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Sir Cum A Lot Episode Preview

Sir Cum A Lot Episode Preview17 Oct. 2009

Preview for Sir Cum A Lots

Preview for Sir Cum A Lots Episode II hitting tha streets feb 2010

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Will Bulls Wake Up in NABIL Bank & Take it Much Higher? My Views Here. Need BANKING INDEX Strength

Will Bulls Wake Up in NABIL Bank & Take it Much Higher? My Views Here. Need BANKING INDEX Strength31 Jan. 2021

Hey Dear Viewers! In this

Hey Dear Viewers! In this video, I have shared my views about Nabil Bank and how it is currently looking. I made this video at the request of Jitendra Nebwang ji, who reached out to me on Facebook. (if you use Facebook, you can connect to me there, see link there). Jitendra Ji, is an investor who bought NABIL @ 1120 and is wondering whether he should be worried right now because market is not moving.

While I can't make any investment suggestions here, I have broken down my views about how the breakout scenario could occur if Nepse and Nepse Banking Index shows strength. I have covered all the scenario in great details such as:

1. Pull back entry

2. What to look for to get a short term weakness in the market

3. What could be a break out scenario.

If you are an investor, I recommend that you should NOT worry about your investment due to short term slowdown. Market needs liquidity(orders) and it may take a lot of orders to move a big Stock like this. I sincerely hope this helps Jitendra ji and anybody else watching this video. Let me know in the comments if it helped you.

Lastly, these are swing ideas and may take a long time for them to work out. You have to let market do its work and be positive if you are in a position. Please ensure you follow good risk management practices(eg. Not investing too much money in just 1 stock). If you want to know more about risk management practices, you can check my videos. I have provided the links below.

Also, I am giving away Free EBOOk on Intro to Risk Management.

If you are interested in receiving it, please fill this survey (2-3 minutes):

If you need to contact me privately, you are welcome to drop me a note here(Note there may be a delay in getting back to you):

Also, I get a lot of requests to analyze this company or that company. I am sorry I can't get to all of them. I hope that you are learning from my videos and can get to the point where you are forming your own analysis. If you want to request, please make sure you share what your entries were, stops were, whether you are a short term trader or investor and where you are struggling or need assistance. This will make more a better video and educational content than having me draw random lines on the charts (they will look like any other charts). I need to understand WHERE you are struggling so that I can address it and may be in turn help others on how I think through the markets. I hope the request makes sense. THANK YOU!

#NepseTradingAdvisor #NABIL #TechnicalAnalysis

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Trade idea 00:00

Channel Intro 00:41

Nabil Analysis 00:59

Pull back entry 01:55

Banking Index 02:24

Nabil Short term 03:40

Take Profit 07:31

Call to Action 03:52

Setting Take Profits 04:04

Channel Overview 09:16

Call to Action 09:40

Thanks & End Notes 09:54


1. My GIC video to get better details about what a breakout means in trading.

2. My recent deep dive into many stocks to understand what to look for entries in a strong market for momentum continuation trades

3. My old Nabil Analysis

Some suitable videos for beginners(if you are a beginner in your trading journey):

4..Critical lessons for Beginners (Playlist):

5. Introductory Risk Management:

Nepse Trading Advisors



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1. Please do know that your support encourages me to continue posting educational contents and trade ideas, which I hope is providing value.

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3. Not an investment advice.


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brave one

sir hidcl bought at 300. what to do??? right share aaudai pani cha. aasti 380 ma pani didnt sell. and what is your name sir???

Prashant Gurung

hello sir, I would like to request you to cover BOKL for short term investment, I bought the shares @324.

Anonymous World


Birendra Katuwal

What about NLIC ? I had bought it just before book closure, and just after price adjustment.

universal power

Thank u

sameer ansari


rajan thagunna

जिब्रो किन बटार्नु परेको होला यार ट्यापे जस्तो अलि सुहाउँदैन कि ????

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Olivia Goodman

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