How to have sex with a friend

How To Sleep With A Female Friend (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

How To Sleep With A Female Friend (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)10 Jun. 2018
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The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone Deconstructed ►

Do you have a female friend that you want to sleep with? If so, then you need to start doing things very differently. So today you'll learn how to get a female friend to see you as more than a friend.

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Comments (100)
Deepen Wadhwa

Does all of this apply in the hookup culture we live in?


Damn your really pimping your chick

The Official Nadav Channel

Hey Tripp i have a Question.
so i'm talking to this girl i like but one thing you need to understand about her is that her Body language isn't very clear to me unlike any other girl i've met before which is somehow attracts me even more xD

Anyways, it seems like every time i'm trying to talk to her or say something to her, she replays in a short Answer and then Looking STRIGHT at her phone...
i have NO idea if it's becasue she is Shy or she is not interested or if she is embarrassed.

even if i sit next to her she is Immediately looking at her phone and after like 2-3 minutes she says she has a Headache and puts her Head down.

the fact of her looking at her Phone after i talk to her makes it MUCHH more Harder for me to flirt with her and even talking to her.

What she does on her Phone isn't very Clear to me but it seems like she is trying to fix her hair, even later when she stands up she is not paying attantion to anyone becase she is so busy looking at her phone to fix her hair.

it's very weird because i asked one of her friends if she does it Regularly and she said "i'm not sure".

not only that, sometimes i even try to look at her phone to see what she is doing but she turns it off the minute she sees me.

one thing i can tell you for sure is that she is NOT Interested in me, i didn't sew any signs for that even if i touched her i didn't felt like there was something going on in her.

it's much more easyer for me to talk to her when she dosen't have her phone around and we actuly talk a lot about stupid people xD

but other then that i honestly don't think she is in to me, sure she might text me sometimes about something but other then that, nothing.

Does she knows i am attracted to her? Hard to say, again she is really hard to read but i want to get to know her more before i can ask her on a date and to see if she at least feel SOMETHING for me.

She is a very Mysterious Girl which is one of the reasons that i am attracted to her but her Mysteriousness makes her even HARDER to understand her and makes it MUUCH more harder for me to Flirt with her.

Why is she Looking at her Phone everytime that i'm trying to talk to her? do you an Explanation for this?

Beast MODE

Show her the money and she is yours.


For me is backwards. She's available for me anytime. And I appreciate that ??

George T.

Came for the girl in thumbnail

Justin Dillard

Every girl i approach has a boyfriend and I’m a pretty confident guy and I understand attraction. My luck is just bad they always end up saying they have a bf.

Dhruv Maheshwari

I read it whole on wikihow

Luke Eichenlaub

Idk what to do, the girl I like just moved away but might be back when summers over. Do I keep talking to her and hope she doesnt friendzone me or if she does come back make a move then but still talk to till then please help.

Shawn Griffin

That is true I’m too available. I need to reverse it.

Max Palombella

Nice clickbait title.

Deepen Wadhwa

As a dating coach, do you recommend "Models" by Mark Manson? I've heard great thighs about that book, just wanna know your views on it.

Alex Vasquez

Never ever damage the friend zone with your female friends.

Lil Lil

Thumbnail ☺️

Abuzar Shamsi

was that a porn thumbnail??


GUYS HELP ME! my situation is with a older girl. She is 28 and I am 19. When I met her I was the maintenance tech at the apartment complex that she lived in. Talked as friends till another job came by and when it did I asked her to come hang out at the mall (me and her).... 3dates after WE MADE OUT, but I had to lie to her about my age. After a couple of dates I felt too guilt uggghhh and told her that I was 19 not 20 almost 21. She liked me, but not enough to be ok with the difference, she said she felt like a cougar. We have been hanging out on and off for a few months, and recently on my last visit we were really connecting, she is starting to like me a lot. She is really Christian and inexperienced but is completely torn on what she should do. We know that we should probably date people out date because there couldn't be a future, but how do I convince her now to be my girlfriend?


...He knows that I'm in the friend zone ... Well,sir you are Tripping .For your info she's in the friend zone.. Sir?


Sometimes it might take longer like a year or so....

Dominick Neely

I do not believe in the friendzone

Chris’sTV Score more goals

If the girl she's real close friend but then she wants to call you brother and she she's not your sister how can you change her mind to turn to you and think that you love her????

Bp Rijal

Once you friendzoned,
Your done!!


Are you friggin serious? I can't be the one who responds to her text messages or express concern for her? Maaaaaan, and here I am as one the most responsive person in my entire class! How am I supposed to reverse that in this outbreak?
Now, you also said I want to be in a situation where she'll start losing memory of me. Well, she just texted back saying she's got accepted to a university - in the other side of the state. Is that my chance?
One more question I'd like to add. In the state I'm at, there's a "trump card" women use that's scarier than rejection - sexual harassment! Where's the line between flirting with her to make her feel uneasy and sexual harassment?


What if we are classmates?


hits a thumbnail straight from pornhub - sees a guys face.

Samurai Cyberpunk 2077

You just ask your friend to hang out on your house or her’s and watch netflix and chill... done always work... now she became your “Friend with Benefits!”

Orion Lopez

What if she's in my class what am I supposed too do or say when she starts talking too me

ron baldwin

Hey my name is Ronald I like her she like me I'm in the friend we are in the same class what shall I do

Senpai ASMR

Except that girl is your dream. So don't let her go. Literally.

Neutron 707

This is very true I done this before and usually works like a charm great honest video. Ya I stop talking to girls for a few weeks or a month and they always come back or miss me. Also if I'm hanging with a girl I normally don't play around or beat around the bush I straight up tell her how I feel from the start so I stay away from the friend zone. It's always good to start by flirting or send her text messages showing her your interested to brake the ice! This will work and if after all that she don't like you then she really isn't interested. I always said a man can get any girl they want or even sleep with her even the most impossible girl. But you have to play your cards right. A man that can mind control and seduce a woman can have any girl. The problem is knowing how and when to do so at the precise time and moment. But it is possible never count your self out, I found that out the hard way. I once was involved with a girl who was in a serious relationship with another person and she friend zoned me and told me we could never be nothing more then friends and she saw me only as a brother. But one day this girl seduced me by trying to get me drunk and took advantage of me ;( I was just never expecting that to happen :(


I work with her 5 days a week ? now what


Who the fuck sleep with friend. Be friends or fuck.

Yakov Sverdlov

Tripp, Michael Jackson wasn't that masculine but still, a lot of girls liked him.
What's the secret? Is acting as masculine as you teach the only way to attract a girl?
Would be glad if you make a video on the subject, for guys who aren't naturally "alpha" but are more like MJ.

Thank you!

ashish shah

hey tripp , actually there is this girl whom I met in April ,2018 , after 2-3 days we kissed. And then she friendzoned me after that I stopped contacting her . Then one week later she texted me and we met again. After that I told my feelings for her but she said she doesn't want to come in a serious relationship and blocked me. Then after 2 days she unblocked me , told me that she also got feelings .And we became a couple. But now comes the turning point , she wnts me to go club everyday but due to gym I wasn't able to give her so much of time in the evening. After that again she just friendzoned me and started talking to many guys , posting pics even talking to a guy late night. Now I tried to stop contacting but then 1-2 days later she calls and texts. I don't wht to do , I can't focus elsewhere . she is in my mind continously.

Ben J

The reason men put themselves in the friendzone is because they give women their Time, Money, Energy, and Resources without an expectation of a Return on Investment. Once she has all 4 why would she need you as a lover or boyfriend?

Weegee Plays

i want to kiss my girl who is a friend... but she FRIENDZONE ME! ugh...


Last night I told the girl that I like that I liked her, found out I was in the friendzone. Thank you for the video brother, I really appreciate your help, I'll do everything in my power to fix it.

ravenous ol

Guys my crush lives in england and i live in greece...we ve been dating for 2 months and im scared of asking her to be my girlfriend because of the distance between us
Whats your opinion?

Kelvin Issac

Your right girls do love getting dominated

Alois Popcorn

why being needy is that bad?

Rachel Hopkins

Or just be nice and actually do spend time w them bc that is the rational thing to do, and btw u can be in the friend zone and the girl can still be attracted to u but she may not want to sleep with u bc ur not what she wants, or ur being distant and creepy bc of this video


You have to be really into a female friend to wait so long get her in bed. I would be long gone with another woman who is better looking.

Celina Bond- Dating Coach


Alexx Alemdar

Wooooooooow that thumbnail

Jack branco

Very true

Craig Vogler

Yes, I am in that situation right now but I am trying to get out of it! Time to turn the tables!

Vikram DAS

this guy is our Messiah

Mo Sadik

I’m a 31 year old virgin guy..medical graduate, I don’t drink ... how. Can I get a girl attracted ?

Venom Flows

Kindly stop padding with that title. .
The video is about how to get out of friendzone. . Not how to sleep with a women

John Doe

Why even bother with a girl like that though? Just find a girl that is attracted to you from the get-go and not one you have to work for with all of this extra effort that you already wasted and continue to waste to keep her around. This kind of relationship will be full of holes and resentment on your part from the beginning and not built on a solid honest foundation. Sounds like a girl that likes to play games. Forget any girl that is not into you from the start if you want a real relationship and want things to work out for the long haul.

Burken Productions

This video has a misleading title

sreeja sujatha Suia

Rascals.just Bragg around

Mike Fudala

What can I do if I cannot drive yet(I had a motorcycle accident) so I'm reliant on her or my mom for rides.
I think I remember a friend of mine saying Alyssa kinda likes you. But I'm not sure (I had severe brain damage)

Shane Montgomery

What if it started with hooking up and the situation you would get fired if everyone knew and now your friend zone and when you tried to walk away you felt guilty and now kids are attached and we work together. Don't know guess just stuck as a friend

Shane Shorter

Who clicked because of the thumbnail?

patrick andrivaux

Thanks and a great advice !!!

Jayjay Delight

4:03 happened to me, then we dated for a year, annnnnnnd she was cheating on me the whole time with seven different guys some including my "friends"


I only see the woman I am dating and in a relationship with once a week. Who has more time than that on an ongoing basis? I‘ve got to maintenance my life too (and so does she with her life).

Tasos Pat

0:12 Who said I have behavioural qualities that attract women ? xD

obli vion

Well, about not being available, 1 entire year passed. We very rarely comment on each other's posts on social media, and I'm now beginning to feel like I didn't require her presence in my life right from the first place! Have I become a jerk or what? I dunno... Confused!


But what if l want to remain in the friend zone as a male? :/


but if someone I love did this... I'd blocked him coz by the time he comes back with the...principles of attraction I'd forget bout his existnce completely... ???

Alvertos B.P.

Do not SIMP up--A woman that does not understand value because among many things over estimates the power of her cunt; therefore, careless to respect the value you bring to her life. Do not accept being treated like your a third class citizen-Walk. Find you a woman that represents high value not porned up by every citizen dildo offering mercy humps.

weralia 7

Trowing all responibility on a woman is turn off for woman. Not beeing a man not help if he contact less. Realy pity that no more real men on a planet.

Matt Bixler

Be careful, it would change everything between the two of you. Don't ruin an awesome friendship.... proceed with caution

Mitchiegotmoves Y

Tripp you act like guys decide we like girls within the first day of meeting her. Usually I think I wanna be a girls friend then see something that's wifey material. Does that mean I'm doomed?


Frankly speaking, none of your videos are "safe for work."


What if you are making this video because actually you wana sleep with you female friend??

Brotherin King Prophet Blake Devon Auger

And how about the women?? And because this one flawless bombshell has a phat ass and but can you please get someone else to say that they need to keep doing their squats to build it up and shiet


Been in the friend zone for 2 years no hope for me ?

Alvertos B.P.

No friend zone unacceptable!

Abel Torres

Hey, my case is particular, anyone who can give me advice?

I’m seeing a woman that knows that I’m married and of course I wanna have sex with her, I’m afraid get in the friend zone, because we spend time together we dance and we enjoy dancing with each other, how can I do the first move?


potential mate....we got David Attenborough over here


Thats is true


If you want to do the bedroom cardio with a woman but the best she is going to give you is a platonic friendship aka The Friend Zone, pass on that. Don't settle with just friendship if you want to do the sexy time with her. In the End, you will regret settling for just friends. The ONLY way I would agree to settle for a platonic friendship with a woman I want to bang is if she has sexy female friend(s) and/or a hot sister that want to shag me and can satisfy me sexually! Otherwise No deal! Hahaha. Seriously, NO deal!

jose palacios

I dont think is possible to get out of the friend zone bro. I have been trying to do so. No success!


Hi Tripp
I do understand the putting a girl who has friendzone you first, like what do you want to do, lets just do what you want, text her back instantly and so on. However that is not the case in my situation. I have a crush on a girl and we spend time sometimes, but no way it is on her terms alone, I take charge when we see each other, so there is a large spark of attraction, however I am not very good at sexual eskalation, so I think that is more the problem. I need help to cross that line.

Rowen Nazy

lol, what ever happened to tripp..


Ice cream bro ?

Alex Moran

9 out of ten just feel lot of woman will know this and are wised up to this they way u done the video was ten out of ten just think the context is out dated maby you need to consider this in your next video or just ask girls what they think

Wesley Kelly TV

I got a friend with benefit


i love your videos Tripp :)

Hulk Pakistan

Dude we are in 2018 trust me everyone know how to handle a women ?


:( I thought this video will be about how can I sleep with a female friend uhm in terms of positions, if to hug her or not, or try something more both talking bout it or doing :D

Akash Max

This is a kind of my situation but ?

Ihtesham Khan

That’s a hot thumbnail

300 Anoos

What if she put me in the friend zone but I’ve been clearly to her( made a lot of stupid things like, I wrote that I’m better in bed than her boyfriend and I fought with her boyfriend) but now in summer I’m going to be a teacher and she will be my student. Can I re-attract her in this situation? Please answer, SOS.

Asaya Cortes

I was wondering can you make this into a video and please tell me what to do I have a new girlfriend now we've been dating for one month but my ex-girlfriend is back in my life as a friend it seems like my first girlfriend does not like my other girlfriend every time I talk about her it's always a I don't like her with I understand but my ex girlfriend wants to be friends with me she broke up with me to go out with my friend less than a day later five minutes later she called him and say that I want to be your girlfriend as he said I had called to the pain but should I leave her as a friend or be there for her and just talk to my girlfriend

Bozkurt Bozok

How to sleep? Uhm YOU DON'T!!!

Vardas pavarde

Looks might help with confidence also if women aproache you it's much easier to seduce her

Metaphysical Multiverse

can you believe it?? She said I should beg her for a kiss. Nah bra, I was like hell no lol. I said shut up and kiss me. Pulled her towards me and we ended up kissing. She says she`s scared of sex. I wanna know how to go about this. She only had sex once and said she`ll never do it again. I want this model in my bed. Need some advice please

Nicholas Dorsey

Just to restate what trip says here about walking away from her for a long time, it DOES IN FACT WORK. I left a girl alone for a year while she chose someone else, and when we reconnected she was very receptive and I even got her phone number which she wouldn't give me before, but I did nothing about it the second time around because it was just going to turn into a rebound and I'm not about to do all the work for her to just go back to him. Women do forget you after a while of no contact.

Beto Graudi

reported guys, please change thumbnail

MGTOW is a Good idea!

you are great, man! Keep going! :)

Sol Andre Raz Somoza

take yoyure time expolre different people


all these videos make it even more complicated , just be your self and if the bitch don’t want to sleep with trust she’ll never do even if you’re attractive as magnet

Simbongile Maraqamba

My friend wanted her n he failed now am on her friendzone ?

Reg Waterford Ltd

In what way is this video NSFW? It's just you sitting on a sofa talking.


thumbnail gave me a boner


Any advice on a girl you're in the friend zone with but has a low life boyfriend she is pondering breaking up with but hasn't yet?

younes mohssen

Hey guys, I kinda need your advice, so I'm a hacker and I hacked my teacher's computer and for the physics test paper, and I have this girl that I really like at school, what do you suggest I do? Should I give her the exam and tell her that I hacked it or that's something I should keep to myself? What I thought of doing is going up to her and telling her"I have a gift for you" and then ask her if she wants to be my gf, if she accepts, god loves me, if she doesn't, I would just tell her I'm just kidding and give her the exam paper


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Theonly Erin

I thought you cut your hair?

sandeep kumar

Very sexy I Love you

Hazjd Gamer

whats that song at start of all your vids i really like it an
d wanna listen to it

Ellie Hetherington

This title was click bait

nocap_ nizsear

I want her

Liliana Di Donato


Tala Elfatih


Karl Velazquez

Song in intro?

Brook Pickel

I grade ur outfit a 10

Keona Bennett

What is the introduction music?


Blana Bomba



Courtney Marshall

5:56 is where u see that it does not match here neck

Dakota Hale

Fortnight is better than pubg

Jada C

10\10 u look incredible

Ashley Marshall

We sub and notification on

giveme pizzabro

The top is a 1... Like the bottoms tho. Top seems like u gotta keep adjusting all night.

Classy Rozy

❤❤❤ aww I love y'all

Panthers & Hornets Nation

Yo friend can get it for sho

Lia Silva

I like your hair?

Janiya Harris

dat bitch is getting lit.......make sure mannie gets this what you gonna do with that big fat butt

Senna Lewis

Wait wear a bra ?

Estrella Trejo

Ur foundation doesent match u should get little darker shade ily doee ?

Sashemia Kelly


richmond dias

Take care of your friend. She may want to share your banana with you particularly since now you cant eat it well. The same thing is happening with me. my wife brought her friend home for stay and she apparently peeped in while i was eating my wife. She wanted the same and blackmailed me to it. Now as soon as she gets the opportunity, she directly comes and grabs my banana and i end up eating her. Though initially I was forced by her, now I am actually cheating on my wife.

Soccerborn Queen

Genecia you are beautiful

Jada C

And so does your freind

Naima Rattley

Are you drinking and your pregnant

Beast mode00622 Johnson


Janiya Harris

Chloe laager well as long as she don't drink too much she and the child fine at least it not marijuana or liquor or beer its wine


Is your makeup only like that on camera? Looks very off in this vid


She's pregnant??? I did not know I love your guys are guys are soooo awesome
#MannieAndGenecia :3

Jasmine McNeil


Azakiah Official


Sanai Britt

I love yall ??❤

Sandeep Vup Shah

She's hott. Ur friend

Eden Edwards


Arwa Awadallah

i want the name of the entro song ????????????????


Y'all fire ?and litt?

Jason Collie

You go girl

Eden Frey

My name is Eden!!!!!!

Queen Ail


Tristan Hernandez

I want her

Clodia Nzietani

I love you ?????✌????

Jolene Castillo

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok how are you

ALI A hi




Ayie Baliscao

What the-

shsl kinnie

C l i c k b a i t

Brianna T.

Your foundation doesn’t blend with your neck up close, well at least not on camera (just to give you a friendly honest opinion) . But y’all look really cute for your girls night out ??‍♀️❤️.

Shaya Samuels

10000000000000 good

mahal w.

First ❤️

Hane Bathie

You're beautiful

Alexis Lewis


Raininqx Days

Now that called L E S B I A N


I love them but genecia’s makeup does not match her skin

Yoselin Garcia


Ardijan Canovic

hey guys can you please tell me what the song palying in back round 0:02 please and thank a happy early christmas thanks

Swathika rocks Swathika

Good body

Cris caridad

That fit is fire but lord she can't dance

Olivia Nicole


Md Saiful Islam Saif

nice u sex

Maria Arias

1-10 I will give u a 9 because of ur top u have to pull it up every 3 min but the rest on point girl

Patsy Freeman



Only reason I would approve of that top is it has no straps, that wardrobe malfunction when the nipple popped out would had me shook to let you out the house.... thats just me. Made respect to Mannie.

Jason Collie

Your out fit is very nice love it



Lesoli Makhele2

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Kaitlyn Crook

Drinking alcohol is bad when your pregnant your going to harm the baby

Zynae Amani

Your looking.flesh

FabiDut TV

I'm sorry for not checking your channel cause I'm busy too much with homework ?!! But today I checked it

Audiel Vaca

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It's funny how Mannie Playing FortNite In the Back Ground

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