How do you know when your drunk

Stages Of Drinking

Stages Of Drinking5 Jan. 2017
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“This won’t end well.”

“This won’t end well.”

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Devils Fingers 6 (Sting)

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Cloth of Gold

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Whiskey Attitude

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Red Hot Salsa

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Feel Good Factor

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Big Bertha

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Auld Lang Syne

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Burn It Up

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Play Around

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Comments (100)
Tori Curly

Whos watching this drunk?

William Zhang

One stage of drinking: depression drinking

Isabella Arnold

අම්මි නැන්දා යා කවුරුහරි එය කනවා

jess williams

This video taught me one thing... Americans cannot drink

Андрей Григорьев

pls! track 2:17-2:30 ^^

Random. Biatch

Kelsey is as alcoholic as they come


me : im sorry but you let your children watch this?

Aaliyah Rivera

1:29 stranger things?

Nadezhda Valerie

2017 is gearing up to be far worst ya bet your snickerdoddles it is

Junior Portorreal

where is the video about the morning after?

Alfred Røn Strand

We should try coke

Jc Rutak

Wasn't coke meant for a certain nose disease

Natalia Joselynn

Kelsey is such a toxic unhealthy person honestly

Ashtyn Stormes

I want to marry Kate.

Yana Bell


Sammy Golding

Drink 4 is basically stranger things

asdffg mmlsj


Holly Stoinski

these ladies are amazing!

Carbajal Betancourt

It's funny how they like to joke about something so serious

Dezi Nicoli

That coke part is so relatable

Sintija Polikēviča

Looks like a typical night out for me ??‍♀️

Julian Glick

3:25 best thing I’ve ever seen


why is kelsey always starring this drunken videos?? not fair man

Ayah Alsawaf

I hate those vids where they normalize drugs



Magical Molly

If I drank that much my lightweight self would die


Hey guys it has a warning in the beginning calm down

Karen Giusto

This video is weird

Logan James

All the girls on buzzfeed are unfunny man haters

John the Human

Fake stages, it goes by 3. Zero drinks, three drinks, six drinks, nine drinks, no one can count anymore, can't remember vomiting, can't remember vomiting at the police station, why am i in the morgue.

Amanda Gaudet

If only they knew how 2020 was going to turn out, they’d stay in 2017.


Watching this drunk feels weird

Kass Kass

0:40 this part always gets me lmao

Noah Feldman



Awesome video this is the BuzzFeed we want and need and remember everybody calm down there is a disclaimer at the beginning that says they do not promote the use of drugs and alcohol so don't watch if you can't handle it and ask for kids and teenagers use parental controls and good discretion


this is so potently good, i have to watch it in stages


Who else is expierencing a stage as we speak?

Sarone Aimah

"2017 is gearing up to be far worse"

lol 2020 has left the chat

Patricia Foster

This is the best video ever ??????

Persian Hillbilly

These videos are setting a bad example

Ava Marroquin

Haha Kate talking about Harry Potter is legit me explaining conspiracy theories to my friends

Dheo Callisto

who’s that guy in red? he’s a fine specimen.


WAIT WHAT?? who drinks this much?? O.O thats so scary


Plus coke, haaaaaaaaa

Basti Liedtk

Drinks?? More like shots.... Hahahah


Okay kinda funny cx

Interstellar Sapien

Why are we normalizing coke? Brain scans show that it literally burns holes, like a sponge, through your thinking tissues.?

Elena Vermeulen

Play sort block trail poet investigate yourself advocate.


I’m stage 5 right now hooollyy sheeeeeeettt

E. H.

not cool

Eitan Posternak

0:19 "2017 is going to be far worse" 2020 ; )

Simon Kolesnikov SYT

13 shots is when you overdose

Justahuman Lol

And here we are ... getting ready for 2019

Anna Smith

The whole vibe of this video, down to the hummer reminds me so much of Broad City! Love Kate and Kelsey's dynamic

Emilie Clarke

american's drink game is weak af

Ross Marquez

Why is there coke? I think weed should be the last we should normalize.. im pro weed but no to everything else

Ryan Korponay

im watchiging this wile drunk


Who’s watching while drunk

Michael 2715




Jed Farley

I feel like it's becoming more socially acceptable in CA. It's ok to drink and have a bump. People don't say a word about it but let it happen.


From alcohol to coke there is a huuuuuuuuge distance

Eva Hoogervorst

4:59 ?

Cameron F

Omg yes soooooo relatable!!!!!!! ?????????????????????????????????????????


I think I wanna be best friends with Kelsey or am I Kelsey??? Lmao

S. Nonaka

Welcome to 2017 u suburban children ?

Rudra Chatterjee MiaSanMia

I feel like I'm gonna throw up cause I'm full

Xiaolin Smith

I love kate, and i love Kelsey! put them together.... and wow!!! XD


I’m like on stage 12

Jules K

Takes way more than one shot for me to feel pretty


What is the song at the end of this video?

David Müller

I find this so unfunny

J khajuria

I like weed better than alcohol

Dear Universe

The ending always cracks me up


honestly this is very accurate for most people who drink in college/are famous so. this lifestyle will often lead to addiction and a horrible ending for some.. whether it be death from overdose of loss of family or shelter.


Why is everyone so 'tRiGgeReD' with this video? I literally see nothing wrong with it.

klarissa Zambrano

4:58 ???

Ray G

* takes a shot *
"I feel pretty"

This is exactly why I drink

Manuel Henkel

so this is it? promoting alcoholism and drug abuse, i hope no little girl in her puberty is watching this and thinkin " yeah this is a person i want to be"

Abdulwahhab Dowd

Even while drunk this makes no sense
(#muslimsdefinitelarentallowedtodrink #dontkidyourself)
OMG can I just say that one of the recommendations for this video was "when you're vagina cockblocks you" and then I think wow buzzfeed is the worst

Adam Wallis

this is good acting or are u drunk


The guy she's talking to at 3:28 is fine afff

Christopher Proietti

MDMA is way better than coke


Im drunk rn. Whe re e the butch ez scaat

Iris Cooper

Damn imagine being a lightweight to this extent

a nut

Does everybody in America get drunk after 3 shots?


Dude I’ve been waisted and never done drugs bruh. I don’t do this when im drunk ha


Thats weak in finland you get bullied if you get drunk from 8 at the age of 15

Jules K

Who is the girl with Kelsey??

it’s nikki bitch

coke sobers you up. like a lot

Royaal Moon


Please leave my house.

Oh no im gona tjrow uppppppppp agaiiiiiinnnnnn nooooo

Jules K

Not sure why everyone is hating on this


3:04 awww, poor Tan...


BuzzFeed your alcoholic is showing


" 2017 is gearing up to be far worse! "
They weren't wrong

Adam Wallis

whoa that was load

Kaesar Jones

Im a=so drunk i dontkn ow what theyre sya=ign


Bro I'm so drunk that I dedadass thought the word "number" was misspelled lol that's fujcking fun y hahahahaha

Mish Bish Mash Potatoes

Nah I call BS. Number 1 is never a shot at a party. You HAVE to pre-drink while getting done that's a fact

What Happens When You're Drunk? | Brit Lab

What Happens When You're Drunk? | Brit Lab28 May. 2015
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Greg Foot helps explain to

Greg Foot helps explain to us what is actually happening to your body when you're drunk. Subscribe to Earth Lab:

Shot on location at the Exmouth Arms in Exmouth Market, London

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Comments (100)

so are you saying that by keeping alcohol in your mouth, you can get drunk?


I remember hearing somewhere that the crippling migraine comes from dehydration.

Heng Yeow Lip

How is drinking beer recommended? Wut???

David DavisCrawford

two E-40 honey

Master Yeet

I’ve had too much to drink help


I never get hangovers, must be beacuase i'm addicted to cola, so i'm always hydrated.


I shot speed up my ass, really gave me a go.

Sourav B

good vid guy.... love u.... totally not drunk ....,,??


I always read thet hungover is caused by methanol that you always get in very small quantities with ethanol. Is it a myth?


The guy from Texas, used 3 liters. Crazy, but explains his condition....

Dhiman Chakraborty

isn't it dehydration in a nut shell?

Jaylee Haskell

Whos watching while drunk??

Ethan Matthews

I’m drunk rigt now and I don’t know what he was saying

Red Phoenix

Mmm vofhkiaaa. Dear zdhurd WW ooooooo

Ron Weiss

Watching this while drunk, and damn you're hot.


As the yiddish saying goes:
"Whiskey is the worst messenger. You send it to your stomach, but it goes strait to the head."

Jun You Xu



no, i'm not drunk. i'm just a 10 year old learning.

Filip Ekdahl

The hangover is because of a chemical know as acetaldehyde which are created when we break down ethanol. And that is later on broken down to ethaneacid (aka vinegar). So to ease up those hangovers, drink something basic like bismol or something like that. And the headache you might have is because of the dehydration that is happening.

wooop sloop

18 naked cowboys in the shower of ram ranch.....

Ujiltrom M

I just can't help but picture Deadpool trying butt chugging to finally get drunk.

Eishan Talwar

she is 7 years old and she drinks 6 glasses of apple juice in 4-7 hours!!! ???


I’m nearly drunk watching dis

wai lwin

well I'm drunk while I'm watching this.

kyle g

Im American and i hate too say but young,Dumb kids do really Butt Chug!!#. ??


I just had 6 white claws in 20 minutes and I’m dizzy and tipsy af my cheeks also are numb

Ryan Keith

Yoooo I
Drunk asf

Kacper Ogórek

But there is a thing. We actually know the reasons of hangover. For example disorder in ADH level make us lose water, so that we got a headache. Glutamine growth make us stressed and wakeful. etc. etc.

Fredo Santana

Dont drink. Smoke weed

kevin goldstain

I had 5 bottles of beer and now I am drunk and actually I am studying better now


Happy I am

Michael 2715

What about mdma?

Tom Don

how many people came watching this while they were drunk ?

Spectra Blaze

Anyone else drunk while watching this

Nicole R. Wunderink _

"the cause of, and the solution"
Yep, that's tequila

Dan Kim

who is drunk while watching this?

This user Fucking died

I’m drunk

Mior Farhansyamil

can u show how a self-balancing mini electric scooter works ?

Margaret Pariera

Yo (gabba) gabba ?????

Alpha Anderson

Can you explain why elderly women, in their 60s tends to need to go to Pee more often than others? women generally need to go to pee more often.... can you explain that?

Johnny Morningstar

Alcohol, especially beer, makes you piss more because it numbs your bladder, therefore your body is more likely to release because there is less tensions or feeling throughout all your body.


You didn't mention how addictive it is, and how it can cause withdrawal induced fatal seizures in people who are dependent and try to just stop, cold turkey...

Zachary Crutcher

I have a question, I'm 15 years old, got drunk with a couple friends. I bought a bottle of vodka, took around 6 shots, got super drunk, how much of this stuff is getting into my system. also, is vodka stronger than regular beer?


I'm not drunk :D because I'm to young to drink alcohol

Kenzo Finucane

i thought a hangover is just dehydration since it feels the same (bad mood, headache) and you dont get it if you drink enough water with you liquor.

Daniel kozasky

Tequila and ginger ale is a great drink. Try it!!!!!

Nelson Stack

your pancreas strangles your liver.. which strangles your brain. and then you black out.




3/4 units a day, ill save my units for this week then i can have 21 units on the final day of each week


drunk while watching this is amazing tbh

Caoimhin Tew

Maybe the ladies should drink less, not so much for health reasons, but because of what they might wake up next to.

Oh, yeah... fermentation was discovered somewhat by accident, because we found out that the water would make us ill, while wine did not, yet wine kept us hydrated, even if it did get us drunk. Beer, however, is a different story, as it is a recipe handed down from cave people's communications with Odin. Beer is Good Food! Cheers!

Paul Foo

Watching this while drunk, anyone?

Info Chan

Me: undersands this normally
Me when drunk: whut is he sayng
PS:Yes rn I am drunk

Lara Schilling

Am I the only person who sings at karaoke whilst sober?

Galaxy Dynamite

Lmao I’m drunk right now as I’m watching this


Tha k you for this... I'm drunk and dont know what to do lmao ? #firsttime ?

The Blue Bowman

To drunk to Understand



This was up on my computer when I woke up today. I have no memory of watching this...

Chen Juan

that didnt answer whst happens when u get drunk...

Z o o m

I just drank like 3 shots and now im scared

Ben Emecz

Tom syndicate Reference anyone ?


I got drunk yesterday I threw up on the floor of the stairs and bathroom I had a mental brake down

shamar britton

im sioo rtih rigjt jnow

Chris Decu

Homer S. will be very happy watching this video.

Marilyn Addams

When I was in high school and the first couple years of college I had horrible anxiety so my doctor had me take gaba pills whenever I was on the verge of a panic attack or when I thought I would be in a stressful environment. Then I turned 21 (I'm American) and I started drinking and I noticed that I started taking the pills less and less because I found fewer instances to be stressful enough to cause me to panic. And now I know why! Yay!

The Goodly Dragon

Butt-chugging causing death via overdose sounds like natural selection at work.

Mobius Trip

Dude, if you don't know why people drink, you obviously haven't had more than one beer. It induces euphoria. It makes you feel happy for no reason.

Shahida Adila Saiful Adli

why dont you just don't drink at all? weird people -..-

bl00dy militia

Went to my families and got instantly drunk. Whiskey is my go to.


i can't understand what he's saying cause im drunk.


That just put me off alcohol

Eric Ryan

Ever hear of Cirrhosis. Cannibus is better

Draegor X

Alchohol kills, weed chills.


yeah I'm pretty drunk, let's go.


so alchol kills more people then firearms yet alchol is still legal in the u,k......


Your intro got me cringing.

Cool Kenshii

bro achohal is drugs


I’m drunk guys

David DavisCrawford

3:20 ahhh why not 4:20 minute of topic of the dreadful PEEING! Well just typing crossfaded whee! More information on alcohol before a medium to high trip with the forest mushrooms and coffee with dairy free chocolate syrup and cold brew coffee caffeine pill whoo and 200mg yeah! Doing at, in nature of Lands End San Francisco California old vs Covid19 era! Shutting down of 100 year old established reatraunt

Eishan Talwar

I’m watching this because my sister is drunk

Jasmyn Rivera

i don't want to go to work?

Alec Hendricks

I am drunk watching this video

Xiao Yáñez Fernández

I’m drunk and on xanax


A hangover is your brain borrowing fun from the next morning.

KiDS CXi00iX

When I drink some wine, it doesn’t give me an effect ??

Sam Spera

doing report on rasing drinking age to 25 does anyone know if this is crediable probally not

Layla Diablo

Lolll pret drunk righ now

The Goodly Dragon

Is there any way to just take a pill with the anti-diuretic-hormone once you’re a bit tipsy so you don’t pee so much?

Justin Maley

Help me

DMT Infinity


Dapper Muis

Why spend a fortune on boos (drinks) and then suffer from a major Babalas (hangover)? When you can save the money and have fun doing something worth while and still remember it in the morning.

Can remember as a kid everyone thought we were rich as we had a computer (early 80's), while others didn't. We also had fun going places. We didn't drink or smoke or have parties with that kind of thing, like many of our friends parents did.

The result was we got to enjoy things that otherwise would have not been possible.


I am, in fact, hungover right now.


it's simple
We get hangover the day after because when UR drunk ur body as he said is not responsive
the more time u spend drunk the more time ur brain is not functioning gd
when u wake up it's like a truck had hit u cuz it brain was functioning but because it were sleeping or wasn't really conscious
ur body gets into shock ish mood where ur still getting used to being conscious


I really don’t wanna wake up tomorrow having to explain my drunken state to my parents?


Someone else watching while drunk? haha

Exodus fivesixfivesix

So for pain a GABA promoter is best.


I know what happens when I get drunk. I get sleepy. It’s actually a really really good sleep medicine.

Dylan Huang

I'm watching this while drunk ?

Hideki Shinichi

I personally drink because i like taste of good quality crafty beer, and i am SURE that european ppl SURVIVE because of alcohol, alcohol kills bacteria, and back in time we do not have those fancy filters etc, so it was safer to drink water down alcohol than just water, we survive only, and only because we had alcohol.

Nijoy john

That was one good short cool video :)

7 Signs You Might Be Drinking Too Much

7 Signs You Might Be Drinking Too Much31 Mar. 2017
54 258
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If you're new, Subscribe! →

So, work this week was the literal worst. You deserve to kick back with a glass of merlot! Or, maybe you’d rather hit the club for a drink or two with friends, to blow off some steam. Nothing wrong with that, either. Even doctors say a glass of red wine a day is excellent for your health. The problem creeps in when you start becoming dependent on alcohol, which could quickly become a dangerous addiction — and be very difficult to overcome. So here are some warning signs your drinking is starting to get out of hand...

Booze is #bae | 0:32

Liquid courage | 1:14

Fuhgeddaboudit | 2:13

Friend-zone | 2:52

Doses + mimosas | 3:27

Raising the bar | 4:08

Get real | 5:05

Read more here →

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What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

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Comments (45)
Justin Case

5 out of 7 is not to shabby.

Random G

Experiencing all the sings

Broken Heart 616

My organs hurt and idfc what it is, I drink too much and how am I hoping this will help lol

Lone Wilf79

I've got family and friends who try to hang with me while drinking. And then they get mad at themselves when they sober up. I always tell them I don't have a family of my own so I don't have to care so much. If it kills me at least I'll die doing something that I love to do. And I can drink like a stinking fish to no doubt about it.


Can't get it up. Wow. Get drunk can't perform. Gross.

jaston chron

i drink at least 400ml of whisky everynight and haven't missed a day in 6 months, everything she said is true..... I am addicted to alcohol. hahah FUCK IT PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Harris

If there are health benefits from wine it's probably just the buy some grapes instead.

Misael Villeda

But...but...Wine is life!

Gian-Luca Nardini

Oh sweet... I have none if these problems...

*chugs a bottle of vodka all by myself! *

Alana Green

Ugh this is so helpful thank you!!

super duper angel

I’m definitely an alcoholic :/

Ironman Ryan

I'm. Drinking while watching this. Pussies

Rocky Pruden

Oh boy all me!

Heather Schindler

Jezuuss not every day!! Every other day maybe! Lmao


Deciding to give up alcohol was the best decision I ever made.


I got to say is fuck off for this video you guys I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about so do some goddamn research and get it down to a fucking government best thing

The List

Gin Sling? Pimm's Cup? What's your go-to drink to unwind after a hard day's work?


How can drinking poison be a health benefit?


Well, I used to drink 105 cans weekly and monthly 450 cans. $240 monthly on beer.

RosadoSquad AlwaysBlessed

Making a video about drinking with all the famous lines and fun music.

Sonja Morrison

Interesting bias, with nothing else to counter balance, like the latest research on personal trauma and co-occurring addictions. Nice job on shaming people with absolutely no scientific balance.

Faux Manchu

I am always astounded at the amount of booze westerners guzzle.

katie gowans

Well.... shit

yves Paris

At least you're telling the truth.

Drunk Talk

Alcohol is a waist of time, money and health!


Watching this as I'm drinking rum and coke

Nancy Morales

finally something I can relate to


1st Sign you're drinking too much: You clicked on this video.

Lyra Dale Guerra

Okay. Why am i here. Dang.

Bryan Romero

Breakfast lunch and dinner for me! But I just drink jagermeister everyday now, no hard stuff anymore!?


That poor animated liver. :(

HippieEra Entertainment

i've come to terms with my alcoholism and im okay with that.

ThuleDragon 666

Well this video just confirms i am not an alcoholic :)

Kaylee Kapital

Ten months sober!

Lily Gathoni

When u don't drink but still watch the video.

Wyman Space

We are going to die sooner or later ... drink and be happy

Kamil Klepacki

I was a bit drunk while watching this and at 2:14 I was like "WTF?! I'm starting to have hallucinations!"

Ioan Puha

I have always had good tolerance on drinking but I have had my moments of slamming as much as possible. Sober for about 1.5 years now!


Lets keep it simple, if your body does not require it for nutrition, or health reasons, you DONT need it. Alcohol is a drug most defended and most picked on. Why? Because unlike other drugs, coke, heroine, hallucinogens, etc., which you will certainly become addicted to physically due to the chemical aspect of them, however, many people can drink alcohol very socially with no problems. Weed is addictive, though the chemicals aren't a factor, so when addicted it is classified as a disorder, but its simply addiction. There are 4 ingredients to addiction of a human being. One; the substance is only one part of it, and in most cases 30 days the person is sober enough to make rational decisions. Two; mentality. A person has to have normal mentality, not have any true mental illnesses (though most addicts are dual diagnosed as Bi Polar because as they are getting sober , the withdraw creates very high and low feelings). Three; Physically fit. A person in poor health with bad pain or numbness of life because of illness is very likely to use to deal with it. Four; Spiritually fit. Spiritual does NOT mean religious, but many Americans claim to believe in some version of half assed religion, yet are very spiritually dead, and even laugh at the concept of it. These are the things that addicts MUST maintain, or they will lose the battle with their addictions. Average Americans are born in fear, taught to be competitive, and made to feel like a loser if they aren't an over achiever. Its a false sense of security, it makes up false characters in our society, just like the drink, the line, or the hit you convince yourself you need and can handle. Addiction is simple, your body does not require chemicals, so when you use them, it does not function properly. Drinking is an exception, for choice people. If you dont know if you can handle booze, its not hard to find out. Go try some controlled drinking. You dont even have to tell anyone else, just yourself. If you can drink a few drinks then leave fine. If not, you probably have a problem. And for the record, if you are an addict, I dont care if you want to use, its all on you pal. This is just my opinion and experiences, take it or leave it....

Sonicz Forever

I may at some point I hate where I live and may have cancer and appointment cancelled due to covid 19. I cant sleep so...I drank more often.

Queen Shaina Glebova

I will not drink anymore. Because it gives me anxiety.


Everything in moderation


I have a video about quitting alcohol for whoever is interested, its pretty bad so i apologize

Ajikumar A

There are many factors in giving up booze including eg motivation and help from friends.
One place I found that successfully combines these is the Adoette Drink Plan (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most incredible idea that I've seen.
Check out all the site and amazing reviews.

Genuine Delusions

Thanks. Although I'm pretty sure any amount of alcohol causes brain damage.