How to get bigger quicker

Get buff bigger quicker motivation now

Get buff bigger quicker motivation now19 Aug. 2018
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this guys know how to pump

this guys know how to pump it up at the gym and you can do it do.

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A Better Way to Improve Your Photo in 5 Seconds

A Better Way to Improve Your Photo in 5 Seconds31 Jan. 2021
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I had an entirely

I had an entirely different video scheduled for today but stumbled across this video by Peter McKinnon and couldn't help but make this little response video. I think this is a much better and quicker way to create the same effect while also giving you more options all within Lightroom. You can find Peter's video here -

Hope you guys enjoy and would love to know what you think!




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Advait Nawathe

Absolutely love your videos man, I would love to shoot some landscapes with you! BTW, was that childish gambino /Donald Glover in the last picture?

kim segal

Alex. I am so enjoying the content you are providing: clear, accessible and entertaining. I happened upon your live edit the other day and saw that there is a way to support you- give back to what you are giving. It's covid times so many off us are hit hard, but I would like to offer some support as my way of thanks other then just subscribing and thumbs up! Thank you so much for all you do. And, as a 60 something person would like to say you have your own great chemistry. Peter McKinnon look out!!! :):)

Rauri Barron

Awesome video response to his one, happy to see the great capabilities of LR shared ? love what you did to that street shot with the warm light coming down. Great video again Alex!

Oli Fabio Modolo

Amazing Content! Appreciate your energy and Information on point. Thank you so much!

Thorge Berger

I really like your tips for Lightroom! Very helpful! Thanks!

Steve Verity Photography

Great little tip thanks Alex.

Floyd F

Thanks Alex, yet another great tip!


Have watched your other videos regarding this technique . . . very useful!!! Improved a number of landscape shot, taking them from "meh" to "wow".

amine vlog

I am here wishing you success for you and me

Matzil Baruch

Great! Thank you!!

Wiĺliam MacKenzie

Love the idea, even made it easier by saving it as a brush in light room. When you save it as a brush it also makes it available to radial and graduated filters as a preset

W Thomas

Thanks, Alex! Another great tip!

Vishy Pai

Very useful tip! Thanks.


Tbh I've been using this technique since a long time but you made it way easier since I don't have to jump back and forth from Lightroom to Photoshop. I appreciate this. ??


"I haven't shot people in a long time" ??

Nick Bass

Love this, man. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mads Andreasen

You're gonna go big, just felt like calling it xD

Grahame Gannon

Great tips which will help me now as I in the middle of processing some woodland photos. Thanks Alex.


such a dense of information for such a short duration. Thanks a lot man and keep the good work!

Suhail Khan



Fantastic, informative video as ever!

Gus Media

awesome tip! thank you


This is great. Thanks for sharing this editing tip. Could you make a video about how to make fire, or laser light effect? Thank you!

Ryan McCurdy

Great tip mate!

connor joslin

Great tip! Need to get better at this. See it in a lot of photos


Sorry, I didn't catch that. What's the name of the tool?

Popa Bogdan

YAY!! the last one is very good!!!


I love your suggestions that give quick, easy ways to create big impact in my images.

Funky Love Bunny

I thought the exact same thing. Lr would be much easier, but I suppose if you only had photoshop open ?? Nah easier in Lr. Maybe I’m getting old and lazy but don’t wanna open Ps unless I have to

Ken Repasi

Hmm,. Kind of misleading, Your technique is better if you are a lightroom user, but for a Photoshop user with some skills go watch, Blake Rudas . You will quickly see that there is so, so much more you can do with gradient sotlights in Photoshop than you can ever do in Lightroom. Peter was showing a very quick tip. I did not like it but he has lots of followers so whatever. If He had explored it more using a radial, diamond or reflective gradient as his spotlight, with the soft light blend mode or linear light blend mode and blend if, everyone would see that you have a world more control in Photoshop. But it was 2 second Tuesday or whatever. In Lightroom you have a couple of more controls you could have utilized. luminosity range masks to control; the effect on your highlights and shadows and the adjustment brush. But anyway, nice video showing how to achieve a simple technique in Lightroom, keep these great videos coming.

David Rañon

I see you with that vintage Gambino shot.


Really good tip!!

Get BIGGER quicker.

Get BIGGER quicker.28 Apr. 2017

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