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Bayonetta Non-Stop Infinite Climax (bosses) 2of2

Bayonetta Non-Stop Infinite Climax (bosses) 2of29 Jan. 2010
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Finishing Moves on Bosses

Finishing Moves on Bosses (Spoiler Alert!) / using turbo buttons (Hori pad)

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reinier santos

I click this beacuse of the title. Tought it was nin stop infinite sex. XD


The pose Jeanne strikes at 3:53.. Give me life! 

Armando Henriques

ಠ_ಠ What the fuck did I just watch?


yo why she always got her titties out tho

Jaimee Kinman

The final climax was my favorite!



I've seen everything-
(Look at dat shiny ass tho-)



The Conducer

Looks like super Mario with Wii sports


can someone tell me the ost in the background that starts at the angel fight in the ocean? (1:45-2:37)

Turtle Lover

This actually has more views than the first part?!

Luis Reyes

Damn, she's sexy in a cosmic sense!


Ah sa sa seada

Disrespectful Back-up

Jeanne you were such an annoying bi- I mean witch at first

Watermelony _

god that spider monster is awesome

Angel Colin Prado

can someone tell me the story of this game?




WTF??? BUUEEEEEEE flpflpflpflp....

Maia draconica

with witches this powerful how are they almost extinct? oh and i also want a whole song with Bayonetta chanting her witch language.

jubilee jubileus

10:08 jubileus knew she had fucked up



Odc2- Obadele Adams

What's it with her clothes coming off every time

Djmega 35

bullshit to me

Kashif Reza

game where we could choose who we would wanna play as


second, after he made this video his controller will be broken ?

Arite Okai

how do u unlock this


who fights naked? Bayonetta of course

Marco Mariona

a giant snake made out of pube hair, nice...

Тролль Лесной

че за онеме? очередной YOBA-эксклюзиф с пысы3 штоле? шизанутые ипонцы хиросимные..

Serena C.

7:37 MOMMY! she swore! :(


Can't wait to hit Smash Bros with her ?

its your boi danielle

Top 5 most annoying bosses or mini bosses
1.Jubileaus(idk the spelling)
That child warp thing..stress lvl: 1000,00000
Fuck that shit
3. Jeanne 4
That rocket command when she kick your ass.....
Fuck that lipstick ending. Ive lost at it like 2 times
5.Kinship with out climax brace.
How the fucks sake you can do it?

DaniLovesArt12 Dim

Why is this button pressing so slow for me to fill up the circle on switch just to take damage on jeanne, but ive been pressing hard but it displays low! 4:33

Jose Gz

I wonder if bayonetta is able to do that thing that white witch can do she like has her white dragon spin in circles and i think also has white spin around her which is her dragon.. She alsways does it when fighting bayonetta..


WHAT THE HELL?! did all of this stuff really happen in Bayonetta? i dont remember. its probably cause ive been avoiding replaying it cause of how hard it is but ill try again.

Laura Palmer

I wish I could climax infinitely...


4:05 Ooohhh I saw rose petals fly out of her ass :D

Mark Korompay


Dener Witt

Except by them tits and ass... this game looks pretty dumb... =T


Don't fuck with a witch

TheFox InTale

What is the difference in a normal mode and infinite climax?

Morgan 876

Telac vovim!!



Adolf k. Weissmann

how r u presdinh the buttions


Im guessing the creators were like, fuck physics and logic, lets just make it fun XD


I love this game but the problem is i suck at it and i cant defeat jubileus as much as I try ; w ;''


4:52 this is so satisfying, everytime I do or watch it

Mai Sakurajima



How do you do that quicktime? Omfg, I can't even complete it u_u

Kurisu 39

My sister: Mom, I want to become independent.
My mom and my sister 1 hour later: 4:39

Vanesa Kawaii

wow wow and WOWwwww

Marco Mariona

5:29 david bowie, is that you?

Scott Leon



bayonetta and her puss* hair

Bryan Cozine

Gawd my fingers hurt just watching this.

Angel Colin Prado


Lucas David

my hair gives me super powers lol

Whatchu Say

damn that is some strong hair, what hair spray she uses?


What the heck is this game?



Venus di Castellamare

I can't get over this masterpiece of creativity in game design. 500 years later, still my favorite game.


where joy Climax


Hand katana chop


4:55 realistic girl fight

Erik Reinsch

Nevermind what i just said about the worm, I'll take that over the horde of spiders any day of the rest of my life.


u can say that the punch hitting the final boss is out of is world

Bang Chan’s Twink

0:33 I hate that level so much so disgusting


The hell did i just watch?



Akira Kurusu

I like the second


What the hell were the devs thinking? lmao

Adolf k. Weissmann

3:39 must taste like grapes

Vergil rons

Seing old ladies doing sexy moves makes me want to puke, anyone agreed with me? But its a great game. :)

jacob a

This game sucks.


I want something like these Jeanne battle back in bayo 3:/

Andrew Wishon

games sooooo stupid

Fire And Ice

If you guys had a dream of being bayonetta or Jeanne and you had to dream all about killing angels and the bosses how scared would you be

Paul Iran sS


Darkness Within

This game is boring as fuck

Symonch !

1:55 It's Phantom from Devil May Cry <3


I hope you don't mind me using a clip of this in my video! I'll link back to your channel for sure!

Jūras Barauskas

What the f**k did I just watch? o.O

Sam Navarro

This game is Art, the assholes can't understand it

romeo lagardon

Weird game....and funny... Hahaha

Son of Based God

le whut da fug did i juss wtch this is liek so wired LOL XDDDDDDDDDdDDddDDddddDDzDD kill me.

Dream Viper

Awww poor Gomorrah

Akira Kurusu

And the last they just same but demon


Bayonetta 2 out now since yesterday (October 24th) on WiiU!!

NintendoNerd 64

Don’t fuck with a witch, favorite line in the whole game

Tristian Jones

No wonder people were angry with Dante vs Bayonetta, in actuality he should've lost .


The most useful strategy I use in my opinion is attacking for a while, but when I need to dodge, i use Dodge Offset. For those of you who don't know D.O, It's dodging while keeping your combo. For each verse you do, If you dodge with a good combo above 1000, the combo will break, and you'll need to start over... :o

Dearly Beloved

I don't think this is real. The fight with Balder doesn't add up....So he/she was able to do the climax with only 0000x1.0 combos?!


5:47 she shrugged her shoulders head butted the building back at her dad & said to the moon.if that's not badass & Sagittarius energy IDk what is.




I’m just realizing, if a witch gets her soul devoured by the demon she had a pact with (at the moment she dies), how are all of Bayonetta’s demons going to share her soul?


One Word: FAP

Anthony! Senpai-kun~

The game is very unique! (even tho its battle style and story is quite similar to god of war, dante's inferno, castlevania, devil may cry, and many more to mention)
the art, a lot of colossal brutal finishes, the overpoweredness and usage of darkness and hell, and the way she does those sexy poses then goes hotly naked while casting magic or summons! we can never find anything like this in a hack n' slash game!
its so fucking amazing!! wish there was a pc platform on both 1 & 2 T_T


The move of Bayonetta is so elegant and sexy.

Julián Battaglia

En que consola o en que juegas bayonota

Gamer Face

sees bayo fighting on a rocket

we have reached levels of badassery that shouldn't be possible!!!

Bayonetta 1 + 2 "Non-Stop Climax Edition" Unboxing (Nintendo Switch)

Bayonetta 1 + 2 "Non-Stop Climax Edition" Unboxing (Nintendo Switch)7 Mar. 2018
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Famicom DojoSubscribe 438 721

Nintendo is doubling down

Nintendo is doubling down on is support of Platinum Games. Ahead of the release of Bayonetta 3, they've put together this wonderful special edition of the original Bayonetta, and the previously Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2.

Vinnk does an unboxing of his copy of the Non-Stop Climax Edition for Nintendo Switch, but this Japanese version has something that all others do not: a physical cartridge copy of Bayonetta 1!

SeanOrange is a retro game fan from the US. Vinnk is a retro import fan who took things one step further and moved to Japan. Together they make Famicom Dojo: a web series dedicated exploring the Japanese history of video games and consoles from the other side of the Pacific.

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#Bayonetta #NintendoSwitch #FamicomDojo

Comments (29)
Dank Hill

LOL this is 400$ now. Man that's some good cardboard! It's officially the same price as the nintendo switch now!


So annoyed,this was a japan exclusive plus pricey to boot.Beside the fact it has a physical copy of bayonetta 1 while the u.s version doesn't.


its almost $500 now lol damn.

Furealz Luckilynx

Got this in the mail back in late February, a real treat. Love how the cards tell a story.

zena chan

Ok stupid question but is the physical switch in this box? Or just the games sorry

Vidja Gamer

Wow, awesome edition of the game!! Worth it for the physical version of the first game alone.

Tìwi Tiwí

japan always have nice things

Strelok Kosugi

I was so tempted to get this but the price was too high by the time I was able to. Why couldn't they have released this edition in the US?

Aaron Buenaventura

Is the slot for the cases in the box removable?


omg youre alive

No other Like my own skin

What are other exclusive games on Nintendo Switch in USA American & Japan Versions?

Steven Hobbs

Nice Nintendo switch is it the Splatoon 2 version


long time no see)


Is the game in Japanese or English?


You are so lucky! Since I live in Europe, we only have access to the local version of this special edition that does not have Bayonetta 1 on card, just a Download code. It's a shame really that Nintendo has decided to cut corners for the western version. EDIT: Wow this version is SO much bigger than the European one... our version contains some stickers, the versecards, a steelbook, and of course Bayo2 on card with the traditional plastic case of the Switch.


Great looking set. I will definitely get B3 but I don't need to own a third copy of Bayonetta 1.

Beatbox Hitman

Wish I knew about the this edition back then. No way in hell I'm paying like 500 now lol


Are those the only D-rated games you have, Vinnk?


Wait, are the games in English too?

Brandon Roque

okay I have some questions I can't seem to find any answers to anywhere else on the net, hopefully someone here who owns this can let me know. Sorry if these have been answered before.
1. Does the included Bayo 1 feature english language or just subtitles? I'm hearing conflicting info on this.
2. Does the switch being region free mean that I can set the japanese switch up the same as if I had bought a US switch? If I change it to english language will I have access to all the same features as a US switch? Will I have to buy some kind of adapter to make up for a foreign AC format?

Mario The M Hat Hero

I love the Nom Nom ^_^


The fact that i need to get this overpriced bundle Just to have a physical Version of Bayonetta 1(when the original Releasse for the Wii U had a disk no extra Prince for that) Hurts my Soul beyond limits
I'm genuinaly happy that i was a early adopter of the original on the Wii U and have the complete Bayonetta 2 Version with the Bayonetta 1 disk in it

Hopeless Jenova

I got this on release, cost me about £80 plus import fees direct from amazon Japan. I had to own a physical copy on bayo 1.

It sits on my shelf on display. The price for it now is insane.

Steven Hobbs

If you lick your switch cartridges they taste really bad


This game is freaking expensive! I want to play Bayonetta but I want physical!


Great video Vinnk! Glad you guys are making more videos!


Hi there!
Could you make to me an scan of 1 picture of the photo card please?

Arjur Mark

Anyone know where to find covers or sleeves that can fit the cards?

Liam L

I REALLY wish I had this! I'm collecting every Nintendo published title on the switch and this is going to be the hardest to get. I know i'm broke too so I don't know how I'm gonna pull off getting a full collection but I believe in myself.

Not even Okada can stop Switchblade Jay White! |G1 CLIMAX 30

Not even Okada can stop Switchblade Jay White! |G1 CLIMAX 3028 Sep. 2020
33 896


日本語字幕・English subtitles

G1 CLIMAX 30 night 5, Kobe World Hall

Kazuchika Okada vs Jay White

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Exclusive News on NJPW events, wrestlers & more! Follow us on NJPW official SNS feeds!

HP -





Comments (98)


Jastin DC

jay white is shredded af

Zemo X2

White is such a great heel. He gives fans all the right reasons to hate him.

Johnathan R

I made a prediction that Jay White was gonna win it all after being the runner up

Steve Ortiz

I hope this man signs back with NJPW because he is the best thing going for them right now. Like no disrespect to everyone else but jay white is a master at his craft! it's time for us all to breathe with the switchblade.

Luka Kai

This is why Jay white is the leader of the Bullet club! Not that Halloween Evil!




Lmao... This man is a heel but the people of Japan are so polite & have a different appreciation for wrestling the were clapping for him.

Jason Kennedy

Imagine Jay with Paul in WWE. He could hit Punk levels.



Skele Ton

I don’t know how i feel about jay at all. I don’t hate him. I don’t like him either. Does that make him a great heel?



takutaku takkunn

I believe Ospy dominate Jay at next match. Ospreay is way better, better wrestler over Jay. Jay can't get any belts without Gedo's cut in. Go Ospreay!! Beat Jay!!

Alex Kellen

The wrestling worlds best heel, anywhere. Usually it's a hard debate about who it has to be, and it often shifts and changes quickly but... The talk, the work with the crowd and in-ring, the motives. Jay White is the picture and when generations follow him they should Google J1, they should breathe and try to follow the example


Ive been sayin it for over a yr! Id love to see The Switchblade vs Seth Rollins. Jay White would carve Seth up! Chico.?


I can't watch every g1 night immediately. I wish you guys would stop spoiling the matches on social media


King Switch is on a roll, with his cheating ass lol



the iLLionaire6oh3

For whatever reason I'm not a huge fan of Switchblade

Dhruv Prakash

Jay white and pac are twins.




I love how the storyline between Jay and Okada as it feels like Jay is the devil to Okada's Angel. Okada just can't seem to shake off Jay white, white usually gets the better of him

Okada is clearly going through a crisis in his storyline to eat so many losses in a single G1, as well as losing KOPW, something he envisioned and championed. Losing to Naito at Wrestlekingdom really crushed his will, making him lose a piece of himself that night. Tanahashi is also going through a massive drought and having younger, hungrier challengers eclipse him from the grand scheme of NJPW as well as Ibushi walking away and giving him an ultimatium that if he doesn't win G1 that he could not be his partner (but that if he wins he would still have Tana as his partner cause he would then outrank him and have final say), i wonder if Okada and Tanahashi may cross paths and an encounter or match between them may be the answer to their problems.

Safwan Khan

Okada should start using The Red Ink as a submission rather than The Money Clip





I didn't paid attention to this match because I was fighting sleep after getting off work. I think New Japan is taking Okada down a notch to put other talents over. If he at least used the rainmaker, he would've won the match.

Once again, Jay. "King switch" makes no sense. Make up a new nickname. And selling out Maddison square garden is ancient news and its about time that you catch up to today's time.

I think Jay will win the tournament, overall. Breathe with the switchblade. We live in the cutthroat era.

Benn Daniel Vai

Jay White has gone ripped man


2:18 拍手させて喜ぶジェイかわいい


Davis Herrick

SwitchBlade is the BEST

Aggressive Attitude Era

Ends his promo with the Bullet Club theme playing in the background. Too sweet ?

Corey Johnson

Just Breathe


Did he credit pac for the gimmick? I mean....its kind of a King Bastard

Siddharth Suyal

Jay white is keeping shenanigans to minimum and putting on incredible matches.This match would have been great if it wasnt for cobra clutch.I am glad Jay countered it into snap saito and ended with blade runner quickly

La Signora

Title: Not even okada can stop the switchblade jay white

Me: well damn sure not even covid can stop the people's attendance


Yo! New Japan! Fix the title! It’s suppose to say Jay1. Anybody else laugh that when Switchblade pinned Okada again some fans got up and left again xD I love how they stay for the main even just so they can be mad when Switchblade wins lol

The Boulder

Jay White is better than any wrestler in the modern era

George Sebastian

Triple crown means it needs heavyweight, midcard and tag title right

Shadow Hunter

AEW: Kenny Omega(The ELITE) Vs NJPW: Jay White(BC-OG) a dream match between these 2 promotions would be amazing

Jack Ryan

They got the chairs there early for Jay and Gedo because they feared what he would do if the chairs were late chuckles


Dear WWE, watch this and learn how to do promos. #Breath


He is the best in new Japan definitely

Prateek Jha

Thank God he's not in the WWE main roster, Vince would've ruined his career and credibility





Jacob Gresham

Jay White gave Okada his best match since Wrestle Kingdom. Breathe with Him.

Monsta Mosheh

#BCOG4L and that's too f kin sweeet Bang ????? ????????




For some reason I think Jay has learned Japanese and will win the G1 and when he claps and gets the crowd to do it he’ll speak it and get major heat

leonid Ivanov

Please have the switchblade win the g1 or should I say the J1 and let him win back the title at wrestle kingdom

Ayad Ali


Harold Miranda

King Switch!!

Bobby Farmer

Welcome back,the switchblade Jay white and truly the leader of bullet club. Still the best heel of njpw.

Justin Tvetan

I don't know about you guys, but I get the feeling that this Jay White guy is total jerk...

Colin Reber

Jay White is one of the best heels today

Bis Bis








Okada lose too much. This year is not for him.

a HERO that doesn’t know what protect means

I’m glad Jay white went from cringey edgelord teenager guy to crazed homeless man


I like to think Gedo booked himself as Jays manager so he could just sit back and let his guy do all the promos for himself while he just sits back and smile.


If Jay White wins the G1, NJPW has to change it to the J1 in 2021!


I like how the chairs were already brought in the backstage segment. That woman who would have got berated by Jay, is good at planning ahead of schedule lol.

takanofuno hide


Alex Magic

G1 Climax 30: Nights 3 and 4 Review


I need to watch njpw this was recommended to me and ive never watch new Japan

Rem Masangcay

NEW ERA!! ??

Yoga Pratama

Okada need his red ink submission back


Okada needs to give up on that Money Clip. It's never going to happen.


Knife pervert with the win!!

Lê Quang

Jay White go to NXT



Muhammad Hidayat

Breathe with the Switchblade, congratulations now jay white leading head to head become 3-1



External Shockwave

Poor Okada is so salty he didn’t turn around when Jay called him and when he loses a match he never has an interview backstage lol

Thunder 923

My favorite part was seeing how excited they were to see the chairs waiting for them.

Rajeev Ramdeo

Switchblade steel ???


Wrestle kingdom 15 may be the perfect time for Jay white to deservedly win the IWGP heavyweight championship.

King's Road

I'm over The Money Clip. One of the worst finishing moves in pro wrestling today.




Jay White is wrestling’s version of Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter.


Looking forward to Ospreay vs White.


Okada had to breathe with the Switchbalde again.



Marc Del Rosario

Jay white sick like neville pac words




2020 Okada ain't it!



kry okl





Clap clap clap, he just love to play around with the crowd.

Berneil Despabiladero

The Rise of Switchblade and the birth of J1



Wrestling Stuff II

Wait till he faces Taichi

Ahmad Ismail

Jay is winning g1
Edit:I mean Jay 1


#Cancelcobraclutch. Seriously, Okada is great and all, but the way he applies that cobra clutch is so lacklustre



Lee Lemon

The Jay White climax

Shinemon Yuge


simeon windeth

If they are planning to do two nights of Wrestle Kingdom again then Jay White should win G1 face Naito on Night 1. Win the Double Gold and Face ibushi for both titles on night 2. I would have Jay White Beat Ibushi on Night 2, hold the double gold till dominion 2021 where he loses them to Ibushi in a 60 minutes classic match.

William Mortel

Like he said its the jay1 climax breathe with the switchblade ?????

Carlos Parga

Hahahaha hahahaha, Just Breathe!! Your winner of the G1 Climax, Not even Okada, Evil, that pathetic weakling Ibushi, Naito, Tanahashi, or those bloody wankers, Zack Sabre Jr and Ospreay can stop the Switchblade Jay White!!
So, again, Breathe With The Switchblade!!!
Cutthroat Era Bullet Club 4 Life!!! ???
Thank you Okada San ???? But again’
Breathe With The Switchblade!!!