Excessive pubic hair growth

3 Things Your Pubic Hair Says About You

3 Things Your Pubic Hair Says About You20 Jun. 2017
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3 Things Your Pubic Hair

3 Things Your Pubic Hair Says About You

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Waxing, trimming, shaving, choosing to go au natural no matter what you do with your pubic hair, one thing is true: we all have opinions on what our hair down under should look like. The obsession has sparked numerous myths and insecurities about the best way to groom.

But have you ever stopped to wonder what your pubic hair says about your health? We did, so we talked to top gynecologists to get the answer.

1. You're getting older.

OK, so maybe this isn't something you need your pubic hair to tell you, but you can expect your pubes to change as you age, especially once you hit menopause. "After menopause there's a decrease in regrowth of overall body hair," says Raquel Dardik, MD, gynecologist at the Joan H. Tisch Center for Women's Health at NYU Langone Medical Center. And that includes your pubic hair. It won't just thin as you age, either. Just like the hair on your head, your pubic hair will start to gray, according to Dardik. "It's a normal aging process," she says.

2. You need to check your hormones.

Hormones can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When they're all in order, they regulate everything from your immune system to your mood. But when they're out of sync, hormones can make you gain weight, feel exhausted, and grow excessive amounts of hair—and that includes in your pubic area. So if your hair down there is going haywire, it might be worth getting your hormones checked. Ovarian or adrenal glad tumors that secrete testosterone could be causing excess hair growth, according to Cheryl Iglesia, MD, chair of patient education at the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. But growing more pubic hair won't be your only symptom. Extra testosterone will also show up as hair growth in other places—like your chin or sideburns—as well as acne, thinning of the hair on your head, and a deeper voice.

Hair growth can also be caused by certain medications, or medical conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome, Dardik says. If you're noticing any symptoms, head to a gynecologist to check your hormone levels.

3. You need to lay off the razor.

Just two years ago, the New York Times declared that the natural look was back in for pubic hair. But a recent study finds that most women didn't get the memo—about 84% of women reported at least some pubic hair grooming. While there's nothing wrong with that (what you do with your body is up to you), shaving or waxing can certainly lead to some problems—if you don't do it well. Those painful, swollen red bumps? Those are ingrown hairs. Shaving your vulva is more likely to result in ingrown hairs than shaving your legs because the hair is so coarse and thick, Dardik says. And excess dead skin around the area will make it worse. So if you're going to shave or wax, Dardik suggests using an exfoliator in the shower to remove dead skin cells.


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Can Papayas and Turmeric Stop Facial Hair Growth?

Can Papayas and Turmeric Stop Facial Hair Growth?15 Oct. 2018
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The Doctors weigh in on

The Doctors weigh in on the claim that a facial made from papayas and turmeric can rid your face of unwanted hair. Find out if this is beauty hack or just plain wack!

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There's not even explanation as to why it wouldn't work.

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If u no this is wack why don't you suggest some remedy ?

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Papaya is goood for hair growth or removal...man am confused.


Hack or Wack, I love the title but its totally wack

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Doctors just want to make money off creams and treatments, they will never lose their salary to Papaya. Guess what? Papaya works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rubbish, it works.


at the end i will do whatever i want. if it's doesn't work it doesn't work atleast i try lol smh not like sitting and doing nothing and oh it will not work...

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Thanks!! I’m so tired of those claims, it could be hormonal.

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Those so called doctors full of shit

How To Treat Hirsutism & Unwanted Hair

How To Treat Hirsutism & Unwanted Hair24 Oct. 2020
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Do you have hair where

Do you have hair where you don’t want it, ladies - like whiskers on your face or your chest? It is called Hirsutism and it’s common in PCOS. Let’s talk about effective treatment for unwanted hair...

Dealing with hirsutism can be really hard, but it's possible to stop the abnormal hair growth if you understand how your hormones work. Hirsutism and PCOS is something we talk about a lot in my Hormone Support Group, which is FREE to join here: https://members.genesisgold.com/hrt

So what is hirsutism? Hirsutism is male-pattern body and facial hair growth in women. And it’s a common symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This male pattern hair growth happens because your body makes too much male hormone. In PCOS it’s from an overproduction of DHEA which gets converted to testosterone. But it’s not testosterone that’s the problem. It’s DHT or Dihydrotestosterone that stimulates unwanted hair growth.

How do you get rid of the facial and chest hair?

First (01:07): You must balance your hormones.

Estrogen helps to stimulate sex hormone-binding globulin which binds testosterone. If your male hormone is high from too much adrenal DHEA production, it’s hard for your ovaries to make enough estrogen to bind up all that testosterone. Supporting your hypothalamus which is the boss of all your hormones helps your body naturally get your female and male hormones back in balance. Losing extra belly fat caused by insulin resistance which is common in women with PCOS can help balance your hormones too. In some cases, estrogenic herbs can be helpful but be careful as women with PCOS tend to have more estrogen than progesterone and estrogenic herbs may make your imbalance worse.

One of the best ways to help lower your male hormone to reduce hirsutism is to eat a healthy plant-based diet. I like to recommend the Mediterranean diet as it’s easy to follow – rich in healthy fats and lots of colorful vegetables which help you metabolism your hormones safely. Avoiding processed foods is key to keeping hirsutism causing male hormone levels down.

Second (02:08): You need to block DHT.

Dihydrotestosterone is the most potent male hormone and women with hirsutism tend to make too much of it. DHT stimulates male pattern hair growth on the face and chest, even heavy arm and leg hair as well as wide male pattern pubic hair growth. Five alpha-reductase inhibitors are often prescribed to block DHT, but these drugs can have significant side effects. Especially for pregnant women – if you’re carrying a male fetus, the baby’s genitalia will not develop properly. A natural DHT blocker is called saw palmetto - an herb used by men to block DHT which helps shrink their enlarged prostates. Saw palmetto can work well for women too to block DHT and prevent further unwanted hair growth.

Third (02:58): Last, you can begin to remove unwanted hair. There are a few effective hair removal techniques – like laser and electrolysis. But until you balance your hormones and block DHT first, the unwanted hair will continue to grow. So before investing in expensive time-consuming hair removal procedures, get your hormones in balance.

In our Hormone Reboot Training (https://members.genesisgold.com/hrt), you’ll learn how to get your hormones in balance naturally. It’s been particularly successful for women with PCOS, so check it out. It’s free!

Learn More About Genesis Gold:

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Vanitha Shekhar

Hello, i am 39 y old, I get my periods regularly for 28 to 30 days, but I have thichk hairs on chin, please suggest me

siddhi tiwari

I am 21 year though my periods are normal I have extra hairs on neck ,chest ,nipple areas , Navel(abdoman). And have no idea how to get rid of them . please help for the same and suggest how to treat them

Рузалия Гумерова

Hi I am 44 years old,have excess hair on face under chin,what is the cure doctor?its all started 2 years ago,please help,

Haya Eliwa

Hi, I’m 15 years old and I think I have hirstusim I didn’t go to the doctor yet but as symptoms I have hair on my chest, back and belly but the hair on my chest is thin and not very noticeable but the part between my breast it’s more noticeable there. I have regular period and I don’t have chin “beard” hair, some recommend taking birth control pills but I also heard that pills just not so good so I want to try natural treatments like spearmint tea but can I use any mint (peppermint) or does it have to be spearmint and do the hair go away ?

Linda Miscandlon

Love your videos ❤️

Sushma Dagar

I'm 20 year old and I have regular periods but I have hair on my neck and under the chin area ... So pls can u suggest something so that it can be removed ... Pls reply


Doctor... I have facial hair on neck, chest, breasts and under chin. I take birth control pills and come to find out my estrogen is low, testosterone levels are normal but I want to continue taking the bc pills.. how can I get things back in balance?I heard zinc does well, what are you thoughts?

Bhargavi Rajesh

Hi, I am 38 years old suffering from pcos. Free testosterone - 0.83, Dheas- 139.8, Testosterone -25.64. What in here is causing acne and facial hair ?

Meghan M

Thank you for the tips and information! I recently went to the obgyn to have a sonogram as I was certain I had PCOS. Well, they said my ovaries are great and they prescribed me birth control. Is it possible that I have excessive hair due to poor diet, stress, and being overweight? Thank you.

beauty tips

I,m 20 years old nd i thick have hairs on my chin chest nd also on abdomen plz suggest me?? Any treatment

Chimmy Chim Stick

Does waterfasting decrease testosterone?

Google User

Thankyou for your insight, I'm 24 and have had increasing hirsutism since puberty, it's embarrassing and I don't know how to fix it ? really hoping for a breakthrough to get rid of it? thankyou for your help ?