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Chemical Guys How to Flush Automobile AC System - For fresh air in your car

Chemical Guys How to Flush Automobile AC System - For fresh air in your car2 Sep. 2014
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Use Chemical Guys Air Fresheners and Odor Eliminators to kill odor-causing bacteria and germs for fresh, clean air for you and your family!

Automobile AC systems can stink! Over time, bacteria, mold, and mildew build up within AC systems and cause foul odors. Poor filter maintenance, smoking, and filthy outside air blow bad smells into your car. Normal air fresheners merely "cover" the problem, and bad smells are quick to return. Flush your AC system with any Chemical Guys Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator to kill bad smells at their source, and experience clean and crisp air in your car!

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Rj L

Unless you can drink this stuff, this will go straight to your lungs and to you bloodstream.

Collared Greens

Squirting some scented water on a carpet is about as far from an AC system flush as Axe body spray is from actually taking a shower.

XRP Adoption!!

Thanks BMW 5 series with 100,700 miles had a horrible musty moldy odor. I used Lysol because I needed it done quickly. Smells great so far and will repeat a few more times. Hope I dont hurt anything.


How is this a Flush..? He just sprayed air freshener on the kick panel. ?

Adeel Siddiqui

Do not use think its medicine smell..........................

Brad Cass

this isn't flushing an ac system. this is deodorizing the air


His speach impediment made me unsub. ??


Good quick fix, will try it myself. Misleading video title


this is greg?

James Ho

Doesn't it has to be done after taking out the cabin air filter?

Reuben Sammich

HEY CHEMICAL GUYS ! Can this method work with any odor eliminator? I have an old Hyundai Elamites that wasn't designed with a cabin air filter. I can see allot of dirt and dust inside the vents. Is there any method I can use to clean the vents without removing the air vent things? Is there a product that can reach inside the cent to clean it out?

NSU ScootScoot

You call spraying one little spot on the floor an "Automobile AC System Flush"??????

William Hall

I just bought a A/C mist machine for mold and other smells, If this really smells like when a car is new, I am willing to be a big customer. we will both be happy. I have already ordered a small bottle off e-bay just to use as a sample, to see if were on the same page when it comes to a new smell. fingers crosser with excitement and high hopes. good add


screech made me shit my pants


should be renamed


Thanks im def gettin this for my car

Alejandro Cando Angon

do you have something similar like  the black ice air freshener?? @ChemicalGuys 

ja go

Flush that's the most inaccurate statement I've ever heard.


That's a bad [email protected]# trick , I have 4 can style air fresheners and they seem to die out after a day to me at least but I always smell the a/c funk instead of the scent I put in the truck , spraying the scent down there with the a/c on high made a night and day difference. I'm def gonna stay subbed to get more of those tips and tricks


I can't believe they charge AUD110 to do this for my Toyota Yaris!!!

Jimmy Gee

Didn't try this particular scent but the warm apple pie scent is really nice. But it sucks as a flush and is actually being missold as an odour eliminator or AC flush. Not cool chemical guys. This blows

Luis Puentes jr

I feel like i wasted my time...

Lari Nieminen

This must be a joke ? :D

John White

I had purchased this spray new car scent and the leather spray. My honest opinion the both sprays smell the same and they both smell like plastic and cleaner. I diluted the bottles and still the same smell just not as strong and instead of lasting 10 minutes it lasted about 7 minutes. I think they need to change the product and upgrade everyone to something new.

Hector Santamaria

Aye thee thysthems

Cesar Perez

well when I "flushed" my cars ac system I used my flush kit, recovery machine, vacuum pump, and refrigerant. nice ac flush bro.


U can just use lysol instead

Hobo Hacker

Really should change the title to flushing the ventilation system. Flushing the AC typically is flushing out the oil and debris from the lines, evap, and sometime condenser.

david nicholson

Can you ship to uk please ?

James Yang

you waste everyone's time. It only work for 3 mins.

Jacob Carpentier

lysol from the outside intake -.- i dont think he said fresh car smell enough

Wayne Lee

It doesn't help me with the organics such as leaves and dirt.


That NOT "flushing" the system


2:48 fresh a/c smell lol. meguiar's has a canister that you put in the car with the a/c running on recirculate and let it go for 15 mins. works great. However, you forgot the MOST important part imho.. if your vehicle was made within the last ..10 or so years, then it most likely has a cabin air filter- CHANGE THAT FIRST! It's disgusting.

Kay Love

Gave this a thumbs up I actually thought you were going to flush the system .lol...very funny


i have an 06 vw gti where do i spray? please help!

Jason Rodriguez

Just spray damn cologne. the end


Hit us up with a basic clean black car video


He didn't even mention that your supposed to do all this with the doors and and windows closed

Rusty Bui

This looks easy.

JustaTACTICALGuy Witha416

I have the New car air freshener and the leather scent, compared to those air freshener you find in the auto store these have worked better for me granted the scent doesn't last forever but i tried this technique it worked for me and noticed that my interior does smell fresher so each week i detail my car i just use that routine to keep it fresh.


careful with chemicals covering chemicals. These guys are about selling their product, not a clean A/C. Best thing is to first replace Cabin Filter then open windows, turn on hi, switch between A/c, Heat, Max, Normal etc using Lysol dis Spray. so that you are disinfecting more than covering up with a fragrance and very, very few products actually do that. Lysol however does.

K Srinivasa Rao

good demonistration

Mr. Otero

Negative. This is not a A/C flush. If you want your A/C to smell better, change the cabin air filter, clean the evaporator and condenser. An actual A/C flush includes drainage of old Freon from A/C system, flush, lubricate, vacuum and fill.

Adam Speck

This works good, except I always use lysol to kill any mold or bacteria in the air and system and then febreeze with gain scent air freshener spray to make it smell really good. Makes my car smell really good for a long time and you should do this every couple a months so no mold, bacteria, or bad smells have a chance to build up. I always switch between all the different air paths when doing this so it goes through all the air ways. Never had any issues as long as you use the sprays in moderation and always let the A/C run with circulate on after doing this for about 10 minutes so it gets a chance to work.

Just my 2 cents.


These guys usually have good advice, but this is incredulous. I know it marketing, but please "keep it real". Three sprays, and it's done, gone forever. Yeah ok...




Funky smell (gym sock anyone?) often originates from bacteria &/or funghi sitting on the evaporator core. Unless you're using something that kills both and make sure it really gets to the evaporator core, you're just covering up the problem and the smell will be back in a few weeks. Change fresh air & cabin recirulation filters and use a sporicide.

Kershaw Valentine

thithsss wathsss stheriously sthuper

Chris Keller

my Giorgio Armani The One parfume smells also good and I can even parfume myself with it not only the car.

Abdulrahman Lehyani

Did that need a 3 min video ?

Mr 4sshole

why does the guy with a lisp get the part with so many s's.

Antonio Hernandez

flush lmao all he did is spray un the carpet

El Gato Remendado

smells just like you will need a brand new lungs

IndyCar Serious Productions

You realize don't you, that new car scent is all the glue's, polymers, and cheap plastic bits in cars that give u that smell. Unless you have an expensive car with leather, and better parts than cheap cars use in them!

thehegt Tr

636 dislike your video , what's up ? you need to check yourself out , Mr technician .

Eddie Padilla

So, when did they flush the a/c system? Misinformation at best here. They only 'refreshed' the vent system--Independence of the a/c system. Will to lie about something so simple what else are they will to lie about to make the sale?!


It works but if your a perfectionist... Take out your cabin airfliter, spray it, spray in both ducts input and output of your air filter and run the system. The smell will last even longer.

isela tanori


mike smith smith



don't buy this.

Shane Kasunich

sounds like all they want to do is sell you air freshener


I'm a try dis in da morning g

Ashley Savio

Hey Guys... I know this is an old video, but you're not doing it correctly. The pollen filter needs to be removed first otherwise you are just saturating it and causing dirt to stick to it and bacteria to grow much faster. Once the pollen filter is removed, the cover needs to be reinstalled and then the a/c needs to be switched OFF, with the fan on high and recirculate on. If the a/c is on, the evaporator will be wet and the sanitiser will be washed off and not contact the evaporator surface. The heater needs to be run for 5-10mins with recirculate on and a/c off so the evaporator dries completely. Then the a/c sanitiser can be sprayed into the recirculation area for about 10 mins (still with the a/c off).


Next video: How to Change Your Tires, with ArmorAll.



Dave Talbot

First thing you should've done was remove the cabin air filter. You basically just got the filter moist.

Chris Guth

Thank you!

Cal M

On recirculate it sucks from the windscreen vents, not the passenger footwell... just saying cos you're wrong.

Freddie Rankin

cabin filter change and spray deoderizer ' vacumm car first and thats all u need

Aurora Bell

So I have this nasty vinegary smell coming from my air conditioner. I have tried this but it only lasts a few days. If that. What is the next step if this does not work?

Mario Davila

Complete idiots


I had the filter behind the glove box changed. car still smells like oil. I need to try this and hope it works.

Bryan Miranda

Lol I thought you were going to actually flush the ac system.

Dr. Armani Trosclair

So how does this work since my cars have the interior A/C filters


Bad advice. Spraying chemical scents instead of cleaning the mold on the AC coils.

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Eliminate Bad Smells from Your Car!26 Dec. 2019
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Comments (13)
MoTo 411

Well due to covid i put on my ac and it ad a sour kind of smell ? so new filter and a bomb i guess

Minnesota automotive

you can also cut a green apple in half and put in the cup holders than toss after it turns brown

Ada L

I don't get how are you suppose to take all the things out of the inside of the car?


Grooooovvvvvvvyy music mannnnnnn.


Merry Christmas and HNY 1AAuto! Thank u guys for all of ur helpful videos! Love from Ft Bragg! I have a question. I recently replaced my timing chain, valve gasket seal, rear main seal on my 02 Ford Explorer XLT. I recently turned on my AC and it gave off a burning smell like smoke but it only comes the front underneath the car. There's no oil behind or on top of engine. Nothing happens when the heater is on just the AC. I did discover that oil drain plug has a small oil drip but it leaves no puddle. Could u guys tell me what I need to do? TIA

Ananth Narayanan

enter car ughh whats that smell.... oh wait... its me... shouldnt have eaten taco bell last night :@


I don’t even have a car and this popped up on my recommended

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JOE Hyundai Tech

what about a bleach smell in the car and you never used bleach in the car before ?


My cars got a funk im like uggggh i just washed you.


Those stinking alternators.


Quit farting!


Some good common sense for a change. Thanks.

The Only REAL Way to Remove Cigarette & Smoke Smell From Your Car

The Only REAL Way to Remove Cigarette & Smoke Smell From Your Car3 Jun. 2018
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Ozone Generator:

Ozone Generator:

My Favorite Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner:

Zero Odor (Neutral Air Freshener):

Lysol (No Scent):

Email Me: [email protected]


Comments (100)

Hey I use vinegar all the time and it works flawlessly. Just dilute it and wash with a clean towel.
When the vinegar smell is gone so is the rest

Den Niero

Ozon generator

Jose Sebastian Cuevas

Hello may I still do this on stand alone pieces? Like head rest that are off the seats and a shifter bezel that is outside of the car

Karen Moore

In California, I cannot get this OZONE generator shipped to me. A friend borrowed my car for three weeks and smoked in it!! I thought I was doing a good deed allowing her to borrow my car while she waited for her new car arrival. And she ruined by 7 year old Subaru!! What do I do?


I purchased a vehicle that had a fish, yes a fish, on the backseat in 90 degree weather one day prior to buying. They tried to use a scent bomb which made it even worse. I tried everything including the strongest commercial scent removers (professional detailer) and nothing worked. I was about to give up, and someone said, "Spray 1.1 water/vinegar, scrub it in then vacuum once it dries". I tried it, and the smell of vinegar stuck, but the fish smell slowly went away. After a day, and a new cabin filter, the fish smell was completely gone, along with some residual cigarette smell, completely gone. Since then, I've been using that to get rid of the smoke smells and pet odors that won't come out with my extractor.

Jesse Phillips

Can’t you just steam clean your seeds and your carpet and headliner and stuff and it’ll basically go away

J.R. In WV

How do you get that awful skunk smell from weed out of a car? I smoke 2 packs a day and like the smell of cigs in my pickup but the
P.O. Smoked weed in it and it still stinks after a year.

Jacques Gauthier

No mention of Arm & Hammer baking soda ? They have puck shaped packs you stick somewhere on a wall. It got rid of the smell of spilled milk in my car.


Very informative video. I know I’m replying to a 2 yr old video but you touched on some details that I have been unable to discover in other vids. One tip I can suggest, although I haven’t tried too many different products for fabric interior cleaning, I can say that those plastic bristle type interior cleaners typically work well for newer cars with fabric material interior. A small amount goes a long way especially with seat beds.


For those who fell for this crap I can say do not use "ENERZEN' in your car if you not gonna sell it, because oxidation that producing this machine will definitely destroy most important parts of your car and rust gonna be everywhere.


Crazy to think how popular smoking is when it stinks up everything!!

Rafael Torres

Iv'e had good luck removing the smell of cigarette smoke with baking soda. it is a massive pain to vacuum up especailly since you have to sprinkle it everywhere but it works and its dirt cheap.

A. Krueger

The worst part of a smokers car is the part that is not better than any other.


I’ve tried this all as well. The ozone machine works for 3-4 days, but that’s it. The smell still comes back. The only way to not have a smoker car, is to avoid it like the plaque. I ended up selling mine after 2 months of ownership. The stuffy nose and red eyes everyday because of this filthy habit was ridiculous.


All of his videos are product commercials.

Kevin Gliebe

Not just the cabin air filter needs replaced (easy). Sometimes the BLEND DOOR is broken. Does your car click behind the glove box? There is a tiny $10-$20 motor behind there that controls a door. That door lets in fresh air from outside. If it's broken, it's recycling all your bad breath, BO, trash, fast food, and farts, day after day, year after year. Getting deeper into the seats and carpets. I just replaced a blend door myself. Needed to buy the car repair manual for $15 and the blend door motor for $20 on Rock Auto. HUGE DIFFERENCE, FRESH AIR! And still I had to ozone for three days straight. But the car is now like brand new.

K Evans

"... there's a lot of products used in conjunction with themselves..." :-)

Joseph Atnip

Just clean it good use some febreze shampoo the carpets leave the windows down and park it in your garage for a few days two air out good and replacing the cabin air filter ...... After that it shouldn't be nothing that an air freshener couldn't fix it will go away on its own eventually

gabriel Mtz

What a snow flake!

Praveen Hegde

Can I borrow the machine to patch a hole in the atmosphere


That's right, #1 Tip - Start Smoking. Go grab a pack of Pall Malls and light it up! Better yet - plug two or three in your mouth at the same time to get that puff really going -- while you're in you're new smoke-infested car. That way both you and the car can smell like death. But hey - it won't matter after a couple cartons of cigarettes because then you'll be acclimated to the "bog of eternal stench" that some call their vehicle.

Todd Kerestes

Thanks so much...i bought a used truck about a month ago. When I looked at it the air was cool and the windows were open (now I know why)..I noticed a smell of cigarettes but thought it wasn't that bad....well turns out after sitting with the windows up it was bad....I tried everything the past few weeks and it temporarily masked the smell.... after watching your video I bought that worked.... thanks so much!!!!!!

stephen parkhurst

Try Vamoose... it works or your money back!

Ardavan Darakhshan

I was taking a look at this. Then I Sasan a portable ozone generator. What do u think about this. Airthereal PA50-GO Portable Ozone Generator

Katherine Scott

thank you

Ender Davila

Hi, realy good video, thans so much,

Dan Buckles

In recirculation, it still allows a small amount of outside air in.

Mosaic Crone

My mechanic ex husband always sprayed them in the AC intake with the recirculation ON.
Usually he used Ozium Citrus scent to deal with his cigarette smoke smell in the AC unit as the regular maintenance. The under the hood he only did when it was time for us to trade the car in.
For the upholstery the best thing I ever found has been Windex. Spray it & let it sit for a few seconds or a minute then use a toothbrush or scrub brush the rub with a towel.

God Is good

Hot ass water and dawn soap that's it


I just decided to start smoking so I couldn't smell cigarettes anymore. EZFIX

Tyler Stewart

Will vape do the same?

Sandra Hoagland

Have you tried Ozium??

Stephen Louden

All you have to do is smoke a joint in the vehicle and then boom no more cigarette smell. ??

Mel Hardee

I bought one of those little devices and they do work and a car detailer told me he uses a bar of Irish Spring soap, puts it down beneath his seat. I tried it and it does help keep things fresh!


Replace car seats


Or just don’t smoke in a car

Dekker Lundquist

While the ozone generator will certainly remove the odour, remember that ozone is very corrosive for electronics. Use sparingly! I would not be exposing all the electronics inside the car to high ozone concentrations for long.


Great video, you nailed it on the head with the Meguiars odor bomb not working well. I used one last night when my car that i had rented on turo came back reeking like cigarettes, and today the car smells like smoke again after the scent died down. I have a super small cigarette plug in ozone machine that actually works really well most days, I'm going to give it a try and let it run for part of the day and see if it kills the smell.

Nyég Ghùrs

adam sandler?


And the cigarette smell was totally eliminated after using the ozone generator? Did it ever come back?

Bernie Clips

Essential peppermint oil in a humidifier and crack the windows.

Twenty ClicClacc

You straight Up Stoopid Bruh ALL THAT FUCKING TALKING just to tell the People


Konner K

Will a Tesla dealer do this?


Ozium over everything. That stuff could get the shit smell out of sewer pipes hahaha

Nothing Free

yes! burrito fart! ??

jesper nygård berg

Maybe i should have watched this video before i bought a hundred air freshners

jim blime

Ozone generators don't work what so ever. It's effective for controlling dust....

Stephen Apaliski

Great vid! thanks! ?

Jon Craig

Not sure how the odor in a smokers car would be embedded in the fresh air filter, as the smoke originates inside the car and the only air that comes through the cabin air filter originates from outside.

Fat Bitch

My boyfriend is an idiot. He bought a 60K jeep for his ex and a 6k s10 for his other ex all while paying for all the maintenance and insurance and what not, well i finally was able to get rhe jeep back 4 months after he said he was gonna get it but the cunt put 40k miles on it in that time. He still owes 20k. The other day i finally got his other truck back from the other cunt and she been smoking in it. According to him she dont smoke cuz he thinks she quit for him cold turkey but im bot that stupid... anyway iHATE CIGARETTES AND THE SMELL!! I NEED TO GET THE SMELL OUT


If apple cider vinegar takes smoke out of your house. I know it will work in your car.

David Turner

ClO2 is also an oxidizer. You didn't use enough, but it will do the same as an ozone generator, just so you know @Samcrac

Cheryl Marsden

Thanks for the info

everardo M

Clean every surface with a carpet/fabric cleaner. Replace cabin filter. And then used a Ozone generator. Also get a fragrance for your car. That’s it. End of video.

patrick nys

I have a 20g ionizer and after 20 min ......100% clean car ps : i smoke 2 paket / Day

N English

Those little magic boxes work. Just make sure to air that stuff out or you'll be coughing up a storm.


You can use apple cider vinegar in bowls place bowls on the floor of car. Or use bowls in your house clean s the air of smoke or smell of cigarettes .

Michael McSheehy

Although now banned as a carcinogen, our shop used carbon tetrachloride (50 years ago) to clean auto interiors. The carbon tetrachloride did a good job of removing greasy stains and dirt from upholstery, and left the interior with that “new car smell”!

Coin Pusher Cheri

I recently purchased a car sight unseen and I very specifically asked if it smelled like smoke. The salesman assured me that the car was very clean and never smoked in. I guess I was too specific because yes, the car is very clean and has zero smoke smell. It does however smell like dog urine. Leather interior so deep cleaning is a trick.

sKoot now or never!

Don’t let ac filter. Confuse you with cabin filter it’s the same thing

Mick Zupan

I'd almost rather have a dog crap in my car than smell cigz, Lol Thanks for this

Gary Geiser

Broke a bottle of real milk in a car once. Rear carpet soaked it up. Real milk from an Amish farm! That milk spoiled and absolutely nothing short of a car fire could have worked. Traded it in.


How to remove new car Voc smell?

the Handy Man

use febreeze and a box of baking soda. leave it in the car

Shruti Gupta

Why not remove the seats and clean everything with a apc and degreaser? Also put charcoal in your car and place your car in heavy sun for a couple of days. Also change the ac filter in the end. I knew someone who got his entire ac serviced with dashboard removal and cooling coil cleaned


Long ago I was advised by a service manager that a large part of the problem is due to people smoking in their vehicles with the A/C and recirculation on. With the recirc off, the smoke exits out of the rear vents of the vehicle. But if recirc is on, then the smoke gets drawn into the ventilation system and deposits in the evaporator and less so on the ventilation tubes. Once the system is poisoned with enough smoke, every time the A/C is turned on the air picks up the awful smoke smell from the smoke deposits in the evaporator, even if recirc is off. So in addition of Mr. Samcrac's cleaning techniques you will have to replace the evaporator and maybe take apart the dash and clean the ventilation tubes. Ozone reacts with the smoke residue trying to reduce its odor, but it won't compare to complete removal by cleaning. I suspect that smoke deposits on the heater core play a role in this too.

Sandy Graetz

All you need is ammonia it is cheap. I first used it in the first house my hubby and I bought after we married! We cleaned carpet and every surface of the house and it made no difference. I was told about ammonia. It said to put it in a bowl and sit it in the middle of the room I did this for weeks as we didn’t live in the house until 2 months after we bought it! I spilled the bowl by tripping on it so I just got some old mugs and filled them 1/2 way and put them in window sills all over the house. It worked! My hubby was lucky as I said there was no way I was living in That house with the smoke smell! Then we bought a used car that had belonged to a chain smoker it was a company car! So we got it cheaper than advertised as it smelled so bad!!! We knew we could clean it and use the ammonia and it would be fine. So we used the mug trick with ammonia again. This time I put mug in cup holder when driving and when car was still I sat them on floor mats in from seat and back seats and in cargo area. Wasn’t long say a week with sun and ammonia working together that the smell went away! A bottle of ammonia is very cheap! No cost of expensive products or a ozone machine! If the smell is too strong for you while driving, put ammonia containers in your house when using the car ! It’s magic!


Go to Walmart, get bag of cedar shavings used for Hamsters. Spread over carpet in floor board, on seats etc... leave 24 hours with Windows up, go back vacuum cedar shavings up. Zero smell

Texas Rigged

ooziumspray is very good just dont go for adrive after or youll pass out

steve hale

Thanks this is just what I was looking for. Recently just quit smoking never realize how bad my car stunk LOL

blacamïgo o

Using it routingly still is a temporary cleaning like the other products u reviewed?

Brandon Santiago

I took your advice and bought the ozone machine you linked from amazon and I gotta say: THANK YOU! I bought a car that smelled like a cigar on wheels and after scrubbing down the interior, changing the cabin filter and using the machine.. the smell is GONE. Thank you for the content, I really do appreciate you!

Diego Rodriguez

The most “experience in the world”?


Notice he has leather seats!

Fool Catcher

Even if the small goes away, isn’t the chemical from the cigarettes STILL embedded in the car material? And then aren’t you still breathing that in? I think that’s a permanent problem.


If you want to remove ciggarete odor in your car, start smoking, than it wont bother you


Samcrac i have an awful smelling homeless man smell in my car. Would the ozone generator work as well?

Alias SmithandJones

smokers suck

Beran Beka

This is pure crap!
You’re just advertising your product and noting else doesn’t work but only your crap? BS

Manuel Silva

Hey Luke rockhold nice review


Smoking is stupid.

young savage

He bought 4 bottles of air freshener and said it was over a thousand dollars??‍♂️ maybe $45 at walmart lmao


Rightt so I don’t smoke inside it

Terry Stratford

So maybe get rid of the tobacco scented air freshner?


So I took my car do get my A/C regased which was good for about a month then all of a sudden stopped blowing cold, as soon as this happened I started smelling a mold/mildew smell that I have never smelt before...the smell is constantly there with or without the fan on even when the car hasn't been started for months
(Covid 19) fault, I have sprayed in the vents I cleaned the interior, carpets and still smells, not really sure what to do next any ideas would be great


Hey Quick Question, sorry bub, Do you go for the 6,000 mg/h or 10,000 mg/h?
I have a very strong scent of smoke odor from a car I recently bought. I'm definitely willing to opt for the 10,000 mg/h if it's more efficient. But if it doesn't make much of a difference then I don't mind either way. Whatever works!

James Cage

Throw a skunk in your new car with the windows up n start banging on the windows acting like a crazy beast ... no more smoke smell ☺

Ed Day

I agree with the use of 0 Odor, I have had success with it.
I think what you did with the HVAC system is fine, but I would like to add one extra step. On many modern cars the blower fan is easily accessible: usually mounted to the duct work and located under the dash (right side, in the vicinity of the glove box. Usually there are a few screws holding it in and 1 or 2 wire connectors. So this is easily removable. Removed one from a Mustang in less than 5 minutes. This allows you to clean the blower fan thoroughly. You
can reach in to the duct work and clean the smoke residue.
This area of the duct work seems to collect the most residue. Any spray cleaner will do. I followed up with spraying some 0 Odor.


Thanks this was a lot of help


Running fabric softener on the upholstery helps too

Wedgetail Wanderer



The only thing air blower

Reverse Engineered

Excited to try the machine for the f150 raptor build thanks for the review samcrac!

Erin Anderson

I just got a car and the person who was an avid smoker to the point where the light tan sets turned brownish. I’m trying to naturally get the smell out because I have sensitive skin and sensitive since of smell. I hope these things works and not make me sick due to the chemicals in the process. I’m willing to have suggestions if someone has some. Thank you for this video it helps me so much!


I run a chicken farm from my passenger seat, any tips?

Jon Boltinghouse

wa wa wa..
butthurt???? If you don't like a used car with an oder then buy a freaking new car dumbass! fart a few times and make it "your own"


Good content. I watched it for a friend.

Bronwen Latanville

I just bought a car used, and the person put so many air fresheners in it, now a week later that the air fresheners aren’t so potent I can smell cigs ??


Carpet cleaner + ozon & repeat. Also amonia helps (spray on carpet and soke for a night). Clean with carpet cleaner afterwards.


Hot tip: go to 7:10 to find out what his actual solutions are