How to milk yourself male

How To Make Oats Milk Yourself | Diy | Jamaican Cooking Food | Tiki Cooks Tv

How To Make Oats Milk Yourself | Diy | Jamaican Cooking Food | Tiki Cooks Tv8 Sep. 2020
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#diycookingrecipes #Oatsmilk


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Comments (66)
Inspirational by Marie

This is so satisfying to watch. Your editing skills are ???????? I love watching your videos x

Sofy Sense في الامارات

Thanks for sharing ?

Alakananda Cooking Stuffs

Wow amazing recipie...oats milk❤️❤️!
liked, Subscribed and joined you ??
Hope you will do the same☺️
Support me too! Stay connected stay safe friend ❤️

Pinoy Juicy Bites

Creamy and so healthy?

Weave The Story

Thanks for sharing...I like this recipe ?

Stacy Cooking & Food Channel

Oh wow! This is different. Thank for sharing ?

Food Konnection

Oats milk i very healthy and delicious

Mercedes G

Nice recipe yet another great video love the slow motion ?


Here watching

JD Spiration

That's so easy.. No idea why I have never tried it before and the way I love oat recipes

Mama Ray Ray In The Kitchen

Looks delicious and creamy and smooth ?

Bead Creations

Like 29. I love oats. Thnx for sharing this recipe with me. Ive never strained mine before. ?

Niyeay Foods

What a nice sharing ? Looking wonderful. New friend here to give support. Stay connected ? hope you join me back ?

Rite style Cooking TV

Very good my friend.I will try a version of this oat milk soon.Thanks for sharing

James Makinson

i haven't had oat milk in years!! very healthy! :)

Sarah fard

Look so good and healthy thanks for sharing stay con sister


You definitely wouldn't resist this recipe.
Looks so savory and yummy.
Fascinating content.
Blessed greetings. ??
God bless you. Keep safe. ???
Great sharing.


i learn something new,i wanna try this oats with milk.


Good fi the man dem

chops views

Very creative

Vinca’s Kitchen

It's a great recipe, healthy and nutricious drink.
Another alternative for those who couldn't take dairy product.
Can have this in the morning for my breakfast.
Thanks for sharing my dear friend??


Yummy.. new friend here sending my full support of you.. please return to my house to my friend

Health is Wealth

I am not a fan of dairy products so this is a great alternative. Nice one. ?

Shan Can Cook ah do dis a mawning. Tfs hun.

UA Cooking


easy cooking with das

40 wow... Wonderful recipe. This is extremely healthy. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a nice day.

Cooking with Tanya

?? delicious ?

Toni Fergie

The skills up like 7 up.. I learn something new today.. Thanks Tiki.. ??


Great share! Healthy is the way to go.

Rasheida's Lifestyle

Am 3rd here

Zackii X Bella

Gonna try it this Sunday...??

Let's Cook with Ease


Mita Rechal's Young India Kitchen

Amazing and healthy recipe.. thanks for sharing.. your new Sub!!! Sending my genuine support and I hope you will do the same ?

Sara Nazari

that was an amazing way to get oat milk, thank you Tiki

Shirley's Kitchen Cuisine

This look absolutely fantastic and Informative. Thanks for sharing.

Everyday Homecooking

My son used to drink oat milk since he was allergic. I wish I had this then.

Tolulicious Kitchen

I really like this recipe. Good Job friend ???


very interesting never would i have thought of that i have honey and vanilla need the oats then i will try it thanks for sharing.

Jassy Cooking

This is awesome hun , thanks for sharing with us.

Its Dwight Cooking Show

You go Tiki

Cana's World

Never tried oats milk

Fergie's Kitchen

I need some of that Oat Milk to drink with my rock bun ???? great job Tiki ????

Our Three Jamaican Mini-chefs

Loving this recipe.


Pour me a glass too, so nice and creamy looking nice one : )

Chef King Fresh

Here 1st as always ?



EC Emily

Yes! Real easy. Thank you.

Geet's Cooking Channel

Oats milk is a healthy drink??

Ginger Snap Kitchen

Wow! That was both quick and easy! You’re always delivering the goods. ?

Freecas Designs

This is so healthy is where u find that milk


This is a looks like an interesting recipe..

Jerene's Eats

Awesome will try it one day. I've heard good things about it


great dear ❤❤❤
thanks for sharing your recipe ?

Dapoer Nonikkk

homemade is life

أضف إلى معلوماتك

جميل حدا

Cooking Food Secrets

Nice beatufull.

Julie’s Modern kitchen

This is very healthy plant based milk dear! Awesome! i like your background music though... ahahaha

Cookie Cutter Clutter

Wow excellent editing, my dear friend, nw frnd, see you

Nisha Raj

Hi my dear lovely friend..thanks for sharing this easy recipe..have a great day ?

Sweet Cattleya

So quick and easy to make.
Thanks for sharing. :)

We Are Young Family

Never had this before!
Thank you for sharing

Cooking with Humi

Wow just awsome thanks for the easy recipe??❤

Kfood cooking Luv daily

It's so soft, it's so savory, it looks so delicious. My friend is awesome.

Milla Bakula

Visit me

Keisha's Kitchen 24_7

Thanks for sharing your oats milk. I only drink alpro milk so i will definetly try this out...

from my kitchen to yours with luv

I love this Recipe? So Easy to Make??Thank You for Sharing??

Man Tries To Milk Himself

Man Tries To Milk Himself8 Mar. 2020
10 892
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In this video I try to

In this video I try to milk myself.

In the award winning short film " Man Tries to Milk Himself " a brave man attempts to squeeze his nipple until milk comes out. This is the true expression of art, this.

Comments (11)
nassir khouaja

?? What is this, you are like Mr bean ????

Clark Gaylor


Sir seth pro gamer

That fake blood lol

Dheeraj Rana

Male can't gives that

Ano Nymous

The chest is so hairy



The Middle of Nowhere


Kawinarts School

Fool don't try this at home

Juice Wrld Unreleased

Milk man ?

Holy fuck what is this dogshit

Can't believe he did it! Great job!

David Mills III

I want to do that

How to make Milk Tea Recipe | Boba Milk Tea

How to make Milk Tea Recipe | Boba Milk Tea7 Apr. 2019
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Milk Tea I Bubble Milk Tea

Milk Tea I Bubble Milk Tea


2 Bags of Black Tea

2 Cup Hot Water (For the black tea)

1 cup Black Tapioca Pearl (sago)

6-7 cups Water (For cooking sago)

1/2 cup Fresh Milk (for each serving cup)

4 Tbsp Sugar (for each serving cup)


I'm using 22 oz Clear Disposable Cups with Dome lid


1. Put 2 bags of black tea in a cup and pour hot water. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and let it cool.

2. Bring 6-7 cups of water into a boil. Add Black Tapioca Pearl. Stir to avoid it from sticking together. Cook over medium heat. Add water as needed until tapioca is cook and translucent. Drain and wash black tapioca pearl over tap or cold water. Dissolve brown sugar in water and put cooked tapioca pearl to prevent it from sticking together.

4. In a tall drinking glass or disposable cups put cooked Black tapioca pearl at the bottom of the cup. Add sugar or honey. Then pour brewed black tea. Add fresh milk and mix well. Then add chunks of ice to the milk tea. Put lid on the cup and insert big straw.



2 Bags Black Tea ___________________P 7.92

Black Tapioca Pearl _________________P118.00/1 kilo

Fresh Milk ________________________P85.00/ 1 litre

Sugar ____________________________P10.00

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Instagram: schannel21




Camera I am using is Canon Ixus 132

Editing software: Movie Maker

Filmora 8.3.1

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Comments (100)
Just someone you don't know

TwoSet made me to do this ?? I saw them drinking that

Kenneth McDonald

No Tetley Tea Bags, with a drop of milk added, over there? Strange how the most popular tea in the UK, black tea with a bit of milk in it, is ignored over there.

songs for when I'm in my feels Yates

who else never had boba tea in their whole life

Anoushka Vashista

I guess indians hv been making this since AGES but without the bubbles?️??️

Anthony Lin

I'm gonna make milk tea and I hope my mom enjoy

Nicole Lewis

Can You Use Any Milk ? Cause I Can Only Have Almond Milk. Regular Milk Will Upset My Stomach

Hawra Moayyadi

Well I just made it and it is delicious. A friend gave me the pearls and I made it from this


If your reading this your amazing and your matter your not alone even if you feel like it you have God! Don’t give up be the light of the world He is coming back very soon Turn to Him he wants you too.

Katrin A.

Since I drink milky black tea without sugar anyway, I probably won’t ad it here ? looks interesting with tapioka, never tried it before ?

Timothy Blankenship

Taste nothing like boba tea from the shops. Somethings different, try again.

Rubinita Salvador


Srikanth Mandiram

Any one from two set violin ?


In case you can't remember, make black tea with two teabags. Put 4 tablespoons of sugar in the glass, and add your black tea, then add milk, and stir. Sorry lol i wasnt here for the tapioca balls i just wanted the tea

Zani Kim

4 tsp of sugar!!!! oh god the next day u will have diabetes?

kitty chanel

Srap niyan??

ax b

Can I get a direct link to those straws pls ????




Yeah I’m not doing 4 Tbsp of sugar next time, it’s like just sugar water. Maybe I’ll do 2 Tbsp of suger when I make this again.

Tsuki Chan

Oh quarantine, oh quarantine
How lovely is the milk tea

Aqsa Asif

Ye to almost chai hi hay jo hum roz peete hain??

Itz Max

I miss drinking it

Wania Ali

I wish I could make it but the problem is I love in Pakistan there is no tapioca pearl idk if they r tapioca pearl as much as ik I have never seen them :((


Can you use green tea?

Geemitha Fernando

So it basically contains alot of water. For some reason thought that it had alot of milk

Cody Tang

is green tea ok?

IlIlIlIlIlIlIlIl IllIlIl

I like my milk tea boba when it’s hot

Maikenzie Tegehe



This is the best ? I mean lately I'm soo in love with boba my whole channel pfp and all is boba even my Keyboard theme

black pink



Thank you for making this video, this helped so much!❤️

Josephine Acebedo

Thanks for sharing this vedio
New subscriber from saudi arabia ☺️☺️ God bless you and stay safe

anu_moonlight roblox

Where do u get the pearl's?

VGuiang Blogs

Gonna make this one.. thanks for sharing.

Amira lol

i cant find black tapioca in my city? I only found some weird white ones but idk if you can use them for bubble tea

Jose Lorenzo D. JINGCO

I want taho

Mañalac Kim K.

Thank you po sa kaalamn ng pggawa ng milk tea.

Abagail Marquez

Thx, was craving boba for like 3 months now


Me who lives in a Mexican household and only has the milk ?????

Little Lily

I've actually never had boba before- but I heard that's its really delicious-

Sumaya Ali

Anyone knows where I can get the tapioca pearls

Ana Ivanovic

Where do I find tapioca?

Kashish Gupta

What can be the replacement for sago?

Sasha Sophie G.

Can you use soy milk instead Of regular milk ?

Elizabeth H.

TYSM !!!

Mommy Yourz

So delicious and yummy..let's try it

꧁ᗩᔕᕼᒪᗴY ᖇOᔕᗴ꧂

Its just milk and chai


Impulsively made milk tea while otp with my friend and figuratively and LITERALLY SPILLED THE TEA?not me sucking at pouring black tea-

Shiro hige

Tanong kopo, yung tea bags pede papo ulit gamitin sa another 2 cups? Ang alam kopo kasi pede pa pigaon yun at baka makaabot pa ng 4 rounds ?

Elisabeth Vania Clarinta veda

Minum milk tea sambil nonton channel lawak milk tea enak tuh

Guada Beduya Vlogs

wow nice
Me :want to know how to make tapioca pearls

Ron Ryan Quirimit

sana all ????

Liam allen Pandeling

idol pet malu after quarantine muna heehehehehehehehehehehe


I really want to try this

Papercuts Deluxe


puddingzz -

ahh thank you! I would love to try this recipe in quarantine!?? I do not want to go to a boba shop a pay $4 for it

Rossie LyRet

Babe here in our city it's $5??


My friends giving me some tapioca pearls tomorrow, I’m exited to try this!

fatimah a

i’m british and i just realised this is just british tea but with boba and ice

Subconcious Is powerful

Ok all these time I thought those tapiocas were chocolate chips ??


bruh if you are from the uk, you just add the pearls

Nelsie Orida

I like this! Pls back to sub

may bee12

how much money is a p i live in the uk and idk

Wake Wind

Holy f*ck these things have a ton of sugar.
4 Tbsp per Cup? Jesus

Kel Videos Official

Thanks. I also have tutorial for making milktea

Morganlikes pasta

Where do you get the boba pearls?

BlahBlah Blargh

just to make sure I'm seeing this correctly, we need 4 tablespoons of sugar for EACH cup? so if i made 2 cups, then it would be 8 tablespoons total?

Thảo Trương Thị Phương

i don’t like this kind of milk tea, it is a wrong milk tea


Is regular milk fine?

Erika Puno

So that’s the secret for the sago to not stick together!

Sebastian SAC

Breh I don’t like black tea, I’m wondering if green tea would work


Can I replace black tea with Earl Grey tea?? I Don’t have black tea so gonna try it with earl grey


Way too much sugar ?

MUI paradox

Does it Have to be black tea??

cathya park

looks delicious,i wanna try,, cathya park vlog

Bella Bee

so frickin aesthetic i love it


I don’t have black tea can I sue another type


This recipe is amazing except for the sugar. 4 spoons is wayyyy too much, I suggest a tbsp and a half to 2 tablespoons. Otherwise the bubble tea tastes great! Thanks for the recipe and an easy to follow video!! ❤️

Hamza Abdulmanan


Nana Kawaii

Quarentine is time to try new tings my boys

Kyle De guzman

1:13 sry jst here for the pearls

Princess Althea Pon

Thanks po

madilynn gould

its so friggen good its hard to by boba pearls but here in asia there usuily every where but i had to make some

Joseph Cabuena

I whant a buy

Ye Na



How much did you spend time to do this??

Boboi Ultramega

Pearls and sago are 2 diffrent things btw

Sione Kuila Fonua

Me and my sister: watching boba tea
Me:man I want some of that haven't tasted it before.
Sister:don't worry when I have some money I will buy you and me some
Me:yay thanks sis!
The next day.....
Sister:okay I'm gonna go with my friends now bye!
Few hours later...
Me:sis your back!
Sister:man that was good!
Me: what did u eat
Sister: i ate sushi,boba and all kinds of stuff.
Me:but I thought u were gonna save some money to buy me a boba....
Sister:oh I'm really sorry!

Leah Alexander

Hum that looks good

Mañalac Kim K.

Thank you po sa kaalamn ng pggawa ng milk tea.

Faith Pruitt

I only have regular whole milk and it's 2% reduced fat.. is that okay?

Angel Zaragoza

Penge ice

Carolina Santos

well im from a portuguese house so i dont have pearls at hand buuuuut all the ingredients are always in the pentry so....why not try this (and buy someday the tapioca) and avoid wasting 4€ on milk tea from the store, right?

Fatma Al Ali

That help my thank you

Darwisy zakwan


Kim and Asumi Ymbong

This is cool no talking.
Im bored of always talking.

Mary afton & glichtrap

Thank you so much

Sui Qi Wong

i araldy wright down the ingredients araldy see what time i go to do thank you sarap channel

Ivy Gardose

sana all

Cristina 2B2 Santamaria

What’s the link to buy the boba?

Rose Anne Soriano

Sana all ??