How to show your partner you love them


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☻I hope you guys like this:)

-Love Amie xx



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Mary Jane

This is so cute ?❤❤

Lauren Richardson

7:10, I’ll pass on that one hahahaha xxxx


Watching this made me feel like I'm a half decent boyfriend cuz I know I do at least half of these, and makes me wana try and do more. Great video ?

Klara Mt

Too much love for me


I'm alone, why am i watching this?

intan channel


Karen Gomes

Brazil??? ??

Raygan Lavone


Omer Elsagher

اكتر فديو خنزير شفته في حياتي انتي لازم تخدي مليون coby right

bella Hernandez

Aww you guys are the cutest couple ever I love you guys so much you guys are like me and my boyfriend ????????


incognito hehe


Happy valantines to you too i hope you have a good day ??

Sinead Thomas

yes I am fan Love Valentine's day

Sandford Stud

I love idea 32?

Entertainment Sector

Thank you

Lucy may grace x

What’s the song called u used

Sophie Barrington

I’m in a relationship of 5 years but this is cringy I love my fiancé so much but we don’t hold hands in public mainly because we have a child together but just don’t see the point of telling the world we love each other when we know we love each other

Melanie2008 Xoxo


Riaz Ali

Where are you from Amjad ali Pakistan

Stephen laldinfela Stephen

I had to say,this is so dramatic. ❤??



ZoUhair Play

Can I live with you?

Rima Afrilianti

make a tiktok together ???

Joti limbu

Bohot dhundi maine amie ko avi mila bht tarash rha tha dekhne kliye aj bohut khush hoon dono ko dek k??

BriXer BS

This is fantastic but im single

Thanks for the likes ?


Such a cute video ❤️ happy valentines day ?✨

Joti limbu



50 ways to cringe faster on a 9 min vid..

Nur Fateha

I love this couple so much

Ricardo Perez

Thanks to this tips, I fainally have a girlfriend

Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

Wow it’s really wonderful video this young couple is awesome

Evie O’reilly

you should do an updated morning routine with Aaron x

katie prothero

wait what I just found out your both 18...

Daejanay Collins

Omg bro... I literally got broken up with today

Kimmy Night

A very good idea for video :)

x x


x x

What the hell

Vanda Ferreira

Namorei alguém que te olhe com ele olha para ela

Lauren Richardson

Amie I love you so much! Keep up with your hard work xx

Sing Thuy



We translate Arabic☹️??‍♂️?


When's the weddding

OG_ Snippy

This is cute but seriously does he need to kiss u every 5-10 seconds it’s deadass annoying

P Prasuna

You are both romantic

Tayla Brooke

No one:

Absolutely no one:

Aaron : HEloooo

Effy Doddle


Fe Cabasag

Omg. halaka?️?️

Priyanka Semwal

M I the only one who's single and yet watching it ???

Zeynep Arslan

I love both of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Haroon H

Kissing the forehead only works if the guy is significantly taller than the girl, otherwise it’s just awkward.

Sofia Menjivar

I’m you’re fan si ce so long! I love you and I hope you never break up, you’re my favorite couple ❤️

L Biz

Nah my mans Aaron is actually an odd one


You are so sweet ?♥️?

HaiFu GaMinG

Long distance relationship bro ??✌

Nicole Reid

Love today video aww you and Aaron so cute can't believe it is 5 years love you amie

Lauren Richardson

4:24 hahahaha xx

kids fromthepast

They should get married?

itze arel

I will Kiss you !!!

Joti limbu

Hope nevr brekup ur my fv? couple❤


I can do all of these except for the physical contact ones because my boyfriend is in China?


I hope u guys stay together forever u guys are such a cute couple

x x


Lydia Paschali

I am Alicia I love you guys ?

Sandford Stud

Also if you want to make it romantic then just put on an outfit that you've never worn before.

Nihar Joshi

10 seconds into the video and he starts kissing her ??????

Yasmin Kelly

Omg if you guys ever break up I'm gonna be the heartbroken one christ lol

Haider Ali

hello I am talking to tou coulple I am from India
your video is funny
cntect no.

Marilou Sarceda

I how the kiss

Angelyn Valete

Ew joke amie is so beautiful

Itz Mais

this made me even more single


Honestly you people are just so cringy. Aaron is obsessed about Amie's mouth especially in the intro. Really confused how she has 1M + followers to see all her cringy videos

Ali M

موو لاح اكفرررر

Shamit Paul

After seeing this, I feel so much better being single..??


OMG he is so bloody cringe and creepy. Deffo not a healthy relationship

itze arel

I will Kiss you !!!


You two are absolutely adorable together! Keep that bond close.

Patricia Darabont

Awww you’re so so so so so cute together!!!

Mari Olen

This literally just called me single in 150 languages

Mohammed Fatuma

You have love each other

x x


ASOT Forever

all good but isn't it true that if he loves you he will love you even when u look messy or smth so why the appearence? as he loves u he loves ur body and appearence too..logic?

California Town Taylor

I wish i had someone.

Ariah Barbara

love your videos ♥️♥️

LoveCandy Cloud

No hate wowww this channel is so positive and amazing

Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

Good to watching this beautiful gorgeous lovely lady

DominicainGymnastic Girls

What is my crush waiting to do this with me?

x x


Gabriel Alija Bentillo

Kiss it

พรสุดา แทนนะรินทร์

What song ?


Seeing him after a long time ?♥? you both look good together ♥

Leah Gray

I am in a relationship xxx

David Chillton

I forgot how much this makes me not feel loved lmao

keelan James

Pro Fide et pro utilitate hominum?

ItzJamie •

I was only a kid I already watches u guys maybe I was 10 or 12 i was watching that one u guys in a Candy now I’m 13 and you guys are still together and it’s 2020 I love u guys so much I was r biggest fan


Happy Valentines @Aaron and @Amie ?? ang cute.

Filip Pettersson

I got friendzone yesterday so iam giving upp on love?

Lilya Djabbari

Love you ami ??and aron Besl cuple. For aever. Ammmmhhh???


does anyone know how old is she
They are so cute??

Kyle Chavarria

That was such a cute video! (: litterarly made me happy watching this.

9 Things That Show Your Love Without Words

9 Things That Show Your Love Without Words19 Nov. 2017
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These 9 simple little

These 9 simple little things will help you express your love much better than words. From giving compliments to cooking dinner together – we are going to explain why each of them means so much to your beloved.

You can talk about such a great feeling as love. You can write poems and songs and tell everyone you know about it. But sometimes all you need is to do something right. This will mean more for a person than any words you can say. Watch this video till the end if you want to make your relationship even stronger and your love – everlasting.


Give your partner some time to rest. 0:48

Be a good listener. 2:28

Don’t forbid them to see their friends. 4:09

Pay attention to the things they love. 5:12

Dream together. 5:50

Give compliments. 6:58

Be both a girlfriend and a friend for him, not a tyrant. 7:37

Cook dinner together. 8:24

Don’t get annoyed by flaws. 9:08


- Find things to keep yourself busy with. There is most likely something you have always wanted to learn: cooking like a chef, editing pictures, speaking French or maybe you wanted to knit a super long cozy scarf for the winter? There you go – your alone time is a great opportunity for that.

- Remember this: if your partner wants to talk to you about something you know nothing about, or are not interested in, don’t refuse right away. Sometimes girls just need someone who can listen to the latest news, learn about all the sales, and look at all the things they’ve bought. Don’t be angry in these moments.

- When you are in a relationship, the last thing you should do is try to turn your partner into your property. Every person needs private space and time they can spend with friends.

- Happiness consists of small things. Her favorite sweets and fruits and washed dishes may seem insignificant, but it will be a big sign for her that you remember what she likes, you value your relationship, and you love her.

- Doing something silly and fun together will make great memories. And of course, dreaming together means making plans together. That is a sign of love and commitment.

- Here comes the big surprise: girls are not the only ones who love hearing compliments. Even though they don’t openly admit it, guys love to know that they look good too. So tell your boyfriend that he is very handsome, his shirt really suits him, or that his socks are really cool.

- Criticism, dissatisfaction, and trying to get involved in "men" stuff are not the things men want from their girlfriends. Even if you are sure you know what’s better for him, let him be independent.

- Planning and cooking a big meal together is something like a little model of living together – each of you has some tasks and responsibilities, and it will only work out if you work together as a team.

- Learn to love your partner and accept them the way they are, even with their little faults. Then you will see that it’s so much easier to live like that.

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Comments (100)
Tomas Velazquez

What a gross tomnail

kaushar Hussain

I did everything but I'm unable to listen her properly


Good stuff. Won't be bad to follow those. Girls dude approves.

ChicKen AyaM

Haha... I love my bf but he is so far away ?


love is something you do not just something you say

there was a time when that was common sense

Marion Olander Basmayor


Aishwarya Dutt Mishra

The only reason I watched this video is the girl from the thumbnail...???

Aniruddha Hindu Rss

Thanks again Sir ??

Emily Andrews

I like what I see in this video.

Johan De jager

What is the thumbnail about?

Icy Msp

6:49 her arm in the mirror and not in the mirror

Dirtbike Alex

Im single

Kevin Patel

0:04 they are walking like zombies ? ?? LOL


Give your partner some time to rest. 0:48
Be a good listener. 2:28
Don’t forbid them to see their friends. 4:09
Pay attention to the things they love. 5:12
Dream together. 5:50
Give compliments. 6:58
Be both a girlfriend and a friend for him, not a tyrant. 7:37
Cook dinner together. 8:24
Don’t get annoyed by flaws. 9:08

Gloria Toyos

The thumbnail though...?

Oscar Canter JR IV

I don't know about some of this because some flaws are due to a lack of experience. Maybe suggesting an alternative would be okay it's a lot different to say maybe doing it like this would make it easier then to say why are you doing it that way 1 sounds a little bit nicer and like you're trying to help them.

Desirae Dumian



Clickbait op ?

Galaxy Dragon 21

GF just broke up?


Why am i watching this im single


Riky Veras

I couldn't hear the woman at first

Clive Flint

The music is too loud dude.

Dan Cahill

The music is waaaaaaaay to loud


The people in the begging move like walkers.

Michael Bates

Please keep the background music low so we can hear better. Otherwise, great video.

Sunkur Ramdhanee

Thank you

David Kermes

Couldn't hear the commentary over the obnoxious strumming.

frank knize

Just because you do all those things don't mean to you and your partner will stay together

Marina Avant

Is that a boy or a girl

old man jankons

Umm O.


ok who pressed this video because of the thumbnail?

A True Love Official

One of my pet peeves is snoring and apparently my guy snores really loud. At first, it was annoying because I can't sleep very well but I didn't show it to him. Eventually tho, I already get used to it. Sometimes our son mock him by mimicking his snoring sound. It was funny. xD

Gabriela Acosta

i got a girl on roblox and me and her adopted a kid in adopt and raise a baby?

Ally Msp Gamer

Can u like stop making me skip the video a little every Time? Like it stays so long

Cult of Hand

I am always worried when a sentence starts with "Sometimes girls.." 3:10. And why is that these cartoon people look so eerie when they try to love each other?

Ali Kazi

Why am I here I have no one to love in my life.

Ur Mom

Pfft... #Single #Gaming4Ever

Real Thinker

Please make video with Male Voice

Padma Sri


Nolwazi Mhlongo

I can't continue. Her voice is so annoying...

Rickie Lopez

My family only had TV trays, No dinning table. We rather watch tv then talk about our day.

Rafael Dasigni

I'm single why I'm listening to this???


This music is gorgeous


I love my partner


What would you add to this list?

Latent Appliance Fetishist

The thumbnail made me laugh


Why am i watching this im single


supen das

Nice vdo

Kailee loves da emo bois

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the thumnail was intersesting

m vi

Why the heck do i keep watching videos about love when im only asking random vids for stuff about crushes


The music is louder than her voice ?

Katherine Irving

The picture looks more like lust not love.

Precious Aamy

could you guys make such videos for long distance relationships

Fluffy FloofBall

Title: "9 Things That Show Your Love Without Words"
Number 6 were "Give compliments". Which require words... Okay then >_>

Bipul Nath

Background music is too loud

Galaxy Dragon 21

GF just broke up?

Jasmine Mboje

Like here if your watching this video

Roberta H

My dad may not clean a lot but he volunteers to cook at times.

T Morrow

For dog lovers

anthony albert

the music in this video is extremely distracting

Andy Collins

At the end was that guy jacking off?

Priscilla Poissant

Why are you assuming that the girl is always the problem is some points like #9

Abu Kalam

I love you

Katherine Irving

I meant to say the introduction picture.

Rupam Adhikari

Do you really want us to listen what you say?The music is so annoying.

Jaslin Revelly

But I'm single... ?

Mystery Of Autistics PRODUCTIONS

idk who cuts tomatoes like that

zak Sarwari




When I get a job it's going to take me years before I talk to people at work it takes me years to talk to people I don't know I'm the shy type so I got to get to know people for years before I talk to them lol

Benjie Andalez

anyone watched this video because of the convincing thumbnail ??

The Analytical Menace

Who else clicked here because of the thumbnail?


Mhmmmmmmmmmmmmm ???

Marina Avant

I'm the talkative partner ? n my honey is the best listener

The Zuri Experience

Don't waste your time:

1. Give your partner some time to rest.
2. Be a good listener.
3. Don't forbid them to see their friends.
4. Pay attention to the things they love.
5. Dream together.
6. Give compliments.
7. Be both a girlfriend and friend to him, not a tyrant.
8. Cook dinner together.
9. Don't get annoyed by flaws.

M Muaz

keep increasing the volume of the music, we can't focus on the words anyways

Happy times are indeed happy

Thanks for the tips, I did these on my crush and now she knows my "feelings" ?

boian Toire

구독자 뭐냐ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋ

መክያ ሀሰን CMM


Castie Cerise

☺️I´m single, but im learning for the future?

Upasna Gupta

Video is moving too slow....

pusheen buttercup

make... me... coffee....

h. lloyd

It seems if you don't fit perfectly into a woman's niche today, she wants nothing to do with you.

secret feelings

Who's here because of the thumbnail ???

Matthew Harmsworth


Jenna Dow

Why was so Much of This about female stariotypes



Jane Wekhomba

It's a sexy video

Vanessa Vriends

My love and i are both introverts
So that is easy ?

My lovely loves to talk and listen so that is super to

Alpha Brender

The background music is very high.Voice is not clear.?
But male voice was even clear

Honeylene Pateña

I feel that there’s a connection of the ‘“ bright side” “5 minutes craft” and “123 go “

Caparazón de fantasía

I'm in love with my best friend lol and I compliment him on almost everything lol

Jennifer L

Turn down the music

Everette Martin

My late boyfriend worked 9 hours a day, after he came home, I would massage his feet, rub lotion on them because he was on his feet for hours, I wanted to show my appreciation for him ????

Galaxy Dragon 21

Yet still watching this

Marina Avant

Is he moving his hip? I just got turned on



Salma Aishath

I once kiss

glitch !!

What if you’re 10

Galaxy Dragon 21

GF just broke up?

Melissa Mchugh

I don’t have a boyfriend my friend just wants to make me cry but I oops someone is asking me out omg I’m so happy I said yes

Ways To Show Your Cats Love That They Can Understand

Ways To Show Your Cats Love That They Can Understand1 Feb. 2019
2 882 291
TalltanicSubscribe 438 721

Cats are mysterious

Cats are mysterious creatures. How will we decipher their behaviors? This list is an excellent place to start if you want your pet cat to know you absolutely love them!

Subscribe to Talltanic

Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:-

Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here-

Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here-

9. Converse With Cats

Even though animals do not speak human speech, some do understand what certain human sounds mean. Talk regularly to your cat. Speaking to them acquaints them with your voice and the emotions attached to different tones you create. Plus, speaking assures them you are paying attention. However, for cats to understand you, you need to understand what their sounds mean first so that you may communicate effectively. You might sound like the crazy cat lady talking to your cat alone, but your pet won’t think so.

8. The Curled Tail

An excited cat will flick its tail. Remember, the word "excited" does not always mean “happy.” It’s possible your cat feels threatened when flicking its tail. When cats want to play, their tail looks as if it’s waving. What tail movement displays your cat’s love for you? Look for a curved tip, which indicates ease. A tail straight up in the air with a curved tip may mean contentment and a willingness to act friendly.

7. Let Them Lick You

When cats lick themselves, they’re usually grooming. Many times, if you stroke your cat’s fur, they respond in kind by licking you to reassure you that they love you back. Think of a cat’s lick as the equivalent to humans hugging. For those who think animals licking you is gross, please don’t own a pet. You will disappoint them immensely.

6. Head Butting

Rams headbutt to fight. Even people head butt to fight. Felines headbutt to say they adore you. Kitty headbutts are non-aggressive and are a demonstration of trust. Heads faced down are weak spots for animals. A cat willing to put its head down to bonk you is a cat that trusts you with their life. Take some time to observe their facial movements. A slow blink means they’re comfortable around you. Blink back, and your cat receives the same message.

5. Stress Relief, Cat Tree

So maybe they don’t pay the bills or help the kids with their homework, but pets also feel stress! Anxious animals need an outlet extreme emotions. These creatures of habit do not accept change readily, but there are few things you can do to decrease stress in the home whether it’s a new pet, a newborn baby, or a new house. Catnip, as we said before, is good for relaxing them. You can also try herbs like dried chamomile or hops. Toys like a cat tree or scratching post assist cats in channeling that anxiety into energy.

4. Personal Space, Please!

If you haven’t caught on by now with all the references to wild cats, your feline is a territorial creature. Like in any relationship, no one likes smothering. Allow your cat all the personal space you want. After all, if you wanted a constant companion that followed you everywhere, you would’ve adopted a puppy. Create a space for your cat with a bed, toys, and water.

3. Feed Them Their Favorites

Sometimes, a bowl of warm food is just what the veterinarian ordered. Whatever your cat’s favorite food is, don’t forget to pamper them with it once in a while. Milk is a kitten favorite and is generally safe for them to drink, but older cats may exhibit signs of lactose intolerance. If your cat is no longer a kitten, you should purchase special cat milk for them to enjoy. Meats are a safe bet. Other human foods such as anything with whole grains, fish, and veggies are healthy for your cat to munch on, too. Take note of the kinds of cat food that they’re fond of and spoil them once in a while! Foods to steer clear from are grapes foods, garlic, bread dough, and chocolate.

2. Groom Them Yourself

Cats groom themselves all the time, that’s why furballs exist. Once in a while, try to groom your cat yourself. They will most likely welcome the gesture! Brushing their bodies is another way to exhibit affection through touch. Brushes made especially for cats are available to buy so that your cat has the optimal brushing experience. Experts suggest brushing 1 to 3 times a week for short-haired cats. Longer-haired cats need brushing 1 to 2 times a week. When high shedding season rolls around in the spring and summer, groom cats a little more often.


Comments (100)
sabrina mushtaq

My cat has brought 2 rats home to play with them , but when I buy him a toy he is bored with it in 1 minute

Nina Kaur Jafri

My ca5 kills birds


Free dead rats, can't complain about that when you can experiment or dissect the bodies

Mike Eddie

You can feed a cat raw meat. As you said, cats are descendants from tigers and lions. And what do that eat in the wild..raw meat. But this is also very dependent on the cat. If you find your cat becomes sick after eating raw meat then you know it’s not for them, if that’s the case then try and find a high protein and quality wet food. As we know cats are carnivores, they solely depend on protein and meat. They don’t need carbs, veggies, fruits etc. You don’t see a pride of lions fighting over a stem of broccoli

Tony N

Does kissing their back while they attack you count as love? That's how I attack him back for being playful

Hiba Fathima

My cat is the only one who listens to me sing

Lisa Nidog

I can rub my cats' bellies when they turn on my lap. My past others no. But these two don't mind.

Tina A

When a cat shows their belly it's because they trust you. It does NOT mean they want you to rub it!!!! Most cats do not like belly rubs. #respectthekitty

J .c

I think my cat needs too learn personal space ?

Pattie Schulte

Learned some things! Thank you.

Lovable WANSUU

i tried singing to my cat and she gets angry lmao


when they bring you something half dead that is when they're telling you, 'you're not hunting. why not'..?

if they repetitively consistently bring you a fresh kill and put it at your feet they're feeding you because they have high regard for you.

likely because you pet them and you groom them and you feed them and you tend to them well.

and also because they're showing off a little bit - trying to please you.

Mohammed UM41RRR

i was singing to my cat before i saw this and he walked away from and now i just did it he was licking himself

Lizzie Tanner - Glamerliz

My Maine Coon follows me everywhere!! I can't walk out of the room without him coming after me ??.

paula myrthil

My cat comes when i make a sound that is loud

Evelyn Alden

Play an instrument for your cat. Honestly, I've played recorder for my cats, and they don't seem to appreciate the finer points of the fipple flute.

Kathleen Kilroy

I sing "soft kitty" to my cats ever since they were babies. I rescue & constantly talk to the animals too. I prefer the term "eccentric cat enthusiast" . LMAO

Michelle Gracia

My cat does those thing to me all the time

KD Fulton

I just love these kitties; I meow at my babies all the time! Lol ? ❣️❣️

Fat_monkey.D Luffy

Them: just pet ur cat that simple
Me: Acctually not really my cat will bite my hand off

Aashish Bharadwaj

Showing their belly is definitely not a green light to rub their belly.

Raja Peric

my cat killed my younger cat i ate him next day

Michelle Gracia

Cats can die from milk!!!!!!!!!!>:(

brandon stojanovic

Exposed cat belly isn’t always a sure sign to go in for a pet. Sure they trust you but they aren’t telling you to go in for a pet or a rub, my cat of 18 years exposes his belly all the time but if you even inch towards it he’ll rip off your hand and leave you bleeding

Taylor Sean

I would say: I love you solo much

Ross Simpson

My cat loves my singing, but she hates it when I play guitar!


Ways to show your cats love that they can understand. First rule: DO NOT BUY CATS WITH CROPPED EARS AND DO NOT...DO NOT GET THEIR EARS CROPPED. THIS IS ABUSE

Lisa Nidog

My two love my baked chicken.

niko spurr

Im sorry, did i catch that right? Dont feed cats raw meat? Riiiighht.... im curious to meet these vegan cats you speak of. Last time i checked, cats dont cook their prey.

John Smith

I love so much how man's real best friend shows affection in such a quiet graceful adorable way :)

Lisa Nidog

My kittens knead on me. They do that to mom when they nurse.

Lisa Nidog

Both my kittens I give lots of pets, morning and night time kisses and they're always near me or on me and they always follow. They're 4 and 5. First time two at once. Brother and sister. Have had single cats since 1981 and Siamese. These two aren't. But it was love at first sight. They're 6 months old now. One is named after my last cat who passed at 19. His name is Manny2 and his sister is Money.

James Parrant

Yea my cat brings me birds...

Notice how I didnt say they were dead
Yea that's always fun in the house

Lisa Nidog

My kittens love their flattened foil balls. They both go after it at once.

Ralph Leonard

I tried this on a girl, now she is my girlfriend.

Cat Yes

When I sleep my cat thinks he’s a teddy bear

Ann-Louise Rossetti

the reason they knead on you is because they are trying to feed off you like they would with there mother cat.

Klever Sanchez_Garcia

me: pets my cats belly nothing happend AM I THE CHOSEN ONE

Federico Gavioli

"Don't feed them raw meat, it could make them sick."
My old war machine cat would beg to differ xD (But, yeah, make sure your cat doesn't get sick on raw meat before feeding it to them)

Lisa Nidog

Keep cats away from teasing children.

Donna Hogan

The title of this video is “Ways to Show Cats Love That They Can Understand”. #8 - The Curled Tail.
Can someone explain to me how I can show my cat my curled tail when a) I don’t have a tail and b) I don’t have a tail?


Lol my cat I had till I was 7 or 8 idk, she used to be playful but she changed she was still skittish but still loveable, my little kitten I had when I was 9 or 10 she always wants attention and is always playful


i love them and i like them too
cats and dogs is my favorite pets


A tip from my dad: If you’re going to adopt a cat, see if the cat lets you rub their belly. It’s better if they do, because it’s a sign that they trust you. Most cats don’t let you rub their bellies because it’s the most vulnerable part of their body, and unless they trust you, they don’t want to risk being hurt

BSNL Chuutiyaapa

Sing to the cat? Cat(if i had any) and my dad throw me out of house for my terrible voice.


i'm am really very loves all of these cute,sweet,adorable and sweet cats
so much because they're are good nice awesome amazing beautiful pretty
and handsome i'm am really likes the cat so much too

Encantadia Miguel Edition

Ihave 1 cat his name is leo hewas in my side now ?

Walter Sobchak

I snatch mine up and plant one right on their noses.

Norbi H.

This video is bullshit, cats are extremely intelligent animals. If they really love you they will learn what is allowed and what not, Humans are Big Cats in their eyes, like parents. Be strict, teach them and they will never leave you. I hate my cat but she loves me so i do care a little about her. She is very patient, and recognizes when i don't want her around me, keeps an eye on me when i'm in a good or bad mood. Food? doesn't care, medicine, yes she will eat it, talk? she does not understand it but she tries. Personal space? You wanna fly outside don't you? (My space is MY not her playground). BUT shes learn all this crap, i think all cats can learn this. (If no well I am sorry, i am a very rare rainbow unicorn with godlike skills and too much free time.)

Declan Messick

I just love cats so MUCH!!!? I farted it smelly


Cats like drinking from the faucet because its easier for them to see the water. Its not always easy for them to see a little bit of water in a dish or bowl.


My little love would hold my finger in her paw. She'd cuddle. And she taught ME to play fetch. It amazed me that she could find q-tips, since I rarely used them. She developed diabetes and then breast cancer, and most of these behaviours ceased. I was obligated to call in the Angel of Death (travelling vet, of course) because I couldn't stand to see her suffer anymore. I think she had mixed emotions when the Lady arrived. She gave her that sideways look, but she also ate the treats the vet offered (which, for Tink, was almost unheard of, to take food from a stranger). It was a dreadful day. Tink was a little over 17 years old, and I shall not forget my lovely little girl, who chose me when she was about 5 weeks old. A very valuable friend.


I miss our old girl so much. She loved to rub her head against me and she loved when I used my fist to gently rub against her head when she gently head butted me. She was 16 when she passed. Maybe one day we'll get a new baby.

Doris Thomson

If I could tell my cat in words she understood, I would tell her that I loved her to pieces, and then I'd love all the pieces. My mother used to say that to me when I was young. My cat is 16 yrs old. I am 74. I hope that she passes before me, because i had to be away from her once for 3 weeks, and she was a basket case, my daughter told me. Calling for me, looking for me. I NEVER want that to happen again.

Abbs Pepper

Too much of this is bad advice, or badly informed. Many of the vids and pics show cats who are uncomfortable or anxious. This is a video to avoid is you're trying to learn about cats.

ᴍɪɴɴɪᴇ ᴀsʜᴇ

Honestly, this video helped a lot
My friend gave me her cat and I can't control him, he thinks he's cool and stuff but he's just annoying?
Even tho, I've always wanted a cat lol

Quentin Styger

Cats contain purrs that if left bottled in them will kill them. You must pet the kitty to save the kitty and if you save the kitty you save the world; be a hero.


Everyone is just going to ignore the kit hitting the cat belly.

Guy Pehaim

I read that the kneading process comes from the time the cat was a kitten. Kittens knead their mother's belly to bring the mother's teats to erection for nursing.

Andrea H

No NO "deli meats"???!!! Waaaaay too much sodium!! That's dangerous to cats. Also, you should never force your cat to meet new animals in the house, or new people. Never, ever do that!!! Mostly you will get scratched and you will deserve it. Shy cats need lots of time and patience. Give them that. I stopped watching this stupid video. Ignorant, stupid video.

bubba yorkshire

Nice that helps my cat love me

Fantasic Fables

Do not rub their bellies... cats don't like that. THEY WILL ATTACT YOU. and cats do not like anything on their paws... this video is just a mess.... they can have raw meat. There is just so much wrong. Almost all this is wrong.

Yasmin Morag

I was gonna say that if my cat could understand me I would tell them I love them but I think they already know that so I think I would ask them if they would support a socialist revolution.
btw the singing thing is totally true, when I nursed newborns they really calmed down when I sang to them and even the online kitten music helped!



iQ- Ride

Rubs his belly? DON'T DO IT, unless your wearing thick leather work gloves.


I pet my cat Pablo all the time but it’s hard to show him love cause he came from a abusive home and he is really scared of everything but he has warmed up really good.


I would say no need to be afraid

Denise Gabrielle

my cat likes to hear zac efron, it's funny

Kresna Plays

Can we get an F for that guy who accidentally stepped on his cat's tail?

Madison Blea

Pls reply I didn’t think kittens were so cute and nice I got a new kitten


My orange tabby cat is fat, my tiger cat is skinny, they hated each other at the beginning but now they groom each other.

chuichuu doo

"singing to them"

me: sings to my cat
my cat: walks away

Anna S.

Don't feed them raw meat? Cats are obligate carnivores, raw meat is their main source of nutrients. Absolutely do feed them raw meat if you can. Especially the stuff that goes through thorough vet checks before being allowed on a store shelf. Or at least feeda meat-rich diet, not junk food like cheap supermarket dry food and treats! Freezing the meat first is great, cooking it is not. Not to mention salty and spicy stuff from the deli counter is NOT for cats... I'd love to know your sources for this video, people.

Jill Neeld

Do not wake them up while they’re sleeping !

Mezika Lloyd

So when I was younger I used to be so mean to my cat and bully him now I’m older and I feel bad and he scratches me a lot any tips to make him love me again


I would tell my kittens:
Thank you. You have filled my life with so much more joy since you have been in it. I truly adore you and everything about you, thank you.

situpoenver 33

Me:comes here because my country has allot of stray cats
Video:for people with cats

I’m not bot

Jackie Ross

I say frequently to my cats. I wuv you so very very much

Marlene Newhall

if I could speak to my cat I love you like I do I would say like Mommy loves you yes her does I say that a lot to him


Some1 probably said this, as this vid is a year old, but...
2:31 this isn't always the case !! in my XP, more often then not, petting cats on their belly isn't a good idea
granted, if it's your own cat, chances are it's harmless, but when petting cats in the wild or just owned by other people... take my advise and stay clear of the belly, no matter how hard they show it to you ! Cats are also most dangerous when on their backs ! And most cats don't like it anyway !
but if they do allow petting, as the vid said, big loves !

Lisa Nidog

I call my cats and they come.

Jomana Almashjary

Thank u

smol peaches

I just got my kitten and I bursted into tears 2 times and both times he came running to me sat next to me tried to lick me and stayed by my side for the longest he's smarter then my pupper haha

Aniqa Ahmed

My kitten loves new people ?

Lisa Nidog

My cats understand let's go get breakfast, lunch, dinner snack and they run to their bowls. And at 6 months old! Smart!


My cat knows how to say no,yes,NOW,come on,why,hello,hi,go away, and stop! The things I say the most......

J. Curtis

Throw a "yarn ball"? Are you KIDDING? Cats should never be allowed to play with string! They can easily ingest it and DIE!

Guard Dog

If I wanted a pet that follows me everywhere, I should have gotten a puppy? ?
I've kept dogs and lizards for more than 25 years... and I've never had a pet that seemed as attached to my hip as the 9 mo. old kitten I currently have. ( I've had her since she was 4 to 5 weeks old. )
I can't leave the room without her coming after me, or yelling her head off if she can't.
She even goes to the grocery store with me. lol

Peter Carey

i would ask if your warm enough?, did I miss a smudge on the tiles?, and tell him only good tasting Tuna get to be Star-Kist.


My cat doesn't like being pet I wanna pet him

Marsha Hanson

Generally speaking, if pets could give people presents like people do, a dog would get you a box of chocolates and a cat would give you a gym membership.

My cat: shows belly

Me: I watched a video it said I can let your belly pets belly

Cat: you have chosen death grabs with claws and bites

Nevaeh Trombly

id say "i love you soo much"!!

Cece N

when she said don't feed raw meat

me and all the cats that are on a raw diet: ?‍♀️


I started singing to my cat and he actually told me to shut up.


Cats showing their belly isn't "a green light for you to rub their belly". Sure, it does mean that they trust you and feel very comfortable around you. Whether or not they like their belly rubbed is an entirely different matter that depends on the cat's preference

mariella hernandez

I would say I love you to my cat


My cats LOVE belly rubs especially in the evenings. One cat will head butt me then roll over to expose her belly. This is a signal for play "attack" where she will gently bite my hand or fingers and lightly scratch my hand with her back paws.

Vicki Mainard

My boy Banjo is up for most of these and it a great video for people who are new to cats. I only hold Banjo's paw if I have death wish he hates it. He's his own cat and knows what he likes.

Multazim M

I dont even have a cat