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10 Min Cardio Quickie - Super Fun HIIT Workout | 305 Fitness

10 Min Cardio Quickie - Super Fun HIIT Workout | 305 Fitness5 Oct. 2020
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Elise Stannard

Another great video guys??

BIG Mistakes I MADE With FITNESS - 10 Things I wish I knew | Rebecca Louise

BIG Mistakes I MADE With FITNESS - 10 Things I wish I knew | Rebecca Louise11 Sep. 2019
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Alyssa Gasper

Hey Rebecca and everyone else, any suggestions on some snacks to keep in your car and school locker? I get hungry during the day but I want to be able to grab a quick snack but know it is healthy and will help my body.

Ashley Martinez

Great video rebeccca i used to workout a lot and then eat a little ilost so much muscles it was scary dont do it

Karma The Giant

Congratulations! ???in your award.

Debz Ace

My routine is arm workouts rhat i follow in your vidoes and bench press every other day i just use rhe bar for now weighs 45 lbs 2 sets of 15, ab and booty the next day usually. I love all your ab and booty videos the most. I follow your workouts for about 45 mins to 1hr. Is this enough?

Katarzyna Rzepka

Congratulations!!! That is really WOW :) Well done !!

Jasmine sharma

When i do exercise it shows firstly onmy face i wanna join gym but I'm afraid if i went to gym i may start looking old by my face loosing fat and I'm just 22 please help


Tips start at 2.45:

#1 Lift heavy weights! It won't make you bulky.
#2 Running on a treadmill for hours will not get you results. Strength training is the way to go.
#3 Crunches will not give you abs.
#4 Don't do the same routine over and over.
#5 Have a set routine of when you will work each muscle group.
#6 Do not obsess over the scale.
#7 Ask for help.
#8 Execting results too soon. You need at least 90 days.
#9 Not eating enough food.
#10 Have a post recovery shake (or eat something with protein) within 30 minutes of finishing a workout.

Abhishek Joshi

bingo im the 500th person to like

Tina Ramas

congrats! loved your videos!


What a beautiful and meaningful award!!! Reb!!! You deserve it!!!! This is a wonderful community! Thank you for everything??

Tricia A

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE that you encourage women to use heavy weights. Drives me nuts when women stick to 3 lb weights.

The bulky thing isn't a thing without stuff like steroids or major calories/power lifting routines.

It makes women who develop a certain type of muscles (defined but not bulky) feel bad about themselves

Also it keeps women weaker than they can be, which makes me sad. I want us to be able to be our SO many areas. Flexibility AND cardio AND strength AND all the rest.

LOVE you and your BURN program ❤❤

Lily DiGiovanni

So I’ve been doing the 9 exercises to get a flat stomach on day 6 now. I take a picture of my stomach every day in the mirror just so I’ll have a before and after when I do reach my goal. But I was just wondering, should I mix other things into it? Like how you said not to just follow the same video every day. And can I mix it up by doing things from other videos on flat stomach workouts and not working on other parts of my body? I just want to work on getting my stomach flatter for now. But I love your videos it’s really motivating me!! :)


What is the biggest fitness mistake that you've made?

Emily O

When you drink the shake? Do you need it after every kind of workout? Whether it’s a Zumba class? Ballet class? A long walk?

Tímea Tarjányi

When people sys you can expect results in x months, don't think that you will have reached your goals by that time. It literally only means that you will see some muscle tweek out here and there tiny but more. Do it like you weren't even expecting results and after many months and probably even years, you'll be surprised how far you've come

tarif dünyası


Taste with Jani

Congratulations. Its amazing. We have won the award. Thanks so much for sharing the technical information about running on a treadmill. Please make a video how to reduce the knee pain and suggest some exercises.
Thanks so much for the breathtaking lesson teacher.

Jeanne Mlv

Thank you !!! great advices. It will help me so much ?

Oksana Holdeman

So my routine is,
Treadmill 3 times a week, 4 mph for 11 min, and then 4.5 mph for 10 more min. And it's ALL 10% incline and no stops or breaks. I feel very refreshed afterwards!

I do one of your arm workouts every other day.

Then your only two 10 min plank challenges and your 10 min abs workout (the video where you promote the Nike sports bra and leggings) I love that particular workout! So the last 3 workouts I do 5 to 6 days a week.
Is that all enough of a combination? I also drink a protein that has 30 grams protein every day. Getting back in shape after 2 babies!! Iv done the treadmill routine for years, even some in pregnancy. But I started your workouts couple months ago. I think you're one of the best! ??

Jenny Josephson

video start at 2:45

Lauren A

Congrats on the award Rebecca! <3 And agreed; I'm naturally muscular and tall (6'0) and it kills me when people don't lift heavy. The one thing I know I need to better is even though I do weights every day or some sort of exercise, I need to actually schedule splits/ programming besides just doing 'weights' or 'fitness.' Do you have any tips for programming that sort of thing? :) <3


Is masturbation a fitness mistake? It seems like sometimes it helps motivate me. Sometimes it does the opposite?

Khouloud Gabsi

I always like before watching because I look forward to your new videos ❤

Elysia Goodson

Congratulations on your award!!!!#icanfeeltheburnrebecca

Евгения Демидова

Thank you for the video! But I cannot but say that the music was making me so irritable, it was almost louder than your voice and I was just hating it.


Congrats on the award!! Its beautiful. And yes. I feel like 7-9 is what I need help on. I keep telling myself "give it 3 months" because I was getting discouraged. But last night at the gym, I saw some definition on my arms. It's the most I've seen in a long time! So I'm trying to be patient. And I'm trying to eat good things and not eat too much. But sometimes I feel like I should eat less. So I'm trying just to focus on the good stuff. Very cool video.


great advices thank you Rebecca!

Elisa Porretta Gervasi

I wanted to see it noww!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you????????

Marilen Santiago

Congratulations! And thank you for the tips. ?

Katherine Salcido

i remember when me and my mom met u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nataly 239

Your channel is so inspiring

Sadia Aslam


Rhea Singh

Congratulations Rebecca!!!! You deserve it!! You have made a HUGE impact in my life!! Thank you for starting this channel and uploading these amazing routines!

Annie Hardwicke

You don't get enough credit, changed my entire body in a matter of months, dropped over a stone, so so easy to follow, you're amazing

Teresa Carter

Thank you for all you do Rebecca Louise ? your such an awesome trainer, I definatly dont think I would have the results today, or be where I am in my fitness journey without the burn app and your youtube videos! ?

Fern Malakar

CONGRATS!!!!!! and where did you get your leggins from ????



Shandra MacNiven

I get bored easily, not always with the routine, but sometimes with the trainer. It's hard to find one I can stick with for 3 months or more. I like a mixture of your routines, Jen Widerstrom's, and Cassey Ho's Blogilates.
Not taking rest days is definitely a big issue for me, because I work an active job 7 days a week. And not eating meals at regular times probably doesn't help either.

Be kind

Thank you so much for this helpful video.❣? I make some of those mistakes ,too.. Iam really trying to learn from them instead of letting them hold me back . (not easy?✌)I will definitely follow your advice . Working out is so beneficial to both our bodies and minds. We shouldn't let our expectations or anything else turn it into something negative. Thank you again and congratulations on the award❣?You deserve it? #grateful ?

Barbara Abplanalp

I liked that video!
I kind of made everything wrong till now ?
I have a question how long has the workout to be to take a protein shake ? I mean if i only workout 10 min should i take a shake ? Or only if i really sweated 30 min ... ?

Ofeneeklim Troacesigu

shes saying about 90 days the fuck ive been waiting 90 months where r my abs give em back utubeeee jedlhawlfhnwkahfwf


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Zahid Khan

me phli baar dekhri hu ap ka video plaes ap mujhe pet andr krne ke liye btao na mera waight 53 he mujhe km krna he 10 kg pleas btao me 10 kg kese km kru apna waight

Crylle Jaime

I will try this tommorow???
I hope it works ???

Aygul Cane


Kalai Selvi


Parvathi Jaikumar

How many times we should do this a day?? Somebody please reply


Excellent work valzhga valamudam

Pushpa Aatreya

Can v do these exercises in the evening?

Achu Ammu

Super....Tqqq.1 st day done ..15 days kalichu result soldran...

Sabeena Kha

Morning ya night me

Rose Roe

I did this day10 channgelled....really its works .......tq mam? what exercise I want to do.....mam?

Mawa Sandia Diaby

Please please how many times do we have to repeat the video?

Kaviguru Maniprakash

How many calories burn due to this exercise

Mihret Abrha

Thank for the video

gayu ece

Starting pannumpothu 1 set pothuma sister

arpita mondal

I started today.did it two times?feeling excited.

kavya sri

Do this exercise four set???

Kuldeep Kaur

i always do these excercise in mrg

Kabeet Kabeer

Thank you madam 10 days finesh

Simla Akter

How many times should I do this in a day?? And which time is best for it??

Saneesha Tharindi

I'm 19.
Height 5'3
Weight 53
I can't lose my weight ? I tried my best but never lose my weight ?

Lalit Kumar

In how many time we have to do in a day?

verma aru

Hello my first day today

Naresh kr. Sahni

Mam 10 din me kitn kg loss hoga please reply

Aanvivaan the star kids

It's amazing..I was sweating in cold weather in punjab? ✅ done

Vrushali Jagtap

I have a question that each exercise should I do 4 sets please explain me

samren nadeem

Plz koi ye bta dy k yhi exercise 10 day krni ya jo day 1 ki ha wo or day 10 tk alg alg

Deepa Gunjikar

5 kg weight loss

ansuya khuman

its exercise is everyday 2 time ya 1 times

KoMi in Dubai

I do In morning evening or night ?????

Salman Shamlan

Hello mam my 8 days complete today ? ?


Mam I want to lose weight in a month what should do mam can I only do this workout ?nd with this should dieting plz reply me mam

Faujia's world

I will do it...

Abinaya s

I had completed my 10th day challenge what is the next plan❤️

navya rathod

It's really hard work to do?????

Suman Shreevastav

Will I loose weight in 10 days around 4 to 5 kgs.....reply plzz....


Exercise kae sath koe diet be karne hai ya just exercise plzz reply

Shafiq Ansari

Diet kiya krni hai

vi bha

Day 10 done

1 to 10 days completed
Starting ???

But last day

Rekha Gurjar

Ye exercise kab kis time kare plz reply me

Muhtiar Khan

Can we lose butt fat if we done this exercise plz reply me back

Free Time Ideas

Do I have to do this exercise four times a day?

Alhaya Helwa

I love you ,l'm following your from Egypt ❤❤❤

Aswiny Malu

I tried to this workout for 4 days.but not swetting ,any problem.

Talat Imam

Waooo...first time I have seen 4D exercise....I ever seen before...?

Dodo minou

وشباها مع أمير ماتبوسش ومع هاذ تبوس مش عدل

Kamala Rani

Hi mam rest means v shud not exercise ah

Ashi's Voice Album

Gonna start from tomorrow.. wish me

naaz Siddique

Same yahi krna hai 10 days

Fatma Jezan

Thanks for sharing

S.swathi8703 Swathi

I am very exciting

Mawa Sandia Diaby

My second day ??

Manmehak Bhamrah

Hi di I'm of 17 yrs girl di how many days I have to do these workout di
I want to become fit my weight is 52 kg I want to loose my weight di and my tummy fat


It seems to be very easy... So I gonna try this... Really this is amazing ?

Ansari shaheen Ansari shaheen

I love this start tomorrow ??

Prathibha Gurumurthaiah

Day 10 : Done?

Jaya Faujdar

Mem chest increase ho ese exercise btao

ajmiya sahil

How many times we have to do this

Truc Phan .

Thanks for this vidéo ????

Fouzia EnNejjari


Arpita Ghosh

I complete it, it's very very useful..I lose 2kg weights ??.. waiting for next 10 days

Healthy life-shenma


Angel Chaudhary

Hello,I am 13 years old girl and want to loss about 15 kg weight help me ???????? suggest me a video or exercise

MANOKhan123 MANOKhan123

Good ?

Rajvinder Parmar

Thanks I started yesterday it help me

Bhavneet Kaur

If we do these exercises regularly for 10 days then we able to see change or not?

Shawrin Semonti

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us ???. Can you please tell me, what time we should prefer for doing this exercise? ??

Keerthi Anoop

Completed exercise... changed my weight 67 to 64.. ( without diet) and started full body workout tomorrow thank youuu maam

Meena Muthukumaran

Gud mrg mam i like u r all videos ma mam..., 4sets mean how i will workout my exercise mam

aya alseyd

حلو كتير ????wow

Yasmeen Hamed Shaheen

Hii .. I am 83 KG and 165 cm
I want to start this challenge to lose weight.. do I still need to go on a food strict diet to see results????

sarika natekar

I want leg, butt exercises

Jyotsna Mandi

Can I do this after 6 month of c section..

gunasri skgnnn

Tq so much mam I am your new subscriber

Geetanjali Thakur

Exercises to be done 10 days a day with altars

Hardei Devi official

Thanks yrr

Sanchita Manna

Thanks... I jast started 2 days ??

Meena Muthukumaran

Early mrg am start my exercise mam..

تمارين رياضية مع بشرى


Nicole Bakoussis

I will try it

Sandaru Fernando

woow amezing

i have a good result???

Javeria Asghar

Kia ye wali exercise ee 10days krni hai???
Kindly guide me?

Priya Sain

Breast reduction ki exercise btao plzz

Sabeena Kha

Ye exercise kis time krna h


I have to follow this exercise video for 10 days Or everyday different exercise

Aruna R

Tq I will start from today and I will say result

Zainab Al

I did today and I love it ; I will do it everyday ; thank you

Faujia's world

I m doing it right now for 10days..

Zainab Ijaz

What is meant by 4 sets??

cakes 25

I have to do these exercises for 4 times??????

Nashi Nashi

Thakk u. Los 3 kg ?

gwmwthao baglari

I am a breastfeeding mom my child is 10months and my current weight is 66kg I want to loose 15kg please suggest me the best excercise.n my age is 22year but by my age seems like 28,29due to over weight

Sherli Ana


vi bha

I will start
Day 1 pl


شكرا على التمارين الرياضية

Falak Moin

Hiii mam I m 21 years old aur mera waight bhot jada kya ap mujhe bta skti he kya kruu plzzz????

Naini Soumya

Day 2 completed

Nidhi Tiwary

Can we do this in evening?

Jagruti Andade

4 sets we have to do


U have given 10 days plan but didnot mention in which time to do either ones or twice a day....???

Mamta Porel

Can we do this exercise twice a day ? Please reply me