How to go bald

How to go bald

How to go bald26 Jan. 2020
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Q&A with the coach. A

Q&A with the coach. A concerned viewer asks the coach about hair loss.

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Remember that if you lose less than a 100 hairs per day, you're not having any problem, that's just the normal amount of hair that will fall every day so it's still regrowing.


I do not wanna be bald because I feel like my hair and the way I cut is a part of my personality its mine like boxing is art so is paintings and my hair is apart of that and I don't want to lose it, not because I won't get women or I had it for currently for 16 years or more but its like and art, only if I could cut it myself I can make it mine even more if that makes sense.


Your baldness helps me look at myself and reflect about my inner self.


Ramsey, As a medical professional this coronavirus appears to be pretty serious. Prayers for you and your family's safety.


started going bald slowly starting in my mid 20s and in my early 30s I finally baught a hair trimmer and cut it really short.. going shorter every year.
I had my doubts going too short before because I have a nasty big scar at the back of my head but now I show it with pride.

Worst you can do is trying to save that little thin hair you got because usually that looks just awful. Go short or shave it completely.
**also a lot less work to wash and dry :)

Marshal Krieg

I started going bald around age age 30 I was almost fully bald, I started shaving off what was left bugged me a lot until a girlfriend told me being bald made me look 'tough'...

Jeffrey L

You avoiding the Kung Flu bro?


I am big fan of yours. I wanted to ask you about your insight for the situation in Shanghai regarding the coronavirus? I know it is off topic but my sister going to visit Shanghai soon so she is a bit concerned.

Pastor Ssempa

You look like Michael Jordan lmao wow really ??‍♂️


You really missed the opportunity to say "go out there and shave"

Muhammad Aliraqi

Lost hair but got an epic voice


Can't believe niether Rogan nor Jimmy Smith are on the list of celebrity likeness

Ryan Blair

My friend, Steve, went bald early. He can grow an epic beard. I have a full head of hair. I can't grow a beard for shit! I can grow some awesome chin pubes, though.?


just shave that shit


i feel bad, im 40 and my hair is thick, REALLY thick, when i wash it its the width of my shoulders, i got a few grey hairs spiking through, i have bad psoriasis an d i did freak out when i lost a lot of hair, unlike you im single so it bothered me more than it should.

Ask Sister Ninja - - June Sonaak

What you look like is great!

Gage Abdul

starts milly rockin' vigorously


Mr Dewey I realized I have a lot of trouble doing anything floor related (crouching, proning, laying down, you name it). I get exhausted, dizzy and my legs hurt like heck. I've been told getting into bjj would strengthen me that way. I would love your input on the matter. Thanks!

Mart Cichocki

Ramsey you look very distinguished hair free-- Handsome Man, great advice. It is a sign of manly levels of testosterone.

Bluedragon Martial arts

Eat avocados, nuts and eggs. They have hairgrowing properties. Though im not sure how it effevts natural hair loss. I eat all these and haven't seen much difference in my hair. I have hair falling out already and im 18. It's mostly do so stress and sleep deprebation as well as genetics.

LR Shion

Everytime I watch your videos in Public, people always say that I watch a video of Johnny Sins.. And I think that's a compliment.. ?

Barrett Griffin

Hi Ramsey. Just wondering how closely you follow MMA, weather you’re a hardcore fan or specifically focused on the technique side of things. Also who are some of your favorite fighters?


Baldness is a sign of going badassness in martial art.

Gy Bx

It's not that bad in the new era.
Back in the Big Hair 1980's, it was immediate global rejection if you were bald.
Then all of a sudden boxers and basketball players started shaving their heads.
All is well, now!

Young Warrior

I have good genetics. I wash my hair every 2 or 3 days. I like my hair and its thick and pretty much perfect. I'm lucky let's be honest. But as soon as I see a few bald patches it's going. I'm shaving it. I've never seen anyone who looks better with a bald patch than just going full bald

Izzy A

I'm wondering how to deal with long hair and MMA. Manbun for sparring and braids for matches?

Kenneth Kourt

Yeah, but you do look like Yul Brynner.

Demon Returns

It’s taken me a loooooooong time to get over my hair loss....

Back in my late teens and early 20s I had very long hair and even used to get it braided and when it was started thin I felt like it was a loss of my identity

I have learned in life that there are certain things that are out of your control.

I didn’t get to choose my height, so not much I can do about it.

My hair loss wasn’t an option so not much I can do about that.

Funny enough weight is ONE thing we could get shamed about but at least with that people have the option to change that one.... albeit it’s not always easy, especially as one gets older.

Ps - how can you mention all those names and forget about what Rock is cooking? He also seems much more badass with the bald look

Henri Hogan

Hey Ramsey I wanted to start a mma gym but there's alot in my area and I'm not sure any tips?

prallund feucht

you can still equalize the hair loss by producing more hair in other regions!

the only thing you can do wrong if you get bald is trying to cover it up. live it, you ll grow into it. saves you 50 bucks every month and makes you look more manly than a bad haircut or a morning crows nest on your head

Tayslay Wift

Hi Ramsey, I hope you stay safe over there in China. Love what you're doing, dude.


Close shave it...embrace the baldness.

Source: another bald guy

*edit: constantly shaving becomes a pain in the butt, at times...I wear hats a lot as well.

**edit two: my daughter, 5, picks on me...she calls me "Caillou"


I don't know why but I want him to play The Blue Hookah Smoking Caterpillar in an Alice in Wonderland Film.


I want big hair. Im 25. Balding. Sucks ass. Not all people have a nice head shape like Ramsey over here. I got more dents and knicks than a nick-nack shop.

Arif R Winandar

If you're bald it means you're going to be good at doing physics-defying car stunts.


For some guys it's like their identity is being changed and they are powerless to do anything.

Dimitri Zaitsew

Wish I were as bold as you!

Darran Chan

Serious question, does the lack of hair provide any advantage or disadvantage in combat or does it not affect it?

Lloyd White

Go to a dermatologist & get a prescription for at least 2 different drugs that might help. I've been using one of them religiously for almost 30 years. It works !!!

Radish Beet

On the old sitcom show Seinfeld, George had a good line when someone commented on his thinning hair. He motioned to the top of his head, and said, "these are the remnants of a once great civilization!"

Orkar Isber

"When you love your body you will never ever let anyone hurt it" - says the guy getting bruised and injured regularely in training and fights ;) XD

Joseph Dewey

Whoa! You do look like Yul Brenner!

Raulito Fernández

By the way...Jason Blaha is still NOT bald...non negotiable

LovinglyStoned Productions

Coach Ramsey,
It is great to be one punch man! I started hairline receding at age 13. I love my shaved head. I currently use Phillips One Blade and Pitbull Skullshaver Platinum. My mum says I look like Yul Brynner the first time she saw me bald. What do you use?
Aloha from Texas,
Dr. Liam Stone, D.D., Ph.D., N.D.

Marcello Capone

Mine was all gone at 19. I'm probably a one-in-a-million case. No choice but to shave it.

Jon Williams

65 and still have all my hair and no gray. It's a good thing too, because my head is very ugly. Triangular shaped, scars and knots. It would not look good shaved.

Scarfhold Graphics & Media

Going full 'Statham' is the way to go or else in my case you could look like a mad professor lol. Thus I embraced the baldness.


I wish Ramsey was my wise uncle or something

armored milk man

at this point i feel like you've been bald since birth

kacyis gone

LOL you look like a fit Master roshi! Like Master roshi hasn't put on the turtle shell yet LOL! If that's your genetics that is your genetics. You shouldn't feel bad about that.


Ramsey,we watch the news. Prayers for the safety of you and your family from this virus.


Ramsey how are you dealing with Coronavirus in Shanghai? Are classes proceeding as usual?


Hey is your city in lockdown?


Of all the things I have lost in my life my hair was the most minor thing.

The instant I noticed I was losing my hair I just started shaving my head...

Steve Juszczak

does he have teens


Whatever, grow a lot of hair and you look like Chumlee, every guy from every metal band prior to the year 2000, Meatloaf, every hippy that ever was, Jesus, and probably a thousand other people.

A Lounge Moogle

I started going bald at 22 and by the time I hit 30 my hair had receded pretty far. Up until that point I always had wild unruly hair that was difficult to deal with. I was annoyed at first when my hair started falling out, then I shaved my head for the first time. Now I wouldn't take my hair back even if they created a miracle cure. Being bald is so much easier and convenient. I save time and money since I don't need the barber anymore, I save money on shampoo since I only use a small amount to clean the scalp, and I don't have to spend time in the morning trying to tame my bed head. I can just get up and go.


from what i know the reason men go bald is because of stress. some kind of stress , that gets them to be "in their head" so to speak.. when they're in a bad place emotionally and are just purely rational as a result..

so all their body is in alot of pressure because its kind of like they're energetically sealing their neck up away from the rest of their body. and physiologically how that looks like is that there isnt good enough blood circulation on the top of the head. and hair follicles need good blood circulation in order to stay intact and stay healthy.

So the question is "what is creating this stress thats not allowing my blood to flow and circulate through my skull in a healthy way?" if one has the answer to that , they'll know why they started going bald. it could be something that just hits you , like a loved one dying. or it could be a result of a long time stressor.. like living a shitty life.

but eitherway the reason for that is some kind of stress. and when i say stress its not really stress , but .. "stressors" - things that are not supposed to be happening and are causing you to suffer.

when those things happen for enough time , your hair starts to go bald , your hair starts to go grey and then white in a very fast pace.. when you're in your 20's. your body is degrading and its a signal that something has gone wrong.

in my opinion it all goes down to having alot of suppressed emotion and not feeling it fully. because that happens , like a dam thats pushed by overflowing water , at some point theres a dent in the dam. its only natural. if you don't let those suppressed emotions out its only natural that they'll consume you (in the form of your body for example) but they also do it in other ways , like diseases and the such. sometimes cancer. if someone suppresses them for long enough and doens't listen to what they have to say thats what ends up happening. the hair loss is only the beginning.

but with all that said , ironically, loving yourself is the way to stop losing hair lol like you said. so everything i said is probably meaningless.

the moment you stop caring about losing hair and love yourself regardless , is the moment you stop losing hair..

even if it sounds unbelievable it happens. when you love or accept yourself and the way you look you stop fixating on it , and then you stop being stressed about it.. and it stops that whole deal.

Ondřej H

....especially yourself! ;)

Léo Melo

Woaw because of what the thumbnail read I expected a Master Wong video parodie

Rob From Jersey

Be me. Turn 17. Done.


I'm almost 60, and still have a full head of hair. They say you inherit it from your mom's father. Makes sense to me, bc my dad was bald early, and my maternal grandpa had a full head of hair all his life.

Bumper sticker-
"The less hair I have, the more head I get!"

Runny Szanboti

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the title was, "Wear a lot of hats."

Big Guy

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. I've always kept a lush head of thick hair by God's grace. This hair, however, started turning grey/white when I was 24, going on 20 years ago. We all have gifts, and limitations on those gifts. Use your strengths, try to improve your weaknesses. Cheers!

I .Gate

As a young bloke in my 20s I wondered what all the fuss was about going bald. It's only hair, right? Felt like that for years. Got to 50 and it started thinning and I realised what a big fat liar I am. The crying and gluing the hair back on lasted about a month. I'm over that now and am thinning with dignity. If the light hits my hair right it looks like a bamboo grove, so that's cool.

Nerd Fu

I have mane like lion. My ginger locks warm others of my approach. Bummer about your follicles though.

Shadow Dragon

I do my own haircut bald.

Recovery Tips

It's amazing that you posted a video about going bald the day after I shaved off all my hair for fun. I mean, how bad could it be if some people choose it?

HsinHao Wang

Become Kratos.


Ok it's time to mute notifications for this channel. Baldness. Who cares.


I don't think I've ever thought about your baldness as a important attribute to you. I've actually never really thought about it until this video.

Ivan Raimi

At least you have some hair on the sides. Master Wong is fully bald, like he's a grown up newborn baby


Such a great voice!

Jordan McMinn

Great message man!!! Made me feel more at peace with shaving my head, cheers!!!


I'm 34 and my hairline is receding like Vegeta's in DBZ. I always said that I will rock a Mr. Clean if I ever go bald. Also, What do you call 20 rabbits walking backwards?

A receding hairline.

Michael Lee

My hair is falling out on the top of my head. That is the way life goes. There is no point to getting upset about things you cannot control. The same is true for death.

Luke Edwards

I guess krillin was right

Tim O'Sullivan

Hey Ramsey, thanks for all the great videos you do. Over the last few years I have had a few amateur boxing matches on local cards. I do it just for the passion and not with any major ambition to become a champion - quite frankly I'm not at that level anyway! My family are not keen on my continuing to box, they feel you should only fight if you were going to be paid for it, but I still have a big competitive urge. How would you explain to them why competing in boxing or other martial arts is exciting and fulfilling, or would you say it's best to just train and keep peace with my family? Thanks, Tim.

Ich habe eine Frage

take care bro, coronavirus spreading

Angel Cortes

High testosterone bald master race.

David C Dun

How to go vald, get alot of headache in life and you Will go vald faster. ????


It's crazy, i knew a friend who went bald at 20 and he speaks almost exactly like Ramsey does, with a similar voice too. Even their mannerisms are similar. His nickname was Willson, but some of us used to call him 'Willis' or 'Bruce Willson' because his baldness made him look like a badass. He embraced it, lol.


It’s mostly hereditary.


Been going bald since 20. It's great for young men. It's been the best thing for me. Realizing my own mortality at such a young age, how everyday you are closer to death. It's been a great character forging ordeal.

Toni Heikkila

Hi Ramsey!
I question, that I hope has nothing to do with baldness..
How do I keep my nose safe in BJJ-sessions?
During these four weeks I've been training it's the one place that ALWAYS gets hit, mostly by chin or elbow.
Hasn't broken yet, but I don't trust my luck too much..
Thanks beforehand!

Shadow Dragon

For a second I thought Ramsey was going to say now get out there and grow some hair.

Jun, just Jun.

Hey coach, I have heard about the Wuhan virus which has basically spread throughout china. I was wondering if u still train since it's very risky


Why would a Russian guy speak English to another Russian guy ?

Michael Guth

The most distracting part is that every hair on your head isn't really gone. They just looked for more unconvinient places to grow... ear, nose, chest... if the downward trend continues, i will look like a bald hobbit in a few years, all hair gathered at my feet


yes you look like johny sins

Jorge Warcrimes



ive been looking at all these sars videos an i thought oh no ramseys over ther i hope your safe and far away from all that

Ish The Face

As someone who has been machine trimming for the better part of of my 33 year long life (like 1mm) OR letting my hair grow for like a year, every time I trimmed it off I felt weird. I thought I looked like a cancer victim (I still had a full head of hair, only I just grew it out maybe once every 3 or 4 years. Recently I've been noticing a thinning to the point where I can't really have an actual haircut anyway, and this 1mm might be 0 in a year or two. If this person is that worried, just take a little bit off at a time so it's not a shock to yourself and everyone around you, but once you get there, it's actually kinda nice. It will come down to getting used to it, just like with everything else.

SmallLebowsky aka ManBrodude

I am too exposed to baldness, in form of Ramsey's videos!

Gabriel Pascoal

Ramsey, im about to try out a jeet kune do club(not quite a gym yet), do you have any advice?
Is jeet kune do any good?
How does it compare to MMA?
Ive done muay thai for a year until very recently, I didnt stop by choice and I dont want to stop doing martial artes or combat sports
Thank you, Love your videos


My beloved had short cropped hair and then due to an IED in Iraq, it burned his head so that now he just shaves it clean. Dayum,he's hawt! I loved him before,and the loss is no loss in my eyes!

Spencer Eccles

My hair started receeding at 17. At 25, it's started to thin on the back as well.

Lily Hearthorn

When he said "Oprah with a Russian accent" I immediately pictured this tough Russian guy saying "You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!" ??


If it's really a concern to people minoxidil or regaine is scientifically proven to slow down Male pattern hair loss, works for a lot of people. Something a bit stronger is finasteride which is proven to work with even more people on the downside you might have a full head of fur but chances are you might not get a boner.

Tony Martin

FYI, a coal mine leaks more radiation than does a nuclear power station.

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The Truth

shit dude you just got a subscriber. Seriously struggling with my confidence, thanks for this.

Leo S.

totally confident this is really useful for real


I hate my bald head


Wow this is so blue pilled, ... just think it's ok and it will be,... Dr Aziz muten roshi


This video really helped! Thanks!

Soumya Mitra

I watch the full video!

Sujit Kumar

Thank uhh sir for motivating me???

etre belle

Go lex lutor

eoghan gardiner

I think the problem with going bald is that it is seen as a defect people will know you as the bald guy. Confident bald guy, muscley bald guy, hipster bald guy.


Fantastic video! All the men in my family are bald ( 2 went bald young) and my hair started thinning at 16 years old so i knew my days with hair were numbered. It thinned slowly to the point of when i turned 24 years old it receded till past the point of no return. I started shaving my head a few months after because i didn’t wanna take drugs or worry about hiding it.!

sunil patil

thank you so much

newest bear

Easy, have the skull characteristics and anesthetics of Dwayne Johnson. Some look like child predators and others look like MEN handsome and dominant. I look like the person who makes a mirror grow legs and run away while breaking to pieces as it flees.

Johan Tillgren

Great video! I've been going through Solution To Social Anxiety for the last month and it's literally transforming my life right now. Thank you so much for creating it!


Well i understand the fact that it's all in my head. And i'm really working on that. The only thing is that i'm 22 (shaved it off very short) and it doesn't even mean that i'm old. Its only fucking genetics that put me in this situation. It isn't a choice, and when i look at some pictures i sometimes dislike the thing that i see. Almost all people at my age don't have to deal with this problem yet and really can rely more on their looks. I just need to do (a lot of) inner and outer work to deal with this. Damn life is so hard sometimes.

samg / arch

I'm 17 and have a reasonably bad receding hairline, and I really really related to this video. I hope that this will make me more confident in who I am. Thanks for this man, you're truely a legend. Subbed.

ru ra

i really want to talk to people, i really do but i literally can't think of anything :/ i try so hard but my mind goes blank. plz tell me what should i do

aarif parwez

This fcuking video mesmerise me!

Anirban Banik

I'm having a tough time in getting back my confidence after i shaved off my head

Sk Mahfuj khan Mahfujkhan

Very well said man!!

David Alexander

I look like a monk.

Anıl Demeli

We live in a world where we spend more money on curing male baldness than malaria. (Bill Gates)


This video made my day ?


i take propercia, good results and so far no sides. fingers crossed


Your far from bald though

Verone entertainment

aziz thank you very much for your great videos . i am just a sub for two days and you helpt me already so much bless you and again thanks :)

Eric nanaen

I get bully in school cause im bald

Vaishnav Goregaonkar

that many hair even after being married......i started going bald at 24 and u can count my hair on my top floor...its embarrassing and heart breaking

Aromal S

This is gold!!!

How to go bald with style and dignity

How to go bald with style and dignity1 Mar. 2017
25 415

Are you going bald? Does

Are you going bald? Does it bother you that you're balding? Watch this and see how I handle it.


Please watch: "We're more than just soap!- Changes to the channel... PLUS, a give away!"


Comments (62)
Chris Morrison

Right on! I stopped pretending that it wasn't happening, and started shaving my head almost 2 years ago. Use a Straight razor every night for a clean dome...


don't use rogaine, main reason is because it ages your face and makes you look tired all the time

Martin Katz

Nothing but a down to Earth, healthy, mature attitude. Appearance is not that important, unless Madison Avenue has you irreparably brainwashed. Losing hair, if done "gracefully" (as you've expressed) is losing ego. And losing ego always makes way for more authentic values and for higher fidelity human happiness. Thanks for reinforcing ideas that lead to better adjustment and more natural participation in life and in living.

Ryan Weber

You remind me of Eric Bandholz. Anyway, great video, bro. I'm dealing with balding, and I'm considering taking it all tay way down. Though a nice alternative, as you have so deftly demonstrated, is to wear a fancy hat. I will probably do both. Godspeed, warrior.

English Experts

Uncle Jhon I'm also a hat guy and it suits me awesome. No hair but it's fresh and looks pretty good. Manly I should say.

Kenny Andersson

Great video! And do I see 1500 subs? Congrats on that!

abe frohman

There's only a few perfect heads in the world the rest have hair on them.

Tony B

The only reason you lool so badass. Its because you have a BADASS BEARD!!

Stephen Davidson

great video and great info. i also like the new intro music. mine bushes out really bad on the sides but up top it's really thin. so i get a buzz cut with a #2 guard which is about a 1/4 of an inch and it's very liberating. i did try shaving it completely off with a DE 89 but it was a disaster and it just didn't look right. so i am cool with getting a buzz cut with a #2 guard.

Gnome Beard

I'm going bald myself. Started in my late 20's. I actually use Rogaine and carrier oils/essential oils. My hair actually got a bit thicker. I look at pictures from the past and everyone tells me I was balder before. But eventually, the inevitable will happen...GENETICS. My dad is bald so I got no choice unless I get a hair transplant. Honestly, I think the surgery is worth it TODAY. Maybe 10yrs ago I wouldn't have done it, but with today's technology it's amazing and you can't even tell. The only costs about 10K - 20K.


Hell I embrace my baldness and earned every white hair in the beard.

R Berg

You wear a hat cause you like hats? It’s because you’re self conscious of being bald, after all, that’s why you did this video in the first place

Sergio Castillo

Who needs hair when you have such a badass beard?


such a great vid jon!

Drugs Bunny

You talk shit... you would love to have hair that's why you grown your beard and your beard is your life

Tha Real Mccoy

Erik Rowan type looking

Grumpy OldMan

I got used to a crew cut in the Navy (over 40 years ago). I used a #4 (1/2") guide back then. Same guide on my head and beard (since we were allowed to have beards back then). I would trim it every week (always had to be ready for inspections). After I got out, I stuck with it, but over the years the guide has gotten shorter and the time between cuts has gotten a bit longer. Shaving your head is too much work since you have to do it every day. Better to just use the electric clippers and mow your head periodically. I tend to use the bare blade (i.e. no guide) for my head these days and the #1 (1/8") for the beard / mustache. It's probably been 40 years since I've paid for a haircut. I still have some hair that grows on top, but it's thin enough that a person would look pretty pathetic trying to grow that to any length and pretending he still had hair up there. If you are going bald, embrace it, rock your baldness. Mowing your entire head with electric clippers is a very low maintenance "hairstyle". Besides, as old farts, it's not like any woman is going to say that we would be nice looking if we just had a full head of hair. We're old farts and that sort of nonsense is behind us. Besides, playing the singles scene these days is just too dangerous. With the STDs out there, it's like playing Russian Roulette with a M1911.

David Rojo

i want to but scared lol, I tried taking it down with a number 2 and got negative feedback from friends and family. I have a damn bald spot that you can see on the top!

John Burden

I started losing my hair in my late 20's and tried soo hard to cover it up. I'm now in late 40's and decided "what the hell" and shaved it all off using a good brand of clippers. At first when I looked in the mirror I thought "Ohh my God!" but you know...I kind of got used to it. But that's life, some people spend thousands on 3D tattoos to cover it up but they told me it's one of the most painful experiences ever. Why bother? Just be bald & proud and a lot of women find bald sexy, it's true, check research on Google. Look at Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson...they look cool!

Collin Cady

My hairs not bad I just notice a temple thinning, though I can grow a beard I cant keep it since I'm a first responder and we can only have mustaches

John Wachter

Great advice. Any thoughts on a meet-up? Keep soaping!!

willow whisper

I tend to associate hair on the head to women, so bald bearded men are to me the epitome of masculinity lol. They look so cool, dominant and sexy, I love it, I think is more a fear of looking old issue...but remember that men age like fine wine, and women like milk unfortunately ?

ronnie greher

Hey Jon. I started losing hair in my early 20's. I wore an expensive weave for about 5 years from the late 80's to early 90's. After that I kept it scissors short. Eventually I went to clipper cut. Around 5-6 years ago, I think, I started shaving my head with a razor. Best thing I've done for it. Usually every other day. No more paying for haircuts or clipper cuts. Thanks for the video. I wear hats alot. No particular or single reason.

Vaughn Peterson

He's right!

Linda Barre

I find bsld men sexy. It's not what's on top of your head that counts. It's your personality!!!

Alex K

Good advice Jon it's oy vey Chapo.

Robbie Trendz

I shaved my head and now i look like a human penis. Luckily girls like penis. Thanks

David Caballero

You should talk about beard care awesome epic beard

Mik Brauner

I too go bald and beardy now. Definitely looks better with a beard!

Grumpy OldMan

Male Pattern Baldness is caused by an excess of the male hormone testosterone in your system. If you don't want to go bald, you just have to get rid of the source of the hormone. Think about that one for awhile...

At my age, those "sources" probably don't matter, but I've kind of gotten attached to them after all these years, so I'll stick with the baldness...

Mark Elmer

I started looking my hair when I was in my early 20's. I've never been too concerned. I had it when I needed it. ;-)

Badá Rock

I can't see why women wouldn't find a bald man attractive. It's normal. Just like we have celulitis. So what? It's part of life. Nobody is a lesser person for going bald. It's a "men's thing" and I take it with all the rest. I am a normal woman with women's issues.


Trim the beard

Suzanne Richardson

You look wonderful bald Uncle. And I love your awesome beard!


if you rotate ur screen 180 deg you would see a a man with hair and no beard

Elroy jr

I love being bald is awesome


I have a not bit bad of hair on my head but i am starting to go maybe this time next year I shall be bald but I am blessed with good beard genes.I am also grey been going grey since I was 18 but will so rock the bald and beard look with pride.Also I am single and dates I have been on mentioned about bald men most women actually are not assed always say rather just have a good guy with a good atttude.I look at my dad now he is 75 bald still handsome as hell looks about 50 lol.


you look great with a bald head and that badass beard!


Man ur cap is amazing can you post a link to that cap

Abraham Villela

You've updated your camera and Audio. Very Nice!


any tips for patchy beard??

Beau Wilson

Yep if it started falling out the clippers will do the rest. if it leaves that means it's ment to be. lol


Excellent advice. My crop circle in the back is expanding so I'm about to take it to zero this spring or summer:)

Corey Price

My man. Thanks a lot for the confidence booster. I'm 28 and both sides of the family definitely have male pattern baldness. Finally it's starting to just fall out in the shower. I told myself for the longest time I'd be fine and never worried about it. But man did that ever take a drastic change lol.

Brenda Bodwin

My husband, may he RIP, wasn't bald, and he shaved his head for me. I personally think that bald is a very sexy manly look. But, whatever... To each their own.
Shave that head, grow some face hair, even if it's just a little. Hot hot sexy sexy.

Unkle Corky

Some hair transplants can look really good but you can't be super bald to be a candidate for them. Medications can really help people and be a curse and or do nothing for other folks. You need to have balls to rock a toupee and it's a lot of work. For anyone else I guess do the shaved head and beard thing. Nothing wrong with fighting balding though. This is bad advice.

Fonzie Goebel

how old were you when you started going bald?


Awesome beard!, I'm bald yet can't grow beard, fuck this shit


with great bald comes great beard...unless your me and have to settle for a goatee


I enjoyed this video.

Dirty Hairy

Well said, Jon.

RJ Carter

You look awesome with the shaved head....and the beard is handsome. I think a bald head is a better look than hair.

Nick Kanakis

I buzzed my head bald at 20 due to thinning hair. I figured that a 20 year old guy with a shaved head looks cooler than the same 20 year old with a comb over. Haha. I kind of knew I would end up bald since I could grow a legitimately nice beard in high school.

Andrew Mack

Your lucky you can grow an epic beard, my beard is okay so I may be able to pull it off. I've still got maybe a few years before I have to start shaving my head.


I love having a shaved head, if they came out with a pill that could bring back hair tomorrow i would refuse it because i love who i am, i have beaten that demon and i love being bald.

Blain N

Extreme comb overs or GLH Formula #9 Hair in a Can is the way to go, for sure.

Niecy Allison

I know the cap is your logo, but you look so much younger without the cap.

Soroosh Saghebi

genetically, I'm screwed too bro :)) no hair in the family above eyebrows

Insight Video

Thanks for the great advice!

Zim Niceguy

who cares about the hair? that beard is badass!!!


Herbs will grow the hair back!
Indian Clay Masque, Avocado, Cayenne, Banana, Onion Masques. #Repeat
Surgery is crazy!

Bilal Malik

Great video and very great beard too sir.