Friend with benefits rules for men

5 Rules for Friends with Benefits (FWB)

5 Rules for Friends with Benefits (FWB)5 Mar. 2018
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5 Rules for Friends with

5 Rules for Friends with Benefits (FWB) - If you're going to get yourself into a casual relationship, you need to know a few rules about it so that you don't end up in a weird situation or heartbroken. I talk about these rules in the video...

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Comments (13)
Carrie M

Love your vids. Can you do one on insecure men? Men with crippling self esteem issues, severe insecurity, and how that shows while dating him. Im encounterring an epidemic of insecure men and how toxic it is in any sort of relationship with him. Thanks


FWb sucks and I find that most people who enjoy this type of scenario are psycopaths/ sociopaths or emotionally damaged...Sex also becomes substandard without the passion and love. And of course you should have expectations that he at least treats you like a gentleman, it's not free ticket to be disrespectful or sefish in bed like a lot of guys seem to think..

Chi Chi

ohmy ???


My boyfriend had a fwb relationship a long time ago and they parted ways because she started falling for him because she was talking marriage and babies. There was no way he was interested in her like that. Now that she found out he has a girlfriend (me) she flipped out. Never engage in this type of relationship unless you can emotionally stay detached.

Chi Chi


Me-Me luv

DAMN I just messed up! I had a FWB situation and the sex was bomb. But your right it was the wrong move. It will never happen again.

B Val

I am in an exclusive relationship with a guy who was my friend with benefits at start. We have been together now for 19 years :)And no, I was not the poor victim. I was the one who kept him at an arms length at start. So ladies, I have to disagree with this video.I told him at start I didn’t believe in marriage, and I didn’t want kids, and I want to take it as a casual thing. He said he was OK with that. And he was there anytime I needed him to be, as a real friend ( with benefits ). After 2 years of that, he said to me he wanted to be exclusive, and by then I knew him enough to agree.

Vivienne Barneby

So basically don't agree to fwb with someone you're friends with, I'm screwed ?

Debbie Sparkman

Best option for women is NOT to do this and pleasure themselves. Having a sexual relationship can conflict with attracting your ultimate desire.


This happened to me with my best friend and first love since 8th grade and we crossed the line and lived together as a couple for three years spent 24:7 together and even was us and we and we had all of the committed relationship norms without the label and he followed right along with me and then met someone on the Internet 7 months ago and left most of his stuff here is refusing to leave left Home Improvement Shit half finished and remodeled her entire house and has not spent the night “home” in 6 months and Pretti sure just got his own place in the town where she lives but won’t leave and just thinks I am going to be his back up girl like I was for 34 years after living a couple relationship with him
For three years! Ya don’t think so and found out he has borderline personality disorder which seemed to appear once he started using drugs and now our entire history and best friendship is shattered too cause I NEVER thought he could actually do this to me! ?

Karla Martinez

Most of the time only men benefit wholesome from this arrangement, women only get benefit if the boy is providing something for her she isn't capable of getting for herself.... lmao for women giving free pu$$y will always feel like disrespecting themselves..... ladies, stop deluding yourselves, you are not like men and never will be!!!!

Monica Levy Tavares

Rules for friends with benefits: NEVER lower yourself to this level of "relationship"
Be a woman of high value. Only sleep with the guy after knowing for sure that he truly loves you and wants to commit.

Jalexa Laine

Somebody falls in love. Happens nearly all the time.

Men Talk About Whether Friends With Benefits Can Work

Men Talk About Whether Friends With Benefits Can Work13 Aug. 2015
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As/IsSubscribe 438 721

“Depends on how many

“Depends on how many friends with benefits you have at the time.”

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Comments (100)

It works...I may get jealous once every blue moon but I don't become emotionally invested in temporary things.

Jay Large

i think it can work just depends on your mentality... like you dont get easily attached then sure go ahead

Miss Orange

Im in love with my Friend :(


I want a friend with benefits

David Welsh

The first guy's comparison is absolutely priceless and DEAD ON ACCURATE.  Anyone who really thinks it works out, I feel sorry for you.  This is not about morality, rather about practicality.  If you are going to "be with" a woman who is your friend.. be with them.  Relationship is what I mean, because if they are good enough to sleep with, they are good enough to date/be exclusive/be married to.

I will say this.. the fact that the guys talked more about the sane aspects that the females says a lot.

Joe Boggio

It can work, I had the same friend with benefits for a combined total time of 2.5 years. Neither of us felt awkward about it and made the other uncomfortable. At one point I thought maybe we should be dating, but that was more of a social ideology over my own, I only considered it because society made me feel like we should have been. We no longer have sexual relations as I moved away, but our friendship still endures and we still spend time together when we can. Friends with benefits can work as long as you don't pressure your own self into thinking you should be in a relationship with them.

Joe M. Salazar

Friends with benefits works depending on the person, but one someone in that relationship gets feelings it's over

Charlie Stewart

I don't understand the point, especially for girls because they can probably please themselves much better anyway. It's just like masturbating except there's always strings attached.


1. always talk about wanting to have sex with and developing feelings for other people, and how you specifically have more feelings towards that person you're talking about (maybe an ex) than you do about your friend with benefits.
2. never do romantic things with the friend with benefits; don't hold hands or buy big gifts, etc.


I'm a Christian and I see nothing wrong with it. It's just not for me. I wouldn't approve of any future child of mine doing it, but I wouldn't disown them either. As long as it's safe and consensual, there's no big deal.

Mohammad Ziab

depend in what  kind of benefits we are talking about ?

annie clark

*Do. *Do Friends With Benefits Work.

Lindsey Dye

The guy with glasses sounds demisexual

Alexandria Ingram

I definitely think it COULD work but for me personally it hasn't worked because the couple of times I did try it, the guy caught feelings...


making love vs. having sex


it works great as long as everyone is on same page and honest

Tyler Durden

stop trying, buzzfeed oz

Laura Palacio

What's the accent of the guy with the glasses? Is cute, he's cute.

김 가다시안

I can't. I want to set the line when somebody want to meet me.
BF or BFF or sex partner. I have to choose one of these.
Bcuz when I talk often with somebody who is attractive, I fall in love with that person.
And I hate complicated relationships.

Hannah Rose

You can (and should) like the person, but you can't really be good friends. A romantic relationship is nothing more than best friends who have sex with each other.

Rania Iraqui


Tyber Zann

Does everything have to revert to sex on this channel?

Ori Boh

Guy with the glass is 100% right so was the guy with the vest

Disha Rebecca Bhora

Well it didn't work out for me


I feel like Buzzfeed should make a Buzzfeed Australia channel.

Rainy Dayz

Not like dating works much better either ???‍♂️??‍♂️


A god relacionship is when our boyfriend is also our friend w benefits.
the best of both sides.....

J Lo

It's working pretty well for me. I think the trick is to do it with a friend you're not super close with. You know, that friend you don't talk to a lot in your friends group? That's the one.


Unrelated to the video but the new mobile layout with the subscriptions literally makes me want to vomit.

Sydney Washington

I have fallen in love with Mr. glasses.

Hannah Rose

You can (and should) like the person, but you can't really be good friends. A romantic relationship is nothing more than best friends who have sex with each other.


dan and phil ha ha ha hA

Karli Addams

I have a great 'friends with benefits' relationship with myself... If ya know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Masha Nikulina

I think it can work if u have seriously good Friends so it doesn't get too weird but put down boundaries and be on the same page. But it is risky

anna's neurons

Really wanted Andrew or Keith in here.

Rohit Joshi

wtf is this thumbnail


How old are these kids?

Ronin Raphael

Friends with benefits can work as far as both parties involved are honest and straight forward about what they want. You state the rules of engagement at the beginning, midway and at the end there's no problem!

Spencer Kieft

All the videos I have seen so far never address the fact that friends with benefits is way more common with gay men and it does work a lot of the time. It may be because men release less oxytocin when they have sex therefore lessening the chances of them becoming attached to each other beyond the boundaries of friendship.


I think it CAN work... but it's very unlikely. First of all, if I just see this person as a friend, why would I want to sleep with her? That alone is admitting the first tier of attraction to her which is specifically the path towards liking someone. You're sharing something private and personal in the most private and personal way: physically. So I mean.... it does kinda muck things up. Go on a fling with someone you're not friends with. There's no need for "rules" then. The fact that you have to put up rules shows you're already thinking about the possibility of it failing which makes it more likely to happen. It CAN work... but it's very unlikely. lol


I'm a hard core fwb advocate because we're all adults that have needs and that shouldn't be limited to being in a relationship!

zach m

Pause at 0:39 ?

The Key Show

I have a friend with benefits

Valentine Kay

Always worked for me and my gang o_0 can't see the problem.
OR Australian people are just too romantic.

Lisa Russell

I have a friend with benefits and it works so well because he's a really cool guy and I'm totally comfortable around him and everything and the sex is really good, even though he's super nice and easy to get along with he's not the sort of guy I could develop feelings for because for some reason I just don't connect with him that way!✌?️?

Osaze McKinson

welll we all know they made all these videos on the same day or they just really like those clothes...

leroy charles

It works if u guys agree that its just for fun and to be honest with one another

Hannah Jensen

what I think a lot of these friends with benefits things exclude is the fact that there are aromantic people who don't experience those feelings after sex and may very well be fine in that type of relationship

Mateusz K

"Sex is supposed to be something more special."
Why do you tell people how they should feel about it and what they should do? Sex sometimes can be special when you do it with someone you love, but it can also me just a great fun and you shouldnt tell others which way should be more desirable. Personally I value both of them the same and I think we should all relax because it is a natural biological thing and treating it like a sacrum thing would just make it more taboo. For me 'friends with benefits' worked really well, because both me and my friend don't connect sex with love.

Slade Wilson

It works for guys, his have to ruin it by developing "feelings".

Lora Mora

friends with benefits are great at the beginning but there's a downside to every thing, kissing a friend is curiosity but having sex with a friend is complete lust. Straight up it can make or break people, I understand people get lonely and want to share affection of another and more but it is short lived. Honestly you get tired of the sex games, you start to feel empty and develop feelings for your lover, it sucks that they only see you as a sugar fix or a pick me up. you jus can't separate emotions from sex at all, if you can make it work "write a book about it", if not learn from you're experiences. It's not a relationship nor a friendship, it's a downward spiral fall that will have you hit rock bottom, you'll see how far you fell into love and how harder it will be to climb out of it

Ashley B

I don't think it would work, me and guy were "friends with benefits" for a few months, we just hung like friends and were cool with each other and then we started developing on and off feelings for each other, and at the end we just figured out maybe wouldn't work as a couple. There was always a talk about he wanted to date or I would go back and forth, but in the end we felt feelings just as friends and to me sex is a factor, and if we are just friends it cant be a factor. I think we kept going back and forth, he wasn't really talking to any other girl and I wasn't talking to another guy. So it was easy to fall for each other, it was more of a lust, but no chemistry as a romantically or it just didnt click as we wanted to


The general consensus is that friends with benefits does not work, yet there will still be guys who will try to convince a girl it's worthwhile. And Vice Versa.


So I have had a couple of friends-with-benefits agreements over the years and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. But I would say, out of the times when it didn't work, most of them weren't because of one part developing feelings for the other. In fact, that actually only happened to me once, and though it was uncomfortable for a while, I'm still friends with that person.

You just need to be mature and upfront about what you want and what you feel, and never freak out if the other person wants something else or changes their mind later on. That happens and it's nobody's fault. If you're mature and respectful, chances are you'll be able to make it work without risking the friendship.

If you aren't, you probably shouldn't even bother.

Tomislav Stankovic

hay if you like hell go for


Strange how the guys are very absolute in their views on this, whereas the women were more contemplative

Areal PsychoBandit

I thought the guy in the thumbnail was death grips

Rejeeve Smith

Australian men are super freaking weird. They think about sex like women think about it.

Onika Boss

Absolutely not, humans are emotional beings and feelings will always get involved over time.

Jessie Ellen

This is off topic but, I love that guys pug shirt


Nope, someone always ends up catching feelings. Sharing that level of intimacy often, and over an extended period of time with someone you are close enough to consider a friend will turn an already close relationship closer.

Areal PsychoBandit

I thought the guy in the thumbnail was death grips


That was a great analogy

Kelsey Nygren

Australians have very characteristic teeth...

Neko Politan

why are they not american?


I'm a virgin. sooooooo....

U_niet MineCraft

Oh that's a friend with benefits. I thought it was a friend who got money from the council.

Ashleigh Mote

Friends with benefits doesn't work lets be honest, because if you're having ex with someone you're attracted to them, and if you're friends with them then you like them so friends with benefits is basically a relationship without the commitment and one of you is going to end up liking the other at some point, it's just a disaster waiting to happen! People mistake friends with benefits for casual sex though, you can totally have casual sex and it work out- just not with a FRIEND

Shae Smith

I've had frenemy with benefits, friends are too risky.


As long as you don't develop romantic attractions easily and set ground rules I see no problem. Sure it won't last like an actual relationship would, but that isn't what you're looking for in this scenario.

Eve Yitagesu

Nope. It does not work. You will end up catching feelings or getting jealous when they're with other people.

Ellie Fern

I am so sorry but I am gonna use a incredibles quote for why it doesn't work;

"If everyone is super, No one is"


This has to depend on the relationship you have. If you were friends first, and then you start sleeping with each other, this is probably not going to work. If they are the only person you sleep with that you have a real relationship with, then it is not going to work. If it is both these things, then you are already going out, you just have not admitted it yet. 
If on the other hand, you have a lot of friends that have been incestuously dipping in and out of quasi relationships, it can probably work, but don't expect an invite to their wedding, because their partner is not going to let that fly.

Makenna Vieira-Lewis

I love that man with the glasses so much. Why must I live in a hick town in the U.S.??


Stop after the 3rd. Find a new one. Repeat. It works.

Abigayle MCRX

That analogy was honestly the best analogy I've ever heard.


I think it works just fine if it's short term and infrequent, and everyone involved is very open and honest about what they want and expect out of it as well as very secure and confident about themselves. Long term, you should probably just start dating in an open relationship because that's basically what you're already doing anyway.

Flora Yin

I don't feel this is gonna work seriously. My mom literally once told me virginity is for your future husband. I am not as outdated as she. But at least sex is for my potential future husband lol. Dignity and self esteem overrule desire and sex drive in my case.?

Usharvi Basu

The first guy said it all. I stan

G Aliu

I knew this would be good when I heard the first sentence.

Melo Kix

Guy with the glasses reminds me of Dan Croll

Seamus McKenna

Yep, just like communism...

Blend and Glam

now ask American men.


why is that one guy always warring a pug shirt


Most definitely yes it can work but both sides have to put in the work and be very open with one another. My best friend and I are still best friends now (10years later) both in our own relationships with our own families and yes we are still best friends ??but No we are no longer friends with benefits. I’d go in to detail but doubt anyone will even read this in the first place lol ?
Anyways have a great ☝️

purple sassy

Lol friends with Benefits but no feelings

Nikki Harris

Have some of these guys not seen the movie. If it can't work with Mila and Justin what hope do we commoners have?

Frank Kwok

Friends with benefit. Can be complicated


Just Hit and Quit                                                                                                                          

jk (its a terrible thing to do)


I'm a girl (16) From the UK and I have had a best guy friend (same age) and we have been besties for the past 6 years. And he's asked me that if we are both 18 and signal then can we be best friends with benefits, no strings attached sorta thing. I was like hell yes we can. lol besties for life

Alyx Louise

I don't think it can, not at all. Too complicated.Sure, I'm asexual but its never worked for anyone I know who partook in it.

The DormantGod

I used to think it could work but now I a recanting those thoughts. Like one of the bruvs said "This, your brain, gets in the way of your body". I always sought out persons of some degree of value in my life and to use and mutually be used just interferes with my innate morals. Additionally, there is almost always feelings involved that simply complicates things and makes the communication aspect tedious.
Overall, I am pleased for the moment but have regrets for later.

Kai K

That communism comment at the start was.....something.


Guys, DON'T DO IT! A girl never gets into a FWB situation without trying to turn it into a serious relationship, which is NOT what you want otherwise you wouldn't start with FWB in the first place.


I actually have had two successful fwbs. We started off as fwbs and then he got into a relationship and were still good friends to this day. Another fwb I had, we were friends, then fwbs now were friends again and we are great friends as well. Although I think one fwb I have is falling for me. And then I have another fwb who if it ends up in a relationship, I'm not complaining honestly, I think were both starting to fall for each other.


that thumbnail caught me off guard


omg the black guy is scary af


Disrespecting your body like that is a great way to get and spread STDs.


the people who think that it does work are the people who were in the "power" position.



How to Friends with Benefits: Lessons Learned in College

How to Friends with Benefits: Lessons Learned in College21 May. 2019
41 946
Taylor RobbinsSubscribe 438 721

So here are some brief

So here are some brief stories about some of experiences in friends with benefits type relationships and the mistakes I've made over the years that have helped me learn.


Address for Mail:

P.O. Box 4707

Mississippi State, MS 39762

Comments (100)
Andrew Kirk

Do you think that what this all means is that there’s an inextricable for some people between sexual intimacy and emotional attachment? For others maybe not for some maybe? In conclusion for some it may work for others it may not. Depends on the two people involved.

π arch

Ml is ok but how want asking is this a movie or yesterday i has 3 abortions

It’s Miah Time

Lucky for you to have a man, or men have actual emotions for you! Poor you?

Kevin H

Did FWB one time...lasted 2 months...before we agreed to ditch the FWB and became boyfriends. I eventually realized I always wanted to be his boyfriend from the very beginning. And he admitted that was true for him too. So I don’t know if I would try FWB again. I’d think I will just date the guy and see where it goes.

U Only

I love u

foundation buys

Unbelievable you get dumped. You come across as undumpable

Ben W

If I had a "friends with benefits" where the friend started having feelings for me, it might be worth figuring out if I also had feelings for him developing. If I was the one getting those feelings and he was still in the "just friends" stage towards me, maybe a good friend would want to stick around and figure out if he also had feelings for me, if it could work. The problem is that one or both people may not have those feelings for each other to start with, and yet they like each other and want the benefits (sex); or that one may start to have feelings for the other, but the other does not. A relationship where you are best friends and also in love and sexually attracted, well, hey, isn't that what they call a marriage / partnership? Or at least a steady dating relationship, boyfriends? -- But I have never had a "friends with benefits." I have had times, back in my teens, when I developed feelings for guy friends, including one best friend. And dang, I wish they had felt the same. If they did, I never knew about it, but oh, I was conflicted and naive back then. So I am done to like some friends, but not others, in that way. If a friend developed feelings for me and I liked him back, oh, that'd be ideal. Yeah, I've never really had much luck in this part of my life. So many years as a teen and young adult where I was too conflicted, wanted a friend and wanted a gay relationship, but always stayed blocked or somehow things never got of the ground or never got anywhere, doomed crushes, fumbling mishaps, things like that. So.... I don't know. Some of us are slow or have bad luck or have trouble figuring out how to make this part of life work out. I wish I had been able to reach out better or some friend had been able to reach me somehow, but I don't know how they would have. I wasn't homophobic about other guys, friends, but I was confused and scared about myself and being accepted, while at the same time, deeply wanting a friend and someone to try things out with, a boyfriend / partner, though at the time, I couldn't see how I or he could eeer have the word "boyfriend" attached. It seemed too impossible. But oh, yeah, I was gay all along, I just had trouble accepting myself and others accepting me as gay. I eventually came out after my parents were gone. Years later, I still feel like I am learning / unlearning so much, and I still feel like my life is too blocked in terms of being gay, having a relationship, a boyfriend or partner. And I don't get it. How can I still not have had that? Why didn't I have that earlier, in my teens or 20's, and why not after I came out? S...yeah, I don't now, I wish it would work out. I used to think friends with benefits was a crazy thing. I used to think waiting to have sex until you knew it was the right guy was th right thing. Heck, I used to think a lot of picky things. LOL, now, the old biological clock is still ticking, and I feel like I missed so much I should not have. I don't know why it didn't work out with some friend back then. I her stories from guys about gay friends, benefits, fooling around, or boyfriends, or partnerships working out. So how come I had so little of that? I don't know, and yeah, I. am frustrated and wishing I could work it out. I don't expect some random guy online will be that answer, either. I still want it to be a good friend and love and yeah, good sex. Who knows? But Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now have not landed on my doorstep or in my lap or under my Christmas tree, ever. :-/ So...dang, ,now I'm frustrated and I thought somehow I was going to have something good to say. Nuts.

John Edward Jones

Good advice...Had several friends with benefits college through 25. Learned a lot in many ways.. Lot of love and respect but not emotionally involved. It can work if both are open and honest.

Charles Abdallah

Hannngggg on a second....

Is this the same guy that was like I don't want to be used, I don't want someone to just want me for my body blah blah blah?

Derek Newbury

Great video, intelligent and honest. From the other end of the age spectrum, I can say you seem already to have nailed what took me years to discover. It is all about reciprocity and respect as you suggest. FWB only work when both partners have a clear idea of what they can expect of one another. Personally, I do not find one can keep emotions and feelings out of such relationships. The question becomes how can one manage the limits set. That gets easier if you learn from experience including the mistakes you made


Good, you're looking great and showing you very exciting and sexy positive side.


Taylor, I look for patterns of behavior and solutions to issues. In my view, a person cannot mix friendship with sex and think there will not be consequences. Thanks, man.....Ray

Harsh Pandey

haay.....he's having an "om" tattoo.....thats....great??

Bruce Coleman

One thing I LOVE about your story telling is there is very little FAT. You are direct and just stay with the fact. You move forward like a shark. And you don't say 'LIKE" every three words. I REALLY appreciate that. Some YouTubers on here throw 'LIKE' around so much I cannot pay attention to what they are saying. And your adorable.

Alex G

I an probably the most introverted person I know, extremely in touch with all my feelings, very empathetic to the feelings of others.

I never understand why people talk about "controlling" your emotions in a FWB situation. Life would be so much easier for me if I could just flick emotions on or off like a switch. I can only either repress or express feelings of any sort. And repressing just leads me into expressing a bunch of misplaced anger.


Come to LA!


"don't be afraid to catch feels" - good song, bad advice

Saikat Pradhan

Can we be friends? I am from india!

Adam Scott

I don't know why guys get so hung up about monogamy.....look at the animal kingdom (Which humans are part of), monogamy is not natural. It is basically something that has been put on to us by religion, like celibate priests it just doesn't work.
Stop making stupid rules about your life....

jd Mendoza

You’re soo charming!!!

Garth Jacobs

Nice vid well done

Darrin Lindsey

Wow! You've "grown up" a lot in the last 8 months. You sound like you are so completely secure with yourself, compared to what you portrayed in the video about the army guy and the AirBNB.

Christopher Martin

42 and still a vergin

Rodriguez Thiago

Bottom line: it doesn't work

Kris Somai

Do you have Instagram? I would like to talk to you

James Kantor

But don't you develop feelings for friends?

Iamseanmikhail Design

Beautiful! I love your eyes!

Christian Martin

Wish I knew people like you when I was in college. I never had the guts to be open about my sexuality

Ron Hessman

Thanks for your personal stories, helps others to learn and understand.

chaz Gurrero

Just enjoy yourself. While it lasts. You never know how awsome life can become. So just savor your moments of youth.

Keith Carter

Nothing wrong with having feelings for someone. How will you ever meet 'the one' if you don't. Maybe Friends with Benefit #1 might have been 'the one' now, or maybe later. If you're still sowing wild oats, it's probably best to wait until your ready and 'the one' as well.

Joe Heise

I love your videos, I think you are awesome and more so than just your body?

Justin Hendrix

Is their away to get a hold of you I have some questions for you want to talk to you about some stuff in private

Edward Revenous

Always enjoy watching your videos I know as much as I I don't necessarily agree with friends with benefits, but I'm a very open minded person. I just probably have a different take on it but it was nice to see that you were able to turn your experiences and share them into it an educational and a more positive experience for others. ???


Excellent observations and a great learning experience - thank you!

Thomas Wilke

I am in high school now and I don’t have any boyfriend or FWB.

myke bryan

Tay, bro, all of the FWB situations you just explained are boyfriends lol.

Darrin Lindsey

When I was your age, I made the mistake of claiming EVERYONE that I came into contact with were friends. I refused to call anyone an acquaintance. This caused huge problems in my life. So, good for you! I admire you for that.

foundation buys

Sounds like you had demiromantic thing with first guy second time.

Rodrigo Monter.

Never had a fwb. But always wanted one.


Thank you for sharing this!

For me it is the same thing. Some fwb over the years, someone wants more the other one not and then there will be some on and off things until it's really over.
And as you mentioned, the time with this friends were good and fun. But "no strings attached" means moving forward at some point.

Francis Perry

Just a note: EMOTIONS are not always controllable and you are not able to control another's emotions.

Paul Rodgers

Who wouldn’t develop a crush on you Taylor? You’re such a cutie!


Because of human chemicals, it's hard not to develop deeper feelings for someone you're have in sex with. It's all chemistry! For that reason, it shouldn't be taken too seriously. Breaking it off in one way or another seems like a good idea!

Devonte Blair

So glad you learned from all of these situations and stayed an awesome person ?????


22 yr old virgin whooop

π arch

Tumbona es demasiado woman and too many is une or to


Gay man rule number 1: No closet cases. They pull you back in.

Mikey Z

I hate the fact that people think having sexual experiences is “living life”. At the end of the day the amount of sex you’ve had isn’t going to do anything to who you are.

עינבר נעים

I have my final years of f#₪&_-g school before me now, and it's really a stressfull time, being stuck there, learning all year for my exams (I'm eighteen and got three more years to get my highschool diploma), and memoring all those classes I'm not gonna do anything with them in the future. And if that's not enough, I checked into an acting school which hasnt even started yet due to covid. In parallel to this and to my nervous breakdowns caused by it, I really need something more to calm me down either than music. Unfortunately I have no idea where could I possibly find a lover. ???

Russell Edgington

Your still an nice Friend


Ok so now sexdates are ok? I just saw you crying your heart out about it in a video. Well goes to show. Give em some time and they all turn into slut bitches.

Elmer Baez

FWB is complicated. So, just be friends.

Calvin Davis

Taylor, you seem to grapple with sex in general. Friends with benefits doesn't mean a person will be tied down to having sex with just one person. You seemed to not understand that. As cutw as I find you, if i met you, I'd seriously hesitate hooking up. Because these things with you cones with too many emotions when it shouldn't. This is something you really should work on and an area that needs your attention. You get yourself into situations and tgen feel bad about them later. It's not fair to the person you had actual consent with.

Saša Marčeta

Hey handsome i see that you learn a lot from yours experience and that is great you looks so strong and i'm glad ? We all have a bad and good decision and that is life, from that we learn a lot and become stronger ????

Charles Walker

I have FWB, theirs, not mine?

Ocean's Wonders

Thanks for the personal stories!
My thoughts below.

Friend 1: "Luke"
Sometimes feeling develop on their own, and you can't help it. It's always a possibility. Telling myself to keep my feelings compartmentalized hasn't worked out so well. :P

BUT I would've done the same thing you did. Cut it off (at least for a time) to let his feelings cool off. It's the more compassionate thing to do, rather than let someone torture themselves (which I think most people would willingly do, so as to be around their person as much as possible).


I'm glad to see you are doing well.


I wish I had a friend like you when I was coming out. You are the best at explaining things and sharing your experiences. Thank you.

π arch

I feel im too y is the eternal lie is ut falt always is 16 or 22

apollo v.

In my point of view I don't agree on Friends with benefits. At first you both have no feelings towards each other and so you just have sex.But somewhere down the road one or both of you might develop feelings. If it's just one of you developed a feeling and the other one doesn't that's a mess. But if it's mutual well you need to talk.


Awesome koi art in the background!

kenny s

It's called F buddies. Not friends with benefits. I don't know how you can be friends with someone and not build feelings.

Andy D

i had a friends with benefits sitatuion but i ended up liking him too much. Welp that ended badly.

Darby Andrews

Ur rlly hawt but ur personality is also amazing wtf ?

Gregg Hanson

Not possible to make yourself NOT develop feelings for someone. Not how it works.

kenny s

There is nothing wrong with having friends with benefits and falling for each other as long as you both are on the same level. You never know. That relationship could turn into the best life long thing.

Darryl McLain

"Benefriends" is what I dub them. Can have a gazillion meanings. These related are useful at ANY age so long as the boundaries are clear-cut. ?〰️❗

π arch

Ronaldo is Hot but wat i have same rights to be me and my person

Prasad Sanjeewa

It must be really difficult being you. Sorry dear i think your just talking generic shite and passing it off,,,,,,sorry ,,,,,but your a fake.

mike nelson


John Iii

It’s not realistic expectation for a fwb is exclusive. If that’s the expectation fwb isn’t for you


Hi Taylor, I'm not sure how people can turn off feelings as such. By definition being mates with someone mean that you must have some feelings to start with. I did have a friend with benefits many years ago. He would call up and we would hang out and do our thing. He did have a girlfriend who was mainly a cover story for him. (to a large extent we were both in the closet). but that could have changed easily, he kept asking me to move in with him ( he would dump the GF), but I had expectations of me and responsibilities that meant I just couldn't do that. not that I didn't want to, but it wasn't what others expected of me, ( i'm one of those good boys, that always does whats expected). I was so WRONG. Any way things happened and we drifted apart. Years later I was at a party when I saw a mutual friend, He told this guy had died. he was apparently talking to this mutual friend and just dropped dead instantly. It turned out something is his brain just exploded. Apparently it was so fast he would not have even known. I was so wrong, I wasted all those years I could have had with him. He loved me and I love him, but nobody knew so I didn't even get told till years later. I have never gotten over this. I have not been with anyone since. He was only in his late 20's. Don't make the same mistake I did, it hurts too much. Its now been more than 12 years since I have been with anyone.

Tyler Hinman

10:40-11:50 I’m going through that now ??

Darren S

Just subscribing to your channel and I'm loving your topics, I've tried friends with benefits only because relationships are hard and difficult, but you shouldn't need that, you're attractive and I Don't mean to offend you I really don't! you should never need friends with benefits your have so much to offer any man.

Franco Mancini

Great videos. Learnt alot from your videos. Have an amazing day.

No one

Friends with bens relationships are rather precarious. When you have sex, your brain releases the hormone oxytocin which induces pair bonding and emotional attachment. You may not intend to fall for the person you're having sex with, but your brain is fighting against you.

Wilson Santiago

This was definitely a classic text book growing pain. Glad you have moved on and considering a settle down mode after college. You are a cutie by the way, just saying. I appreciate a beautiful person...not necessarily a sexual innuendo..

Sebastian Liam

love what you share

Kenmhilky ong

Love the way you are! Godbless

Doug Hansen

Taylor, I love your positive story-time teaching videos. Please know that you are a well-organized and very well presented orator. ❤️??


DUDE.. Dufus....
Where is he?
You don't understand "settled down."
Find him

Elmer Aparil Jr

Hey, Taylor! It's your new subscriber. I just really wanted you to know that I want to be friends with you & get like benefits. Lol btw will support you all the way.

Christ ian Baldovino


M Johnson

Sure, I might be a friend of someone who befriends me but otherwise, my days of befriending others just for conversation sake is over.  Never did nor cared for the FWB thingy and nowadays don't even care for friends.  When I was younger, sure, had lots of friends and did tons of things and dated a lot.  Those days are gone as there is no interested there any more.  I have two older friends who I speak with every few months or so and that is it.  No friends even at work...sure, we all get along with each other at work but I have no desire to be around any of them outside of work.  Bottom line, these days I would much rather watch these videos than waste time being around someone else. Period - end of story.

heheheh Fun

The gay culture needs to stop practicing the toxic FWB relationship. It is psychologically damaging. No experts recommend it. I understand that heterosexual does it too and it often leave many women mentally scarred and damaged. You cannot control how you feel, it does not matter if the FWB contract is written in blood. This is why people need to stay away from this kind of practice.

Quin Vincent Sy

Love your content. Sending regards from the Philippines ??

Andy Rattan

I love the OM on your arm

Phoenix Nimitz

Dude. I'm being honest here as I can,, the friends with benefits thing is just sex! To me, there is no friendship involved. Your just basically fucking one another! I like the friends with benefits, but without the friends. And you said that you would like to have a relationship? Good for you! But, in my opinion, wait till you settle down in a city. Should you continue with the hookups? HELL YES! But, try not to have feelings with that hookup! I've made a lot of HUGE mistakes in my life. And I've learned from those mistakes. But, I've learned not to trust anyone, period!

Paul Dunn

Thanks for sharing all that.

Rosan Patel

This is fine and all I'm glad you enjoyed exploring this type of relationship but idk asking your friend with benefits to sleep with only you seems a bit contradictory and defeats the purpose of a real "friends with benefits" type of relationship. I mean, ya'll are just friends and they aren't obligated to settle down with you, especially if its not a real romantic/monogamous relationship...asking for a monogamous FWB just sounds like a regular monogamous relationship lol and it seems like you treated it more as romantic relationships rather than a normal friends with benefits type of relationship. Not hate here, just giving my thoughts.


You are just damaging your heart each time with these. Listen to what you say in this video. Every time you say that you are not having a relationship, you are. Each time you are withdrawing more since you "don't want to hurt him or yourself..." that's relationship talk.


I also was 21 and virgin but I had a physical issue which was keeping me unable to have sex. Anyways, I was like you and my first time wasn't great.

Chansons Damour

Has anyone mentioned to you that you look like Dr. James Hamblin?

Bobby Taylor

Hi taylor I am concerned as I hear alot of tornados etc around your state ,are you safe ?hope all is OK where you are

Mobstar Hipstar

I’m glad u apologized for the mistake u made with ur 1st friend with benefits

KT Doty

How many other gay guys out there are like almost done with college or perhaps on their way to mid twenties and never gotten action?

Makinika Mark

Your awesome :D

Enrico Tay

Sex create feelings


Repetitive sexual encounters with the same partner will lead to feelings developing. It isn’t natural to not develop feelings under those circumstances. It isn’t called sexual intimacy for nothing.