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How To Fix Rounded Shoulders FAST (10 Minute Science-Based Corrective Routine)

How To Fix Rounded Shoulders FAST (10 Minute Science-Based Corrective Routine)22 Sep. 2019
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In this video I'll show

In this video I'll show you how to fix rounded shoulder posture, and fix your posture so that your shoulders are more aligned. For instance, do you catch yourself hunched over in the mirror and detest the look of your slumping shoulders? Well, forward rounded shoulders are often developed from sustained periods of slouching and/or the result of an unbalanced training routine. And not only is it aesthetically unappealing, but it can also negatively affect your ability to perform specific exercises in the gym and potentially put you at a higher risk of developing shoulder pain and injuries. In this video, I cover how to fix rounded shoulders posture through a combination of stretches for bad posture correction and posture exercises you can do within 10 minutes for a quick posture fix.

Based on the analysis of multiple papers, two primary things contribute to your slumping shoulders. First, overactive muscles that have become tight and are pulling the shoulders into the forward position. The main culprits for this are often the pecs and the upper traps, in combination with a general lack of thoracic mobility. Second, underactive muscles that have become weak and are failing to pull the shoulders back. The main culprits for this are typically the traps (mid and lower) and the serratus anterior. And research shows that these underactive muscles became weak over time partly due to the overactive muscles preventing us from being able to turn on these underactive muscles in the first place.

Therefore, when it comes to how to fix rounded shoulders, we’ll be making use of a two-part routine: stretching of the overactive muscles, then the strengthening of underactive muscles. For the first part of the routine, we’ll concentrate on stretching out your overactive muscles. And we’ll make use of two primary stretches for bad posture correction: thoracic extensions and band over-and-backs. If you don’t have a foam roller, I’ve included links to two I recommend below.

The second part of the posture fix routine involves three posture exercises: the band pull-apart, banded Y-raise, and push-up plus. This step is critical: case studies analyzing rounded shoulder posture have found that this provides significantly better corrective results than the stretching we previously did. But with all these exercises, you must make each rep count. You'll need to perform each rep slowly, with control, and proper form; only then will you be able to engage the right muscles that you intend to.

And keep in mind guys, if you want to correct bad posture for the long-term, you need to not only always be aware of how your posture is throughout the day and correct it accordingly, but you also need to ensure that your training program is structured in a way that prevents these muscle imbalances from occurring.

That’s exactly why within my Built With Science programs, we’ve taken the time to carefully select each and every exercise included in your weekly training routines such that you can build lean muscle while actually improving your posture and correcting your muscle imbalances in the process. To join today, take the start point analysis quiz below to determine what program is best for you:


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Filmed By: Bruno Martin Del Campo

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i still can't do band pull aparts properly.. i just don't know how my shoulders should be positioned at the start, protracted or retracted? i just feel nothing in my upper back or it feels like all fr front delt getting worked too much..??

Zac Sterling

this is why mind muscle connection matters the most, so you can really develop those back muscles from the ground up and avoid imbalances from undertraining the back muscles and overtraining delts n shoulders

Vilhjálmur Steinar Þorvaldsson

I got pain in my left shoulder because it's so rounded. Will this help me?


I can’t hold the band and raise it over and behind without bending my elbow. My arm doesn’t go backwards lmao


This video helps a lot Thank you!

Muhamed Ebaid



А кто тут казак


Wait, you can move your arms behind your back? What if yours can't bend that way?

F-59 J Lalrina

You are toooo cute and handsome ?

Editz Made by me

Ronaldo’s posture is bad

Ranged Clapper

Do these excercises also fix rounded upper-back or should I also look for a routine for that aswell?

Susan Lippert

If it possible that rounded shoulders could cause back pain?


Anytime I try to do the 2:54 stretch my upper body & head starts to lean forward and I can barely bring my arm about a foot up. Any advice? Thank you!!!

Akram - Wonders

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how many times a day should we do the exercise portion of this?

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i knew i was seriously fucked when i tried doing the second exercise and only got a little bit behind my head...

Allan Jonson

Hello, very nice video and instruction. I’m 74 yrs. young. Are your excercises safe for an older “dude”? Do muscles stop developing at a certain age? Thank you. ?


Thanks, coach ??

Flex TheKid

I’ve been subscribed to you for a long time. The way you explain things and demonstrate them is flawless and very easy to understand.
Thank you

Ioannis Nicolaou

κανω αυτη 5:24(strengthening) 2-3 sets 10-15 reps
αυτη ενναλακτικη αυτης απο τζαστ 3 5:54(strengthening) 2-3 sets 10-15 reps
τη τελευταια οχι ακομα


Turning on you say ?

Playmaker Tay

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what should the resistance of that band be?

Brandon Pashby

The fact I wasn't even able to rotate my arms behind my head like that tells me I got a lot of work to do.

Mahli Akpan

I spent my adolescence playing video games and now I just had a baby so my posture is extra fucked ?


5:53 banded y-raise - should shoulders blades be in protraction or neutral?

Mehul Solanki

What to do to gain weight


Ничего не поняль. Но рисунки класс?

Ben Lovegrove

Good video. Clearly explained with no wasted time.


that worked thank you but i am still very ugly

sakuta x mai-san

I will try this everyday see you in 3 months


If you are too lazy like me to exercice just get the posture corrector from weighfy.com and wear it 24/7 even while sleeping and I swear you will be surprised. I used it like 1 month now and my friends noticed how i improved my posture hope this will help some of you !


Or you could just get this iposeright.com

Kosovoo albania

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How to be slim in corona period.

Bob Franklin

How the heck did you roll your arms like that?


I was literally about to kill myself because of my shoulders. I’m going to continue doing these exercises routinely and I hope they make a difference.

MMAS Health

I like these exercises to fix bad posture, neck strain, and shoulder strain. Please you can check my stretches regarding fixing of bad posture on my page. Just click on the logo of mine to go over there. Thanks for making such stuff.

Tharaka Jayawardhana

Thanks for this ??

Dr Not

are we gonna ignore the fact that his neck is long as hell

Rach Kate

I can’t any rounding whatsoever of the back with the serrated anterior stretch. My back still stays flat.


Who like it will have one billion rupees one day

Emre Kutlu

abi sana kötü bi haberim var koltuk altında maymunlar ağaçtan ağaca çiftleşiyor

Matt Chocinsky

I’ve been doing most of these every morning for a month (with some other basics stretches), and I’ve experienced significant help. I’ve struggled for years with upper back/neck pain, and this is the best thing that’s worked for me so far. Thanks for sharing, Jeremy!!!!


my mother has a terribly rounded back due to long periods of sitting at the computer, now its time to help her, thank you sir

David Li

Don't get why everyone is praising it. I can't feel my serratus muscles at the last exercise at all.

David Alvarez

I felt numb first time I did this is that bad?


Hey I've Rounded Shoulder and Anterior Pelvic Tilt in a both time also got some backpain I am 18 what should I do?


I want to translate into Arabic

Preeti choudhary

Thank you for the video..it is really helpful...


The banded y raise does not feel right to me but performing it on a bench feels much better! Why is this?

letsNotFallAsleep HesComing

2:11 (stretching) 2-3 mins
3:12 (stretching) 2-3 mins
5:24(strengthening) 2-3 sets 10-15 reps
5:54(strengthening) 2-3 sets 10-15 reps
7:22(strengthening) 2-3 sets 10-15 reps


For me

3 minutes

3:18 / alternative 4:20
3× 15 reps

5:26 / alternative 6:46
3× 15 reps

3× 15 reps


Do planking

Dan Jones

I'm thinking this may help Costalcondritis. What are your thoughts?

Craege Wabino

You have helped me so much! I had to help out with a sub.

DidaKa BG

This is fake!!!

Kyal huseyin

For myself, 2:54

King Peterodun

What doctor should i ask?

Connor Hurst



Do planking, not wanking


Good video

Starles Prod Beats

I feel the band over and back stretch way more in my shoulders than anything else, does that mean anything?

Xiomara Fuentes

I love how well descriptive this video is! What type of program did you use for the side notes and muscle highlights?

brian de visser

HI Jeremy I did like the way to fix posture shoulders you showed me thanks a lot


How long should it take to get better? I feel like I’ve been performing these things for years and don’t notice a difference in my right shoulder.. only reason I haven’t injured myself by now is because I don’t go heavy

Boba Te

Has anyone noticed massive headaches from slouching so much? if so, did corrected posture help reduce the headaches?

Antu Le



Make sure to keep your shoulders safe, guys. I dislocated my shoulder and can't even do these exercises due to the lack of flexibility in my bad shoulder (it pops out very easily). I wish somebody warned me about how bad this injury can be for the rest of your lifetime.

Mais Ibraqimov


Moderator Ruswok!

0:22 curve ?? numa românii vor înțelege


How many reps should you do though?

lil sam

hey, kijk mijn filmpje waar in ik 2 5-inch shells op de grond afsteek :)

16 5

Thanks bro


Stretch for QL mascle you can do video please

Poonsri Vate-U-Lan

STEP 1 (Stretching)
2:14 Thoracic extensions: 2-3 mins on foam roller (2:57 seat)
3:04 Band Over-And-Backs: 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps (4:20 Standing chest opener stretch)

STEP 2 (strengthening)
5:20 Band Pull-Apart: 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps
5:50 Banded Y-Raise: 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps
7:05 Push-Up Plus: 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps

Sahil chauhan


Ron Paul

That image muscle overlay at 4:05 is impressive. Wish more workout videos showed stuff like this.

Jason Best

Wait Jeremy I think there’s a misunderstanding or maybe I’m missing something. The serratus anterior’s function is to reach out, punching, and so surely this means that it isn’t good for posture, right? In this video you say the serratus anterior is weak and so can’t pull your posture upright, therefore leading to that rounded thoracic spine and shoulders. But rounding your shoulders is the role of the serratus anterior, meaning to correct the rounded shoulders, you shouldn’t train the serratus anterior.

So from this, throughout the day, I’m trying to correct my posture, however when I do, my mid and lower traps feel so tight and uncomfortable because they’re the muscles responsible for thoracic spine extension, but the tightness is so uncomfortable that i can’t hold the posture for long. So I went back to this video because I remembered you mentioned another muscle (serratus anterior) that helps keep good posture, but now I realise this might be a mistake.

So! How do I keep good posture throughout the day without feeling the uncomfortable tighteness in the mid and lower traps, when they’re the exact muscles that are meant to keep me in good posture?! ??

Muhamed Ebaid


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Nice Video


Who like it will have one billion rupees one day



x iLeon

I've seen a few videos on this subject (rounded shoulders/forward head), some good some poorer. What I particularly enjoyed in this one is that you explain the differences between stretching certain muscles and strengthening others ( a question I've had for a while), what muscles exactly we are focusing on etc so then we understand exactly what we are trying to achieve with the routines and that makes it more efficient. Good vid, good exercises - thanks for posting!

b k

I really like that you reference recent clinical studies!

Kaustubh Bawne

Perfect 10 minutes doesn't exists

Rosalinda Perez

i love your videos but this one is by far your best. i love how you have the stretch and the strength exercise in one video. so thanks


So I have apt and rounded shoulders

David Chandler

great video, but will bench press make forward shoulders worse if not fixed? mins is getting bad and totally stopped working now, any advice would be grateful because my whole city is in lockdown from covid.


you need to add subtitles in other languages (like turkish)

Luka Tomic

Can uneven shoulders be fixed?

Enrique Cruz from Philly

Well this is amazing with in 10 min my rounded shoulda feel better


I really like this. You're the first person I clicked on when I searched for a solution for rounded backs. Subscribed :D

Yannick Frögel

Bad content, so much equipment needed.

Esperanza Rios

I think you just saved my life

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7 Exercises that will improve your posture - back and shoulders workout!16 Oct. 2019
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4. Seated Reversed grip rows 3x12

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6. 45 degrees cable cross over lateral raise

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Olinda Rosales

Hey ? Thanks for uploading another awesome video and for inspiring me to make my own YouTube channel! Your the best! Lots of love from Canada ??

Kenya Budram

How much weeks are you now ??

Stephanie Prendergast

Thank you for all the pregnancy workout videos! its so hard to find decent workouts for pregnant women. You mentioned that you aren't dead-lifting, is that because its unsafe? I'm pregnant, and still dead- lifting, just lowered my weights.


I like the work out Hanna <3


Hanna, loving these pregnancy lifting videos. Can you please do more? It's really hard to find good videos for weight lifting while pregnant. ?

Anti Alla

Åh din jacka är så fin. Vad är det för märke och modell? OCH Stort grattis till din restock. Kul att det går bra för dig ❤️

Anthony Proffitt

Hanna has an incredible attitude, and is an inspiration. I know pregnancy can be difficult and exhausting, with all sorts of complications. Eating highly nutritional diet, staying active, and maintaining a positive attitude seems to be the difference between a positive experience and a negative one. Women shouldn’t feel bad that their pregnancy doesn’t seem as happy or satisfying as others, but the things Hanna is doing are known to make a difference at a time when you just don’t feel yourself. And so right about back issues when you don’t exercise your back.

AsMae Kheir

Yeeeeees !! we need that
let's hit thaat upper body ❤❤❤
we love uuuuuuu hannaa moooooore and moooore ❤❤❤

Marili G

?I love the video thanks for motivating us every day ??‍♀️?? blessing


God bless you and your beautiful belly!

Get In Shape, Feelin' Great

All of us can use this workout! Am I right?

Beef Stew

Beautiful young lady! (Is a ring in the near future??)? congrats on baby boy!!

Klaudie Potočová

Oh my good... Hannah... i love your workouts and this really help me to realize my goals with my body aaaaaand when i will be pregnant (i promise no earlier than 15 years?) i want to be like you in everyyyythiiing you are doing... so much motivating and you will be the best mommy ????

Rinconcito tropical

Hello my babygirl!
All my best wishes for that cute little one!
Xoxo from NYC

Gred Salena

Ahahaha my belly better than you ????look at your belly fatty talking alote ? ?

Yessica Hernandez

you’re the best!!!!! ily ?????

Why you wanna know my name!?

Guuurl...... being pregnant does not stop you! Still going strong. Love it! ❤

Yolanda Pierce

When she says ?GIRLS...I feel it in my rear delts ?

Francita007 K

Wait!! What!! Where have I been!! You are pregnant ? CONGRATULATIONS ???.

Rebecca Gutierrez

You look amazing girl

Miss Me

OMG how much do you lift?!?!?!?!? This is amazing! well done! BTW you are such a great person! love it

Johanna Burton

I use to lift when I was pregnant too and it’s just an amazing experience. Like isn’t is so crazy to think there is a little human inside of you while you’re doing all these movements?!??? Definitely making me miss those moments watching your videos. Enjoy beautiful mama!!!


<3! What Do You Like The Most?
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Daily Struggle

Du kommer skada ungen...

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lovely girl..Wish you the best

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I hit like before the video even starts because she is my favorite!

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Dear hannah, thank u so much for this video❤ much love

kyra mckenzie

Hey hanna I was just if I start weightlifting do I have to do cardio first especially for my back .

Congrats on your baby ??


Totally love the workout! :D
And guuuys, I just posted my first workout video ever, it would really mean the world to me if you wanted to check it out. <33

เติ้ล-ลิม ตากสิน



ur belly needs attention. looks kinda wierd.

Clarissa Sarinana

Your belly is so cute!!! ?

aadishree deore

This woman is soo cute omg? your nikes are better than adidas ?

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Plz make a full body workouts with dumbbells.. l really need it

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You are so amazing! You are already a precious mommy. Enjoying watching your journey into motherhood.. love u girl

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Inspiring! Thank you for posting pregnancy workout videos and all the info and variations. These videos are gold for me right now!
Impatiently waiting for your pregnant guide ❤


Which gymshark leggings are the most comfortable in pregnancy ? The less compressing on the belly ?

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I love you so damn much??
Love all the way from South Africa

daniloveari91 Channel


Ganer Gains

I love my belt so so much....I feel incredible when I wear it in the gym !!!! love ya girl <3 xxxxxxxx

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Thank you for all these vids you share for everybody. Keep inspiring us. ?
P.S. big wow for the baby bumps ?

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Gonna try this workout tomorrow morning! I hope it goes well xx


Hi Hanna. Do you still use/Drink Booster, BCAA or Whey Shakes for training during pregnancy?

Ashleaaa Louiise

Your glowing! Even more beautiful since being pregnant ❤?? Thank uu for another amazing video I have fixed so many mistakes thanks to you❤??? much loveeee to all 3 of uu?

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You are the absolute cutest, congratulations again on your pregnancy!! You've helped me so much getting comfortable in the gym over the past two years and I love seeing you train through everything!! Blessingssss?

Belen Oreo

love the vids!!!! also love the insta workout vids!! what camara lens you using in this one? i love the wide view

Shayy Butter

youre such a strong mama! Youre so inspirational :)

btw Im tracking my fitness journey on my channel, trying to grow my glutes :p


You are gorgeous Hanna!

Jose Manuel

No te olvides traducirlo a Español. Felicidades por embarazo. Un saludo desde Vigo, España ???

Milena Petrova

While you always complain about the loud music I am right here enjoying every second when they play my favourite band, goosh I love your gym ! Hanna you are amazing as always, pregnancy goals right there, keep up the good work!
P.S. Waiting for my belt and straps to aaariiiive sooon ! ???

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you are a very strong mom ?and you are very inspirational woman for many girl and women?.I love you so much, i am very careful for you,i have 2 question for you, this is little personal
sorry for that
1. it is safe to weight training during pregnancy ? i know you told in earlier video that you consult a doctor?‍⚕️ before weight training or exercise,i know you are very careful? and a strong mother? but it is safe or not?, i hope you are taking good care for yourself and the baby boy?.
2. it is safe to wear tight clothes during pregnancy ? i don't know but any problem like blood circulation or some thing like that,i hope you consulted with doctor earlier for this.
Sorry ?if i am hurting or damaging your feeling or emotions.
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Hanna babe is so great!


I love you sooo much ??? can’t wait for you to share the bundle of joy with us. If you decide to of course . We support you all the way ❤️❤️

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So stinkin' cuuuuuuute stop it!!!! ♡♡♡

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Ally’s Ambition

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Анатолий Панас

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I’m so glad you addressed the grips of the hands! I was wondering that right up until you spoke about it.

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I love you Hanna hopefully I get to meet you one day and workout with you !!

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amazing & inspiring! I'm curious about how you deal with the effect of the hormones that make your body relax and also if you've had any nausea?

شیما کریمی


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Måste fråga, har läst att man ska göra mindre reps om man vill bygga muskler, stämmer det?