Fat man sex

Family Guy - Fat Sex

Family Guy - Fat Sex12 Dec. 2020
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I T W I L L P L E A S E M E ?

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Mrs.swan sex line call with fat man

Mrs.swan sex line call with fat man9 Nov. 2014
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Funny lady Mrs.Swan Sex

Funny lady Mrs.Swan Sex line

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carter the unstoppable sex machine-sherriff fatman

carter the unstoppable sex machine-sherriff fatman7 May. 2007
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Another cool song i am

Another cool song i am sharing.I am not making any money from this just giving a good song and group to the public to view

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Robert Kellogg

Summer of "91". Memories!


man this brings me WAY back. i still have a copy of this on a memorex cassette somewhere. you just inspired me to track down this album again!

Alexander Wilson

Listen up The Twang, this is how its done.


gr8 song!!!! brilliant beat more songs should be like this


Thanks for posting this, love it. Is it just me or does everyone know a sheriff?


Thanks for this LOVE IT. Yup caps are necessary.


carter were my 1st proper gig aged 14- best intoduction to a gig you could want.... carter fans would never let down a 1st time crowd surfer LOL, man that night at cov uni u must have gone up and over half a dozen times at least, lost all the shrapnel outta my pockets ut had a great time... I just finished watchiong juimbob live at cherry red on the TV like 2 minutes ago...got a bollocking-woke the house up singing along to bloodsport for all lol


Love the bass line in this track. I just discovered this band, and I love them so much.

Darren Murphy

one of the best idie bands vallium amphetimines phony prescriptions i no many fat mans


their gigs were such fun,had the odd twat moaning that they used taped backing but so what -it was good sweaty lager fuelled entertainment




Wow, this brings back some memories. They came to my school, UMASS-Dartmouth, back in '91. One of first shows freshman year. I had no idea who they were. Went to see EMF, but left a CUSM fan.

Last SaneMan

Beautiful, cheers mate!

Music Without Borders

Dave Wells in Bournemouth - he owns over 200 properties (mainly large houses converted into bedsits). He advertises for tenents in Liverpool and promises to set them up in sunny Bournemouth with benefits and rent paid by Bournemouth Burough Council (because he hates them)!

Josephine-Poppy Marcellas'Valentine

@24hrpartynow Thank you, you have been the first person to make me laugh for days. Josephine.


dude... this is fucking AMAZING!


top tune big will,,,,nice one m8

Ambient Skies

yeh funny my brother had the hair style and nicked my hair dye to dye the bit at the front lol


I miss CUSM. Very few people in the U.S. have even heard of them. If you didn't watch MTV's 120 Minutes you wouldn't have heard them.

Jono Nishi

Yeah I saw them there twice, it was my first ever gig aged 14 traveling 300 miles down from inverness to glasgow by coach, shouting "you fat b*****d" to john beast, followed by a big round of "Philip Schofield's a W****r" as it was just after the incident where Fruitbat rugby tackled him on live TV. total drunken madness, I also remember leaving with my ears ringing and steam rising from my sweaty body in the Glasgow night air, happy days :)


took me ages to find this awesome.


i love this song


sorry dont have that one

d lister

bag ov shite


takes me way way back , still so rocks

James Paul

found this song on accident at 2:00 am on vh1 classic .gave me chills. awsome.


fucking awesome track many memories even got a mate we call sheriff as he is so fat still call him it today 17 years on

Stephen Tate

Thanks for putting this here. I've haven't heard this in years.Memories.Cheers