How long does promescent last

Product Review - Promescent Before and After Wipes

Product Review - Promescent Before and After Wipes1 Jul. 2020
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Product Review -

Product Review - Promescent Before and After Wipes

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???????! ------- Behind the scenes, early access, and more!

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Ask Emily - How to Apply Promescent

Ask Emily - How to Apply Promescent8 Feb. 2015
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You know how Emily is

You know how Emily is ALWAYS singing the praises of Promescent, the first FDA-approved spray, that helps you last up to two times longer in bed? Well in this video, Emily explains HOW to covertly apply Promescent without even having to take a break in the action!

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God Serena

That was a stupid question that John asked

East coast red Yum

Bitch you didn’t say how to apply

Vishal Singh

We get to know it smells bad if we use our partner will get to know a bit this


I first heard of Promescent from you on Loveling. And I have to say, it really helped me in my love life. Thank you Emily


Will it effect ORAL?


Hi Emily
May i ask if Promescent have any smell? can my gf give me a blow job after apply? Thanks

Harrison N

Listen carefully, if you have not been capable to last for around 30 minutes or more in the sack after having to take some pill, or perhaps applying some lotions and creams, then just read what Greyzar Drinbo has on his website. Although it is probably not for every guy, it makes the difference, so long as you do exactly what is advised.

Nisarg Pithva

Which part to apply please let us know?

Aiyana Mikayla

After reading through this PE treatment method, there was an immediate change in my performance. In the past, I can only last less than a minute on the first penetration but my partner now reaches climax when we have sεx. I am not sure it will work , but you can get the guide by Google. The name is Thomas Camonρez
all the best

Lawrence Patrick

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Cougar Hot Tips: How Men Can Last Longer In Bed. Try Promescent for Pre-Mature Ejaculation problems

Cougar Hot Tips: How Men Can Last Longer In Bed. Try Promescent for Pre-Mature Ejaculation problems3 Jun. 2015
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This video is about: What

This video is about: What to do if you can't last long in bed? One great solution is Promescent.

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Pre-mature ejaculation is an embarrassing problem that is very common.

Promescent is a topical spray that is applied to the penis just 10 minutes before sex, enabling a man to manage premature ejaculation.

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Albert Calvani

Hey you a friend of has ceialis and they are the fuckin boom I myself stay hard for two or three hours and just love it having a hard on for that long and I cume at least three times I use to jerk off before I went out with a hot woman and that worked too but the pill is the best way to have sex for hours on hours love you and would be very excited if you and I were to meet

KarenLee Poter

Watch: Important tips about lasting longer in bed!

Emanuel Colon

smoke a sativa strain,works 4 me


I have the opposite problem I tend to last too long and not cum at all I make my wife orgasm multiple times then we just stop and I fall asleep.

KarenLee Poter

This video is about: What to do if you can't last long in bed? One great solution is Promescent spray. It works!
Click my affiliate link to get it:


Okay, I must play Devil's advocate here.  I think there are more solutions to this problem.  Now, I am a guy, and I am not afraid nor ashamed to admit that this has happened to me more that once in my life.  We are known to be over eager when it comes to sex, and yes, our excitement can sometimes get the best of us.  What was my solution?  Prolonged foreplay.  If you take your time and get relaxed, I think you might find this problem going away.  I must note, I didn't learn this tactic on my own, I was a COUGAR.  Go figure :)

Rashna Maharjan

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KarenLee Love your tip is the best! Btw, I have two Cougars that are into me. Yes I am a 29 Year old male named Michael. My girlfriend is a 40 year Woman who I hooked up with on the first date back in 2018. Foreplay aka kissing is so important. Another woman is a 60 Year woman a Panther! A Love Triangle! So I do want to have sex with the 60 year old. I am Michael. Btw, Karen you are so sexy and beautiful. Any advice?

carlos torres

Sell sell sell buy buy buy Jesus Christ

radha krishna

There are several components to natural cures for premature ejaculation. One plan I found which successfully combines these is the Magic Remedy Method (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most useful guide that I have ever seen. look at the unbelievable information .

Zoe Semour

Is Enhafallux Secrets helpful to help you solve your premature ejaculation problem? I have read a lot of good stuff about Enhafallux Secrets (search on google).

KarenLee Poter

In case you missed this...Check out my tips for lasting longer in the sack

No Loyalty, No Respect

I have the opposite of this problem haha, ok so i had sex 3 times already and only 1 girl made me finish. Other two girls couldn't get me to finish and I mean sessions that lasted 40+. Is this a good trait in a guy?

jan tanha

I read many good opinions on the internet about how Enhafallux Secrets (google search it) can help you so you can last longer in bed. Has anybody tested out this popular premature ejaculation treatment?

KarenLee Poter

Awesome tips on lasting longer in bed!

Emran Malik

Anybody tested out the Enhafallux Secrets (look on google search engine)? I've noticed many awesome things about this popular male enhancement?.

Mark Anthony

helooo people...S t ar Buster Male E n hancement Product is working for me.
I starting to help my sexual stamina by increasing the duration of m y erection.
.... It starting to ma k e sense to use natural product that can improve what you already have. I highly recommend ..


wolp, if i had a cougar i would have told her to keep in watching your vidoes

Kapil Dks

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Taylor M

By looks of i, you could have as well read about this in Greyzar Drinbo's internet site, right? It's super strong, no matter how grave your PE is. You can begin today and maybe start seeing measurable results within the week.


Smoke pot.

Baron Thomas

Karen, lets date and work on these tips :)

T Breezy

I wiil f**k u good half hour without all this shit...!!

Eli Cordero

the only way that I last longer In bed is masturbating

Abel Cerrillo

I dont have that problem.....i sumtimes have to take a break before i get to cum an even after i cum im still hard..


Hmmm, have no problem making sex last longer, once youre in it, you get deep in it, to me its all about pleasing my partner and making her explode more than 4 times and making her explode harder and harder. Thats what turns me on, and knowing what she likes. A woman is completely worn out after 40 minutes, and after an hour she is out for the count but satisfied and more than pleased.


ah, advertisement. buh boo.

Trevor Panno

I would last longer in bed by letting my wife come into bed naked.

Brian Odom

Maybe I'm different, but I think masturbating just before the encounter backfires. I've been in the position where I've done that, then get with the chick, and still come quick. If that happens, it is tougher to get it back up for the third time and it's a huge disappointment.

If I save up and I come quick, then I just keep going for seconds without missing a beat. That's my version of getting the first one out the way. I'm able to get it right back up and then last much longer after the first one and it's more exciting for both of us. If things are really really hot, I may get a third, but again, that's harder.

Reyansh Singh

Hello there, have you considered Enhafallux Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search engine search. On there you will find an awesome suggestions about how you can last longer in bed. Why don't you give it a chance? maybe it's going to work for you too.


My wife usually orgasms within 10-15 minutes and I cum after about 30 minutes. She said she loves it because that last 15 minutes or so, she is tingling while I am driving to get off. It's a perfect situation.

Mukti Mahmud Tilock

How can i Bay this products.. I lives in soudi arobiA

gerald lee

Karen Lee Porter the guy came too soon because you were way to hot on that date. Turn it down a notch. Grow a mustache or get a unibrow..