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Epic Muscular Butt Gives You Joy ??

Epic Muscular Butt Gives You Joy ??3 Oct. 2019
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A re-upload part 2, this

A re-upload part 2, this is one of our favorite guys. You know him, don't name him.

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Is the black patch due to him splitting the pants so many times?


Wheres the nude pic...?

Kasnar F Burns

That looks like that cyclist with the HUGE quadriceps!!!

Sergio Tapia

Parecen nalgas de mujer

Marcio Caputo

Eita ferro !!!! Que monte de bundas maravilhosas ....dão de dez a zero nas mulheres ?????


Me gustan sus piernotas y su traserote

Dereck Dintz

Imagine cuddling with that at night

Darvin Smith

They have to make up for those small penises ??


I really doubt that butt is real it looks fake

Clemente Perez

What's the name of that huge ass? Please!!!!


Baby pampers if u ask me ????

Art Christianson


tayeb amine

What is his nane

Helane Ruslan

WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED? I'm a straight female and that ass on a dude is too big for my preference...but I want an ass like his

shelly moo

OMG, at first i thought the butt belonged to a woman. But than the video started playing & it was a man. I thought the other guy was going to slap his butt. Lol

Dheyne Navratilova

Delicious butt


Nice pillow


?what what, in the butt...

Alex Martínez

Muy sabroso y todo pero parece pañal cagado JAJSJAJJAJA.


Those booties can crush any balls and cocks when they contract, LOL.

Manny Campos

God damn! That’s a donkey ass okurrrrr lol I need me one of those haha going to the gym now lol

Weo Talks


Nina Angelique

Proof of squats not Shots ???‍♀️?

Omari Joseph

looks like 4 feet

Stefano Marroquí

Tan lindo esta

Charlie Azcuña


steve m

Unf! The things I'd do to him

Your Name

Thats a bit...too much.


Who doesn’t love a beautiful white man with a gorgeous muscle ass like this?! ?

Andy Cervantes

sexy yummy


Looking so scrumptious ?????

Stefano Marroquí

Tan lindo

ivan san zam

Con menos culo también se caga

CC Paul

I'm so jealous

Apoyo MKT



Wow, that butt is insane!!??

wade gibson

I would eat that like a fat boy eats cake

jami amelia Dior


Mujtaba Ahadi

Lmaooooooo how did this get on my recommended

Paul G

I see guys at the gym who overwork their butts and it looks so weird and disproportionate.


Omg that's hot and his shaved head mmmm hehe.

Marcus Price

Love to see him wearing a thong ???❤️

P. D.

Kinda sad actually. This guy is actually a great world class athlete. Should not belittle or objectify hin[him]

Eric Cardenas


Violent Rainbow

...I really don't understand the purpose of an ass like that on a straight man, what do they plan on using it for? Such a waste.

Steven k

It gives me more than just joy tbh!!!


Big baby with pampers..... ?????

Daan Arrow

I presume that this channel is not for sport enthusiasts ?

Arevir nna Ailev

"Thickerr than a bowl of oatmeal!"

Raj Tor


Miguel Quiniao


Dark Uakriz

im straight but I admire this a lot



Mean Green

Anyone else loop 0:48?


His arse is going to keep growing into Sagittarius ??‍♂️


Is that an Oompa Loompa?!?!

Nicholas Bodson

DAMN!!! I'd like to put my hands on that..


one of my favorites too

Arevir nna Ailev

Is that real?? If so how?? I need the routine!

Maximilian C

Interesting....looks like Serena Williams’ behind ?!

Ryan Thomas

I just want to cuddle with him and that ass.


Ok nice butt but he looks like the Kardashians! If he is straight why is he happy with so big butt??? Never mind.....


The porno music is a nice touch. Lol

Jaime Arango

Keeping up with the Kardashians ?


That butt you can only get from genetics or the surgeons table. No amount of working out will produce what he has naturally.

Ricardo Gonzalez Trujillo

Hombre tiene un excelente cuerpo y unos glúteos espectaculares, lo felicito

Jaime Arango

The music sucks ?

Joey Cervantes

I kno
This fool wishes he was a chick


I think this guy watch to much KEEP IN UP WITH THE KARDASHIAN !

Tranny Finger Fudge Jeffy

That looks so tasty. I could tear that up for days. #YUMMY

Shane murphy

whos he?

William Preston

Incredible credentials!

Ozkar Winter

What’s his name

James Watson

Now do it wearing only a jock strap! ?

Carlos Chan

Plot twist he is using pampers

TJ in Toronto

I saw him first! That is one incredibly beautiful ass… Oh the things I could do to him, he would be walking funny for a few days but he would be damn happy afterwards! Being a gay guy who is a top, it’s really really hard to find a beautiful bottom like that, and I got what it takes to make his eyes roll back in his head, and then some, or so I’ve been told. We’d be a perfect match! Knowing my luck he’s probably straight, but if not, respond to this post and I’ll send you my phone number! I promise you nights of unbridled passion that would light fire in your dreams for 1000 years! Oh baby! ??????????❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????

Ps - as far as the comment I made about him being straight?, scratch that, do you have any idea of how many so-called “straight” guys I’ve screwed over years? (For some reason, every guy who claims he is straight, always wants to be the bottom, which is fine by me!) There’s no such thing as straight, the only difference between a straight guy and a gay guy is three beers, if that!......all I have to do is unzip my fly, and show them what I’ve got! A few guys get a little nervous because they say I’m too big, but I’m good at what I do, I’ve never met a guy yet that I couldn’t get into, figuratively and literally, oh baby!???

Saddest Blue

I would love to have an ass like that

حمزة اركة

Xnxx bom big ass face sitting

aldof hister

You need one of those 18 in Brazilian mandinka African dongs to get into that hole

Marco Arrazola

Ya No es rico cuando pasan de lo bonito a lo vulgar asi se ven muy mal super inyectados


Why does YouTube recommended me this ?

James McShane

I bet Kim K is livid

Alex Morales

Daaammnnn that is a fine piece of ham right there..????????

Vriksh K

Damn what does he feed his ass?

James S

Amazing butt...

Chris Schild

I love your butt

Golden Glove

His legs are too nice booty though

Melvin Nixon

My, what a pretty bubble butt. He is a fine looking specimen. ?


He needs some thongs

Adam Stuart

Looks like a woman’s, too big, what guy wants a big fat arse, must look terrible in jeans or suit. No thanks not for me. He is pear shaped

Eduardo Araújo Teixeira


Eugene Powe


Rockie Levine

Black guy likes bubble butt...???

tayeb amine

What is his name?

Joel Paniagua

Who is he?

Xavier dussort

Robert Foresrtman

bael looo

Ok boys. Stop that and start to sit on my face ???

dumb dumb

Totally bootilicious. He needs to wear black spandex so his super ass can really shine.

Félix Monroe

Este hombre todo tiene a su favor guapo y un cuerpo increíble

Gay Man booty

Gay Man booty15 May. 2017
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derrick smart

what’s ur kik

Dhjd Jdiskx

You Teasing me like this


I added youu

Adam Rippon's Ravishing Ass - Bubble Butt Skating Compilation ⛸❄

Adam Rippon's Ravishing Ass - Bubble Butt Skating Compilation ⛸❄1 Jan. 2019
93 086
Whibby GaylordSubscribe 438 721

(A reupload from January

(A reupload from January 11 2018) The Olympic Twink that stole America's heart for a few months in 2018, Adam Rippon. Stroll down memory lane with this gay-as-hell tribute video of Adam's too-round-for-this-world booty. Watch Adam's reaction to THIS video at

Twitter -

Comments (58)
Pamplemousse Mirabelle

On s enfou des fessiers , pas d importance c'est pas attirant

Jason Morrison

She has a nice booty

Yamam Bankay


Shadow Of Light Darkness

Breathtaking. Adam's ass had the whole room staring at 1:55. And can we blame them?

Chris Zamora

So fucking super sexy form


Make it red! Keep slapping that butt!!!

Ricardo Gonzalez Trujillo

Excelentes glúteos del man


Y'all know JP is tearing that ass up.

The Countess

He thick ?

French Anthony

I would love to spend a night in that!

Nathan James



NOPE ....

Adam Goodword

Its padding. Not natural.

Kaleb Chavez

??? ? ?❤️?????

Damon Whitt

He's got a nice ass!! ?

Jon Campos

Yea, I agree but he’s too flaming. He almost burned down Ellen’s studio when he was on her show. Next!

Zachary Smith

Me watching these types of ass compilation with no ass?

Leo Vertty

Yup, he has big ? but on the ice they use like hip pads to protect their hips from falls, so that’s why it looks bigger.


He is too effeminate to be a turn on to me. Now Brian Boitano had a really nice ass and was a little bit more masculine as a skater which turned me on. Please do a compilation of Brian Boitano

galen stone

skater butt is the best..




Watch out Brian Boitano! U have an arch nemesis! ?

Crobinson Robinson

The King Of Ass Documenting has come back to YouTube. Adam and His muscular bubble thank you for coming back to YouTube ????

Tim Sav

His ass lives its own life...

Jason Morrison

She knows she has them

Jason Anderson

Adam Rippon is a stuck up asshole stuck on himself!


Looks like 2 Juicy Plums... OMG......

Elonzo Hendrix

Damn!! I have a sweet tooth for them cakes


whoever get that ass is very lucky :’)

John Johnson

I must admit that in a way he kinda turned me. I used to be mostly into "masculine" dudes, but his ass, smile, mannerisms and personality just does it for me. However, I'm not sure if I'd fo' real want to be with a guy like this romantically and relationship wise. But sexually, hell yes.


Why is this in my recommends? Lol

Not that I’m complaining loo

Crobinson Robinson

That look at 1:54 tho. He knew we were checking out those firm honey buns and he clearly didn’t mind

charles douglas

Too bad his attitude is a stereotypical drama queen who thinks he’s better than people like tonya Harding and gays who he thinks don’t look good

Gonzalo Arvietti

so gay ..I prefer the masculines ones

Debra Stevenson

Man I just love him strutting in those pants!!!! Talk about packed!!!

tj Tanner

Buns of steel!

jose pallma

Que rico

Alexander K.

In general all figure skaters, cyclists etc build up muscular big butts & thick legs ... Uh Damn!

Cibr Goldn

Wait, why did we all click on this? ARE WE DESCENDANTS OF JAMES CHARLES?


Lol, these comments about masculinity are ridiculous. These stigmas in our community need to stop. A “fem” man can still be great in bed ? I’ve had tons of “fem” tops destroy my hole..

Din Davidof

? he has a boyfriend


So why hasn't Adam commented on this yet. He has a youtube channel and he's totally the type to chime in.

This is me

You know it tight?

Pamplemousse Mirabelle

On s enfou des fessiers , pas d importance , c'est pas attirant

E*rokk Whitaker

Cake city!!!?????

Timmy tim

To bad a purse falls out when he talks and walks .

every one hates liana

Ele tem o culo mas grande del mundo jajajja

Mario Rondón

Bellos y gays

alan saries



Umm, yep niiice backside on Adam 'butt' who sings the song?!!! Thanks!!!

Jim Steele

Very Gorgeous Sexy Man and Beautiful Butt


I love your taste, Whibby.


Finally this vid is back up



Charmy Charmed

Too bad he's an ice skater :/


Versatile skater! my idol .


Extremely Feminine ? ?????

Mara Morais

Quem fez.o vídeo. deve ser gay. Gosta tanto da bunda do cara.