How much is too much exercise

8 MIN SITTING TOO MUCH STRETCH - fix your posture, stand straight & reduce pain / Pamela Reif

8 MIN SITTING TOO MUCH STRETCH - fix your posture, stand straight & reduce pain / Pamela Reif16 Jan. 2021
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Got a round back? With

Got a round back? With your head sticking forward like a turtle? Does your mom tell you to stand straighter? .. might be the case because your are sitting a lot! ♥︎/ Werbung

The typical "desk position" can lead to tightness and pain in the neck, back, shoulders, lower back and hips.

This routine focusses on correcting the sitting-position and basically bend our body into the opposite direction. This opens the chest, mobilizes the spine, stretches the shoulders and the back.

Let's get a better posture!

Standing straight instantly makes you look taller, fitter and more confident as well ♥︎


You can do this after any kind of workout, after sitting at your desk for a long time, in the morning or before you go to bed :) there is no "wrong" timing here.

No Equipment needed. Just prepare a soft surface like a yoga mat or towel :) .. and a wall haha.


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When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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I would appreciate if you could talk in the video

Viick Freitas

Richtig gut!

Tess Broersen

Aah this was great after a very full day of studying.... thank you :)

Gwenn Peters

I never did a workout from Pam where the doing time feels faster than the actual time ? I always been doing here Workouts and 15min feels like 1hour ?

Jasmine shih

I love the "relax" position so so much!!!!! I wish it can take longer maybe up to one or two minutes. It feels really great to think nothing but truly enjoys the song and relaxing lying on the floor finding peace. (especially after the workout or a busy day) Thank you Pamela!

Evie kpopstan

Can u make workout that makes u have nice collarbones? Still love your vids though


this is for me! my posture is so bad, and hurt so much!

Aine capoeira

Every office person : I do NOT sit like that!! But... I'll still do the stretch, just in case.....

Emma Pellattiero

Today I have an important exam and this stretch relaxed me so much... I feel less stressed and anxious. Thank you

Bencoolen Yama

Perfect stretch for telework era?

Gioia Mohammadi

Love you❤️

Michelle Iscoa

Can i do this as a cool down/stretching routine after my workouts? ?

Stevo Maginn

U still haven't fooled and you can always see behin you

vanessa xavier escotiel viana


Miras Träning

Pamela, do you know that timer up there? Can you make a video on how to do because I want to make many videos with such a timer.

elisabeth isabell halseth løvås

Excuse mr °Officer.. can magnets know this? I m a skater who didnt skate.. a bit sloppy short necked dude, Man! Waiste trainer could it Help. Im watching this-great ass though and subscribed. I wanna be his Pride..#?! Def look like °One...

D Lord D Lord

Your thumbnail is hilarious, it reminds me of Coraline's dad (real) fro mthe movie Coraline lol

Lethu Cele

This was so relaxing, really enjoyed it ?


LOVE ME, Please!!! ?
みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

cherise franklin

Where is your top from ? ?????

Geetika Baluni

My back was cracking like a walnut throughout this stretch! LOVED it! ?

Maruška Bubeníčková

i just finished this stretch, and it feels amazing!
thank you Pam!!!!

cleisse alves

Que delícia de aula!


Beautiful Sexy Lady I Have Seen.....
Love You.....

İrem T

This workout and 10 min leg stretch together are the best daily stretch routine for me


Seit ich das regelmäßig mache habe ich einfach keine Nackensxhmerzen mehr ? ich danke dir von Herzen Pamela für alles ❤️❤️

cevher muftuoglu

Last exercise: "sit straight:)" yeeeess ahahah LOVE YOU

Geraldine Alfaro

Thank you so much?

Berenika Mikulková

hi pamela, you are best

Shu Jie

My floor is too dirty hahahh. I cant put my hand on it except on my yoga map lmao

Jasce Silva

Linda. Amei o teu canal. ?❤?

Ananda Rethschulte

Does anyone know which mat she is using in this video? ?


I like your workouts your best.

Alanna Clay

blows kiss back

fouoii gyhh

When the relax part was over I didn't want to get up ?

Juveriya Mohammad

Did anyone see the last exercise it was sit straight??

Alexandra Parvanova

My bow doesn't seem to want to knot....


i almost fall asleep in the „relax“?❤️

Juliana Conn

wow Pam this was so awesome and just what I needed. You are amazing and you fuckin rock thanks girl

soinhu foitu

Awesome video!

Saieshni Pillay

Enjoyed that so so soo much! Thank you :)

Vee Ro

Uuh such a good back stretch routine

That Blue Girl

Um, is she in a castle lmao

Rey Del

This is so nice... the last song is perfect for stretching

Bleu Duck

My doctor told me about you and this channel. His exact words, “she’s an amazing athlete, strong and very relaxing. Plus she’s gorgeous and you’ll try to keep up, but can’t.” Challenge accepted and thanks for the content Pam, you got a new victim/subscriber.


this vid contains to much "personality" to concentrate

Polina Yackovleva

This stretch workout is a great for physical and mental health, because I feel pacification and harmony after this


I just wanna say that yday i did my second trainin of it nd i slept without any pain fr. Thank you Pamela <3

Roman Billy

Hcntueuurnzjhjri už v roku

Ptao Tom

Oh my goodness! This is LITERALLY exactly what I needed, online school has me looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame ?

Lili Ann

During this stretch i found out that i really need to vacuum more ?

N. Gallus

The first "Workout" I do regulary

Sa La

Umm i actually always assumed the background is just a picture or a greenscreen... when she pulled the door i was like holy shit this room is real :D

Liliya Uzunova

I can't believe you included Hayley Williams, I love this even more ??

Samsung Phone

Thank you Pamela. You're the best and cutest person ever.?❤ I wish you all the best. Love you!!?

Alba du Plessis

Hey there are peoples who dislike?!

Saška Ondrušová

You don't even know how much you've helped me

oiuet souiu

When the relax part was over I didn't want to get up ?

Paula Kurt


Jasmin Deißner

This was soo relaxing, my Body feels so good afterwards ?
The last Song reminded me so much on Life is Strange ??

Paula Carius

Oh my god I was so confused when she opened that door, I thought it was edited...

Vanessa Aigner

Ich arbeite im Büro und möchte das Workout jetzt so oft wie möglich die Woche machen?

La Fayette

Hallo Pamela! Ich liebe dich so sehr, du bist eine riesige Inspiration! Jedes Mal, wenn du ein neues Video postest, bin ich so aufgeregt und mache es sofort. Das hat mir so sehr geholfen, weil ich viel sitzen musste und mein Rücken fühlte sich wirklich gut an! ICH DANKE DIR VIELMALS FÜR ALLES!!!

Laury Cookie

Oh. My. God. I really need that!

Nasia Sam

This workout makes me feel like an angel walked on my back and blessed me. Seriously.

Natalia Pastra

This is soo helpful


Seeing the Word 'relax' in Pam's video

-wait, that's illegal


I love Pamela Reif. She is soooo beautiful! I really love her workouts! So Elegant!! I wish I was like her!! And her smile! omggg! (Heart Emojii)

Bee S.C

Thank you so much for thinking of this. I am currently in lockdown and working at home hours sitting down in front of a computer. this felt like heaven! Bless you beautiful soul

seeni gzty

When the relax part was over I didn't want to get up ?


The first song is nice, what's the name of this song?

42 Seeya Gaurh


Natalie Mörtl

thank u pam for this workout! i felt so relaxed and well stretched after it. also, i recognized how stiff my left side became because of working at home... I will definitely try this more often!


Very nice video...Great :)?

Petra Manduchová

Great stretch and relax, thats what i need ???

Mbali Mols

Perfect. I’m always behind the desk

Pamela Reif

Dennis couldn’t stop laughing when we took the pic for the thumbnail ??? he said I look like a monkey hahaha.

But seriously: it’s hard to sit straight in front of a laptop ? are you?
we got “standing desks” at home so we are not sitting all day


Riley Lauren

Lmaooo the thumbnail is killing me

Female Artists

Hi ?‍♀️
I’m here for you ?
Welcome ? ?

lil Lili


Teacher Jo Diaries

Is it a crime to do this every freakin’ day coz if it is i’m guilty. ? always feels so good after this stretch. Pam always chooses the best bg music. ?

Happiness Yoga

That very help me to ajust my posture

All things Kimberly Ruiz

Omg! I am so happy I randomly came across your page. I never thought I would enjoy a no talking workout. I did my workout and feel so relaxed. Thank you!


hi, i never write any comments but i just wanted to say thank you!! i have back problems from being tall and sitting at my desk all day and i felt the relief in my back from this stretch workout! thank you so much, you’re changing peoples lives for the better!!




Привет. Хороший ролик????

Amanda Ich

Morgens workout und jeden Abend dieses Video! Dannach bin ich tiefen entspannt!
Vielen Dank Pamela! Super gerne noch eins in der Art❤

Јован Костадиновски

the last music was beautiful


Wirklich niemand:
Ich bei 04:43 : MACH DIE ROBBE! ???

Zoe Schommer

PLEASEEE do a longer version! Loved it SO much! Like 20 min? <3

Berenika Mikulková

you´re workout is very nice


Found a spider on the wall while doing the first stretch lol

Laura Brown

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Maria Felner

The last song gave me chills ✨

Ailsa Ni

When the relax part was over I didn't want to get up ?

bcvbb hyui

from others. U are doing great luv!

Jule Müller

Omg more of these???


I was great at the "Relax" part

Kettreya Kat

Omg I’ve been worried bout my back posture. Oh god thank you so much , this mean the world to me !!! I’ll start doing this workout today !!!!

fay nikolaou

love love loovee it!!!

How Much Is Too Much Exercise? (IT DEPENDS ON THIS...) | LiveLeanTV

How Much Is Too Much Exercise? (IT DEPENDS ON THIS...) | LiveLeanTV20 May. 2020
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Live Lean TVSubscribe 438 721

On today’s episode of

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, we answer a viewer question who asked how much is too much exercise?

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How Much Is Too Much Exercise? (IT DEPENDS ON THIS...) | LiveLeanTV

Live Lean TV

Comments (14)
Ann Wilson


Vidya Rani

During this lockdown i work out at home for 50 mins in the morning n 50 mins in the evening for 6 days except Sundays, no weights just Cardio n abs tonning..My question is i already lost 4 kgs in the 1st month but now my weight seems to remain constant ,besides following the previous diet n excercise... please help!!!

Winter 88

3 on (push, pull, legs) 1 off with LISS cardio on the off day. Is that too much?

Kristal Brooks

You guys asked this question before and my answer has not changed...every day. Because I count my stretching and my walking/active rest days too (just like Brad). ??

Ann Wilson


Alyson S

I do 50 min of each

Live Lean TV

QOTD: How many days per week do you workout?
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Abha Gupta

Hello Jess & Brad. What do you think of splitting the workout? My workouts nowadays are about 90 minutes (bodyweight only). But I usually get only 45 minutes in the morning to workout. So I complete the rest of the workout in evening. Am I missing some benefits by splitting the workout? Does doing it in one go have advantage over the other?

Sylvia King

As you age you need a longer recovery period. If you ignore this you will pay a price.


5 days a week

Nicole Acampora

I currently workout 6 days a week with a program I am following. If I'm not doing a program, I workout about 4 days a week. Is your app on Google Play? I can't find it :(

Black Coffee

I workout 4-5 days a week, but that's just me. I think a minimum of 2 days off is good!


I work out 6 to 7 days a week. But I’m at a life guard and 44 years old. I have to keep up my fitness to keep up with the 20 years.

Torrez_ Tales

Haven’t had a rest day since April 21st

The Dangers of Too Much Cardio

The Dangers of Too Much Cardio14 Sep. 2018
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"The important thing when

"The important thing when it comes to exercising is you need to take time and gradually build your base, you don't want to go out and run a 10 K without having any kind of training at all," says Dr. Derek Papp, Sports Medicine Physician at Miami Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute.

If you run the 10 K without being prepared, the doctor says you push your heart and it doesn't have enough time to profuse the body, to give the body the nutrients, the oxygen and everything it needs through the blood.

Comments (4)

I’m going stop doing cardio then

Amanda Vibez

Probably the most useless "educational" video on YouTube. Great job!

Chad Greenburg

She was fear mongering. No wonder this YouTube channel gets 0 attention.

ThisIsMe Now

This told me next to nothing. Nothing about what constitutes too much cardio, nothing about the early warning signs, and no guidance on what your range should be.

Basically I came here to see a doctor play with a 3d animated model and a host making the most inane statements