Her crotch

Tina Spills WHAT in her Crotch?

Tina Spills WHAT in her Crotch?31 Jan. 2021
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is That Her Crotch

is That Her Crotch26 Jan. 2021
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Druggie woman flashes her crotch to homeless man

Druggie woman flashes her crotch to homeless man12 Dec. 2017
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Andrea Da PimpSubscribe 438 721

Crazy shit

Crazy shit

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Jin Kazama

I approve of executing drug dealers


Something's fishy here!

Steve Twist


Jesse Frazier

Obviously on drugs


Wat a scum bag

Creek O

Damn that Bush needs a trimming

Rich B.

My hometown...Austin ? tent cities have been popping up everywhere for a couple years now..

Marcelo Tovar

That between her legs is the Chupacabra in the flesh baby

Defaullt Make

Why YouTube recommendation why

levi Ackerman

What a annoying girl

Antwan Jones


Michael Kniatt

Wynonna had one nasty beaver!

Jason Lynn

I dont think that was pubes ya'll.. it was a group of flies..


Lmfao..."she showed her cooch"

Mbc Nomads

Uhhhg ?

Helen Boula

So so sad and just heartbreaking

Charles Graham

Say what you want to it's your right, But that gal needs help.

Gibson Ross

No. just,just... No


You know that stinks some kinda bad

Jessica DuBois

Damn! That man needs to social distance from that bush. Lmao



saurabh mardi

She's a liberal for sure?

JayZilla 4rilla

That guys cart is cleaner then her stankbox...

rolling acres farmstead

If biden didnt have a wire in the debate then she didnt show us that...?

Rich V

Looks like Daytona Beach

Clayton Switzer

Prince Albert in a can is a basket of roses compared to that thing

Numb Entity

Skeever cat

nazThree Robison

Smokin dem Rocks bruh smdh??


Even trolley man turned away after copping an eye full of dead beaver that choked on fish.

Tom Bourne

This is someones little girl at some point. We need to get humanity back in society. Really sad.

Ndjejd Sndjdj

Keep Austin Weird Just a normal day in the city

Steve J


Mr D

The rebels are hiding on the forest moon of Endor


Gatta be some westcoast wildlife right there. Dats some methed up shit yo lol.

Ninja Sushi


Michael Kniatt

Someone notify PETA!

Mikey Mike Nandino

Look like 183 and 35

Kurt Huson

OK, can people stop turning their phone cameras sideways???‍♂️ Next, meth is a helluva drug. ?

Joann Cantu

Fuken nasty trailer trash


What's her @?


When are smartphones manufacturers gonna release a how to film with a phone holy shit please get some fucking common sense

Cristina Trinks

Please tell me yall aint in Texas ???‍♀️?

SlipThot Official

YouTube got me fucked up


Youtube censors anything's against the left but lets you see crack head pussy.

Vote for Trump in November

Jonathan Jones

Dude with u got all excited. “ She just showed her cooch u see her cooch .sad


Sad to see. She probably was a college girl who got under the wrong influence. This type of situation made the homeless guy rethink being homeless and getting a job.


sad to say this but she still has more class than some of the women I've met over the years...

Jasper Jones

What a nasty ??


Looks like a nice country.

Billy One

Just a wild guess here but is this in Houston?


That's not a druggie woman, that's the leader of Antifa. Oh, I'm being told it's the same thing. ?

letha Bedford

Oh shes picking up a rock and is probably gonna attack a homeless dude let's record it.......


That’s Austin Texas I seen that same dirty lady on the Same corner

David Tharp

Where was that?

Jesse Lejarzar

That's the I-35 & 183 underpass in Austin Texas!

Papa Cleo

This like The Boondocks but irl.

Shelia McCullough

Like he that's nasty ?

Josh Slowmez


Eric Peraza

After gathering information i have concluded that this is A-1 CRACK?????????✌️

Byron Harano

Why did you just sit there and film? Call law enforcement! Why you allow this, entertainment? Call the Police!

Michael King

You know how to get the flies from around your face unzip your zipper

Liverpool FC

Think she's just a feminist advocating for something else. Free the Bush?


So its cool and all but shes a nasty woman, race has nothing to do with it

James Dean


Victor Serrano

Not a woman that's Joel Osteen

Giovanni Cipriani

Must be Manatee County lots of druggies here in Bradenton Florida

kirk mcbryde

Had to bring race into it

Freedom isn't free

Surprised you didn't smell it

Bombastic Buster

Abandoned landing strip.


Tf is wrong with ppl


What a nasty twacked out girl...

L Doug

Gross wtf this is why you dont do drugs

Ken Omollo

Legend has it she's still swinging the brick.

gav hinds

What a scruffy mucky bint...


Came here for the cooch

John Yoe

Which brings me to my next point kids DONT SMOKE CRACK!

Damian Esparza

I've heard of the deadliest catch but thats the deadliest snatch !


God, gruggie's crotch just hit 1 million views. In what kind of world are we living in?

Dallas William

Holy shit. This was over by 183 and 35 in austin. I have seen this same chick get cold clocked by this big black guy once driving my g to work

Tyler Webb

Why say white woman? Clearly we see that ? Only programmed racist say the race of people when addressing them

Mark A. Graff aka Snakebite nation

No place but Texas.

danny hernandez

Is this in Austin TX? I think I recognize that area...

Young Banked

I wonder what type of drugs in that cup,??? cause I want some


Why watch instead of helping

Kalla H

She's just casually out on her Sunday stroll, and then this guy suddenly appears blocking her path with his damn trolley. Lazy bum!

Ronald Reed

Just think, somebody pays her for sex.

Carlene Wilson The one

Very sad and stupid

Adam Martinez

Thats a cracked out Karen

Doubtful Skourge

Whys she gotta be a white girl...not just a person

Lone Wolf

What a world

Devil Machine420xx

That's not a cooch, that's a FOOPA DAWG?????????

Sven Bro

He chased her away and turned his back on her... Did anybody notice she's picking up a brick? Hope he's ok

Wild Bill

Top notch camera skills tart.


White girl bullies black old man

Jag Girl

Ewww,he doesn't want no part of that..lol

Jay Johnson

Ewww that was one bushy Beaver I bet it smells like tuna fish and hot dog water..



Sasha Wright


Bruce Willis' stunt double

Jesus Christ. That bitch was SERIOUSLY tweekin on meth!!!

Sonya K

Shame on you putting other peoples misfortunes up on the internet. You would be best getting out of the car and start exercising.