How to know she wants you

The NUMBER ONE Sign She Wants You..

The NUMBER ONE Sign She Wants You..30 Sep. 2020
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Comments (100)

Good video dude. Very interesting and logical! ?

Alexander Anastasiades


Eddy Everett

I swear your timing with these videos is always damn near perfect!!


Truly eye opening video,thanks man

Robert Moore

Good story.

Gabriel Chia

When you tried to be the man and the prize and not insecure and you still lose
And your friend instantly gets hit on... ?

Marius check

german princess ^_^
they might look nice,
but you can forget (most of) german girls

Dan H

First one that invited you to the table honestly just wanted you to buy her drinks lol clearly. Second guy did it she was on his D ?

Hugo Ferreira

I really like your story telling skills. I feel like i hear a good story and learn a lot in the proccess. Well done man

Cadre Entertainment RSA

German Princess lol


Awesome thanks


This Shit Really Touch me Dude .. its 101% True .. Move On

Sean Michael


jack freeman

I'm curious as to the motives of the girl who invited you to her table. Was it to deflect other males' assumptions that they would think you were with her friend with whom you talked to a lot? Thus leaving her free to interest other males.

Survival Extazi

Thanks you opened my eyes

Shoprite Lyrics

Thanks gentleman's game .I t taught me a lot.

Speedy O

I like the video
Other than the touching
I am Very VERY sensitive
I can feel people a foot away as if they touching me mu self confidence has shot through the roof after a few weeks of work
But na I don't feel a girlfriend at all despite having 3 1 in particular who helped and continues to help me right I still dont see the point maybe later in life
See what you guys think

The Supreme Sorcerer King

Here are the 5 signs a woman is interested in you and 5 she isn't
5. She smiles at you
4. She asks questions about you
3. She laughs at all your jokes
2. She uses sarcasm with flirtish gestures
1. She gets up close and personal
Now for 5 signs she isn't interested in you. Be sure to spot these red flags so you don't come across as being creepy
5. She struggles to maintain eye contact
4. She uses small talk
3. She gives you the cold shoulder
2. She sounds disinterested
1. She distances herself from you

Parth Agrawal

Most perfect video regarding this matter. I couldn't find anything like this.


You are a true legend

Rishi Caaseeram

Lol sounds like a Holly wood ending

nabajit debbarma

Who are Watching n reading comments?

Fun with shay

GG isn't giving us tips. He gives us experience.


This video apply only for woman, who doesnt play "The Game"

Shubham Gautam

Hahaha ya it is simple if she likes you bro you don't have to do anything she'll do everything for you chill bro

Sicela Hlabisa

Wow what a story??❤

Siddhant Sharma 138

Thanks a lot buddy, it is the specific piece of advice I needed! Praise from India ?? ?


I love your videos they are great but I had to stop watching this one half way through there were to many ads 3 by the 6min mark

Masterkaizer _101

I can't do it dude how ? IAM deeply in love with my ex GF and I don't want to start from scratch relationship IAM getting lazy and I can't trust any new girl

Florian M

American women are SO easy !


hello gentleman's game... , what things should i do to make my life more interesting ( i have a boring life)

nilesh vincent

anyone know what software,can i use to create videos like this?

David Ilina

Dont matter what you do... You listen to that type of music, you are NOT alpha in MEN's eyes

Al Simmons

One of the truths of female nature:
Why should I want & respect you
If you cant make that a priority for yourself?


exactly that, the biggest thing i learned going through my life is not trying to make a girl like you, and become desperate. Most likely it won't work and you will be her beta orbiter and waste your time , if that doesnt come naturally just let it go and move to the next don't be upset about it , if she's into you you will know this.

Fyltrix Flix

Its all pretty wired. Dating is complicated

Survival Extazi

How to attract women, enjoy yourself while talking to her not expecting anything in return. Also don't hesitate to move on

James Middleton

All of this is entirely true, ive only ever met one girl who wasnt like this, she litterally laughed at anything i would say, she would always be trying to touch me and all that kind of stuff, at one point i had to stop her because the touching was going a little too low, anyway this went on for about a week before i asked her "youve been hitting on me all week like crazy, do you want to head to xyz at xyz time" i was stunned when she said no i dont see u that way. Never met a girl like her since, she's still a good friend of mine tho

Edit: she told me the other day does like me, kind of took me by surprise and didnt at the same time

Nelson Hibbert

Join the Rubber headed eunuchs club.

Ms. Zombangle


Shad Stewart

Did it ever occur to you that the girl turned you down because you introduced yourself to her friend instead of her? The reason she was instantly attracted to the other guy was a self confidence move( see!. I am pretty!) It didn't matter what you said or signalled all she saw was that you passed her up for her friend and even maybe mildly insulted your interest.

David Razaq

It's all about moving on it's happened to me a few time's until you find that perfect girl.


The thing is one night stands is different from serious relationships. Getting a girl is just the first step. Keeping the girl is the real challenge.

RubberTornado 4882

I have serious trust issue brother i love her so much how can i trust her again


Don’t chase women, focus on yourself and let them chase you.


WOW. did you read "The Game"?

cafe Sportivo

Man’s favorite Kendrick Lamar song is HUMBLE... he clearly hasn’t listened to Good Kid, Maad City


U pervert


Bro, I just love your videos...
Keep up the good work!


When she lights up after you pull out your Amex Black card...that's a good sign.


As a woman I have to say, I hope lot's of guys are going to see this video. It's so obvoius when someone is attracted to you and I hate when someone is clearly making an effort and being nice to me, when I don't feel the same way. It ends up they are these super nice and super emotional guys, and I'm this bad women who can't apprieciate it. I don't want to be rude to them but I also don't want to send them mixed signals. Guys, please, when you feel it too, just move on


Thanks I needed that

Inquisitor Pedro

I'm really confused with a friend, we worked together a couple of years ago and met through that... found out we live close to each other and started going to the cinema, arcade, eating out together, stuff like that. Sometimes she seems flirty, othertimes she can be really distant. She tells me all about other guys she hooks up with and tries looking up my ex's and asks really personal questions about them. What the hell is going on, any advice?

Jonathan K

Some make it easy i get it, some it is very obvious they dont' like you. But there really are some that play games, will act interested and then pull back. Can't stand those aha


If she really wants you, you’ll know. If she doesn’t, you’ll be confused

Markus Sanchez

To many words, ...

Khristian Gillespie

What relationship are Gor for sponsors that next step.

Rashad Pearson


King George

That's the way to go , reflecting on realistic examples and teaching by your mistakes , "odoroku bakari" 驚くばかり?

Shawn David

This guy is like the Improvement Pill of Dating

Brit Reed

Good story & the moral is, if u are an orange, find an orange lover who appreciates you...LOL

Jake Danon

so good when u use stories. really helpful


I am straight.... but love and girls doesn't interest me...but all the girls in the room give me attention I don't know why....and it's not like I don't notice whaa just leave me alone ?

Garrett Baxter

Dude this is so eye awakening. Thanks man


A Woman made up her mind !!!


nice video but misleading title

I AM 0

I love this story man

farkin arkin

I know my self-worth. I don't settle for anything less in my career. I've done well there. Then again, most employers do not have a banner on their ads that say, "If you are not 6 feet tall, don't apply." So, while it is easy to say, "just move on", for a shorter guy, knowing your "self-worth" is meaningless when 95% of women will shun you for not being "tall enough".

The world has created a system where most women think they are 10's and will overlook anyone they see as "beneath them". This PREJUDICE of heightism should be called out for what it is. We all like to virtue signal about "BLM". Well, how is it any different? Sure, no one "dies" from because of their height.... but what is life when you are marginalized?

isuru dhananjaya

Plz add subtitles i dont know english

Jeff S.

Haha this was such a fake story but i get it for the contents sake

Tanay Kumar

Hi, what if the woman likes me but gets anxious or something?

Sherosekhan Khan

More girls need to be more like Alane, the perfect wing girl ??

Jasten Simpkins

I dont know why it was THIS video, but it's opened my eyes. I've had everything else, months of improving my social skills and game, but this video hit the spot. I don't know why this didn't click, but just being told, YOU'D KNOW if she's into you is what did it to me. Thanks for everything GG, I've been subbed for awhile and been watching you for a long time.

Tony Ke

So I had this huge crush on a girl that went to the same high school that I did, and graduated in the year that I was supposed to. I saw her phone number on social media and texted her one message, which eventually led her to question where I got her number from. She eventually blocked me on 3 social media sites, and now I’m questioning if I should still be into her, and try to get her.


lol that guy in the green is pretty much me, I only go to clubs if a DJ I want to see is booked. Never really thought of a club as an avenue for picking up girls.

greek royality

i have a really wierd problem.I have this girl that i like and i'm in a dilima .the first 2 dyas she was acting wierd around me(like hitting me in a friendly way,talking more to me)but 4 days ago i did the stupid thing to ask her bestie if she likes me and she said no,then the next day she was ignoring me completly while talking to others and 2 days ago after I asked her(my crush's bestie)if she told her,she said no and then i heard my crush saying to a friend of hers that she is tired and has a heavy programm,i beacme REEEEEEAAAALLY confused and i don't know if she likes me or not


Kendrick Lamar Huh

Just Some Guy Who Slays Goblins

The NUMBER ONE Sign She Wants You can draw like GG.

Ivo Kel

Thank you for your video, great animation and theme - full of wisdom. Not only this goes for dating, but relationships as well. There is a saying - what is for you, life opens a road for you and vice versa. ???

Chuck Norris

Just hit the gym, meditate and have an open mind. Eventually she falls into your lap.

F Liu

It is called Plenty of Fish.

Joseph KERR

All this socializing sounds exhausting idk how dudes can just go up to a girl and talk with her

Villanueva Sobinsky

Bro sometimes you sounds like russ

Natsu World

"Hey gentleman's game!" lmao Love your presentation bro! leave a like if you read this?

Alii Aygun

What if the girl wants you to be the one who makes the first step ?


Your video's are amazing

Aleksander Górski

german princess hmmm :D

Aldrin Detablan

wow that was powerful! thanks man!

Dan H

She called you gentlemans game!?

Tree Expert

Awesome vid!!

Nevan Read

As an introvert I have never had woman give me any signs of interest. I've decided to stay single by choice.

Instead I have decided to pursue my goals instead. In December after seven years of hard work and dedication I will be ordering the car of my dreams.

Brandon Lim

thanks bro, really needed this

Leonard Gibney

Seems like a statement of the obvious. If she responds she's into you. If she doesn't she isn't.

josh Benjamin

He is r8. Don’t settle for someone just to have someone. Be yourself. It might take time but chances are u are gonna get the person you deserve.


If you have money she will always be into you.


Thanks mate ?


The number one sign she wants you ...

She doesn't

Nicolae Lautas


Cole P

Your friend looks like like a grown up version of Jimmy from Ed, Edd, n Eddy XD

Andrew Petterson

hey GG you talk about girls so much too the put to.if have a gf now ?

The Number One Sign She Wants You

The Number One Sign She Wants You12 Mar. 2020
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Comments (100)

Simp is so overused nowadays

Benny Washington

Thanks for the wisdom bro


The problem is that nowadays theres too much people teaching about alpha mentality and the most doesnt know it well

Cam Knapp

Bro got so much game.

Rommel Jimenez

If you do shit with and for her sexual company then u a simp son ?

Bennii Not Benny

That black widow quote didn’t age well ??‍♂️ we gotta wait a whole year


That’s what up g??

Marty W.

Guys definitely need to hear this Steph. You have guys on Youtube like Coach Gregg Adams that are keeping men in a constant state of distrust of women, basically giving men an excuse to be an incel. It does sell books though!

Gre'gory Butler

Some women like men who don’t like them and vice versa . You have to know the difference . Deal with people that like you . You will sleep better.


The chick with Jeezy was not a regular girl. She's a known 304

Fresh Satan

That overdose thing is damn right? been thru

itz stikz

If she calls you bruh

Get tf outta there my Bros

Wyneze4sheeze 02


Makhi Garvey

damn needed this

dwight deyampert

A simp is a dude who pays for dates, bills and ain’t smashing nothing. If you taking a chic out and smashing then you cool. Also....women can be friends too. Go out with her like a bro. That’s also not skimping unless you secretly want her to be more.

ferdo erić

Just live the human experience in this moment and dont be naive, great advice!


Red pill doesn't mean you have no heart. Just don't give out without loyalty

Super Nez

Carry a gun?

Mike Gooner

Put yourself first. A good woman will figure out where she can fit in your life.

Jachin Smith

@ 6:45 that big brozay tone come thru ?? perfect timing, we can’t let this lil time we have be stress ridden ??

Msingathi Ngwenze

Steph Is Cold is doing the Lord's work??

turqoise horizons

Seems like they do tho

Quinten Robinson

Then you get the guuuuttss

LeftEyeGod 2392

I swear I dont understand how pplbe liking ppl that dont like them

Alex Ramos

"whut it deww"

Warrior Soul

You just helped me so much man. I tried changing who I was when I got certain game but you made me realize I got to apply the game to who I am and not let it change my being. Love and Light??????☀️?

funky 7692

Do women like anyone the way they act is exhuasting

Angry Whistling Cock

Bust them walls first. If you manage to fuck it up after that your game is weak af mane

Flippy Fish

Could someone explain "overdosing on the red pill"

Francisco Hernandez

Y’all talk about being high value and being on a higher level than bitch but still chase a average ass 5-6. I bet most of y’all are not even getting to the money g. Some of y’all still trying to figure out why that bitch is not texting you back! How tf can y’all play the game when y’all beta born bitches are in the other team?!?!?
Much Love Steph!

Coochie Man

“I’m bouta buss” I’m fucking DEAD?

Nicky Cruz

If you don't worry about yo girl cheating on you while she's out of your field of vision you are going to be scooping up the next man's residue with yo mouth when she comes back. That's true simp right there. Let's not fool ourselves and be too cool with it most of us know better.


Everytime this brother laughs Im crackin' up, knowing he got all them nuggets !!! Stay up partnah ??????

Predwards 89

Honestly I like that you touched on the fact that enjoying non-sexual company of a female doesn’t make you a Simp. I know a lot of females that I enjoy their company on occasion because they have interesting ideas or interests. I don’t find myself a simp because I enjoy their company just like I don’t find myself gay for enjoying the company of interesting men

Matthew Coleman

Listening to a StephIsCold video before going out with a chick can get me in a good mindset. Good stuff Steph


brother your ugly beard provocates me so fucking much

Twisted Mystic

lmao ‘I’m ‘bout ta buss!”

stop cappin

Everything in life is a game im tired of playing these damn games

Von Q

One Of your BEST Video....Real .... God Bless....

Holly Wood

Bruh I can’t stop laughing at that shit man Steph I can’t with this video man I feel you bruh you got me bruh new Sub here man keep Preaching bruh lol ??????????


I pulling girls since kindergarten I was smooth and confident then when I got older I am good looking but girl then I became a beta but I'm tryna be smooth again

Mike Gooner


Sunsere F

But what does it mean when an attention whore/hoe gives you sexual attention? I've always wanted to know that. If you know Steph, do a video on it please.

Golden Falcon11

Being alpha and seeking a Beta woman isn’t a sign of strength. As well as bitching yo ear off isn’t a sign of Alpha either. That was a bit smudged

funky 7692

Cuz of lust


This nigga funny ?

Dom Dod

Title wasnt the vid wtf

Kyle Johnson

i actually love you bro.. too many gems

Max Smith

“You still gotta play the game, but the game is fun” ?

Rarricash moe

Bruh it’s stephiscold hitting the beta male voice for meh ???

Sig Beatz

Solid game once again...I’m never disappointed when I come to this channel ??


Don’t change who you are for a female unless you a simp bro even tht Change for yourself

Feli F

I wish I watched this like 3 years ago ?

WhoCleezy Official

I was jus been straight up wit her now she bussin down on me everyday at school and I’m boutta lose this V card weekend ??

Primus Walker

Lmao..real talk



Join the

Renegade Zen

Awesome vid.

Sky 007

Stay cold, Steph...

Blacc Knighte

Nah fam being alone is much more peaceful.


Bro, I can see your thoughts threw your nostrils.

Gerren Powell

Ayuck thumbnail having ass

dwight deyampert

The game is supposed to be’s bamas that’s died in the dating and women because somebody took it too serious.

ExpZuli x

Women like to be dominated in every sense of the word financial, intelligence ,physically

Devan Mauch

i like ur good vibes in this video


He not talkin about nothin ?

Pharrell Barret

1K verified ???❤️

Rommel Jimenez

91 mfs simpin ?

Cordarius Niter

Fun is the secret.Think about this when your having fun your the happiest. There no pressure. You need two thing. One is your hobby and the other is the mentality.

Cash Rules

I can tell by the Tone of a womans voice if she's into me, or if she even has the capacity to be submissive. Pay attention to the questions being asked, as well as the answers she gives..

Steve Finesse

Sometimes the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours


Dude’s a guru

M. O

"I'm busy not talking to you no more!"

I love that. ✊?

gloria Butler

Meet a woman on your level and wants to be with you for the same reason you want to be with her. Sex, money, or just play the game and hope nobody gets hurt.

GYST Work your field

Thanks for this man some motherfuckers really don't get this red pill shit. Dudes making threads asking if they're still alpha if they smile and laugh on a date. Now dudes are saying you're a simp for enjoying a female's company outside of just fucking her. Guys are taking this way too seriously man. Red pill a lens and a toolset, not an ideology.

s02 Pzychotik


Vivek Vangipuram

"Im busy not talking to you no more" ???

Jimmy Edmonds, Jr

Steph if a woman tells you that you are closer than you think to sleeping with her how do you close the deal ?

Diego Mellin

Hey bro what are your thoughts on energy drinks or coffe? I feel like this area gets ignored a lot

funky 7692

Is there sumthing wrong with me i don't got any one that likes me


Facts just chill and enjoy the moments

Matthias pieren

“i’M BoUT tO bUsS” had me ?

ray edmonds

Props brah! Excellent advice

Alex Pappas

I needed to see this video months ago, I was actually mad at girls after realizing how these girls act but later I realized not all girls are bad. Red ? teaches you to weed out the trash ones to find what every dude deep down wants. The girl that’s meant for them, the girl that makes you want to be a better you and actually wants you for YOU not money or attention. Every dude that starts watching these red pill vids need to watch this so they don’t overdose like I did!


Sometimes WOMEN just like attention period or if your in the work place she could be doing it to make someone else jealous!! If you really want to know if a woman's attracted to you & is interested this simple but effective tip will help cut through the chase!! When you guys lock eyes from a distance give her a wink if she blushes or winks back your in & if she does do that then give her the call me sign & this will invite her to conversate with you. The rest is now up to you!!

B Smooth

Thanks young blood. You just tightin skool up. I only deal with the young 1s, so I needed a refresher course. My man.

Blacc Knighte

"A woman can tell if you faking it or not" why should you care about whether a woman thinks you're faking being an alpha

Daniel Tucker

Saw this on the right day thanks lol

Cammy Boom

that alpha woman thing is the realest shi ever man, its such a turn off when ur wonan tryna control shit smh

Tracy Clements

if a girl really likes you, she will make it easy for you and take your lead. she will meet up with you, play with you and be physical with it, (touching your hands and stuff like that) and call or text you first.


The eyes don’t lie Chico

Dija Rosa

My G! Thank you for saying this. I’m sitting here watching your videos for the first time like sheesssh who have time for all these tricks and shit??? Cuz I’m 29 Y/o female and you’re putting ME on game. I’m like dang is this why I’m single. I was supposed to be raising hell to get a man to fwm. I don’t be thirstin after dudes but i don’t be plotting either. That seems exhausting?

shelby sweatt

man this is exactly how i feel now bruh i havent dated in 4 yrs and i think i found the one but then again i think she is playing me because thats how it was before i took a 4 year break from dating

Benny M

So by that guys logic... being in a relationship makes you a simp? Lol

keyboard freedomfighter

what was the number one thing?

Mr. Smith

Niggas know when they Simpin. I can take a girl out and pay for everything... its not Simpin. But if I keep doing it and she never do it for in one way or another and I keep doing it them yall Simpin.

Jedi Andre

I love that Venom Bro


This nigga steph be high asl in some of these vids ?

Holly Wood

Lmao I’m bout to bust!! Lmao I’m dead ?!!! ????

Young King Beams

Nowadays All black women are alpha ? whites women are not sad to say. I love Black women but they wanna be the man so bad.

David Tharp

Kratos head ass lookin boi.

Signs she wants you to chase her

Signs she wants you to chase her11 Jun. 2019
52 231
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Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from Today I will be talking about Signs she wants you to chase her. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!

Chasing refers to pursuing something with interest to catch it. And when a woman wants you, she wants all of you. But due to the dictatorial society, she is not supposed to do the chasing; hence, she will drop hints so that you do. If not, you both miss out on something good.

1. She responds promptly

She is really looking forward to getting to know you better. She believes that if she plays hard-to-get, she will lose you hence, she picks the best option, being at your beck and call responding to text, questions in lightning speed. She wants to appeal to you. She wants you to know that she likes you so that you can make several moves like asking her out for a drink, dinner or just for a romantic walk.

2. She initiates contact

This is short to say that she makes the first move. This could be in saying hello (you are both no longer just stealing glances) or in asking for your number or better still giving you hers so that you can call her up later. More often than not she will come up to you with an excuse for instance, ‘You look familiar, have we ever met?’

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Comments (81)
D Togo

After how long does this wear off? Because I'm in a new relationship and now we are not as quick to respond to each other

Richie Grey

Mary Lou
Song by Bob Seger
A all of humor??????‍?


Simply, you will get to know that she is into you.


Girl at store ask what you doing later. Is she being nice or want you to ask her out?

Terry Fox

U teaching people on how to chase each other? Explain to me why please?


She’s runnin’ around, screaming “help me” ?


You left out the part that you should NEVER chase.

Matthew Rogers

Get a tan a anabella

aria jones

long long eye contact


Welp ?


I never chase anyone, I know what I'm worth I know my value.. chasing is for the simps for the weak.. if you have to chase her to win her over that means she's not interested in you.

Just move onto the next one and never get attached to them, get your shit together and don't let these woman get into your way and block your way, remember to see what she has to offer you besides her pussy.. which most of the woman can't pass that shit.

Amine Kadé

so pretty kama

neelam khan

love this lady thanks!

Hawraz Nj2000

Rose very sexy

HandGrenades 4Balls

Dont chase em, replace em

Amadou Mboup

I love you anna bella rous

Muhammad Imran

I Am Also trest true Love real happy loveing relationship Chase is coming going .. l Am proud Single ❤❤??


don't chase women - they should be chasing us


This a very confident english lady

Lone Wanderer

How about the signs of horny and fuck right there on the spot?

Griffin D

I'll be honest. Playing hard to get never really works out well. I have a motto... as soon as she starts playing hard to get, she has to ask me out. By that, I mean that I have essentially moved on from her and won't think about her unless she shows the ultimate sign of interest. I've been asked out by a number of girls, but I've been asked out in this way by only one girl. She's the only girlfriend I've ever had that was hard to get. She was also the shortest relationship I've ever had. Perhaps people who play hard to get relish in deception which is proven to be one of the main causes of failed relationships.

Richard Primerano

You know what pisses me off the most is when I pay these body and blood debts, human debts, and then these people who spend their time screwing people over, going in more debt, get bored when I feel like I'm never bored even as someone who doesn't get to spend their money because it's technically illegal by the US government. I got swiss banks and shit so I can't say I'm broke but I stay entertained in homeless situations all day long. These bored ass people finna ruin my life when they pay me for screwing me over. Its every guy on the fuckin planet. They all in debt to me, so you'll never see someone whose not in debt vibes

naqib lodin

What to do that she don’t like me
Than I am gonna be free ?
From France ??✌️

Niel Rodriguez

Dont wanna chase her im the catch lol. Everyone stop fucking simping lol. She needs to earn it.

Man, I Just Work Here

LOL. I've never asked a woman out on a date who was aloof or uninterested. I'm not sure where these women are getting their information that guys who who are alpha or high value will chase you around like a little puppy dog. It's actually usually the opposite, the movies are just that fictional scripts of senarios.


why should you chase for women. they should chase us.

Adrian Picson

Very helpful

Bexruz Abdurashidov

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Jerry Newberry

I chased her till she caught me. Old saying but how true. I have to be cunning? Cunning linguist?


Sounds like games. This is why people get disappointed. Be direct.

Abbas Peeran

Here’s a tip ladies - There’s no bigger turn on then a women just saying what she wants instead of running around bushes !


Thanks for your advice, truly. My advice too you, when your neck and face are not the same tone it's a turn off. Nobodys perfect ill take the real you not bow bow the clown. Ease up on the face stuff, if they can't love who you are fuck em and dump em. Yolo why hide behind a mask, be you, love you.

Zachary Price

Annabella when are you coming to the US for a tour !?

Jesus MLG

if you're 165cm and you chase women, they'll just run away.

Post it

Chase a woman? Very productive indeed

tropical twist

She is not right lol


Never chase a bitch

Fry On Hy

But what if she got a bf whiles doing this


The balance must be kept

blue sky

You sleep with your make up

Dave Peartree

Advice from women, let's all laugh at once.

Earl Sanders

I need to learn more about this & I know that social media is one of them


Joking aside,”society dictates that she shouldn’t be the one doing the chasing” ?
Supreme bullshit, I saw girls get even more creatively cheekier and flirtier than men,with guys they really like, usually when the guy in question is very attractive. Cut it with the double standards will you ?

Dave Ahem

Signs that she'll be running alone because I ain't chasin nobody.

Ben Salter


God is too good

what if you catch her staring and she continues to stare into your eyes?.

عسلسل 17

What account in snap


If she gives you her number, it might be fake. ? Always call to verify immediately.

Mansoor Razwan



how about no,lol


Wow this video is for people with no common sense!!

Richard Primerano

You think guys have their off moments, but the truth is when people are in debt, they act like this. For me, I paid my blood debts. Pure Blood all the way. I don't have off moments no more, except anger from people not paying debts


Probably she wanted me to chase her but now i lost her

aslam azmoon

Damn she is so wihte milky whitness is sparkling

Subhash patel

Change your channel name..?? make it more. Attention gaining


Maybe 20 years ago but this sounds like a potential sexual harassment lawsuit today. Sorry laddies that like to be chased.

dan vaca

I want to chase Anabella- she is hot and I love her accent.....


Could the mirroring be narcissistic

Aamair Alawi

I won't ?

Gaetana Nelson

Chase a girl. Get labelled a stalker or creep and have your reputation ruined.

Samiuddin Omer

Anabella is the most hilarious woman I've ever seen ??

sami yousafzai

You are so cute

Gaetana Nelson

Why allow a girl, or anyone, catfish you??????


Women: We want to be equal to men

Also Women: Men have to chase us


This is confusing af.

Ryan Basilio

Sounds like a familiar English show.

Kristijan Jurisic

What do these have to do with chasing her ???? You saying the things she is doing more lol


I’m no dog

Lil Yezzy

She does these things but I get mixed vibes

KiIo Perfectionist

this is dumb ? if the girl doesnt do anything, just move on lmao fuck that

Süleymann Sülo

Never chase a woman.

Tomas Contador

I want you to chase me?

Some Dude

Would love to chase you!


Who is she?

Fuzzy Dunlop

Chasing women lol

Ryan Basilio

What about women chasing men for once.
Get some balls girls,you expect so much from us guys.
I got asked out by a woman in my 20's.??
Timing is critical.

Pinkie Love

dont bother.

Ooo Ooo

Lol!! All girls run away from me.


Stop it! Women don't respect men for the most part...let alone men who chase them! Where do you come up with this dreck?

Riz Kler

Cheers Annabella ?????

Zvzull 7

Have some self respect don't chase, if the feelings are mutual the effort should be equal from both sides