ??


My snack is Plain Yogurt almonds and honey mixed together it’s Gud I also eat pineapple

Keelie Porter

I love your energy

Kari Ester

Yo. These girls already skinny. Can’t tell if this is true


I wouldn’t call myself ‘fat’ or ‘skinny’ but I have a small pooch?? (Idk what to call it) and I think without it, I’d be skinny. My legs are quite small and so is my face. Idk what to do because I’m going through a rough time (my friend left and she has new friends who are skinny and it’s making me cry myself to sleep).

ooga booga

Is anyone else reading through the comments to see if works?

Emily Allen

Who looking to see if this works