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MOLLY HATCHET " Satisfied Man "

MOLLY HATCHET " Satisfied Man "29 Aug. 2012
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From The Album: - THE DEED

From The Album: - THE DEED IS DONE - (1984)

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rest in peace dave hubek.

Karen Hurley

M favorite i song from them! I love country and this!

Benjamin Lucas

The character on the cover looks like The Mountain from Game of thrones.

Mike Gutierrez

Damn good song!!

Dave Milam

one of the best. Dave. supreme Court justice


One of their best songs

mitch rawles



The pinnacle of the evolution of kickass southern rock!  RIP Danny Joe Brown.  Damn he had a set of pipes.

Bambi Pardis it's a right song

I went their concert

Benjamin Lucas

Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Allman brothers. All great bands from the Jacksonville area.

Your Name

Pure unadulterated get on or get run over rock n roll.

Henry .Lenning

My ears are burning!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELL YA!!!!!!!!

Keith Sage

This world is a smaller place since we lost Danny jo Brown.

Alejandro Vivas Collazos

Great Band!!!!

Keith Sage

Long live Danny Joe Brown .Long live Southern Rock.

The One Above All

3:01 "She's got legs. she know how to use them!!!"

Classic Rock Station

Jimi Jamison from Survivor/Cobra amazing in Backing vocals!

Mario Mego


Keith Sage

This is a Jam Session...

michael pulaski

of all the southern rock bands...molly kicks ass the most !!!!


why is bobby and phill and everyone else not playing this song no more it fucking rocks? like is it because john galvin old and he can't play the piano that he used to that's bull shit.

Benjamin Lucas

Jacksonville Florida, the home of southern rock. Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot and the Allman brothers.

Roy 1776

It's just like the ACDC of southern Rock Baby ?

Edward Davis

I Had This Band Back In My Past. I Like This Song.


This 1984 single from The Deed Is Done saw a revised line-up fronted by Danny Joe Brown attempting to cross over into the mainstream, much like Blackfoot were doing at around the same time – isn’t universally popular with Hatchet devotees. The diehards dislike it for its keyboards and the fact that it was bought in from the outside writers Thomas DeLuca and Tom Jans. It remains, however, a great song.

Joe Bach

cuz I got better waitin home in bed
pretty much sums it up

Markku Koljonen

;P UP! Anna,Christine&Tinja :D

Bambi Pardis it's a right song

I can handle roy

James Parks

wonderful band every

Bambi Pardis it's a right song

yes says Sam talkington on the hawke radio station he knows me my son robby hung with his son tj

Enrique Santos

Tremenda banda grandes recuerdos

Colin Sanders

entered Billboard Oct 20, 1984 ..reached #81

charles sprinkle jr

Trully great

Nash Burnette

RIP Bruce Crump

Kevin Kosar

Love this tune Just Cant hear it on the Highway Tend to Violate Speed Limit s

Jim Bob

Totally underrated band

Bambi Pardis it's a right song

God made sure I can make it coming surprises roy you I are gonna get rich

Kimberly J. Sullivan

Hell yeah!!

Amanda Scroghan

Damn I love Molly Hatchet.....grew up right listening to kick ass music. None of this pussy shit now a days.

Keith Sage

Thank God for Molly Hatchet. Southern Rock rules..
Western Ontario Canada.

Richard Greeter

great song

Satisfied Man

Satisfied Man24 Sep. 2015
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Satisfied Man · Molly Hatchet

The Deed Is Done


Vocal: Danny Joe Brown

Background Vocal, Composer, Lyricist: Tom DeLuca

Background Vocal: Jimmy Jamison

Background Vocal: Steve Bassett

Background Vocal, Recording Engineer: Terry Manning

Composer, Lyricist: Tom Jans

Guitar: David Hlubek

Guitar: Duane Roland

Drums: Bruce Crump

Keyboards: John Galvin

Bass: Riff West

Saxophone: Jim Horne

Producer: Terry Manning for Alpha Sound

Assistant Engineer: Dana Cornock

Assistant Engineer: Andy de Ganahl

Assistant Engineer: Tom Harding

Mastering Engineer: Rick Rowe

Mastering Engineer: Darcy M. Proper

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Putrid Abomination

Excellent band

Kevin Kosar

Drag Racing Tune Love it


saw MH in 1980 open for the Outlaws.. what a show!!! I feel like I found gold here!

cswace62 Wilson

Make no mistake about it?..long after hrs ..There's nothing felt better than a BudCan in my hand??


A bit out of tune these days..... for some stooopid assholes....
Real men are always satisfied..... just cuz they are MEN....

Debra Plantier

Loved the original lineup. Dam what a band !!

viking kong

hate synthie

Randy Spiker

awesome group

Thomas Mills jr

Keep it rocking ,this is some of the best.make no mistake about it

Richard L

Ain't giving my pot
BUT the boy girl can go walk

eric horvitz

YOUTUBE eric turns the page

Gail Gober

Love this song and this band!! ❤

genesis tietjen

just got a new girlfriend im 57 and she is 49 and IM A VARY SATISFIED MAN