Girls that like it in the butt

When hot girl plays the game by showing off her beautiful butt.. Must watch to enjoy. Ass

When hot girl plays the game by showing off her beautiful butt.. Must watch to enjoy. Ass5 Aug. 2018
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Darwisy Hensome

The butt is so beautiful OMG ???????????

abdellah mbs

Love zebi

NOOB GAMING • 60 years ago


Umair Khan

A sy chutiyee bhi hoty hain ..agr me ya ap hoty to kis per focus krty??????


who is she?

Javier Navarro

She is BEaUtful

Karen Chumbley



She just won because of her butt

Ammara Saleem


Rafa Hernandez

I happy girl go win yay l hate boy :)girl best look why girl butt big best win girl :)

Shane Axterix

Wow I like those buts

Sri King

With such a back Support she won

Maya Sikder

Beautiful butt

Dongki Channel

Eeeeeeeeewwwww... im a kid why this video appears on my acc. ??????

Dalen Evasco


Rockstar Games no

Lol this is the stupidest show I have ever seen

vikash yadav

I love this ass wow

كبرياء شابـ



Like she can just hold his but and jump from his back but he cant because....

You know why


I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirli
Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeid ❤️

Cyriel Phaahla

HAHA I know you are well aware that you are going through the process

Nat -

Wow so bEaTiFuL

Violeta Rivera


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Shivam Sinha

I would have removed her panties in tub

Casey Liles

I love naked ladies

Meena Waghmare

Beautiful but I didn't see butt

crazzzy futbaler.

what language are they speaking....anyone

Aisyah Yusran


Ruth Zahra

???? ?? ??? ???? ? ???? ?? ?? ???? ??????

I loro stati di salute
de s'approcher trop
rispettivi prevenirli
per avvicinarsi troppo ?❤

subhradeep ghosh

She just won using her cheap tricks of body exposing

real Entertainment funda

Amazing ?????❤️❤️Love u???


تريند_ TREND


Alfredo Gamoza

Can I see the private

Rafael Rakanaya

??????????????????U pig

Ambreen Zia

0:07 3:38 4:34

Amiba Miba


Van Tran

Beautiful body

Tayyab Sultan

Very beautiful girl . so sexy . I like hmmmmmmm

Elite Medical Business Solutions

Omg I am dead

Kunal Bera

Pls tell me what the show name is?

Shayan Farrukh

Her butt is beutiful?????

baylies channel epic

Kiss me with your swimmers on

Carol Bennett

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hakeem film

Why girls love anal?

jutawan2021 dermawan

How can we coment with raspect if she dont covered n dont respect herself?


What's her name?

Roblox fun Nahar

I ?

Every vedio

Butt is so beutyful

Moataz Ahmed

The man is founding her buty



Iskandar Odeh


Brayden slawski

If there's a beautiful butt we're are the beautiful farts ? ??

Why Do We Love the Butt? - Deep Dive

Why Do We Love the Butt? - Deep Dive30 Mar. 2015
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Because butts are

Because butts are awesome!!

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Comments (100)
Sadbabyx subscribers

I don't like butts I don't understand why they like it

Owen McClain

"If we could sleep in a bed made of butts we would, we'd buy two of them"

Ioronrote Montour

Hehe, nice butt's are nice, so's the rest. So what?

Sr Monkey Flingonpoo

Big bottom girls you make the rocking world go round .

Matt Garcia

girls like guys with butts oh shit

Elite Shots

Will has a nice butt.


U r so right... But bcz of this type of mentality girls now go under surgeries to make them attractive :( which is really upsetting

Albert Townly

we don't love butts our cock love butts

Julio Alvarado

I think it’s just that buts are squishy

Ken W

Because a butt is a grown man's teddy bear.
Nice to hug when dancing and etc. (Tryna keep comment G rated)

Bradquline Caples


Max Christ

There nice chubby and cute and nasty and stupid

Vlvenhima Chhangte

I love big butts ?

Jeffrey crutchfield


Rehan Sharif

??Am I so I got her to go to bed from a dog I have cavities



Steven_ Guido

Did anybody else click on the video because of the videos cover XD

Harith Khan

And ishpeshelly your but its lovely

Tamia Lewis



i didn't like butts until i turned 12


girl butts


Man's likes butt's because man's wants to put their D**ks in butt so yea.

Bobby mercier

Wtf was that black guy talking about holding your baby in with your thigh booty?

Forbidden GT

I don't like the but I love the tits honestly buts are disgusting boobs are best

Tressa Baisden

it's not what's out side it's what is in side


heh groas

Darren Heard

The buttocks give a feeling of comfort. Rubbing on the butt is a way to distress yourself. It also makes the other person feel good.

Aqeela Rubab

Such a poor choice of standards, i have ever come across for chosing a mate.amazingly there will be million likes for this video when it doesn't actually deserves even a shit.look at the smile on his face eveytime when he is discussing about butt he should be ashamed of respect, no honour ,no dignity, no pride ,just lust is left for chosing a mate.

Iris Mendoza

I love butt

James Filchak

Lesley Mary Alyssa

Buzz Worthy

Oh yeah? What if i don't want kids?


Im a boy and i have such a big butt, so i go with long shirts to hide it..

Bobby Knight

I like male and female butts. I'm bi.

Mr. Nobody

I don't understand why girls like guys' butts.

Why do guys like girls' asses?

Anal sex

Masue Natee

i like big men butts ah

chris Mirwnitis

I love girls butt im buttman hahahaha buttman begins??

Pratap S

I like big burgers and I cannot lie.

MC Games

What boy doesn't like butts???



El mas chimba

Why the hell do woman like mans butt

Jordan Gonyon

lol if we could buy a butt made of butts we would ummm ?? I'll take a pillow to lol

Roblox Master

I love butts

⟭⟬ Jeonie

Butts are normal body parts where you poop out your food.

Eriel Rengel

I like butts


Taylor swift flat ass?

mikeysharpe 41

C'mon. The girls have butts. They need to like something else

Wolf and Raven

Why is it always assumed girls want big, strong, muscular guys? I prefer skinny, weedy looking guys. I think they're adorable ^_^

Vishwanadhan Vishwa

I am also like women's bud very much ( l love butts so much)

Rosendo Leon




Rehan Sharif

Hey people what’s your name


Thankew for making me mire insecure and depressed. ?

Maria P


robert Zhang

I have big butt

أحمد سعيد

كتبو بالعربي ماعرف انجليزي

Je suis Les Deplorables

Its where the poop comes out and the smell is awesome.


Men like butts because they want to grab it xD


Squat squad where you at?

I can't Fight

I like big and juicy butt

Daphne Diamond

Baseball players have best asses. Big and firm

Rey Flores



Haha that makes a lot of sense...not creepy anymore

Zion yeet

There are a few reasons one the way it feels ?? two a man's firm body feels nice against his woman's soft squishy body, vice versa three it is a good health sign for her and your child

Mizi Lawn

I've a fwat butt ;))))


This was recommended to me while lookimg pewdiepie -._.

850 Jojo

My anaconda dont my anaconda dont my andaconda dont want none unless you got a nice personality

Alex Lozada

All of u need some sort of help

that random guy

I nver knew girls liked a guys butt. I guess you learn something new everyday

Kat Myers

Don’t even credit Pierce college lmfao

Tusken Reader

Love those butts

Marissa Lanza

One butt punch???

Shalom Abebaw

Taylor swift flat ass lol

Carolina Melara

Shock absorbers???

Favorite Videos

Suzi Guzi

Kahoot Kahoot

0:06 put it on your wallpaper if you are a savage

Henry Stickmin

ok i got my answer of why i have dis male disadvantage

CrossKingGaming CrossKing

one at da begaining

love of hearts

There butt is fat

R&J Mooothical Show

Anyone else just not attracted to those girls with huge gym pants asses


I peed me pants

Percy Shumate

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rosie green

Good job Matt!

Douglas Broadbent

Ugh… I'm bi. I love butts of all kinds. That's okay.

But I am a bit concerned about this: if loving butts is evolutionary built in, then isn't loving butts heteronormative? And if I am so, aren't I contradicting my public shared identity as a bisexual man?

Shavonda Southard

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Is it weird that I don't really like butts... I'm a girl btw

Yah1st Camplin

I’ve kissed a woman’s butt before

Rey Flores

That butt


This is so true XD


wait i had no idea girls liked butts

Soukaina Kitty

what if you have fucking stretch marks on this place that should be the most attractive place

rodrigo JP

bcause women butts are insanely perfect, are tender and superhot at the same time, are a temple, love the butt respect the butt

Tuiyo Raftiy


Berhe welde


Afomia Hailr

I like big butts and I can not lie!!!

The Red Wolf

If someone only liked me because of my boobs or butt, I would show them there is more then just that. Society is messed up, everyone is gross. There is only a few people who don't focus on that.

Yilmali Garcia

I like a butt

Anything 4 you

But why I love butts... It's so cute why it's cute??? I want to lick it why???

Henry Stickmin


Albert Townly

we don't love butts our cock love butts

Nonhtaw Non

I want more butt