New relationship valentines day ideas

Perfect Valentine's Day For Every Relationship Stage

Perfect Valentine's Day For Every Relationship Stage12 Feb. 2013
GiftsSubscribe 438 721 Editor In Chief, Editor In Chief, Dana Holmes, presents great Valentine's Day gift ideas for every relationship stage on LowCountry Live! Whether you and your sweetheart are living happily every after or are in a new relationship, has you covered.

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Valentines Day Special | Valentine Hacks & Adorable Gift Ideas For Your Valentine by Blossom

Valentines Day Special | Valentine Hacks & Adorable Gift Ideas For Your Valentine by Blossom10 Feb. 2018
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BlossomSubscribe 438 721

Make Valentine's Day

Make Valentine's Day Special For Your Love This Valentines Day with these adorable ideas!

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Firelord Ozai


Tuğçe Güler

İlk Türk

Cadince Baca

It's better off to be single

GotChA bOi!1!1

dude this guy been cheating on every Girl and a BOI

Lydia Masengu

Le même homme sortavec plusieurs fille ?


Just give me food i don't want your gift cards-teddy bears-earing and speacily your underwears

H u r a r i

2:29 Me thinking these are funny

me halfway through "wait he's been going out with multiple people at once???

5:19 knew it

daria_xo ja

*'3:40 she looks so disappointed tbh i would too like damn boi dont play with me like dat*'

Walter Kumpulainen

Ace is cool

Виктор Зыков

What's the music on Christmas hacks?

Zedna Losmen

00:26 Actually girls are not like this. We can do the deadly pillow war?

Sreelakshmi Ramachandran

Single life is better life, no tensions no fight. ?✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

rat maggie

Can someone answer to my question?Why does this dude have so many girlfriends like dude cant you just have one?


That guy... has a Lotta girlfriends XD he’s kissed like everyone of them

sudenaz Percin

Hello!? my name alice ? yuo love❤??❤❤❤

Mir Mirs Show

Is dis a betrayed video?

Isla Tiat

I have no idea why but the thumbnail reminded me of Daz from Daz games

Sandrapaola Derubio

Por que iban querer bragas de regalo


Ohhhh boy x boy. Love it!!!

Eliana Chahrour

Who gives underwears as a gift lol

Fancy Plays


Nazsu 2010 Kara


LookWhatICanDo 1


Shafayet Hossain Hossain

If you're single and you know it,give a like!


5:08 soy la unica que los shippea? :v

Elif Ayten

2:56 ööhhhhmm öhhhmmm

Rachel emily Santacruz

Don't look the kiss please cover the umbrella ?


So.. It is better to be single?

Skye Oelofse

If I ever had a boyfriend, and he gave me underwear as a present....... I have a shovel.......

Kpop FanFics

All the single ladys
All the single ladys
All the single ladys
now put your hand up

•sxftie _stxr•

Let's just say they're friends c:

Khalia Cooley

In the middle of the video I thought those people were being ignorant because they gave that boy back the gifts ????????????????????????????????


Single is best ??

Xochitl Garcia

I would slap the heck out of a person who gave me a pizza that's underwear ??????

Zuer4 Gacha Life


Алина Пак

Тоесть девушки любят такие подарки как трусы а не как мишка и конфетки

Megami BTS

Every women deserve somebody to treat her as a royal queen and with respect. They are the real architects of society.

Ps : Single women are the strongest

Sxssy Sunfløwer

Dat guy is cheating on a lot of ladies ;-:

barbara abreu

Ship 5:04 *0 *

لمى صالح الهمص

I love it

Хвостенко Анастасия



Single for life

choccy milk

Ok at 8:40 did this person legit just wrap a wine bottle with dirty blinds???

daria_xo ja

2:58 we all love getting underwear for our Valentine then pizza am i right??*. *no just stop you done messed up

Jocyl Naveed

Which advantage more to have or not to have?? I

Liberty Bergeron

Not all girls want or like panisse for a gifts sorry but no

Lake Thomas

Don't put a gift card in my chocolate...

Sophia Sharrar

5:14 when you say you want to have an open relationship and you already found 10 people at your door not agreeing but you already did it

Joe GOD’s Son

Min 5:00 wtf please stop doing that we r more people who don’t want your preferences. LGTB community please open or create another website just for you LGTB people please

Arun Kumar K


Gabriela L

And that my friends is how to see if that person is ungrateful in terms of presents

ryto murad


Krishala Basnet

I KNEW IT!! That guy was cheating

Bossy ASF

dude a player

juliette rivera

I like the video but why do women have to be like that cause in real life were not like that , no offense blossom

Sheena Mwenda

Anyone getting this 2 years later

Kookie's Yeoja Chingu

Why would someone put a hammer in their kitchen?? Shouldn't that be in the toolbox thing in the garage or somewhere?

Celular de Espanha

Típico de Blossom, regalos de Navidad en especial de San Valentín :)

Guadalupe Mejia

Team single hands up?

RollieGamerZ Animations


Sheyla Torres

Why do the women look mad when he gives the women the present

Lord Cheerio

Why are they making gifts with women's underwear

Kathi Schättle


kina kk

Unt?ld feelings

Elizabeth Pribyshchuk


Darken Destiny

Single life is better than keeping a relationship

I need help

The girl in the beginning is so pretty

Madeline Kelly

tip : don’t buy random women “underwear”

that’s a personal gift for someone you’ve been dating for a while or are married to

Anis Ahmed


hi there

I woudnt throw my gifted Honolulu earrings back at the person who bought them for me though

Lily Deerling

Jeez this dudes a player


At 5:14-5:18 his friends are the worst like if agree

Desumex Cobranza

Como le regala calzones???

WolfyFox 17



team relationship ahahha

I have- no one owo :c gacha

Puts hands up? my youngest brother iPhone lol I don't know where is my Phone :c

Tina Maljevac

Ou cool !!!

Dan :O

Dang this guys had a lot of gfs

Melodious Me

Single life is the best

Dharlene Manzan9


Danielle Beharry


ivanu perez

5:08 the y are. GEY In fe time life

Ela Boy


nur Arianna raisha



What do you mean guys?

Storm Trooper

Omg 36million views look how famous r ublossom

Maverick Gatus

I'm gonna team with single and like if your team is single if you don't like the single press the not like ? or. ?

Weird -_-

That dude is a player

Iwanna Goumpeti

We Must Have Our Boyfriends Only 4 Us!!!!

Nguyen Vuong


Cristiane Barbosa Sampaio

Eu to com dò do homem do relationship

Wasila Naz

I was about to ask why is this dude always with a different girl ? each time. It explains it well ???

mariangels abreu

Hi i liked the ?


Vanlentine is some how weared you may give a gift to your friend boyfriend girlfriend but you cannot give it to the lord and your parents ??❤️??? if you know the first person you are gonna relate it to is your parents and the lord plis give a like may the lord bless you happy valentines to every one ????????


He obviously doesn’t like her

Maheesha De Silva

What's about the mom??? She manages everything


I’m sorry but who gives someone underwear for Valentine’s Day???

Danielle Bolt

I think the earrings were cute and all

But dang I’d be just as content with a pint of ice cream

Точка Точка

3:43 а что если у неё уши не проколоты?

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Amazing idea-beautiful thoughts???

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Nice video

Creative shapes and colours


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amazing ?

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